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HADFIELDs of Shirland, Derbyshire

The following information was researched and compiled by Roger HADFIELD MA, F.R.G.S.


There are connections within this line to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA


first generation (origin unknown)


1. John Hadfield  b.?  m.1725 Ann White (b.? d.1776) d.1772



                     i.            Ann Hadfield  b.1726  m.1749 Thomas Allen

                   ii.            John Hadfield  b.1730

                  iii.            (2a) Samuel Hadfield  b.?  d.1810

                 iv.            George Hadfield  b.1732

                   v.            (2b) Thomas Hadfield  b.1735  d.1814



second generation


2a. Samuel Hadfield  b.?  m.1753 Helen Redfern (d.1813)  d.1810



                     i.            John Hadfield  b.1755  d.1756

                   ii.            Hannah Hadfield  b.1757  m.1792? Joseph Cantrell  d.?

                  iii.            Ann Hadfield  b.1759  d.?

                 iv.            Nelly Hadfield  b.1762  d.?

                   v.            (3a) Samuel Hadfield  b.1765  d.1827

                 vi.            Betty Hadfield  b.1768  d.1771

                vii.            Eleanor Hadfield  b.1772  d.?

              viii.            (3b) Thomas Hadfield  b.1772  d.1839

                 ix.            Sally Hadfield  b.1774  d.?



2b. Thomas Hadfield  b.1735  m. 1774 Sarah Parnem  d.1814



                     i.            (3c) John Hadfield  b.1775  d.1853

                   ii.            Ann Hadfield  b.1776  d.1797

                  iii.            Sarah Hadfield  b.1777  d.?

                 iv.            (3d) Thomas Hadfield  b.1779  d.1863



third generation



3a. Samuel Hadfield  b.1765  m.1787 Martha Roper (b.1763  d.1843  bur.10Jan1843)  d.1827



                     i.            James Hadfield  b.1788  d.1789

                   ii.            Daniel Hadfield  b.1790  d.1814

                  iii.            Mary Hadfield  b.1793  d.?

                 iv.            Sarah Hadfield  b.1796  d.?

                   v.            Martha Hadfield  b.1799  m.1818 George Wigley  d.?

                 vi.            (4a) Samuel Hadfield  b.1802  d.1848

                vii.            Kath Hadfield  b.1804  d.?

              viii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1807  m.1827 James Holmes  d.?



3b. Thomas Hadfield  b.1772  parish clerk  m.1798 Mary Innocent (b.1776  d.1857)  d.1839



                     i.            (4b) John Hadfield  b.1798  d.1862

                   ii.            Mary Hadfield  b.1801  d.1817

                  iii.            (4c) Thomas Hadfield  b.1803  d.?

                 iv.            Sarah Hadfield  b.1807  d.1807

                   v.            William Hadfield  b.1809  d.?

                 vi.            Samuel Hadfield  b.1815  d.?

                vii.            (4d) Daniel Hadfield  b.1815  d.?

              viii.            (4e) George Hadfield  b.1817  d.?

                 ix.            Mary Hadfield  b.1820  m.1841 William Holmes  d.?



3c. John Hadfield  b.1775  m.1805 Sarah Lightfoot (b.1780  d.1835) d.1853



                     i.            George Hadfield  b.1806  d.1811

                   ii.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1808  d.1828

                  iii.            Sarah Hadfield  b.1810  d.1812

                 iv.            Ann Hadfield  b.1812  d.?

                   v.            Mary Hadfield  b.1815  d.1815

                 vi.            (4f) Samuel Hadfield  b.1817  d.1897



3d. Thomas Hadfield  b.1779  m.1803 Margaret Fletcher (b.1785  d.1847) d.1863



                     i.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1804  d.1804

                   ii.            Jonathan Hadfield  of Higham  b.1807  d.1839  bur.23Dec1839

                  iii.            (4g) William Hadfield  b.1811  d.1851

                 iv.            Henry Hadfield  b.1827  d.1828



fourth generation


4a. Samuel Hadfield  b.1802  m.1823 Elizabeth Limb  d.1848



                     i.            Ann Hadfield  b.1825  d.1825

                   ii.            Daniel Hadfield  b.1826  d.? (<1837)

                  iii.            (5a) Samuel Hadfield  b.1827  d.?

                 iv.            John Hadfield  b.1830  d.1833

                   v.            Sara Hadfield  b.1832  d.1833

                 vi.            Cain Hadfield  b.1834  d.?

                vii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1836  m.1876 B.Charles  d.?

              viii.            Daniel Hadfield  b.1837  d.1841  bur. 8 Dec 1841 Shirland

                 ix.            (5b) Joseph Hadfield  b.1841  d.1919

                   x.            Agnes Hadfield  b.1843  m.1867 John Stringer  d.?



4b. John Hadfield  b.1798  m.1825 Elizabeth Sower (b.1800  d.1866) d.1862



                     i.            Francis Hadfield  b.1826  d.?

                   ii.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1828  m.Mary (issue - Fanny Hadfield b.1852)  d.?

                  iii.            William Hadfield  b.1830  m.1857 Ann Thornhill of Etwell (b.1830  d.1865) issue - George William (b.1860    d.1862)  d.1871

                 iv.            Henry Hadfield  b.1831  m.Sarah Ann  d.?

                   v.            John Hadfield  b.1835  d.?

                 vi.            Job Hadfield  b.1837  d.?

                vii.            (5c) Edwin Hadfield  b.1840  d.1907



4c. Thomas Hadfield  b.1803  m.#1 1827 Hannah Hardy (d.1837)  m.#2 1844 Mary Childs  d.?



                     i.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1825  d.?

                   ii.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1828  d.?

                  iii.            Sarah Hadfield  b.1831  d.?

                 iv.            Samuel Hadfield  b.1835  d.?

                   v.            Harriet Hadfield  b.1839  d.?



4d. Daniel Hadfield  b.1815  m.1837 Ann Tagg  d.?



                     i.            Richard Hadfield  b.1837  d.?

                   ii.            (5d) Daniel Hadfield  b.1839  d.1919

                  iii.            James Hadfield  b.1840  d.?

                 iv.            Mary Hadfield  b.1841  d.?

                   v.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1843  d.?

                 vi.            David Hadfield  b.1845  d.?

                vii.            Charles Hadfield  b.1846  d.?

              viii.            Jeremiah Hadfield  b.1848  m.Mary at Eckington.  d.?

                 ix.            Dorothy Hadfield  b.1850  d.?

                   x.            Mary Hadfield  b.1852  d.?



4e. George Hadfield  b.1817  m. Elizabeth (b.1817  d.?)  d.?



                     i.            Mary Hadfield  b.1849  d.?

                   ii.            Anna Hadfield  b.1850  d.?

                  iii.            George Hadfield  b.1854  d.1859

                 iv.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1857  m.Charlotte (b.1859  d.1940) d.1925

                   v.            Issac Hadfield  b.1859  d.?

                 vi.            Ellen Hadfield  b.1860  d.?



4f. Samuel Hadfield  b.1817  m.1840 Harriet Hannah Wood (b.1823  d.1908)  d.1897



                     i.            Sarah Hadfield  b.1840  d.?

                   ii.            John Hadfield  b.1842  m.Mary (issue - John Hadfield b.1872)  d.1900

                  iii.            Ellija Hadfield  b.1844 d.?

                 iv.            Ellen Hadfield  b.1846  d.?

                   v.            Herbert Hadfield  b.1848  m.Jane (b.1853  d.1947) d.1921

                 vi.            Emma Hadfield  b.1850  d.?

                vii.            Betsy Hadfield  b.1856  d.1918

              viii.            Sam Hadfield  b.1857  d.1858

                 ix.            Emily Hadfield  b.1857  d.?

                   x.            Karina Hadfield  b.1861  d.1941

                 xi.            Frederick Hadfield  b.1863  m.Madeline (b.1862  d.1937)  d.1933



4g. William Hadfield of Higham b.1811  m.1830 Elizabeth North (b.1805  d.1860)  d.1851  bur. 3 Apr 1851 Shirland



                     i.            John Hadfield  b.1832  d.?

                   ii.            Ann Hadfield  b.1836  d.?

                  iii.            William Hadfield  b.1838  d.?

                 iv.            Mary Hadfield  b.1840  d.?



fifth generation


5a. Samuel Hadfield  b.1827  m. Elizabeth  d.?



                     i.            John Hadfield  b.1856  d.?

                   ii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1857  d.?

                  iii.            ?

                 iv.            Frank Hadfield  b.1863  d.?

                   v.            Ann Hadfield  b.1865  d.?

                 vi.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1868  d.?

                vii.            Kate Hadfield  b.1873  d.?



5b. Joseph Hadfield  b.1841  m. 1872 Dorothy Tagg (b.1848  d.1922) d.1919



                     i.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1872  m. Polly Skuill  d.?

                   ii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1873  m. George Colishaw  d.?

                  iii.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1874  m. Sarah  d.?

                 iv.            Catherine Dorothy Hadfield  b.?  m. 1899 George Evenden  d.?

                   v.            (6a) George Hadfield  b.1882  d.1970

                 vi.            (6b) William Hadfield  b.1885  d.1960

                vii.            Frank Hadfield  b.1887  d.KIA 1914-18

              viii.            Sarah Hadfield  b.1889  d.?

                 ix.            Margaret Hadfield  b.1890  m. Daniel Horcey  d.?



5c. Edwin Hadfield  b.1840  m. Susan Pritchard (b.1839  d.1908)  d.1907



                     i.            John Hadfield  b.1873  d.?  (to USA)

                   ii.            Edwin Hadfield  b.1875  d.? (to Canada)

                  iii.            Ada Hadfield  b.1879  d.? (to New Zealand) descendants in NSW Australia



5d. Daniel Hadfield  b.1839  m.1876 Mary Ann White (b.1834  d.1918)  d.1919



                     i.            David Hadfield  b.1877  d.?

                   ii.            Luke Hadfield  b.1878  m. Mary (b.1886  d.1948)  d.1947



sixth generation


6a. George Hadfield  b.1882  m. Miss Ellis (b.1887  d.1970) d.1970



                     i.            Ellen Hadfield  b.>  d.>1897

                   ii.            George Hadfield  b.?  d.?

                  iii.            Joan Hadfield  b.1919  d.1925



6b. William Hadfield  b.1885  m. Mary Kay  d.1960



                     i.            John Hadfield  b.?

                   ii.            David Hadfield  b.?