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HADFIELDs of Hayfield, Derbyshire

The following information was researched and compiled by Roger HADFIELD MA, F.R.G.S.


There are connections within this line to the USA



first generation


1a. John Hadfield b.?  m. Ann (b.?  d.1726)  d.1708



                     i.            Hannah Hadfield  b.1682  d.?

                   ii.            Maria Hadfield  b.1684  m. R.Pott  d.?

                  iii.            Robert Hadfield  b.1686  d.1686

                 iv.            (2a) John Hadfield  b.1687  d.1735

                   v.            Sarah Hadfield  b.1689  m. John Harris (b.?  d.?) d.?

                 vi.            Robert Hadfield  b.1692  d.1698

                vii.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1700  d.?



second generation


2a. John Hadfield  b.1687  m.1712 Maria (b.?  d.1745)  d.1735



                     i.            John Hadfield  b.1715  m.?  d.1797

                   ii.            (3a) William Hadfield  b.1718  d.1777

                  iii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1720  m.?  d.?

                 iv.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1724  d.1731

                   v.            unnamed Hadfield  b.1731 m.?  d.?



third generation


3a. William Hadfield  b.1718  m. Mary (b.?  d.1774)  d.1777



                     i.            Mary Hadfield  b.1753  d.1757

                   ii.            William Hadfield  b.1757  d.1758



3b. Joseph Hadfield  b.?  m.1733 Millicent Eyre (b.?  d.?)  d.1781



                     i.            (4a) Thomas Hadfield  b.1734  m.?  d.>1758

                   ii.            Millicent Hadfield  b.1735  m.1760 H. Lomas  d.?

                  iii.            Hannah Hadfield  b.1738  m.1758 J. Royle  d.?



fourth generation


4a. Thomas Hadfield  b.1734  m.?  d.>1758



                     i.            Millicent Hadfield  b.?  m.1778 J. Meathouse  d.?

                     i.            Issac Hadfield  b.1764  m.1785 Martha Shawcross  (b.?  d.?)  d.1805 (see Hadfields of Chapel-en-le-Frith)



4b. Joseph Hadfield  of Highgate  b.1764  m.1789 Betty Waterhouse (b.1768  d.1823)  d.1839



                     i.            William Hadfield  b.?  d.?

                   ii.            Betty Hadfield  b.1792  m.?  d.1798

                  iii.            John Hadfield  b.1793  d.?

                 iv.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1794  m.?  d.?

                   v.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1794  m.?  d.?

                 vi.            Ann Hadfield  b.1795  m.?  d.?

                vii.            Peter Hadfield  b.1798  m.?  d.?

              viii.            Samuel Hadfield  b.1800  m.1823 Martha (b.?  d.?)  d.

                 ix.            John Hadfield   b.1800 

                   x.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1801  m.?  d.1822

                 xi.            George Hadfield  b.1805  m.?  d.1821



4c. Joseph Hadfield  (origins unknown) b.1766  m. 1793 Mary Stafford (b.1771  d.1857)  d.1844



                     i.            Mary Hadfield  b.1794  d.?

                   ii.            Alice Hadfield  b.1796  m.?  d.?

                  iii.            Mary Hadfield  b.1797  m.?  d.?

                 iv.            Samuel Hadfield  b.1798  m.1821 Susan M. Turranby  (b.?  d.?)  d.?

                   v.            Sarah Hadfield  b.1799  m.?  d.?

                 vi.            Martha Hadfield  b.1803  m.?  d.?

                vii.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1804  m.1826 Maria Bennett (b.?  d.?)  d.?

              viii.            Esther Hadfield  b.1806  m.?  d.?



4d. Joseph Hadfield  (origins unknown) b.1768  m.1797 Nancy Saxon (b.1776  d.1817)  d.1826



                     i.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1797  m.?  d.?

                   ii.            William Hadfield  b.1801  m.1828 Mary Ann Cooper (b.?  d.?)  d.1857

                  iii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1806  m.?  d.?

                 iv.            John Hadfield  b.1808  m.?  d.?

                   v.            Martha Hadfield  b.1813  d.1813

                 vi.            Mary Hadfield  b.1813  d.1817



4e. Joseph Hadfield  (origins unknown) b.?  m.1801 Mary Ollerenshaw (b.1765  d.1843)  d.?



                     i.            George Hadfield  b.1801  m.?  d.?

                   ii.            Joseph Hadfield  b.?  m.?  d.?

                  iii.            Martha Hadfield  b.1804  m./  d.?

                 iv.            George Hadfield  b.1808  m.?  d.?  (Tintwhistle)



Hadfields that have been buried at Hayfield and are unable to be placed within a family group:


John Hadfield (85) of Hayfield 28 May 1818

John Hadfield (40) of New Mills  4 Oct 1819

Nancy Hadfield (74) of Hayfield 9 Jun 1818

Mary Hadfield (85) of Hayfield 17 Jun 1818

Jenny Hadfield (77) wife of John of Stubbs 10 Jul 1818