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HADFIELDs of Castleton, Derbyshire

The following information was researched and compiled by Roger HADFIELD M.A.  F.R.G.S.  and Tony RYE


Earliest Parish Records are fragmentary from 1645 to 1650


There are connections in this line to Canada


first known generation


1a. Robert Hadfield of Pindale  b.?  m.1640 Grace (b.?  d.?)  d.?  bur.6Jan1680/1



                     i.            Nicholas Hadfield  b.1663  d.?

                   ii.            John Hadfield  b.1665  d.1668

                  iii.            Robert Hadfield  b.1669  d.?

                 iv.            Anna Hadfield  b.1672  d.?

                   v.            Maria Hadfield  b.1675  d.?

                 vi.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1679  d.1709



1b. Francis (Francisci) Hadfield  b.?  m. Anne (Anna)  (d.Dec1663)  d.?



                     i.            Isabella Hadfield  b.?  d.Jan1664

                   ii.            Martha Hadfield  b.?  d.?



1c. John Hadfield  b.1716 (son of Nicholas Hadfield of Hope 1683-1728).  m. 1742 Ann Hall (b.1720 d.1803)  d.1780



                     i.            Mary Hadfield  b.1743  d.1743

                   ii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1745  d.1745

                  iii.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1745  d.1750

                 iv.            (2a) Isaac Hadfield  b.1752  d.?

                   v.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1754  d.1754

                 vi.            Nicholas Hadfield  b.1755  d.1755

                vii.            (2b) Jacob Hadfield  b.1757  d.?

              viii.            Ann Hadfield  b.1758  m.1783 Jasper Hall  d.?

                 ix.            (2c) James Hadfield  b.1761  d.?

                   x.            John Hadfield  b.1765  d.?



1d. Thomas Hadfield  b.1725  m.1753 Elizabeth Rose (or Royse, widow of Thomas) Peak Forest  d.17May1783



                     i.            Alice Hadfield  b.1754  d.1755

                   ii.            Maria Hadfield  b.1756  d.1758

                  iii.            Isaac Hadfield  b.1758  d.1759

                 iv.            (2d) Joseph Hadfield  b.1760  d.Jan1833

                   v.            John Hadfield  b.1762  d.1786

                 vi.            (2e) Thomas Hadfield  b.1764  d.?

                vii.            Martha Hadfield  b.1765  d.?

              viii.            Betty Hadfield  b.1766  d.3Sep1784

                 ix.            James Hadfield  b.1772  d.1774

                   x.            (2f) Jeremy Hadfield  b.1774  d.Sep1833

                 xi.            Mary Hadfield  b.1775  d.?

                xii.            (2g) James Hadfield  b.1778  d.?



second generation


2a. Isaac Hadfield  b.1752  m.1783 Ann Anderton, Sheffield  d.?



2b. Jacob Hadfield  b.1757  m.1787 Lydia Milns, Chesterfield  d.?



2c. James Hadfield  b.1761  m.1785 Ann Watts  d.?



                     i.            Mary Hadfield  b.1785  d.?

                   ii.            Lydia Hadfield  b.1791  d.?

                  iii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1793  d.?

                 iv.            Edward Hadfield  b.1797  d.?

                   v.            Jacob Hadfield  b.1799  d.?



2d. Joseph Hadfield  b.1760  m.Dorothy (b.?  d.Nov1835  bur. 17Nov1835)  d.Jan 1833  bur.23Jan1833 Castleton



                     i.            Molly Hadfield  b.1780  d.1793

                   ii.            Betty Hadfield  b.1781  d.?

                  iii.            Nancy Hadfield  b.1783.  m.1804 Jeremy Royse  d.?

                 iv.            Hannah Hadfield  b.1785  d.?

                   v.            Alice Hadfield  b.1787  m.1811 Abraham Hadfield (b.1791) d.>1837

                 vi.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1788  d.1789

                vii.            Maria Hadfield  b.1790  m.1810 Arnold Dane  d.?

              viii.            Clarinda Hadfield  b.1792  m.1819 Sam Broadbent  d.?

                 ix.            (3a) John Hadfield  b.1794  d.?

                   x.            (3b) Robert B. Hadfield  b.1799  d.28Jul1876

                 xi.            D.Anna Hadfield  b.1801  m.1823 Richard Hall  d.?

                xii.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1804  m.1821 Thomas Broadbent  d.?



2e. Thomas Hadfield  b.1764  m.Elizabeth  d.?



                     i.            Sarah Hadfield  b.1787  d.?

                   ii.            Hannah Hadfield  b.1791  d.?

                  iii.            Barbara Hadfield  b.1793  d.1793

                 iv.            Mariha Hadfield  b.1794  d.?

                   v.            James Hadfield  b.1796  d.1797



2f. Jeremy Hadfield  b.1774  m.1802 Mariha Hall  d.Sep1833  bur.27Sep1833 Castleton



                     i.            Jane Hadfield  b.1802  m.1822 Richard Middleton  d.?

                   ii.            John Hadfield  b.1803  m.1823 Mary Hadfield  issue  d.?

                  iii.            Betty Hadfield  b.1804  d.Apr1828  bur.13Apr1828 Castleton

                 iv.            Isaac Hadfield  b.1805  d.?  bur.13Sep1845 Castleton

                   v.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1810  d.May1828  bur.5May1828 Castleton

                 vi.            Samuel Hadfield  b.1813  m. Martha Hathersage  d.?



2g. James Hadfield  b.1778.  m.Nov1799 Sarah Mallby  d.?



                     i.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1799  d.?

                   ii.            (3c) Isaac Hadfield  b.?  d.?

                  iii.            (3d) James Hadfield  b.1808  d.?

                 iv.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1809  d.?

                   v.            (3e) Robert Hadfield  b.1813  d.?

                 vi.            Mary Hadfield  b.1815  m. Joseph Wright  d.?

                vii.            Samuel Hadfield  b.1818  d.?

              viii.            George Hadfield  b.1820  d.?



third generation


3a. John Hadfield  b.1794  m.#1 1813 Mary Birch  m.#2 1823 Mary Hadfield  d.?



                     i.            Ann Hadfield  b.1814  d.?

                   ii.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1815  d.?

                  iii.            Ann Hadfield  b.1818  d.?

                 iv.            Sarah Hadfield  b.1823  d.?

                   v.            Mary Hadfield  b.1826  d.?

                 vi.            Elizabeth Hadfield  b.1832  d.?



3b. Robert Hadfield  b.1799  m.1820 Ruth Tym (b.1799 d.1847  bur. 9 Feb 1847 Castleton)  d.28Jul1876



                     i.            Thomas Hadfield  b.1824  d.1901

                   ii.            Dolly Hadfield  b.1826  d.?

                  iii.            (4a) Joseph Hadfield  b.1828  d.4Mar1894

                 iv.            Robert Hadfield  b.1832.  m.1863 Caroline Dakin  d.1907

                   v.            Ellen Hadfield  b.1835  d.?

                 vi.            Abraham Hadfield  b.1837  m. Ann (b.1844 d.1924)  d.1911

                vii.            (4b) Isaac Hadfield  b.1840  d.?



3c. Isaac Hadfield  b.?  m.Hannah Dakin (widow of Edale)  d.?



                     i.            Robert Hadfield  bap.1837 Edale  d.?

                     i.            Ann Hadfield  bap.1839  d.?  (possibly buried 24Oct1848 Castleton)

                   ii.            Thomas Belfit Hadfield  b.1849  d.1853



3d. James Hadfield  b.1808  m.1836 Margaret Hinson  d.?



3e. Robert B. Hadfield  b.1813  m.1846 Mary Hartle (b.1818  d.?)  d.?



                     i.            Joseph Hartle Hadfield  bap.1846  d.?

                   ii.            Maria Ann Hadfield  bap.1852  d.?

                  iii.            Isaac Hadfield  bap.1855  d.?

                 iv.            Ruth Hadfield  b.1856  d.?



fourth generation


4a. Joseph Hadfield  b.1828  m.Ann (b.1830  d.3Feb1915)  d.4Mar1894



                     i.            Ruth Hadfield  b.1854  d.1942

                   ii.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1856  d.?

                  iii.            Robert Hadfield  b.1859  m.#1 Hannah (b.1853 d.1893)  m.#2 Esther Ann (b.1855 d.17Dec1916)  d.1916 – Canadian link

                 iv.            Betsy Hadfield  b.1863  d.1942

                   v.            Dorothy Hadfield  b.1868  d.>1940



4b. Isaac Hadfield  b.1840  m.1862 Marina (Martha) Dane (b.1842 d.1911 - grand-daughter of Arnold Dane)  d.?



                     i.            Ruth Hadfield  b.1863  d.?

                   ii.            Hannah Hadfield  b.1865 Castleton, Derbyshire  d.?

                  iii.            Joseph Hadfield  b.1867  d.?

                 iv.            Thomas Robert Hadfield  b.21Aug1868  many descendants to present day in Glossop area  d.1939 

                   v.            Robert Hadfield  b.1869  d.?

                 vi.            Isaac Hadfield  b.1873  d.?

                vii.            Margaret Hadfield  b.1875  d.?

              viii.            Marian Dane Hadfield  b.1877  d.?

                 ix.            Arnold Dane Hadfield b.1879  many descendants to present day in Glossop area  d.?

                   x.            Abraham Hadfield  b.1883  d.1884



Castleton burials:


            13 Sep 1845    Isaac Hadfield (38) of Stockport

            16 Aug 1846    Ann Hadfield (19) of The Mill, Edale

            26 Mar 1848    Martha Hadfield (73) of Manchester