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HADFIELDs of Mickleover & Littleover, Derbyshire

The following information was researched and compiled by Roger HADFIELD MA, F.R.G.S. and Elaine HADFIELD POLGLASE


 first generation


Caution:the following first generation material is substantially obtained from LDS IGIrecords only...


1.William Hadfieldbap.10Oct1762m.10Dec1787 Hannah Ambrose (b.c1766d.?), Mickleoverd.1824



                     i.            Hannah Hadfieldbap.15Dec1787 (likely to have died in infancy)

                   ii.            Sarah Hadfieldb.22Apr1788bap.11May1788d.?

                  iii.            Hannah Hadfieldbap.13Dec1789d.?

                 iv.            William Hadfieldbap.22May1791 (likely to have died in infancy)

                   v.            George Hadfieldbap.21Apr1793 (likely to have died in infancy)

                 vi.            John Hadfieldbap.28Sep1794 (likely to have died in infancy)listed by LDS Family Search as Hatfield

                vii.            William Hadfieldbap. 22Dec1795m.1821 Charlotte Bagnall (see Hadfields of Derby, Derbyshire)

              viii.            Samuel Hadfieldbap.3Jul1796m.Hannah Asne (3 children)

                 ix.            John Hadfieldbap.13May1798

                   x.            Joseph Hadfieldbap.19Jul1801m.21Jun1842 Sarah Toplis (b.28Dec1813d.18Jul1867) St.Michaelís Derby

                 xi.            Mary Hadfieldbap.1Jan1804m.1830 Richard Green

                xii.            George Hadfieldbap.5Nov1804

              xiii.            Anne Hadfieldbap.17Nov1805

              xiv.            Elizabeth Hadfieldbap.17May1807



The following entries were obtained from the LDS IGI and cannot be confirmed at this time as being linked to the first generation:


Thomas Hadfieldb.?m. Ann



                 i                  William Hadfieldbap.10Mar1816 Littleover, Derbyshired.?

               ii                  Hannah Hatfieldbap.29Dec1817 Littleover, Derbyshired.?

              iii                  Joseph Hatfieldbap.13Feb1820 Littleover, Derbyshired.?

             iv                  Samuel Hadfieldbap.12May1822 Littleover, Derbyshired.?

               v                  Thomas Hatfieldbap.24Nov1824 Littleover, Derbyshired.?

             vi                  George Hatfieldbap.13May1827 Littleover, Derbyshired.?

            vii                  Elizabeth Hatfieldbap.26Mar1837 Littleover, Derbyshired.?



Joseph Hatfieldbap.13Feb1820 Littleover, Derbyshirem.Elizabethd.?



                 i                  William Hadfieldbap.1Jan1843 Littleover, Derbyshired.?

               ii                  John Hatfieldbap.12Mar1848 Littleover, Derbyshired.?

              iii                  Stephen Hadfieldbap.23Apr1850 Littleover, Derbyshired.?

             iv                  Eliza Hatfieldbap.22Feb1852 Littleover, Derbyshired.?



Joseph Hadfieldb.?m. Sarahd.?



                 i                  Ann Martha Hadfieldbap.24Dec1843 Littleover, Derbyshired.?



Samuel Hadfieldb.?m. Hannahd.?



                 i                  Anne Hadfieldbap.6May1849 Littleover, Derbyshired.?

               ii                  George Hadfieldbap.4May1851 Littleover, Derbyshired.?