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HADFIELDs of Tideswell, Wormhill, Chapel-en-le-Frith & Barmoor Farm, Derbyshire

The following information was researched and compiled by Roger HADFIELD MA, F.R.G.S.


first generation


1. Samuel Hadfield bap.1758. m.1788 Ann Frith (bap.1759 d.1825) Tideswell. d.1825 letters of Administration to Joseph (2a) of Dove Holes


Children: mostly Wormhill baptisms

                     i.            Martha Hadfield bap.1789. m. Sam Redfern d.?

                   ii.            Sarah Hadfield bap.1791. m.1814 Thomas Oakes, Peak Forest d.?

                  iii.            Elizabeth Hadfield bap.1793 d.1857

                 iv.            Mary Hadfield bap.1797 d.1828

                   v.            (2a) Joseph Hadfield bap.1798 d.1877

                 vi.            John Hadfield bap.1799 d.1825

                vii.            William Hadfield bap.1801 d.?

              viii.            (2b) Samuel Hadfield bap.1803 d.?



second generation


2. Thomas Hadfield (origins unknown) bap.1785 m.? d.1865



                     i.            (3a) John Hadfield bap.1825 d.1901



2a. Joseph Hadfield bap.1798 m. Sarah (bap.1803 Chapel-en-le-Frith, d.1862) d.1877



                     i.            Ann Hadfield bap.1825. m.1849 Francis Shirt d<1861

                   ii.            (3b) Samuel Hadfield bap.1829 d.1881

                  iii.            John Hadfield b.1830 d.1830

                 iv.            Mary Hadfield b.1832. m.1861 Joseph Beverley d.?

                   v.            (3c) Joseph Hadfield b.1833 d.?

                 vi.            John Hadfield b.1835 d.1859 Fairfield

                vii.            Sarah Hadfield b.1837 d.?

              viii.            Martha Hadfield b.1840 d.?

                 ix.            Elizabeth Hadfield b.1842 d.1865

                   x.            Fanny Hadfield b.1849 d.1897 m.1870 Hope d.?



2b. Samuel Hadfield bap.1803. m. Elizabeth White (b.1803 Trowbridge) d.?



                     i.            Sarah Hadfield b.1831. m.1856 John Marrlington d.?

                   ii.            Mary Hadfield b.1832 d.?

                  iii.            (3d) John Hadfield b.1834 d.?

                 iv.            Elizabeth Hadfield b.1836 d.?

                   v.            (3e) Samuel Hadfield b.1838 d.1870



third generation


3a. John Hadfield bap.1825. m.? Ann Hall or Hill (bap.1834 Peak Forest d.1901) d.1901



                     i.            Thomas Hadfield bap.1852 (Peak Forest) d.1855

                   ii.            William Hadfield bap.1855 (Peak Forest) m.Eliza (b.1850 d.?) issue d.1901

                  iii.            John Thomas Hadfield bap.1856 (Tideswell) d.>1907

                 iv.            Hannah Hadfield bap.1859 (Peak Forest) m.? d.?

                   v.            (4a) Arthur Hadfield bap.1861 (Tideswell) d.?

                 vi.            Emma Hadfield bap.1863 (Tideswell) m.? d.>1901

                vii.            (4b) Israel Hadfield bap.1865 m. Rachel Palfreyman (b.1876 d.1930) d.1931

              viii.            Mary Hadfield bap.1868 (Tideswell) m.? d.?

                 ix.            (4c) Ernest Hadfield bap.1869 d.1952

                   x.            Elizabeth Ann Hadfield bap.1874 m.? d.?



3b. Samuel Hadfield of Plumpton, Chapel-en-le-Frith. bap.1829 m. Mary Cartledge (b.1837 d.1886) d.1881



                     i.            (4d) Joseph Hadfield b.1859 d.1912

                   ii.            Sarah Hadfield b.1865 d.1924 m. Brocklehurst d.?

                  iii.            Mary Hadfield b.1869 d.?

                 iv.            Samuel Hadfield b.1871 d.1901



3c. Joseph Hadfield b.1833 m.#1 Ann Joule (b.1836) m.#2 Ann Smith d,?



                     i.            Sarah Hadfield b.1859 d.?

                   ii.            Anne Hadfield b.1861 d.?

                  iii.            Mary Hadfield b.1863 m. William Waterhouse d.?

                 iv.            Joseph Hadfield b.1864 d.?

                   v.            Eliza Hadfield b.11Mar1865 Lower Bibbington d.?

                 vi.            Samuel Hadfield b.1866 d.1873

                vii.            John Joseph Hadfield b.12Sep1867 Lower Bibbington d.?



3d. John Hadfield b.1834 Chapel-en-le-Frith. m. Mary Ellen Alsop (formerly Smith) (b.1835 Fairfield) d.?



                     i.            Mary Ann Hadfield b.1861 d.?

                   ii.            Elizabeth Hadfield b.1865 d.?

                  iii.            Eliza Hadfield b.1867 d.1867

                 iv.            Fanny Hadfield b.26Jan1869 d.1869



3e. Samuel Hadfield b.1838. m.1864 Mary Hannah Hadfield (b.1864) of Small Dale. d.1870


Children: (baptisms at Peak Forest)

                     i.            Samuel Hadfield b.27Oct1865 Spring Mount d.1866

                   ii.            Elizabeth Hadfield b.19Aug1867 d.1867

                  iii.            Thomas Hadfield b.9May1869 d.1902 Oldham, Lancashire

                 iv.            Mary Hadfield b.1873 d.?

                   v.            Samuel Hadfield b.? d.?



fourth generation


4a. Arthur Hadfield bap.1861 (Tideswell) m.1901 Emma (b.? d.?) issue d.?



                     i.            Israel Hadfield b.1880 m.? d.1915

                   ii.            John William Hadfield b.? d.?



4b. Israel Hadfield bap.1865 m. Rachel Palfreyman (b.1876 d.1930) d.1931



                     i.            Annie Hadfield b.1899 m. Paddy Gannon (b.? d.?) issue d.1995

                   ii.            John Hadfield b.? m. Mary Somerset (b.? d.?) issue d.?

                  iii.            Florrie Hadfield b.1903 m. Henry Ollerenshaw (b.? d.?) issue d.?

                 iv.            Wilfred Hadfield b.1906 m. Frances Ada Derbyshire (b.1911 d.1985) issue d.1981

                   v.            Gladys Hadfield b.1911 m. Jack Staden (b.? d.1982) issue d.1970

                 vi.            Ernest Hadfield b.1914 m. Phyllis Longden (b.? d.>2003) issue d.1956

                vii.            Ronald Hadfield b.1920 m. Margaret Turner (b.1917 d.1996) issue d.1984



4c. Ernest Hadfield bap.1869 m. Elizabeth Hannah Hadfield (b.1879 d.1957) d.1952



                     i.            (5a) Joseph Hadfield b.1904 d.1970

                   ii.            Gladys Hadfield b.? d. aged 4 years

                  iii.            Arthur Hadfield b.? d. aged 6 weeks

                 iv.            Mabel Hadfield b.1912 m. Eric Robinson (b.1909 d.1942) issue d.>2003

                   v.            Ernest Frederick Hadfield b.1916 m. Louie Gregory (b.1919 d.?) d.1994



4d. Joseph Hadfield of Plumpton & Lower Barmoor Farm. b.1859. m. Lucy Fletcher (b.1866 d.1928) d.1912



                     i.            Sarah Hadfield b.1888 m. Henry Critchlow (b.1881 d.1971) d.?

                   ii.            Emily Hadfield b.1890 m. George William Hoyle (b.1879 d.1948) d.1947

                  iii.            Alice Hadfield b.1893 d.1924

                 iv.            (5b) Samuel Hadfield b.1895 d.1961

                   v.            Frank Hadfield b.1903 d.1978



fifth generation


5a. Joseph Hadfield b.1904 m. Constance Hannah Derbyshire (b.1907 d.1990) d.1970



                     i.            Constance Freda Hadfield b.1931 m.? issue d.>2003?

                   ii.            (6a) James Frederick Hadfield b.1933 d.?




5b. Samuel Hadfield b.1895 m. Colanthe d.1961



                     i.            Lucy Hadfield b.1926 m. Mielwiez d.1997

                   ii.            Joseph Hadfield b.1930 m. Betty Jackson (d.1990) d.?



sixth generation


6a. James Frederick Hadfield b.1933 m. Mary Townsend (b.? d.?) d.?



                     i.            Marilyn Hadfield b.1953 m. David issue

                   ii.            Melvyn Hadfield b.1955 m. Dawn issue

                  iii.            Elaine Hadfield b.1960 m. Nigel issue