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HADFIELDs of Dinting, Derbyshire

The following information was researched and compiled by Roger HADFIELD MA, F.R.G.S.


No known Hadfields prior to 1590


first generation


1a.  Thomas Hadfield  b.?  m. Margaret (b.?  d.1654)  d.1658



                     i.            John Hadfield  b.1623  m.?  d.?

                   ii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1626  m.?  d.?

                  iii.            William Hadfield  b.1632  d.1632



1b. Thomas Hadfield  b.?  m. Mary (b.?  m.#2 Richard Clayton (b.?  d.1667)  m.#3 Thomas Hadfield (b.?  d.1672)  d.? 



                     i.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1646  m.?  d.?

                   ii.            Maria Hadfield  b.1647  m.?  d.?

                  iii.            John Hadfield  b.1652  m.?  d.?

                 iv.            Nathaniel Hadfield  b.1654  m.?  d.?

                   v.            George Hadfield  b.1656  m.?  d.?

                 vi.            Martha Hadfield  b.1659  m.?  d.?



1c. John Hadfield  b.1626  m.Ann (b.?  d.1690)  d.1679



                     i.            Joshua Hadfield  b.?  m.?  d.?

                   ii.            Charles Hadfield  b.?  m.?  d.?

                  iii.            John Hadfield  b.?  m.?  d.?

                 iv.            Martha Hadfield  b.?  m.?  d.?

                   v.            infant Hadfield  b.?  d.1648

                 vi.            Ellen Hadfield  b.1654  m. Sandiford  d.?

                vii.            Mary Hadfield  b.1656  m.?  d.?



1d. Thurston Hadfield  b.?  m.#1 Ann (b.?  1698.?)  m.#2 Jane Wagstaffe (b.?  d.1705)  d.1706



                     i.            (2a) Thurston Hadfield  b.1676  d.1735

                   ii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1678  m.?  d.?

                  iii.            Mary Hadfield  b.1689  m.?  d.?



second generation


2a. Thurston Hadfield  b.1676  m.1707 Mary Walker (b.?  d.>1735)  d.1735



                     i.            Mary Hadfield  b.1708  m.?  d.?

                   ii.            (unnamed female) Hadfield  b.?  m. Jona Donelly (b.?  d.?)  d.?

                  iii.            Alice Hadfield  b.1714  m.?  d.?



2b. Thomas Hadfield  b.?  m.1713 Maria Newton (b.?  d.?)  d.1723



                     i.            George Hadfield  b.1713  m.?  d.1793

                   ii.            John Hadfield  b.1719  m.?  d.1782

                  iii.            Ann Hadfield  b.1719  m.?  d.?