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HADFIELDs of Padfield, Derbyshire


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Many Hadfields of Padfield are related to Hadfields of Hadfield as the towns are only two miles apart.

The majority of those persons listed below originate from Deepclough.




There are connections within this line to the USA



first generation


1.      Jonathon Hadfield  b.1663  m.Mary Bramhall (b.1677  d.>1727)  d.1727



i.                     (2a) John Hadfield  b.1699 / 1700  d.1773

ii.                   (2b) Thomas Hadfield  bap.1702  d.?

iii.                  Elizabeth Hadfield  bap.1706  m.?  d.>1727

iv.                 Henry Hadfield  b.1709  d.1709

v.                   Maria Hadfield  bap.1711  m.?  d.>1727

vi.                 Jonathon Hadfield  b.1713  m.?  d.1784  (see Hadfields of Edale chart)

vii.                Joseph Hadfield  b.1717  d.>1727

viii.              Roberta / Rebecca Hadfield  b.?  m.?  d.>1727



second generation


2a.  John Hadfield  b.19Mar1699  m.Mary (b.c1707  d.?)  d.Mar1773



i.          (3a) Thomas Hadfield  b.1730  d.1791

ii.         Zephira Hadfield  b.1732  d.1732

iii.       Sarah Hadfield  b.1734  m.T.Braddock  d.>1791

iv.       Mary Hadfield  b.1737  m.?  d.?

v.        Dinah Hadfield  b.1740  m.1778 James Garlick  d.>1791

vi.       Anna Hadfield  b.1742  m.1761 G.Bowden  d.>1791



2b.  Thomas Hadfield  bap 1702  m.1736 Mary Hyde at Fairfield  d.?



i.          John Hadfield  b.1738  m.1761 Betty  d.1799

ii.         Mary Hadfield  b.1744  m.?  d.?

iii.       Betty Hadfield  b.1744  m.1775 E.Darwent  d.?



third generation


3a.  Thomas Hadfield  b.1730  m.1766 Margaret Barber (b.1731  d.1785)  d.25Jan1791



i.          Hannah Hadfield  b.1767  m.1784 J.Prestnall  d.?

ii.         (4a) John Hadfield  b.1769  d.1811

iii.       (4b) Thomas Hadfield  b.1775  d.1816



fourth generation


4a.  John Hadfield  b.1769  m.1792 Mary Ellen Lawton at Mottram (m.1817 James Wood (b.?  d.?)  d.1811



i.          (5a) Robert Hadfield  b.1793  d.1825

ii.         Margaret Hadfield  b.1795  m. (either) 1820 John Shaw and/or 1821 William Wood

iii.       (5b) John Hadfield  b.1796  d.1838

iv.       Sarah Hadfield  b.1799  m.?  d.1853

v.        Alice Hadfield  b.1803  m.?  d.?

vi.       (5c) Thomas Hadfield  b.1805  d.1851

vii.     Ann Hadfield  b.1807  m.?  d.1862

viii.    Molly Hadfield  b.1809  m.?  d.?

ix.       (5d) William Hadfield  b.1812  d.1880

x.        James Wood Hadfield  bap.1814  m.?  d.?

xi.       Martha Hadfield  b.1816  m.?  d.1838



4b.  Thomas Hadfield  b.1775  m.1804 Sarah Lodge at Ashton-under-Lyne (b.1787  d.1825)  d.1816



i.          Frederick Hadfield  b.1804  m.?  d.1806

ii.         William Hadfield  b.1807  m.?  d.1849

iii.       Margaret Hadfield  b.?  m.?  d.?

iv.       (5e) John Hadfield  b.1815  d.1886

v.        Ann Hadfield  b.1817  m.?  d.?



fifth generation


5a.  Robert Hadfield  b.1793  m.1815 Betty Bradshaw at Glossop.  d.1825



i.          (6a) Thomas Hadfield  b.1816  d.1898

ii.         Mary Hadfield  b.1816  m.?  d.?

iii.       Margaret Hadfield  b.1821  d.1821

iv.       Betty Hadfield  b.1822  m.1842 Sam Berry (b.?  d.?)  d.?

v.        Ellen Hadfield  b.1824  m.?  d.?



5b.  John Hadfield  b1796  m.1822 Ann Holt at Mottram (m.1841 Sam Booth)  d.1838



i.          Thomas Hadfield  b.1825  m.?  d.?

ii.         Alice Hadfield  b.1827  m.?  d.?

iii.       John Hadfield  b.1832  m.?  d.?

iv.       Sarah Hadfield  b.1837  m.?  d.?



5c.  Thomas Hadfield  b.1805  m.Ann (d.>1851)  d.1851



             i.     James Hadfield  b.1836  m.?  d.?

             ii.    Sarah Hadfield  b.1842  m.?  d.?



5d.  William Hadfield  b.1812  m.#1  1834 Betty Crossland (b.1810  d.1872)  m.#2  1872 Jane Richardson (widow b.1814  d.1874)  d.1880



             i.     Harriet Hadfield  b.1832  m.#1 Thomas Townsend (b.?  d.?) issue  m.#2 Caleb Hurst (b.?  d.?) issue  d.1906

             ii.    (6b) Robert Hadfield  b.1835  d.?

iv.       Alice Hadfield  b.1837  m.1862 Andrew Mason d.<1893 issue

v.        (6c) William Thomas Hadfield  b.1839  d.1924

vi.       Mary Ellen Hadfield  b.?  m.1862 Mathew Phair (d.>1900) issue  d.?

vii.     Hannah Hadfield  b.1844  m.1865 William Henry Toman (b.1841  d.1911) issue  d.1914

viii.    Mary Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1845  m.1865 Robert Drinkwater (b.?  d.?) issue  d.>1907

ix.       Amelia Hadfield  b.1848  d.1857

x.        Ann Hadfield  b.1853  m.1873 James Nuthall (b.?  d.?) issue  d.1879



5e.  John Hadfield  b.9Apr1815 Hollingworth, Cheshire.  m.Esther Redish (b.1811  d.1891)  d.Jul1886 Lancashire



i.         (6d) George Hadfield  b.1837  d.1919

ii.        William Hadfield  b.1840  m.?  d.?

iii.      Wright Hadfield  b.1841  m.?  d.1911

iv.      James Hadfield  b.1847  m.?  d.1922



sixth generation


6a.  Thomas Hadfield  b.1816  m.1836 Maria Warhurst (b.1816  d.>1891)  d.1898



i.          Ann Hadfield  b.1838  d.1861

ii.         David Hadfield  b.1846  d.>1861

iii.       Mary Ellen Hadfield  b.1847  d.1857

iv.       Robert Hadfield  b.1848  m.1869 Margaret Shaw at Manchester Cathedral  d.?

v.        (7a) Thomas Warhurst Hadfield  b.1858  d.?



6b.  Robert Hadfield  b.1835  dyer of Halifax, Yorkshire  m.Mary Ann (b.1836  d.?)  d.?



i.          Frances Hadfield  b.1857  m.?  d.?

ii.         William Hadfield  b.1863  m.?  d.?



6c.  William Thomas Hadfield  b.1839  m.#1 Sarah Archer (b.1840  d.1916)  m.#2 Julia A. Englion (nee Turner)  migrated to USA c1865 with family  d.1924



i.          Betty Hadfield  b.1860  m.?  d.1933

ii.         Alice Hadfield  b.1862  m.Charles H. Muir (b.?  d.?)  d.1938

iii.       James Hadfield  b.1864  m.Mary E. Hurst (b.?  d.?)  d.1933

(8 or 9 more children were born in the USA including John Henry Hadfield from whom descend Roger Lee Hadfield c1998)



6d.  George Hadfield  b.2May1837 Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire  m.Sarah Ann Green (b.1835  d.?) 6Sep1857 Stockport, Cheshire  d.1Sep1919 Cheshire



i.         Esther Ann Hadfield  b.1859

ii.        (7b) James Hadfield  b.c1859  d.27Jul1926

iii.      John Hadfield  b.1861

iv.      Hannah Mary Hadfield  b.1863

v.       Sarah James Hadfield  b.1865

vi.      Lucy G. Hadfield  b.1866  m.?  d.Mar1915

vii.    Wright Hadfield  b.1868

viii.   George Hadfield  b.1871  d.Apr1873

ix.      William Hadfield  b.1872

x.       Alice Hadfield  b.1877



seventh generation


7a.  Thomas Warhurst Hadfield  b.1858  m.Jane (b.1858  d.?)  d.?



i.          Thomas Hadfield  b.1881  m.?  d.?




7b.  James Hadfield  b.c1859 Stalybridge, Cheshire  m.6Oct1878 Jane Norton (b.1859  d.1930)  d.27Jul1926 Atherton, Manchester, Lancashire



i.         Alice Ann Hadfield  b.1880  m.?  d.1967

ii.        George Hadfield  b.1883  m.?  d.1951

iii.      Winifred M. Hadfield  b.1887  m.?  d.1965

iv.      (8a) John Allen Hadfield  b.1891  d.1968



eighth generation


8a.  John Allen Hadfield  b.28Jan1891 Stalybridge, Cheshire  m.Apr1911 Agnes Sarah Edge (b.c1892  d.?)  d.Dec1968 Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan USA



i.         male

ii.        (9a) James Hadfield  b.5Dec1911  d.30Aug1976



ninth generation


9a.  James Hadfield  b.5Dec1911 Atherton, Manchester, Lancashire  m.?  d.30Aug1976 Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, USA



             i.     female

             ii.    (10a) James Leonard Hadfield  b.29May1941  d.14Sep1998



tenth generation


10a.  James Leonard Hadfield  b.29May1941 Grosse Pointe Woods, Wayne County, Michigan USA  m.?  d.14Sep1998 Saint Clair Shores, Macomb, Michigan USA



i.         female

ii.        male

iii.      male






The majority of those persons listed below originate from other than Deepclough


There are connections within this line to New Zealand


first generation



1a.  William Hadfield  b.1679  m.1702 Elizabeth Dewsnap (b.1724  d.?)  d.1732



i.          Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1702  m.G.Wagstaff (b.?  d.?)  d.?

ii.         John Hadfield  b.1704  d.1781  (see Hadfields of Mellor chart)

iii.       William Hadfield  b.1705  d.1705

iv.       (2a) Thomas Hadfield  b.1710  d.1763

v.        Ann Hadfield  b.1713  d.>1732

vi.       Benjamin Hadfield  b.1718  d.>1732

vii.     Ellen Hadfield  b.1720  d.>1732

viii.    Sussana Hadfield  b.?  d.>1732



1b.  James Hadfield  b.?  m.1726 Elizabeth Garrat at Chapel-en-le-Frith  d.?



i.          John Hadfield  b.1727  m.?  d.?

ii.         Elizabeth Hadfield  b.?  m.?  d.?

iii.       Mary Hadfield  b.1731  d.1731



1c.  Joshua Hadfield  b.?  m.1733 Diana Shirt (b.?  d.?)  d.1742



i.          John Hadfield  b.?  m.?  d.?

ii.         James Hadfield  b.?  m.?  d.?

iii.       Sarah Hadfield  b.?  m.?  d.?

iv.       Elizabeth Hadfield  b.?  m.?  d.?



1d.  Robert Hadfield  b.c1711  m.1735 Mary Doxon (b.?  d.>1744)  d.1799



i.          Sarah Hadfield  b.1734  m.Joshua Platt (b.1722 d.1818)  d.1778

ii.         John Hadfield  b.1735  d.>1784

iii.       George Hadfield  b.1737  m.Mary Foster (b.?  d.?)  d.1784

iv.       Hannah Hadfield  b.1743  m.John Braddock (b.?  d.?)  d.?

v.        Betty Hadfield  b.?  m.Moss (b.?  d.?)  d.?



1e.  John Hadfield  b.1764  m.1786 Ann Barber (b.1758  d.1841)  d.1841



i.          Mary Hadfield  b.?  issue a. illegitimate son, James b.1815  d.?

ii.         George Hadfield  b.1788  m.1826 Mary Platt (b.1793  d.1858)  d.1837

iii.       Sylvanus Hadfield  b.1790  d.?

iv.       Martha Hadfield  b.?  m.1813 Orlando Cook at Ashton-under-Lyne  d.?

v.        Charles Hadfield  b.1793  d.1817



1f.  Joseph Hadfield  b.1832  m.Caroline Swallow (b.1832  d.?)  d.?



i.          Eli Hadfield  b.1862  m.1884 Sussanah Hindle (b.?  d.>1889)  d.>1889

ii.         John Hadfield  b.1864  m.?  d.?

iii.       George Edward Hadfield  b.1866  m.Mary Wilkinson (b.1865  d.?) issue William Hadfield (b.1887  d.?)  d.?

iv.       Mary Hadfield  b.1869  m.?  d.?

v.        Sarah Hadfield  b.1871  m.?  d.?



second generation


2a.  Thomas Hadfield  b.1710  m.1735 Hannah Arandale (b.?  d.?)  d.1763



i.          Betty Hadfield  b.1738  m.?  d.1800

ii.         (3a) Thomas Hadfield  b.1741  d.1820

iii.       Hannah Hadfield  b.1747  m.?  d.?

iv.       John Hadfield  b.1751  m.?  d.1819

v.        (3b) William Hadfield  b.1754  d.1827

vi.       James Hadfield  b.1754  m.?  d.?

vii.     Mary Hadfield  b.1762  m.?  d.?

viii.    Samuel Hadfield  b.1762  d.1762



third generation


3a.  Thomas Hadfield  b.1741  m.1766 Betty Garside (b.1741  d.1812)  d.1820



i.          (4a) Thomas Hadfield  b.1766  d.1829

ii.         Mary Hadfield  b.1845  d.1845



3b.  William Hadfield  b.1754  m.1784 Hannah Goddard (b.1759  d.1813)  d.1827



i.          Thomas Hadfield  b.1784  m.?  d.1804

ii.         William Hadfield  b.1789  m.?  d.1807

iii.       Mary Hadfield  b.1792  m.?  d.1858

iv.       (4b) Joseph Hadfield  b.1796  d.1841

v.        George Hadfield  b.1801  d.1802



3c.  Thomas Hadfield  origin unknown  b.?  m.1757 Hannah Pott (b.1741  d.1801)  d.1767



i.          Joseph Hadfield  b.1758  d.1811 Cheshire

ii.         Betty Hadfield  b.1759  m.1891 Daniel Nield (b.?  d.?) d.?

iii.       Martha Hadfield  b.1760  m.?  d.?

iv.       James Hadfield  b.1762  d.1762

v.        (4c) Thomas Hadfield  b.1765  d.1807

vi.       James Hadfield  b.1767  m.1797 Ellen Thompson (b.?  d.1846) issue 7 children of Glossop  d.?

vii.     Samuel Hadfield  b.1767 (Glossop census of 1841)  d.?

viii.    Esther Hadfield  b.?  m.1792 W.Twigg (b.?  d.?)  d.?



fourth generation


4a.  Thomas Hadfield  b.1766  m.1798 Mary Winterbotham (b.1772  d.1801)  d.1829



i.          Betty Hadfield  b.1799  m.?  d.?

ii.         Mary Hadfield  b.1800  d.1801



4b. Joseph Hadfield  b.1796  m.1818 Sarah Wilkinson (b.1798  d.1851)  d.1841



i.          (5a) George Hadfield  b.1819  m.?  d.?

ii.         Hannah Hadfield  b.1821  m.?  d.1848

iii.       William Hadfield  b.1823  m.?  d.?

iv.       Edward Hadfield  b.1826  migrated to New Zealand  m.?  d.1899

v.        Thomas Hadfield  b.1828  m.?  d.?

vi.       (5b) Joseph Hadfield  b.1830  d.1883

vii.     Robert Hadfield  b.1833  m.?  d.?



4c.  Thomas Hadfield  of Mottram, Waterside  b.1765  m.1788 Sarah Fielding (b.?  d.?)  d.1807



i.          Betty Hadfield  b.1788  m.?  d.?

ii.         Hannah Hadfield  b.1790  m.?  d.?

iii.       Joseph Hadfield  b.1790  m.?  d.1831

iv.       Thomas Hadfield  b.1792  m.?  d.1794

v.        Jonathon Hadfield  b.1794  m.?  d.1795

vi.       William Hadfield  b.1802  m.?  d.?

vii.     Charles Hadfield  b.1804  m.?  d.1806

viii.    Jane Hadfield  b.1807  m.?  d.?



fifth generation


5a.  George Hadfield  b.1819  m.Agnus Wood (b.1821  d.1881)  d.?



i.          Joshua Hadfield  b.1839  m.?  d.?

ii.         Joseph Hadfield  b.1841  d.1842

iii.       William Hadfield  b.1844  m.?  d.1902 New Zealand

iv.       George Hadfield  b.1844  d.1844

v.        Henry Hadfield  b.1845  d.1846



5b. Joseph Hadfield  b.1830  m.#1 1852 Ann Harrop (b.?  d.?)  m.#2 ? New Zealand  d.1883 New Zealand



i.          Fred Marsland Hadfield  b.1853  m.?  d.1902 New Zealand

ii.         Maria Alice Hadfield  b.1859  m.?  d.1891 New Zealand