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HADFIELDs of Mellor, Symondley and Symondley Hall, Derbyshire

The following information was researched and compiled by Roger HADFIELD MA, F.R.G.S. and Tim HADFIELD


 Throughout this chart the births, marriages and deaths are generally those of Mellor Church (a Chapelry of Glossop) or of the Independent Mill Brow Chapel of Mellor.Some of these relate to families who were never at Mellor or only very briefly e.g. living at Marple or New Mills.


There are connections within this line to Australia



first generation


1a. John Hadfieldof Hobrodb.?m. Alyce (b.?d.?)d.?



                     i.            Henry Hadfieldb.?m.?d.1600

                   ii.            (2a) William Hadfieldb.?d.1628

                  iii.            Ellen Hadfieldb.?m.?d.>1600

                 iv.            Anne Hadfieldb.?m.?d.>1600



1b. John Hadfieldb.1695m.#1 Mary Cooper (b.1703d.1727)m#2 1730 Penelope Ratcliffe (b.1705d.1778)d.1759


Children from marriage #1:

                     i.            John Hadfieldb.1725m.?d.1798


Children from marriage #2:

                     i.            Ann Hadfieldb.1731m.?d.?

                   ii.            Penelope Hadfieldb.1739m.12May1767 John Schofield St.Maryís Church, Stockport,Cheshire issue d.3Feb1825

                  iii.            (2b) Mathew Hadfieldb.1743d.1832

                 iv.            (2c) Thomas Hadfieldb.1744d.1Sep1822



1c. John Hadfieldb.1704Reverendm.1728 Elizabeth Garside of Lees Hall (b.1709d.1782) d.1781



                   v.            John Hadfieldb.1728tanner of Charlesworthm.?d.1782

                 vi.            Joseph Hadfieldb.1731vicar of Knutsford, Cheshirem.?d.1785

                vii.            (2d) Charles Hadfieldb.1735d.1795

              viii.            Ann Hadfieldb.1738m.1765 A. Mellison (b.?d.?) d.?

                 ix.            Betty Hadfieldb.1742m.?d.?

                   x.            (2e) William Hadfield b.1749d.1831



1d. Thomas Hadfieldson of George of Symondley Hallb.1718m. Martha Cooper (b.1744d.1824)d.1788



                     i.            Martha Hadfieldb.1769m.#1 John Woodhead of York(b.?d.?)m.#2 George W. (b.?d.?)d.?

                   ii.            Moses Hadfieldb.1770m.?no issue d.1844

                  iii.            George Hadfieldb.1772m.?d.1831

                 iv.            Samuel Hadfieldb.1777m.?d.1842

                   v.            Hannah Hadfieldb.1779m. John Wood (b.1784d.1833)issue d.1827



second generation


2a. William Hadfieldb.?m. Elizabeth (b.?d.1636)d.1628



                     i.            (3a) Edward Hadfieldb.?d.1672

                   ii.            William Hadfieldb.?d.?

                  iii.            Elizabeth Hadfieldb.?m.?d.?

                 iv.            Ann Hadfieldb.?m.?d.?



2b. Mathew Hadfieldb.1743m.#1 ?m.#2 22Feb1763 Sarah Beard (b.1742d.1821 Mellor Hall)d.1822 Moor End



                     i.            Charles Hadfieldb.1763d.?

                   ii.            Betty Hadfieldb.1765d.?

                  iii.            (3b) John Hadfieldb.1768d.1821

                 iv.            Sarah Hadfieldb.1770d.?

                   v.            Joseph Hadfieldb.1773d.?

                 vi.            Matthew Hadfieldb.1776d.?

                vii.            Adam Hadfieldb.1778d.?

              viii.            Stephen Hadfieldb.1780d.?

                 ix.            James Hadfieldb.1782d.?

                   x.            (3c) Abner Hadfieldb.1785d.3Apr1844



2c. Thomas Hadfieldb.1744m. Mary (b.1750d.10Feb1832bur. Mellor Church)d.1Sep1822



                     i.            Ann Hadfieldb.1775d.8Dec1792



2d. Charles Hadfieldb.1735gentleman of Lees Hallm.1759 Mary Oldham (b.?d.>1815)d.1795



                     i.            John Hadfieldb.1759curate of Prestwichm.?d.1785

                   ii.            Sarah Hadfieldb.1762m.? d.?

                  iii.            Betty Hadfieldb.1762m.1785 John Simpsond.?

                 iv.            Nancy Hadfieldb.1771m.1791 J.Bostockd.1815

                   v.            Polly Hadfieldb.1776m.?d.1815

                 vi.            Mary Hadfieldb.1777m.?d.1802

                vii.            Joseph Hadfieldb.1779m.1802 Mary Ellison (b.1782d.1864)13 children at Simondleyd.1854



2e. William Hadfieldb.1749curate of Wiltern, Northwich, Cheshirem.1774 Ann Pownall (b.?d.?) at Northwichd.1831



                     i.            Edward Hadfieldb.?surgeonm.?d.? Spain

                   ii.            Alfred Hadfieldb.?vicar of Liverpoolm. Sophia (b.?d.1822)d.1822issue

                  iii.            Charles Hadfieldb.?merchantm.?d.?

                 iv.            Robert Pownall Hadfieldb.?salt dealerm.#1 1803 Ellen Cooper (b.?d.?)m.#2 1810 Ann Hand (b.?d.?) of Staffordshire

                   v.            John Hadfieldb.1781surgeon of Salfordm. Christtanissue

                 vi.            (3d) Joseph Hadfieldb.1779d.1854



third generation


3a. Edward Hadfieldb.?m. Margaret (b.?d.1653) d.1672



                     i.            William Hadfieldb.?m.?d.?

                   ii.            Elizabeth Hadfieldb.?m.?d.?



3b. John Hadfieldb.1768m.#1 25May1798 Ann Howe (b.?d.?) St.Maryís Parish Church, Stockport, Cheshirem#2 Sarah Wilson (b.1776d.?)d.1821


Children: m#1

                     i.            (4a) John Beard Hadfieldb.1798d.1850

                   ii.            Margaret Beard Hadfieldb.1800d.?

                  iii.            Sarah Hadfieldb.1801d.?

                 iv.            (4b) James Hadfieldb.1803d.1862

                   v.            Joseph Hadfieldb.1805d.?

                 vi.            Sophia Hadfieldb.1807d.?

                vii.            (4c) Joshua Hadfieldb.13Apr1810d.17Dec1865


Children: m#2

                     i.            (4d) Thomas Hadfieldb.11May1816d.19Mar1892



3c. Abner Hadfieldb.1785m.1812 Martha Harrison (b.1786d.7Jun1842) Cheadle, Cheshired.3Apr1844bur. Mellor



                     i.            Joseph Hadfieldb.1813d.11Apr1833

                   ii.            James Hadfieldb.1814d.1830

                  iii.            John Hadfieldb.1822d.1823

                 iv.            (4e) Robert Hadfieldb.1826d.1903

                   v.            William Hadfieldb.1827 d.1Apr1831

                 vi.            John Hadfieldb.1835d.12Nov1846



3d. Joseph Hadfieldb.1779m.1802 Mary Ellison (b.1782d.1864) d.1854



                     i.            Charles Stafford Hadfieldb.1801m.?d.?

                   ii.            Winifred Hadfieldb.1802m.?d.1876

                  iii.            Joseph Hadfieldb.1804d.1819

                 iv.            Mary Hadfieldb.1804m.?d.?

                   v.            Ann Hadfieldb.?m.?d.?

                 vi.            Fanny Hadfieldb.?m.?d.?

                vii.            (4f) Mathew Ellison Hadfieldb.1812d.?

              viii.            Elizabeth Hadfieldb.1814m.1838 Henry Williams(b.?d.?)d.1898

                 ix.            (4g) Charles John Hadfieldb.1817d.?

                   x.            Catrina Hadfieldb.1819m.?d.>1891

                 xi.            Helen Hadfieldb.1821m.?d.>1891

                xii.            Alfred Joseph Hadfieldb.1824m.?d.? Blackburn?

              xiii.            Sarah Ann Hadfieldb.1826m.?d.>1891



fourth generation


4a. John Beard Hadfieldb.4Oct1798m. Mary Smith (b.1784d.4Aug1870 Old Trafford, Manchester, Lancashire) d.4Oct1850bur. Rusholme Road Cemetery, Manchester, Lancashire (grave 2863)



                     i.            Ann Hadfieldb.1823m. Samuel Tennant (b.?d.?)d.?

                   ii.            Mary Hadfieldb.1824d.2Feb1826 scalded to deathbur. Rusholme Road Cemetery, Manchester, Lancashire (grave 2863)

                  iii.            John Hadfieldb.1826d.24Dec1860 drownedbur. Rusholme Road Cemetery, Manchester, Lancashire (grave 2863)

                 iv.            Sophia Hadfieldb.1829m. Thomas Jones(b.?d.?)d.?

                   v.            Margaret Hadfieldb.1830m. Fairweather(b.?d.?)d.21Sep1867

                 vi.            James Hadfieldb.1832d.20Jun1860bur. Rusholme Road Cemetery, Manchester, Lancashire (grave 2863)

                vii.            Sarah Hadfieldb.1834 Manchester, Lancashirem. Albert J. Pope(b.?d.?) issued.24Sep1913



4b. James Hadfieldb.1803m.17May1830 Margaret Markland (b.28May1807 St.Helens, Lancashired.13Jul1897 Timperley, Lancashirebur. Sale Cemetery (grave 2137))d.27Jul1862bur. Sale Cemetery (grave 2137)



                     i.            Ann Hadfieldb.1826 Manchester, Lancashired.?

                   ii.            (5a) John Hadfieldb.1831d.1892

                  iii.            Ellen Hadfieldb.1833 Manchester, Lancashired.2Oct1898bur.Sale Cemetery (grave 2137)

                 iv.            William Hadfieldb.1838 Manchester, Lancashired.2Oct1867bur.Sale Cemetery (grave 2137)



4c. Joshua Hadfieldb.13Apr1810 Stockport, Cheshirem. Mary Baron(b.12Dec1812 Hyde, Cheshired.4Aug1855) St.Maryís Church, Manchester, Lancashired.1865



                     i.            Amy Hadfieldb.17Aug1833 Hulme, Lancashirem. John Humphreys (b.1831d.?) issued.25Jul1913

                   ii.            (5b) Thomas Raleigh Hadfieldb.10Oct1835d.26May1918

                  iii.            Hannah Oldham Hadfieldb.13Nov1837 Manchester, Lancashirem.23Mar1859 John Hadfield (b.6Mar1831 Manchester, Lancashired.21Dec1892 Hydro, Llandudno, Wales) Upper Brooke Street Chapelissued.2Nov1902



4d. Thomas Hadfieldb.11May1816 Brinnington, Cheshirem.8May1842 Betty Hardman (b.?d.<1871) Parish Church, Prestwichd.19Mar1892



                     i.            Sarah Ann Hadfieldb.19May1843 Stockport, Cheshirem.3Sep1874 Joseph Hadfield (b.1845 Brinnington, Cheshired.19Aug1914) issued.?

                   ii.            (5c) Joshua Hardman Hadfieldb.27Mar1847d.20Oct1890



4e. Robert Hadfieldb.1826m.1857 Martha More (b.1836d.1893) of Donegal, Ireland.To Melbourne, Australia - joined Victoria Police Forced.1903



                     i.            (5d) Abner Hadfieldb.1859d.1915

                   ii.            Alexander More Hadfieldb.1859d.?

                  iii.            Martha Jane Hadfieldb.1866d.?

                 iv.            William Harrison Hadfieldb.1874d.?



4f. Mathew Ellison Hadfieldb.1812m. Sarah Frith(b.?d.?)issue 4 childrend.?(see Hadfields of Mottram and Glossop)



4g. Charles John Hadfieldb.1817m. Frances Wildsmith (b.?d.?) issue 11 childrend.?(see Hadfields of Mottram and Glossop)



fifth generation


5a. John Hadfieldb.6Mar1831 Manchester, Lancashirem.23Mar1859 Hannah Oldham Hadfield(b.13Nov1837 Manchester, Lancashired.2Nov1902) Upper Brook Street Chapeld.1892



                     i.            Margaret Hadfieldb.9Dec1859 Harriet Street, Stretford, Lancashired.15Nov1913 22 York Place, Manchester, Lancashire

                   ii.            Mary Hadfieldb.6Jun1861 HarrietStreet, Stretford, Lancashired.1Jun1923

                  iii.            (6a) George Hadfieldb.18Oct1862d.24Oct1929

                 iv.            (6b) Charles James Hadfieldb.18Sep1864d.21Jul1916

                   v.            Clara Hadfieldb.1866 d.1868bur. Sale Cemetery (grave 2136)

                 vi.            (6c) Travers Hadfieldb.21Feb1867d.10Sep1942

                vii.            (6d) William Joshua Hadfieldb.10Dec1868d.8Mar1940

              viii.            (6e) Robert Walter Hadfieldb.27Mar1870d.8Dec1945

                 ix.            Catherine Hadfieldb.17Feb1872 The Mount, Altrincham, Cheshirem.?d.19Apr1935

                   x.            (6f) Edward Hadfieldb.14Jan1875d.19Apr1922

                 xi.            Dora Hadfieldb.12Aug1878 The Mount, Altrincham, Cheshired.9aug1971 2 Chesham Place, Bowdon

                xii.            (6g) John Hadfieldb.1881d.1909



5b. Thomas Raleigh Hadfieldb.10Oct1835 Chorlton-on-Medlockm.2Feb1859 Phoebe Ferguson (b.15Jan1838 Manchester, Lancashired.?)d.26May1918 Woodbine Street, Moss Side, Manchester, Lancashire



                     i.            Amy Hadfieldb.8Mar1860 Hulme, Lancashirenever marriedd.5Jan1942

                   ii.            Edith Hadfieldb.7Nov1862d.30Jan1874bur. Sale Cemetery (grave C2137)

                  iii.            Elizabeth Hadfieldb.2Sep1865 Manchester, Lancashired.1937



5c. Joshua Hardman Hadfieldb.27Mar1847 Stockport, Cheshirem. Sarah Ann Bostock (b.25Mar1850d.?)d.20Oct1890



                     i.            Richard Bostock Hadfieldb.1882d.13Dec1885 Royal George Street, Stockport, Cheshire



5d. Abner Hadfieldb.1859m.1882 Isabella Margaret Walford (b.?d.1898)d.1915



                     i.            Arthur Hadfieldb.1885d.?

                   ii.            Robert Edward Hadfieldb.1888d.?

                  iii.            Isabella Ruby Hadfieldb.1890m.1919A.V.Jackson (b.1892d.?)d.1924

                 iv.            Frank More Hadfieldb.1893d.?

                   v.            Percy Abner Hadfieldb.1895



sixth generation


6a. George Hadfieldb.18Oct1862 Harriet Street, Stretford, Lancashirem.10Oct1888 Margaret Lawson(b.1861 Manchester, Lancashired.7Jul1957)d.24Oct1929 Athol Road, Bramhall, Cheshire



                     i.            Ruth Hadfieldb.1889d.1973

                   ii.            John Lawson Hadfieldb.1896d.1961



6b. Charles James Hadfieldb.18Sep1864 Harriet Street, Stretford, Lancashirem.8Feb1896 Louie Ella Leigh (b.4Dec1874 Stretford, Lancashired.19Feb1959 Windlehurst Nursing Home, Altrincham, Cheshire) Stretford Parish Church, Stretford, Lancashired.21Jul1916 Portland Street, Manchester, Lancashire



                     i.            James Robert Hadfieldb.1896d.1916

                   ii.            Reginald Charles Hadfieldb.1898d.1975

                  iii.            Barbara Hadfieldb.1899d.1899

                 iv.            Louisa Leigh Hadfieldb.1900d.1971

                   v.            Richard Thurston Hadfieldb.1902d.1959

                 vi.            John Oldham Hadfieldb.1904d.1983

                vii.            Sylvia Mary Hadfieldb.1906d.1996



6c. Travers Hadfieldb.21Feb1867 Harriet Street, Stretford, Lancashire m.31Jan1893 Constance Mary Pickin (b.1868 Timperley, Cheshired.15Oct1964) St.Margaretís Church, Dunham Masseyd.10Sep1942



                     i.            Mabel Hadfieldb.1894d.1903

                   ii.            Amelia Hadfieldb.1898d.1973

                  iii.            Philip Hadfieldb.1906d.1995



6d. William Joshua Hadfieldb.10Dec1868 The Mount, Altrincham, Cheshirem.21Oct1905 Christina Vance(b.1877 Dukinfield, Cheshired.23Jan1960 12 Hornsey Lane, Islington, London, Middlesex) no known issued.8Mar1940 Strathnairn (in a field), Ottery St.Mary



6e. Robert Walter Hadfieldb.27Mar1870 The Mount, Altrincham, Cheshirem.Sep1900 Jessie Cunliffe (b.1868 Bolton, Lancashired.15Jan1952) Dunham Road Chapel, Altrincham, Cheshired.8Dec1945



                     i.            Joan Hadfieldb.1901m.?d.1973



6f. Edward Hadfieldb.14Jan1875 The Mount, Altrincham, Cheshirem.7Jul1908 Edith Ellen Suzanna Howland (b.18Nov1880 Buxton, Surreyd.18May1954) Harpenden Parish Church, Hertfordshired.19Apr1922


Children:2 children



6g. John Hadfieldb.23Dec1881 The Mount, Altricham, Cheshirem.1906 Madge Nora Hill (b.1891d.2Dec1975) Marylebone Registry Office, London, Middlesexd.1909


Children: no known issue