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HADFIELDs of Hindley, Ince, Lancashire

The following information was researched by Sharon McDermott and Carol Hayes



Family Reunion photos – Saturday 22 September 2007 – Tighes Hill Social Club, Newcastle, NSW  Australia


Ř      Isaac Hadfield and Margaret Hannah Owens and family


Ř      Hadfield family at miners picnic 1903


Ř      Descendants of Jonathon Hadfield and Martha Guy

Ř      Sharon McDermott, Kirsten Bobrowski (nee McDermott), Stacey Carter, Lizette McDermott, Ruth McDermott, Annette Smith (nee McDermott)


Ř      Joan Wood (nee Heron), Ray McDermott, Pam McDermott-Carter, Ann Stark (nee Herron)



There are connections in this line to Australia


first generation


1.      Thomas Hadfield  b.c1710



                     i.            (2a) Joseph Hadfield  bap.14Sep1735


second generation


2a. Joseph Hadfield  bap.14Sep1735 Withington, Lancashire, England  m.12Jun1774 Hannah Morten (b.1745  d.?), Eccles Lancashire, England



                     i.            (3a) Charles Hadfield  b.11Jan1778  d.16Mar1835



third generation


3a. Charles Hadfield  b.11Jan1778 Eccles, Lancashire, England  m.24Dec1797 Betty Ditchfield (b.1778  d.9Sep1834) Eccles, Lancashire, England  occupation: spinner  d.16Mar1835 Swinton, Lancashire, England



                     i.            Charles Hadfield b.1811  d.19May1830

                   ii.            (4a) James Hadfield  b.1816  d.?

                  iii.            (4b) Jonathan Hadfield  b.1828  d.1901



fourth generation


4a. James Hadfield  b.1816 Stockport, Cheshire, England  m.c1837 Elizabeth (Hadfield) (b.c1819  d.?)  d.June 1888 Rugby, Warwickshire, England



                     i.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1837 Ince-in-Makerfield, Wigan, Lancashire, England  d.?

                   ii.            James Hadfield  b.1842 Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire, England  d.?

                  iii.            Sarah Hadfield  b.1845 Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire, England  d.?

                 iv.            (5a) William Hadfield  b.1849  d.?

                   v.            Jonathan Hadfield  b.1850  d.?

                 vi.            Martha Hadfield  b.1851 Rugby, Warwickshire, England  d.?

                vii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1854 Rugby, Warwickshire, England  d.?

              viii.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1857 Rugby, Warwickshire, England  d.?



4b. Jonathan Hadfield  b.1828 Ashton Parish, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire, England  coalminer  m#1 19Aug1849 Ann (Nancey) Prusia (Presho) (b.1832  d.1874 Easington, County Durham) Pemberton Church, Wigan, Lancashire, England  d.Mar1901 Trimdon Colliery burials Easington, County Durham, England



                     i.            (5b) James (Jim) Hadfield  b.6Jun1850  d.?

                   ii.            (5c) Isaac Hadfield  b.Mar1852  d.22Aug1935

                  iii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1856 Hindley, Ince, Lancashire, England  issue – Ann Hadfield  b.25Dec1875  m.Mar1897 William Dakin (b.1875  d.?) Easington, County Durham, England

                 iv.            Alice Hadfield  b.1860 Ince-in-Makerfield, Wigan, Lancashire, England

                   v.            Catherine Hadfield  b.2Jan1863 Pemberton, Lancashire, England.  m.27Feb1882 William Harrod in Durham.  d.25Dec1935 Coxhoe, County Durham, England

                 vi.            Mary Ann Hadfield  b.1866 Hindley, Ince, Lancashire, England

                vii.            Eliza Ellen Hadfield  b.1872 Trimdon, Durham, England  m.Jun1892 Ebenezer Yeoman Easton - issue


  m#2 1883 Elizabeth Smith, Stockton Parish, Lancashire, England – no known issue


fifth generation

…first generation to Australia…


5a. William Hadfield  b.1849 Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire, England  m.1864 Sarah (Hadfield) (b.1846  d.?)



                     i.            Sarah A. Hadfield  b.1865 Rugby, Warwickshire, England  d.?



5b. James Hadfield  b.6Jun1850  Wigan, Lancashire, England  m.18Jun1871 Mary Ann Rigby (b.1848  d.Mar1901) St Williams, Stockton, County Durham, England  d.?



                     i.            Alice Hadfield  b.1875 Trimdon, Durham, England  m.Dec1897 James Maloney  issue  d.?

                   ii.            Sarah A. Hadfield  b.1876 Trimdon, Durham, England  m.Jun1897 Patrick Frain  issue  d.1938

                  iii.            Catherine Hadfield  b.1879 Castle Eden, Durham, England  m.James Leggett  d.?

                 iv.            Ann Hadfield  b.1881  Station Town, Durham, England  m.Jack Unsworth  d.?

                   v.            (6a) James (Jim) Hadfield  b.13Sep1883  d.?

                 vi.            (6b) Jonathan Henry Hadfield  b.4Aug1886  d.6Aug1915

                vii.            Mary Hadfield  b.1889 Station Town, Wingate, County Durham, England  d.?

              viii.            (6c) Isaac Hadfield  b.23Nov1892migrated to NSW Australia  d.?


(family shown as WOODFIELD on 1881 census living at Vane Street, Station Town, Hutton Henry, Durham, England)



5c. Isaac Hadfield  b.Mar1852 Broome Street, Hindley, Ince-in-Makerfield, Wigan, Lancashire, England.  m.22Mar1873 Margaret Hannah Owens (b.1854  d.23Nov1911) Hartlepool, County Durham, England  d.22Aug1935 Margaret Street, Tighes Hill, NSW  Australia  bur.24Aug1935 Methodist Cemetery, Sandgate, NSW  (This family sailed from Plymouth, England on board the 'Duchess of Argyle' arriving Sydney, NSW  7 February 1883)



                     i.            (6d) Jonathon Hadfield  b.16Apr1874  d.7Aug1930

                   ii.            Hannah Hadfield  b.27Nov1875 Frimdon, Durham, England  m.23Apr1898 John Thomas Magin (son of Patrick Magin and Frances Keel), Wickham, NSW issue  d.3Aug1929 Newcastle, NSW  bur.4Aug1929 Wesleyan Methodist Section, Sandgate cemetery, NSW

                  iii.            Mary Hadfield  b.1878 Frimdon, Durham, England  m1931 John Thomas Magin  d.30Aug1958 Newcastle, NSW

                 iv.            (6e) Thomas Hadfield  b.1880  d.30Sep1923

                   v.            Isaac Hadfield  b.1882  d.1883 (died whilst on voyage from England to Australia - buried at sea)

                 vi.            Catherine (Kate) Hadfield  b.6Apr1883 Newcastle, NSW  m.1902 Thomas Ernest Guy (b.1889  d.?)  issue d.1949 Wickham, Newcastle, NSW

                vii.            James Hadfield  b.1884 Newcastle, NSW  d.1885 Newcastle, NSW

              viii.            Ellen Ann Hadfield  b.1885 Newcastle, NSW  m.1907 Phillip Alexander Quetcher (b.1881  d.1934)  issue  d.1975

                 ix.            (6f) Isaac Hadfield  b.1887  d.12Sep1953

                   x.            Martha Hadfield  b.1888 Newcastle, NSW  m.1911 John A. Crockett (b.1886)  issue  d.?

                 xi.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1891 Newcastle, NSW  m.1914 Frederick J. Wilson, Wickham, NSW  d.?

                xii.            (6g) Arthur Hadfield  b.10May1893  d.22Oct1969

              xiii.            Dorothy Hilda Hadfield  b.1897 Wickham, NSW  m.1920 Walter Berwick (b.1897  d.?), Wickham, NSW  d>1975


(family shown as HALLIDAY on 1881 census living at 7 Charles Street, Ince In Makerfield, Lancashire, England)



sixth generation


6a. James (Jim) Hadfield  b.13Sep1883 Station Town, Wingate, County Durham, England  m.31Dec1904 Mary Howard (b.12Aug1886  d.23May1968)  Migrated 1914  to Weston NSW Australia aboard the RMS Orvieto  occupation: coal miner  d.1955 Kurri Kurri, NSW



                     i.            Gordon Hadfield  b.18Oct1906  d.7Sep1922 killed by lightning

                   ii.            (7a) James (Jim) Hadfield  b.16Nov1917  d.21Jun1955

                  iii.            Mary (Blossie) Hadfield  b.10May1922 Weston, NSW  m.3Aug1946 Alexander George Stewart (b.1920  d.1953 level crossing accident) - issue

                 iv.            Ellen Hadfield  b.1924 Weston, NSW  m.23Feb1946 William Rudd (b.9Dec1920  d.26Jul1998) d.1985 (car accident)Abermain, NSW - issue

                   v.            Lillian Hadfield  b.29Nov1909  m.15Dec1934 John (Jack) Parkinson d.3May1958 Helensburgh, NSW - issue



6b. Jonathan Henry Hadfield  b.4Aug1886 Station Town, Wingate, County Durham, England  m.23Nov1907 Mary Ann Brunskill (b.7Nov1887  d.6Aug1915)  d.6Aug1915



                     i.            (7b) Johnathan Henry Hadfield  b.15May1909  d.?

                   ii.            Rebecca Jane Hadfield  b.10Feb1908  m.28Dec1929 William Clogg - issue



6c. Isaac Hadfield  b.23Nov1892 Vane St. Station Town, Hutton Henry, County Durham, England  m.Annie Mary Flintoft (b.1888  d.?)  Migrated 1Jan1914 to Weston NSW Australia aboard the RMS Orvieto  d.13Jun1970 Kogarah NSW



                     i.            Amelia Maude (Millie) Hadfield  b.16Jan1916 Coxhoe, County Durham, England  m.21Dec1940 Philip Thomas Erwin (b.1906  d.?) Redfern NSW  d.>1975

                   ii.            (7c) James Bruce (Jim) Hadfield  b.26Aug1918  d.23Feb1989

                  iii.            Ida Hadfield  b.14Apr1920 Weston, NSW  m.1939 Hugh Wilson Wagstaff (b.16Jul1917  d.?) - issue  d.>1975

                 iv.            (7d) John (Jack) Hadfield  b.22Nov1922  d.12Jun1991

                   v.            Ethel Hadfield  b.1924 Kurri Kurri, NSW  d.1924 Kurri Kurri, NSW

                 vi.            (7e) Kenneth Hadfield  b.10Aug1927  d.3Jun1999

                vii.            Noela Hadfield  b.24Dec1931 Weston, NSW  m.22Jan1952 Jack Milnes (b.26Oct1923) - issue

              viii.            (7f) Alan Smith Hadfield  b.5May1934  d.7Sep1994



6d. Jonathon Hadfield  b.16Apr1874 Washington, Durham, England.  m.20Sep1899 Martha Ellen Guy (b.1879  d.1959) Wickham, NSW  d.7Aug1930, Kurri Kurri, NSW  bur. Kurri Kurri, NSW



                     i.            Albert Vincent Hadfield  b.1900 Wickham, NSW  d.1901 Wickham, NSW

                   ii.            Arthur Ernest Hadfield  b.1901,  d.1976

                  iii.            Vera Beatrice Hadfield  b.8Jul1902 Wickham, NSW  m.1923 John Jarvie (b.1898 d.1936), Kurri Kurri, NSW,  d.1Apr1996

                 iv.            Eva Esmay Hadfield  b.9Feb1904 Wickham, NSW  m.1930 James Roy Thirtle (b.1903), Newcastle, NSW,  d.19Sep1993

                   v.            Margaret Ruth Hadfield  b.1907 Wickham, NSW  d.1909 Wickham, NSW

                 vi.            Martha Hadfield  b.1Oct1910 Kurri Kurri, NSW  m.21Jul1928 Thomas Watson Herron (b.24Nov1906 d.13Feb1978), Merewether, NSW  d.17Jan1994

                vii.            (7g) Jonathan (Jonty) Hadfield  b.1Nov1912  d.?

              viii.            Olive Hadfield  b.16Nov1914 Scarborough, NSW  m.24Dec1932 Raymond Michael McDermott (b.30Nov1912 d.18Nov1967), Kurri Kurri, NSW  d.19Sep1991 Sandgate, NSW - issue

                 ix.            Muriel Hadfield  b.1918  d.1918 Kurri Kurri, NSW



6e. Thomas Hadfield  b.1880 Ince-in-Makerfield, Wigan, Lancashire, England.  m.1900 Ellen Kezia Williams (b.1882  d.27Feb1951) Wickham, NSW  d.30Sep1923  bur.Sandgate Cemetery, Newcastle, NSW



                     i.            Margaret Irene Hadfield  b.1901 Wickham, NSW  m.1924 George R. Anderson, Wickham, NSW  d.Apr1992 Newcastle Nursing Home, Newcastle, NSW

                   ii.            (7h) Albert Horace Hadfield  b.22Apr1904  d.4Aug1973

                  iii.            (7i) James Hilton Hadfield  b.4Mar1908  d.24Feb1971

                 iv.            (7j) Allan Leonard Hadfield  b.1912

                   v.            Edna J. Hadfield  b.1915 Kurri Kurri, NSW  m.1932 Joseph Musgrove, Kurri Kurri, NSW

                 vi.            Mary E. Hadfield  b.1917  d.1917 Kurri Kurri, NSW



6f. Isaac Hadfield  b.1887 Newcastle, NSW  m.1911 Dora Agnus Sample (b.1890  d.?) Hamilton, NSW



                     i.            (7k) Arthur I. Hadfield  b.1912  d.1992

                   ii.            Phyllis Jean Hadfield  b.11Jun1920 Newcastle, NSW  d.16Jun1920 Newcastle, NSW

                  iii.            (7l) Thomas Stanley (Stan) Hadfield  b.6Nov1922  d.4Dec2005

                 iv.            (7m) John Phillip (Jack) Hadfield  b.19Jun1925

                   v.            (7n) Kenneth Edward Hadfield  b.2Apr1927  d.3Jun1999



6g. Arthur Hadfield  b.10May1893 Newcastle, NSW  m.20Dec1913 Vida Lillian Sharpe (b.1894  d.1963), New Lambton, NSW,  Enlisted Australian Army 25Mar1942 #N154329  d22Oct1969



                     i.            Joyce Hadfield  b.27Jul1914 Wickham, NSW  m.1940 Lloyd Arthur Hancock, NSW  d.>1975 - issue

                   ii.            Dorothy Hilda Hadfield  b.1915 Wickham, NSW  m.1936 Robert Henry Davies, Quirindi, NSW  d.>1975 - issue

                  iii.            Alice Jean Hadfield  b.26Jul1920 Tigghes Hill, Newcastle, NSW - never married

                 iv.            Marjorie Hadfield  b.16Sep1922 Tighes Hill, Newcastle, NSW  m.1943 Donald Alexander Lachlan McAndrew - issue

                   v.            Phyllis Joan (Kit) Hadfield  b.11Jan1924  Enlisted RAAF 15Apr1942 #97344  m.1948 Owen George Macdonald - issue

                 vi.            (7o) Thomas Arthur Hadfield  b.8Jan1926

                vii.            Jonathon Duncan Hadfield  b.18Sep1932 Tighes Hill, Newcastle, NSW  d.22Dec1967 Bankstown, NSW - never married

              viii.            (7p) Robert Bryan Hadfield  b.28Jul1934



seventh generation


7a. James (Jim) Hadfield  b.16Nov1917 Weston, NSW  m.7Jun1941 Christina Soris Royall  d.21Jun1955 Corrimal, NSW



7b. Johnathan Henry Hadfield  b.15May1909 Wingate, County Durham, England  m.1931 Mabel Lillian Jackson  Enlisted Australian Army 2Mar1944 #N470513  d.?



7c. James Bruce (Jim) Hadfield  b.26Aug1918 Back West Terrace, Cornforth, County Durham, England  m.31Dec1940 Thelma Johns (b.2Apr1917  d.20Mar1996)  occupation: RAAF A230  12Feb1940 - 12Sep1965  d.23Feb1989 Lane Cove, NSW  bur,27Feb1989 Northern Suburbs Cemetery, North Ryde, NSW



                     i.            Graham James Hadfield  b.19Aug1941

                   ii.            Lynette Hadfield  b.8Jan1943



7d. John (Jack) Hadfield  b.22Nov1922 Weston, NSW  m.6Nov1948 Olive Farquharson (b.27Nov1923) d.12Jun1991 Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Waratah, Newcastle, NSW



                     i.            Judith Anne Hadfield  b.8Nov1949  m.15Jun1974 Neil Francis Lyon (b.11Dec1949) - issue



7e. Kenneth Hadfield  b.10Aug1927  Weston, NSW  Enlisted Australian Army 21Apr1943 #N455754  m.26Jan1945 Brenda Joan Hooper (b.7Apr1925  d.15Jan1979)  d.3Jun1999 Kogarah, NSW



                     i.            (8a) Ronald Hadfield  b.Feb1949

                   ii.            Dianne Hadfield  b.19Nov1951 Carlton, NSW  m.14Oct1972 Michael Lawrence Bransomissue

                  iii.            Susan Hadfield  b.3May1957  m.David Ellisissue

                 iv.            (8b) Kevin Hadfield  b.11Dec1961

                   v.            (8c) Neil Hadfield



7f. Alan Smith Hadfield  b.5May1934  m.Faye Todd (b.17Jun1936)  d.28Sep2006



                     i.            Deborah Hadfield  b.7May1956  m.Firth

                   ii.            (8d) Gary Hadfield  b.2Nov1957  d.15Nov2004

                  iii.            Craig Hadfield  b.?

                 iv.            Brett Hadfield  b.?



7g. Jonathan (Jonty) Hadfield  b.1Nov1912 Woonona, NSW  m.#1 c1931 Mabel L. Jackson, Cessnock, NSW  m.#2 1936 Ellen Jean Perris (b.1914 d.1977), Kurri Kurri, NSW  d.1982



                     i.            Brenda June Hadfield  b.17Jul1938.  m.1959 John Rogers, Cessnock, NSW



7h. Albert Horace Hadfield  b.22Apr1904 Wickham, NSW  m.1922 Ann (Annie) Violet May Coxhell, Kurri Kurri, NSW  d.4Aug1973 Kurri Kurri, NSW - issue



                     i.            (8b) Albert Hadfield  b.1923

                   ii.            Norma Jean Hadfield  b.1924 Kurri Kurri, NSW  m.1950 Maurice Grey Wyper

                  iii.            Esther Hadfield  b.1926 Kurri Kurri, NSW  m.1946 William Thompson



7i. James Hilton Hadfield  b.4mar1908 Maitland, NSW  m.1928 Hilda A. Roddy, Kurri Kurri, NSW  Enlisted Australian Army #NX110353 (N73983) 21Aug1942  d.24Feb1971



                     i.            June Irene Hadfield  b.?  m.1950 John Johnstone  d.1972 Newcastle, NSW



7j. Allan L. Hadfield  b.1912 Kurri Kurri, NSW, Australia.  m.1932 Myrtle R. James, Kurri Kurri, NSW



issue unknown



7k. Arthur I. Hadfield  b.1912 Wickham, NSW  m.1935 Lila Ross, Wickham, NSW



                     i.            (8c) Ross Hadfield  b.1940



7l. Thomas Stanley (Stan) Hadfield  b.6Nov1922 Tighes Hill, Newcastle, NSW  m.#1 14Oct1946 Doreen Ruth Wilson (b.28Dec1922  d.10Jun1959)  m#2 12Jun1964 Isabella Russ (Short) (b.7Jun1917)  d.4Dec2005 Calvary Nursing Home, Cessnock, NSW  bur.Kurri Kurri Lawn Cemetery, NSW



7m. John Phillip (Jack) Hadfield  b.19Jun1925  Tighes Hill, Newcastle, NSW  m.#1 15Apr1948 Jean May Searles (b.28Dec1926  d.22Jun1952)



                     i.            (8c) David John Hadfield  b.6Nov1949


m.#2 15Jun1957 Yvonne May Reilly (Wilson) (b.17Jan1928)


                     i.            (8d) Mark Samuel Wilson Hadfield  b.24Mar1952

                   ii.            Shanyn Hadfield  b.7Feb1959 Stockton, Newcastle, NSW  m.#1 8Nov1976 David Whybrow (b.Sep1957) – no known issue  m.#2 28Jan1984 Gregory Robert Mayers (b.31Jul1955) – issue  m.#3 27Jul1996 Geoffrey Paul Dunn (b.2Feb1954)



7n. Kenneth Edward Hadfield  b.2Apr1927 Tighes Hill, Newcastle, NSW  Enlisted Australian Army #N455754 21Apr1943  m.2Apr1949 Hazel Patricia Smith (b.27Aug1927)



                     i.            (8e) Peter James Hadfield  b.11Jun1954



7o. Thomas Arthur Hadfield  b.8Jan1926 Weston, NSW  m.1948 Ellen Jean Baker



                     i.            Paul Hadfield



7p. Robert Bryan Hadfield  b.28Jul1934  m.1955 Beverley Diane Evans



                     i.            Donna Hadfield



eighth generation


8a. Ronald Hadfield  b.Feb1949 Carlton, NSW  m.10May1969 Joanne Heap



                     i.            Paul Hadfield  - issue

                   ii.            Theresa Hadfield



8b. Kevin Hadfield  b.11Dec1961 Kogarah, NSW  m.5Nov1983 Victoria



                     i.            Brooke Hadfield

                   ii.            Melissa Hadfield

                  iii.            Rebekha Hadfield



8c. Ross Hadfield  b.1940 



                     i.            Debbie L. Hadfield  b.1961  m.1987 Peter G. Nicholson - issue

                   ii.            Karen L. Hadfield  b.1964  m.#1 1989 William S. Brown (d.1995) – issue  m.#2 Mr.Koina - issue



8d. Neil Hadfield  b.    m.5Nov1983 Bronwyn Watkins



                     i.            Jade Hadfield

                   ii.            Hollie Hadfield



8e. Mark Samuel Wilson Hadfield  b.24Mar1952 Dubbo, NSW  m.1990 Pauline Sullivan



                     i.            Vincent Leslie Hadfield  b.26May1991

                   ii.            Martha Millie Hadfield  b.10Aug1992

                  iii.            Uma Hadfield  b.26Oct2000



8f. Peter James Hadfield  b.11Jun1954  m.31Oct1981 Christina Ester Johnson



                     i.            Ewan James Hadfield  b.9Oct1984

                   ii.            Phillip John Hadfield  b.2Nov1986

                  iii.            James Edward Hadfield  b.29Jul1991



8g. Gary Hadfield  b.2Nov1957  m.Clare  d.15Nov2004 Sans Souci, NSW  bur.19Nov2004 Woronora, NSW



                     i.            Brendan Hadfield

                   ii.            Samantha Hadfield



8h. Albert Hadfield  b.1923 Kurri Kurri, NSW  Enlisted Australian Merchant Navy 11Jul1939  m.Beryl Young



8i. David John Hadfield  b.6Nov1949 Stockton Hospital, Newcastle, NSW  m.#1 5Sep1970 Gail Geatches (b.2Dec1951)



                     i.            Justin David Hadfield  b.21Mar1971

                   ii.            Belinda Gai Hadfield  b.9Jul1974


m.#2 Susan McColm (b.13May1950  d.1Sep1985) - no known issue


m.#3 19Aug1995 Yvette Maxine Robinson-O’Brien (Davis) (b.13Jun1949) - no known issue