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Barry Co., MO -  Newspapers

1909 Map of Barry County, MO - Owner Darla Marbut

1913 Extracts from Barry County, MO, Newspapers  

An interlibrary loan of microfilm from the Missouri State Historical Society was the source of the below given data

Some of these papers have long black lines across the page and through many of the words. 

January 2, 1913, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Clark News: Emmett Lansdown and wife of High Point spent Christmas with R. N. Lansdown.

Clark News: John G. Coldron of Northwestern Kansas spent Christmas week with his uncle, R. N. Lansdown. Mr. Coldron said he raised 6,000 bushels of wheat this last year. [Landsdown spellings may also be listed in these papers]

Union Valley News: Mr. and Mrs. Will Cole are the proud parents of a fine girl that arrived Dec. 24th.

Union Valley News: Mrs. Jim Long is very sick at this writing.

Mano: Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Brock are visiting their daughter, Mrs. I. R. Petty of Myrtle, Ark.

Arnhart News: Miss Flossie Roller is growing weaker. She is suffering from cancer.

Arnhart News: Henry Hemphill has two children with pneumonia fever.

Arnhart News: Grandma Bowman is visiting her daughter in Oklahoma.

Shady Grove News: Miss Maggie Ruddick who is teaching school near Pierce City spent the holidays with homefolks.

Shady Grove News: Mrs. T. M. Bayless retuned last Saturday from an extended visit in Indiana where she was called to be at the bedside of her sister. Mrs. Bayless met one brother from Kansas and one from Michigan. This was the first time the four had been other in over 34 years.

Butterfield News: We are proud to say Butterfield is going to have another church house. The Baptist people are now hauling the rock for the foundation of their house.

Dog Hollow News: Frank Hazlewood and brother, Will, made a trip to Granby Thursday.

Dog Hollow News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Truhite, Dec 28, a fine girl.

Pleasant Ridge News: Miss Hulda Lumberg who is attending school in Springfield, and her sister, Clara, who is staying in Springfield are visiting home folks. 

New Site News: Misses Goldie and Mari Phillips spent last week with her aunt, Mrs. J. L. Means in Lawrence County.

Wayne News: There will be a pie supper at Wayne next Saturday night, January 4, for the benefit of the school. Everybody invited to come.

Viola News: Bryon Bray and family visited Mrs. Bray's mother, Mrs. L. J. Hale, Wednesday.

Pleasant Ridge News: Miss Hulda Lumberg, is attending school in Springfield and her sister, Clara, who is staying in Springfield are visiting home folks.

Ozark News: Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Allred visited James Davis and family near Verona Wednesday and Thursday.

Stony Point News: George Weatherly and wife spent Christmas with their daughter, Mrs. Grover Journey of Washburn.

Fields News: I. G. Periman [Perriman] is putting in a new mill at the mouth of Kings River to saw the Cooper and Higgs timber which will amount to about two thousand feet.

Oak Ridge News: Ezra Davis is preparing to move to Webb City to go back to his old trade as carpenter. His aliments will not permit him to do farm work.

Oak Ridge News: Married at Mineral Springs, Sunday, by Rev. Smallwood, Robert Rauch of shady Grove district and Miss Luella Laney of Oak Ridge. [Click here to read]

Cedar Bluff News: We are sorry to hear of the plans of the Barry County Court House being rejected as if it may be some time before the plans will be drawn for another one.

Cedar Bluff News: Married, at the bride's parents L. O. Phittenplace, Mr. George Jackson and Miss Lena Phittenplace. The bride is the daughter of L. O. Phittenplace and is a highly educated young lady and the groom is the son of T. M. Jackson. He returned last spring from a four year service in the U.S. Navy and is an industrious young man. There were about one hundred friends and relatives invited and after the wedding all returned to the table which was loaded down with fine eatables. The guest were entertained royalty in the afternoon by good music. All extend to them good wishes.

Washburn News: Doc Eggleston and son, Rice, that lives southwest of town came in this morning, Monday, to order the little fellow a suit of clothes. He is seven years old, weights 146 pounds, wears a man's hat and a number 6 shoe.

Washburn News: Several from here attended the funeral of Wm. Northcutt.  [Click here to read]

Washburn News: Mrs. Blanche Wardlow and children visited her sister, Mrs. Dora Murray of Garfield, Ark., from Thursday until Sunday.

Washburn News: Married at the home of the bride's parents in West Plains, Walter S. Woodruff and Miss Mary Sloan. They will reside in Monett, we extend congregations and wish them a long and happy life.

Washburn News: Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Antle and baby of near Coffeyville, Kan., came Christmas eve to spend the holidays with the latter's parents, Rev. P. H. Hodge and family.

High Point News: E.G. Broshears contemplates building a flue to the new church at Dog Hollow this week.

Forest Grove News: Andrew Nafus and wife spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beeson.

Forest Grove News: Lester Loftin and Miss Beatrice Zilliox were united in marriage last Wednesday at the home of Rev. Ennes. Rev. Ennes saying he words. We extend congregations.

Forest Grove News: Rev. Ennes and wife drove to the home of Mrs. Shipman, Christmas Day where Rev. Ennes untied in marriage Miss Lillie Shipman and Lewis Hankins. We extend best wishes.

Forest Grove News: A long looked for wedding took place at the home of the bride's parents, S. O. Willard's Xmas day when Miss Miraett Willard and Will Smalley were married by Rev. Ennes. Only a few friends were present. They will live about 4 miles south of here for the present. We extend wishes for a long and happy life.

Independence News: Miss Emmie Wooten visited a few days last week with her brother, Claud, and wife.

Independence News: Mrs. Ernest Anderson of San Francisco, Cal, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Packwood and relatives.

Accident News: Married at the bride's home Dec. 25, Miss Lillie Shipman and Lewis Hankins.  [Click here to read]

Sheriff Newman has no prisoners boarding within since the three prisoners were taken to Jefferson City last week and releasing two others Tuesday for short sentences.

V. C. Calhoun of Cape Fair, Stone County, Floyd and A. Wilson of Cato, Nathan Wilson and John Arnett of Flat Creek were in Cassville Tuesday making final proof on a homestead.

Cedar Bluff News: Married at the bride's parents L. O. Phittenplace, Mr. George Jackson and Miss Lena Phittenplace. [Click here to read]

Sudden Death of W. T. Northcutt  [Click here to read]

A barn, the property of Claud Fletcher, burned. [Click here to read]

January 9, 1913, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Flat Creek News: Mrs. Frank Smith of Marionville recently visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Smith, and family the past week.

New Salem News: The little babe of Adam Skelton and wife died Wednesday, Jan 1. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Hodge of Washburn after which the remains were laid to rest in the New Salem Cemetery. The bereaved family have our heartfelt sympathy.

Arnhart News: We are sorry to have Marion Foyster and family move out of our neighborhood. They moved to the Mortan place north of Little Flat Creek. Sam Lee will take his place.

McDowell News: Barney Fisher had the misfortune to get his house burnt down. He is rushing his new house to its early completion.

Mineral Springs News: Robert Duncan returned Monday from Oronogo where he had been since Thursday.

Mineral Springs News: Joss Duncan came in from Columbus, Kan., last Friday to visit relatives and friends and to attend to some business about his land on Shell Knob road near B. F. Pierce.

Mineral Springs News: A letter recently received from C. H. McClure of Columbia states that he and his wife are the proud parents of a 12 pound girl.

Washburn News: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ellis of near Exeter visited relatives here Saturday.

Washburn News: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Woodruff of Monett spent Saturday and Sunday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Woodruff.

Washburn News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Burnett, a son, Jan 3rd.

Washburn News: Married at Carthage, Jan 3, 1913, J. S. Amphett of Abilene, Kan., and Miss Nona Senter of Washburn. They will be at home to their friends in Washburn for the present.

Eagle Rock News: Mrs. R. W. Whittington took her son, Claud, away to attend school Sunday. She will not be back until Wednesday or Thursday as she intends to visit her mother.

Eagle Rock News: R. W. Whittington has his mill dam completed.

Eagle Rock News: The old lady Skelton of reported pretty poorly at this writing Dr. Foster of Seligman was called to her Monday, the 6th.

Eagle Rock News: Mrs. Curry and her grand-daughter, Ocle Pruitt, are both sick, we hope how soon they will be up again.

Independence News: Mrs. Ernest Anderson from California who is visiting Mr. and Mrs. George Packwood started home Monday morning.

Rocky Comfort News: Charley Houser and his sister, Mrs. Roy Crenshaw, departed for Indiana last Tuesday night to visit their grandfather C. E. Utter, Roy Crenshaw and Burton Lilly, accompanied them to Joplin Aaron Houser of Fort Collins, Colo., another son of L. F. Houser, is also visiting his grandfather at this time.

Viola News: Misses Bee Tucker and Mary Quinn are keeping house for  their grandfather, R. G. Salyer in Cassville during Mrs. Salyer's absence in Oklahoma.

Butterfield News: Uncle Peter Young is very poorly again.

Butterfield News: Mrs. Roblyer of Wayne spent last week with her daughter, Mrs. Oscar Holder of this place.

Pioneer News: H. Peck, wealthy and prominent young citizen of Clarksburg, West Va., is visiting with H. L. Harper and family. Mr. Peck has intentions of locating in Missouri.

Bethel New: Claude Jackson, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jackson has been on the sick list for the past week.

Oak Ridge News: Andrew Nafus has moved in the house with Mrs. M. V. Sooter to care for her. He will cultivate the farm next year.

Joel Whisman of Viola was in Cassville Thursday enroute to his home from Tulsa, Okla., where he had been spending the holidays with his father, Hiram Whisman, and family.

John McMillin from Oklahoma is suffering from a light stroke of paralysis at the home of E. M. Hutchens. He was formerly a painter in Cassville.

Jay James and his little son of Shell Knob went to Springfield Sunday evening for the latter to have his eyes treated.

Mrs. Turnpall of Webb City visited her sister, Mrs. Oliver Farwell, south of town the latter part of last week. 

Frank Stumpff returned from Kansas City, Wednesday of last week where he has been for several weeks to have his eyes treated.

George England, junior member of the England Bros. Hardware Co., at Exeter, has sold his interest to his brother, Joe and has moved to a farm east of Cassville.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rupple who have been visiting at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs.  A. C. Hailey, left for Kansas City, Saturday morning where they will probably locate.

Dr. J. L. Plater died at his home in Wheaton, Friday night, Jan 23, at 2 O'clock. He had been sick for some time with Bright's disease. He was about 77 years old and has lived in this vicinity for many years. The funeral services were conducted at Rocky Comfort and interment made in the cemetery there, Saturday at 3 o'clock. Wheaton Journal

Governor Hadley, paroled M. A. McGinnis, the noted mathematician, Tuesday. His knowledge of mathematics has attracted wide attention among educators in the the United States and Europe.

Mrs. May Garner and two children are in from California visiting her father, J. M. Brattin, west of Exeter and other relatives.

Edwin Gray and Robert Hughes was brought down Monday from Monett and placed in the county jail. Gray is serving a twelve day sentence for vagrancy Hughes will be held until the March term of the circuit court on the charge of forgery.

Clyde Stubblefield, son of Grant Stubblefield, south of town, has returned to Claremore, Okla., where he is attending school, after spending the holidays with home folks.

During the year of 1913 there will be five eclipses, two of the moon and three of the sun. the eclipse of the moon will be total and those of the sun partial.

Prof. Pummell, a teacher in Cassville high school last year, but who is now principal of the Crane public school, spent Saturday in Cassville.

Marriage of Howard and Anderson [Click here to read]

Card of Thanks: We desire to extend our heartfelt thanks to our friends and neighbors of Oak Ridge district for the kindness and assistance given us during the sickness and death of our husband and father. Charity Sooter, J. A. Sooter, M.A. Sooter, R. M. Sooter, Mrs. G. Pennell and Mrs. J. M.  Utter. [Research Note: Charity was the wife of Martin Van Buren Sutter. Joseph Melton Utter was married to Martin's daughter Amanda Jane Sooter. Martin died Dec 9, 1912 in Barry County, MO.]

Licenses to Wed:

Charley Burris, 22, Viola & Sallie Cardell, 21, Viola

George Jackson, 23, Purdy & Lena Eliza Phittenplace, 21, Purdy

Fredrick D. Bowen, 25, Monett & Nettie Blanton, 25, Monett

Roy Ash, 20, Eagle Rock & Cora Shipman, 18, Monett

George Galuiski, 20, Pierce City & Julia Abramowicz, 15, Pierce City

January 16, 1913, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Shell Knob News: Medford Greenstreet who returned from Idaho last fall to his farm here, has been very busy since he came back straightening things around and building a house for his uncle, Samuel Blankenship. [Research Note: Medford's mother was Sarah Ann Rogers and she was married to Medford's father Alfred Greenstreet. Of Sarah's siblings there was Permila Jane Rogers who was married to Samuel Blankenship.] 

Shell Knob News: Charley Cooper had a good saddle purloined from his wagon while stopping at the feed barn in Cassville. The saddle was valued at about 30 dollars.

Shell Knob News: W. A. Pearl and S. T. Ledgerwood have been exchanging some real estate.

Exeter News: Miss Pearl Lane who has been having severe attack of pneumonia fever for several days is reported some better.

Exeter News: Aunt Betsy Erwin who has been staying with her son, Sam Erwin, passed away Monday, and her remains were placed in the Truelove Cemetery, Tuesday.

Washburn Prairie News: Uncle John Adcock who lived at Washburn was buried here Sunday evening at two o'clock. Short funeral services were conducted at the grave by P. H. Hodge.

Washburn Prairie News: Saturday night, Jan. 11, 1913, the death angel entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Burnett and claimed for its victim, their daughter, Stella. [click here to read]

Milwaukee News: Mrs. George Vaughn was taken very sick Sunday night with heart trouble.

Milwaukee News: We are very sorry to hear grandma Varner of Washburn Prairie being so sick again. We hope she will soon be better.

Milwaukee News: We were made sad to hear of the death of Miss Stella Burnett. That one so young just in the prime of life was called away to try the reality of an unknown world to us, but she was ready to go. We sympathize with the parents so much and also the brothers and sisters in this sad hour.

Wayne News: Uncle John Adcock died Saturday at Washburn and his remains were buried at the Washburn Prairie Cemetery.

Wayne News: John Adcock and family of Wheaton went to Washburn Sunday to attend the funeral of his father.

Washburn News: John Adcock an old citizen of Barry County, died at his home here Jan 11th and was buried at Washburn Prairie Sunday at 2 o'clock.

Washburn News: Mrs. Cora Whitener of Seligman came up Sunday to attend the funeral of her neice, [niece] Miss Stella Burnett.

Washburn News: Amos Burnett of Springfield was called home Friday on account of the illness and death of his sister, Miss Stella.

Washburn News: Died at her home, Jan 11, 1913, Miss Stella Burnett, age 22 years.  [click here to read]

New Salem News: Sam Fountain found his dog after about three weeks hunting. He was away down on Greasy Creek, southwest of Washburn abut 8 miles.

Hazel Dell News: Mrs. Mae Garner of Lodi, Calif., is visiting her father, Joe Brattin, and other relatives of the community.

Hazel Dell News: Oscar Stevens lost a fine young mare last week with blind staggers.

Lone Elm News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Long, January 1, an eleven pound girl.

Arnhart News: We are in sympathy with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Roller, as their daughter Miss Flossie is at the point of death.

Pleasant Ridge News: Will Black of Cassville, visited his mother, Mrs. J. C. Black, Sunday.

Pleasant Ridge News: Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Fields returned from Joplin Friday where they had been to visit Mrs. Fields' brother, Jake McClellan, and family.

Wheaton News: The trial of Miss Fehring charged with disturbing the peace of Mrs. Bamab Roller, teacher of the McClure school, south of Rocky, will be held Saturday at Simcoe. Miss Roller punished one of the Fehring boys for misbehavior and it is charged that the boy's sister came to the school house and preceded to abuse the teacher. J. S. McQueen is the attorney for the defense. Journal

Fred Black has resigned his position as deputy collector and has purchased and taken charge of the meat shop and grocery store of his father, J. M. Black.

George Smith was brought down from Monett Saturday by Sheriff Brixey and is being held in his charge until the fine and cost is paid in the case charging Smith with gambling. Smith was convicted of this charge about two years ago in the justice court of Monett and later in the circuit court of the county. An appeal was taken to the court of appeal in which court the case was lately dismissed.

Ed Smith, south of town, returned last week from Ozark, Christian County, where he was called on account of the sickness and death of his brother, John M. Smith, who died very suddenly Saturday evening, Jan 4. The deceased was 72 years old and had lived in Christian County for a number of years.

John Stubblefield, a civil engineer, of Kansas City, came in this week to visit his brother, Clay Stubblefield and family, southwest of town.

Chas. Bethel, formerly a Monett citizen and well-known there was killed in the railroad yards at Wichita, Kan., Friday night. The Monett Times stated that Mr. Bethel was employed as a switchman in the Missouri Pacific yards at Wichita and it is supposed that he was killed by a train. 

Fred Williamson leaves for Bolivar, Polk County, this week to take charge of the Bolivar mill, which he and Mr. Galloway recently became overseer.

Mrs. Nancy Erwin, an old and highly respected citizen, died Monday morning at the home of her son, William Erwin. [click here to read]

J. L. Hankins closed a successful term of school at Shady Grove Thursday of last week. Mr. Hankins enjoys the reputation of being one among Barry County's successful teachers.

The Monett papers on Tuesday of this week announced the sudden death of Orvell J. Vermillion, son of Mr. and Mrs. Berl Vermillion of Monett.  [click here to read]

Miss Stella Burnett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Burnett of Washburn Prairie, died.  [click here to read]

Dead: Miss Bettie Stephenson, passed away at her home, about 10 miles east of Cassville, Jan 8, 1913, aged 22 years, 8 months and 14 days. [click here to read]

Old Citizen Dies: John Adcock, an old and pioneer citizen of Barry County, passed away at his home in Washburn about 12 o'clock Saturday at the advanced age of 84 years. His death was due to old age and Bright's disease. [click here to read]

Wednesday, the 8th Roy Beeson and Josephine Morgan were untied in Marriage. [click here to read]

January 23, 1913, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Viola News: J.C. Tucker is agent for the Indiana Silo Co.

New Salem News: Adam Skelton and family spent a few days on Roaring River last week.

Pleasant Ridge News: Tom Marbut and John Smith traded places and moved last week.

Pleasant Ride News: Last Tuesday the 14th, several of the neighbors and friends gathered at the home of Elbert Bolton and gave Mrs. Bolton a very pleasant surprise, it being her 53rd birthday.

Washburn News: Little Pearl Horton, died of pneumonia, Jan 18, at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Horton, aged three years. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Coons. Interment as made at the Washburn Prairie Cemetery Sunday.

Washburn News: Mrs. Harry Montgomery spent from Wednesday until Saturday in Cassville visiting her father-in-law, H. S. Montgomery and family.

Fields News: Miss Stella Carr of Shell Knob will spend a few weeks with her brother, Silas Carr, of this place.

Fields News: F. A. Kingsland has started his saw mill again.

Fields News: Our school will start Monday for a three months term. Mrs. Nettie Arnold is our teacher.

Mineral Springs News: The little five months old babe of Hiram Brandon's died Thursday morning of last week of pneumonia. It was buried Friday in the Mineral Springs Cemetery. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. Ennes.

Mineral Springs News: Miss Bettie Stephenson was buried at the Mineral Springs Cemetery, Thursday afternoon. Bro. Smallwood conducted the funeral services. Bettie was only 23 years old. She had acquired an education and had taught three schools. She had made a bright start in life but for the last 3 years her health had been failing her and she went with that dreaded consumption. She started to Texas for health on Dec 27 and got back home on the evening of Jan 7 and at 7 o'clock the 8th she was a corpse. Her many friends have our sympathy.

Seligman News: Geo. Reed of Eagle Rock, has purchased a nice home in Seligman and will move there about the middle of March. Mr. Reed is one of Barry County's oldest and best known citizens having lived in the county for over sixty years. He has served as Justice of the Peace for several years. Seligman is glad to extend the hand of welcome to such citizens.

Exeter News: Grandpa Smith the father of C. M. Smith, who has been ill for some time passed away, Saturday evening and the remains were buried at the Bethel Cemetery Sunday. Bro. Smith and relatives have the deepest sympathy of the Exeter people.

Washburn News: Elmer Epperson, returned to Seattle, Wash., last week after a pleasant visit to his childhood home, among old friends and relatives. He was looking after his granddaughters graves, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Oakly, while here and having a monument erected at their graves. [Oakley]

Flat Creek News: We are sorry to hear of Uncle Price summers losing a valuable mare. It was supposed to have had the blind staggers.

Flat Creek News: Mr. and Mrs. Holand Snow returned to their home in Springfield last week.

Jenkins News: Jerald Shrontz has his store at this place looking fine and he is doing a good business.

Osa News: We extend our heartfelt sympathy to Mrs. Leda? Spears on the loss of her husband, Joe Spears, who died last Monday morning of pneumonia fever. [The paper was torn through this item.]

Miss Florence Eden, who is teaching the Walnut Grove School near Monett, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Edens, and family, south of town, Saturday and Sunday. She was accompanied home by her sister, Clara, who had been visiting her during the past week.

Mrs. Carrie Bennett and Mrs. Bert Townsend of Joplin returned home Thursday evening of last week after a few days stay with their father, J. J. Edens, who has been quite ill but now is reported better.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hadley, Sunday, January 19, a son.

Constable Kerr has moved to town and is occupying the Norman McNabb residence near the mill.

A. J. Merritt passed peacefully away Saturday, January 4, at his home. [Click here to read]

A. P. Bayes of Crane Creek Township was in Cassville Monday. He reports that country in very good condition in his neighborhood. Mr. Bayes was a citizen of Cassville prior to the Civil War, and has been a citizen of the country for the past 67 years. He always comes to Cassville in his best reminiscent mood and tells of many incidents of interest relating to the early history of the county.

Peter Young died, an aged citizen living northwest of Butterfield, Friday evening.  [Click here to read]

Mrs. E. B. Lamberson died at her home near Rocky Comfort Friday night, Jan 17, age 58 years, 6 months and 27 days.  [Click here to read]

J. t. Cook and wife of Tulsa, Okla., returned home Tuesday after a short visit with their daughter, Mrs. Chas. Wallen, east of town.

Died: Mrs. Mary Smith who was born in Granger County, Tenn., in 1840.  [Click here to read]

Licenses to Wed:

Isaac Epperly, 24, Shell Knob & Deila Blythe, 23, Shell Knob

Almon Allman, 27, Rocky Comfort & Hallie Wells, 20, Wheaton

Leonard T. Suttles, 20, Leann & Nannie D. Bennet, 19, Jenkins

Wiley E. Jones, 22, Garfield, Ark. & Exa F. Williams, 18, Garfield, Ark.

Lawrence P. Welsh, 26, Monett & Elizabeth Larkin,24, Pierce City

William P. Lindsey, 18,Cato & golden Henson, 17, Cato


January 30, 1913, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Seligman News: C. H. Hancke is attending business college at Springfield.

Seligman News: George H. Gemmecke has returned from Kansas where he had been visiting his son and daughter. He says Missouri looks much better to him than Kansas.

Seligman News: Married, at the residence of T. P. Hulsey, Sunday, Clyde L. Beaver and Effie M. Anderson. They are well known and highly respected young folks of this community.

Roaring River News: Mrs. Earley Poe was visiting relatives at Wayne last week.

Roaring River News: The Roaring River Cornfield Orchestra met Saturday night at Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Sills to practice some new music which they sent for lately.

Eagle Rock News: Aunt Betsy Skelton was called away to the  blessed home above Thursday morning Jan 23. [Click here to read]

Washburn News: W. B. Adcock and wife are ht proud parents of a daughter.

Washburn News: We understand Andrew Burnett has bought the Gilbert property also that Mr. Wilson has sold his home to a Kansas man.

Washburn News: Mrs. Robert Fountain and little daughter, Clarice are visiting relatives at Fairland, Okla., this week.

Washburn News: Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Burnett visited the latter's brother, Jim Weston, and family near Exeter Monday.

Clark News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Riley Hood, January 21st, a girl.

Clark News: The funeral of James London of Butterfield took place at Mt. Pleasant last Saturday.

Willow Branch News: The little child of Joe Elbert's has been very low the past few days.

Mano News: Misses Ora and Ona Holman visited Mrs. May Easley Saturday and Sunday.

Mano News: We are sorry to hear of the death of Frank Hardwick. The bereaved family have our sympathy.

Washburn Prairie News: Mrs. Mayme Bandy and little daughter, Helen, went to Granbv Sunday, to visit her cousin, Mrs. Carl Parlmer, and family.

Washburn Prairie News: Miss Viva Hood of Aurora is staying with her brother, W. R. Hood and family.

Mineral Springs News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ennes in Mineral Saturday, Jan 25 a big girl.

Cross Hollows: Rube Lewis has sold his hogs and three calves to John Dillbeck.

Sigel Bowman, died at his home four miles east of Purdy, Sunday, January 26. [Click here to read]

Mary Ona Carey, wife of Frank Carey of Oklahoma City and a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Hutchens of Cassville died. [Click here to read]

Frank E. Hardwick, aged about 20 years died. [Click here to read]

Olaf F. Anderson died Friday, January 17.  [Click here to read]

Chas. Anderson of Kings Prairie was in Cassville Monday. Mr. Anderson has sold his farm on the Prairie and will moved to Monett.

James L. London, who for a number of years had been living in the vicinity of Butterfield, passed peacefully away Friday morning, age 59 years. [Click here to read]

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Anderson , of near Seneca, Friday, January 24, a son. Seneca Dispatch. Mrs. Anderson is a daughter of C.A. Morgan, who formerly lived east of town but now is living near Seneca. Mr. Anderson formerly lived in Exeter.

Mrs. Willis Russell, south of Butterfield, is reported dangerously ill. Mrs. Russell is approaching the ripe old age of nearly a century, probably the oldest citizen in the county. She has lived in the county for a number of years.

Mrs. Chas. Beaver, Mrs. Bert Wright and Mrs. Walter Wicks were down from Peirce [Pierce] City last week visiting at the home of their sister and brother, Mrs. C. H. Hadley and Ora H. Hudson. Mrs. Wicks will remain this week.

Ross Manley and Mrs. K. W. Herriford came down Sunday from Joplin to attend their sister, Mrs. Benton Robbins, who is recovering from several days illness.

George Mitchell, who has been attending his brother, Dr. Mitchell for several days, returned Monday evening to his home at Chattanooga, Tenn.

Maurice Veirman while working at the stone quarry Wednesday morning got his left eye seriously injured from some babit metal. The lid and corner of the eye was scorched.

John Antle, formerly a minister and an old citizen of the vicinity of Exeter died.  [Click here to read]

Furlon Nell of Oil City, La., and Miss Stella Banks of near Monett, were married Sunday at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. M. C. Banks.  [Click here to read]

Mrs. Elizabeth Skelton, familiarly known as Aunty Betsy Skelton, passed away at the home of her son, George Skelton, of near Eagle Rock, Thursday morning, Jan 23. [Click here to read] 

February 6, 1913, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Vina News: Herbert Hardwick and sister Mrs. Nettie Tucker, and children of Eureka Springs attended the funeral of Frank Hardwick last Friday.

Mano News: Guy Cunningham who has been staying with W. P. Shrum for several years will leave this week to visit his father, W. F. Cunningham.

Exeter News: The switchboard has been changed from S. P. Roseberry's to Bert Talbert's.

Osa News: Mrs. C. P. Albright of Jenkins and her son, Harry of South Dakota, spent Saturday night with her neice [niece] and nephew, Mr. and Mrs. U. G. Hemphill of Osa.

Ozark News: Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mullins were visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Mullins, Sunday.

Arnhart News: We are sorry to hear of the deaths of Troy Windham, Mrs.  Windham, and Sigel Bowman. To the bereaved we extend our heartfelt sympathy.

Arnhart News: Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Bowman of Phelps County came down Wednesday to attend the funeral of his brother, Seigel, who was laid to rest in the Carney Cemetery.

Rock Creek News: Will and Loyd Holman returned from Arkansans Saturday with 104  head of cattle.

Shell Knob News: Russell Painter writes from Douglas County anthem state of Washington that he snow is two feet deep, but that prospects for a good what crop next year are excellent. He says that he intends to start June the first in an automobile tour to Canada.

Gunter News: Mrs. S. D. Chezem is still in critical condition

Forest Grove News: Harwood Patton and wife have been visiting the latter's parents, S. O. Willard and wife, for the past six weeks retuned home Tuesday to Western Kansas.

Washburn News: Mr. and Mrs. Will Hoog had a little child to die of pneumonia Thursday. It was buried at the Rowley graveyard. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. P. H. Hodge.

Card of Thanks: I desire to extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks and appreciation to my friends and neighbors who so nobly assisted us in the last illness and death of my dear father. I trust that troubles of a similar nature are a long ways off from you, but hope to be able to repay each and every one some day or their kindness and generous assistance. Myrtle Smith, Purdy, MO.

Mrs. Warren Brite Dead: Word was received here today of the death of Mrs. Warren Brite, who has been at San Antonia, Tex., for several months.

Mrs. Brite had been in very poor health for about two years and had gone to Texas thinking she might regain her health. Her youngest daughter Mrs. Paul Williams has been with her continually and Mr. Brite has been with his wife for several weeks. Mrs. Brite leaves one other daughter. Mrs. Ellis Jones of Kieffer, Okla..

The funeral party consisting of Mr. Brite, Dr. and Mrs. Ellis Jones and Mrs. Paul Williams, arrived at Monett Saturday morning and went to the Brite residence at 109 Broadway. Funeral services were held at the home Sunday afternoon, February 2, at 2:30 o'clock, conducted by W. M. Wainright. Interment was made Sunday evening in Odd Fellows Cemetery.

The deceased has lived in this city for years and is well know and loved by her many friends. Monett Star

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Goddard of Hallawtown, Mont., arrived last Thursday for a visit to Mrs. Goddard's parents, H. B. Collins and wife. They are on their return from a visit to Mr. Goddard's old home in Indiana. Verona Advocate

John Hutchens of Hattisburg, Miss., attended the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Mary Carey, Wednesday of last week. He retuned Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Williams are the proud parents of a daughter, born Monday, Feb 3.

Mrs. K. W. Herriford and Mrs. Al Bethel and Ross Manley of Joplin, have been attending their sister, Mrs. Benton Robbins, returned home Sunday evening.

Arthur Batesell and family were down from Verona Wednesday and Thursday of last week, visiting Mrs. Batesell's brother, W. O. Black and wife.

J. A. Wisdom of near Mano was in Cassville Thursday of last week. He says he will move to Cherokee County, Kan., within a few days.

Mrs. James Carver died Monday at her home near Afton, Okla., from pneumonia. The deceases was 59 years of age and formerly lived north of town. Her remains were brought to Cassville for burial. Funeral services were conducted Tuesday afternoon by Rev. J. W. Ennes at the M. E. Church South and interment made in the Oak Hill Cemetery.

Jas. Thomas died Monday, February 3rd at the home of his son, Archie Thomas in South Monett, age 106 years, 5 months and 20 days. Funeral services were held at the residence Tuesday morning at 9:30 o'clock conducted by Rev .J. B. Jordan, of the M. E. Church South. Interment made in the Henderson Cemetery, five miles south of Monett. Monett Times

Willis Russell died Monday at his home near Butterfield, abut 81 years of age. His death was due to an attack of pneumonia with complications of other diseases. The deceased had lived in that vicinity about twelve years. He leaves only a wife at home, who is reported dangerously ill, at the age of nearly 102 years. His body was interred at the Russell Cemetery Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. May Garner and two children, who have been in for several days from Lodi, California., are visiting this week with Mrs. Garner's uncle, J. T. Brattin, and family.

The following non-resident pupils are enrolled in the Exeter school: Mable [Mabel] Packwood, Loren Hedge, Alam Packwood, Paul Antle, Susie Etchason, Chester Packwood, Alda Easley, Opal May, Zuma Weatherly and Walter Packwood.

February 13, 1913, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Rhoda Babb, daughter of the late Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth Babb passed away Thursday evening of last week at the home of her son, E. B. Babb, in Washburn.  [Click here to read]

Mrs. Charlotte Marshall, an old and respected citizen, and a widow of the late Allen Marshall, passed away Monday night.  [Click here to read]

Horace Holman of Webb City died Saturday of miner's consumption. His family was of Mano.  [Click here to read]

Cross Hollows News: We are sorry to hear of Rev. Crouch's death. The bereaved have our sympathy.

Gunter News: W. D. Cowherd closed a very successful term of school here Friday. The forenoon exercises were devoted to class work. At noon a beautiful dinner was spread which all seemed to enjoy. The afternoon exercises consisted of speeches and dialogs interposed with music. Closing with a few short talks by the patrons and a short but very instructive talk by Prof. W. E. Hankins. Thus closing one of the most successful terms of school ever taught at this place.  Squirrel Turner.

Hazel Dell News: Our school will close next Friday, Feb 14th. Mr. Moffit has taught us a good school. [Moffat]

Flat Woods News: Dave Burg had a fine mule to die last week.

Washburn Prairie News: Mrs. C. H. Farwell of Eagle Rock visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Raines Saturday night and Sunday.

Washburn News: Died, at the home of her son, Emmett Babb, 1 1/4 miles north of town, Rhoda Babb, Feb 6, 1913,. Burial was made at Corinth Cemetery. She was member of the Methodist Church and an old resident of Barry County having lived in Cassville a number of years. She was a great suffer but bore it with Christian fortitude.

Washburn News: Will Hancock took his daughter Miss Maye, to Marlin Wells, Tex., Saturday for the benefit of her health. she has been suffering sometime with rheumatism. Her friends hope for an early recovery.

Suburban News: Tom Gilmore from Bronaugh is visiting his sister, Mrs. John Zillox and family this week.

Suburban News: Mr. Crouch died Saturday at four o'clock with heart trouble. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Suburban News: Oak Ridge school closed Saturday Jan 8th, Mr. Ferguson teacher. Everybody reported a nice time.

Washburn News: Jamie is Mooney made a business trip to Monett Friday.

Washburn News: We understand that Jamie Mooney, is arranging to put in a stock of men's and boys ready-made clothing in the stone building just across the street from the bank.

Oak Ridge News: Died at his home a mile northwest of Oak Ridge school house at 4 o'clock Saturday evening, Rev. W. H. Crouch of heart disease, age nearly 62 years. He came here form Oklahoma about 2 years ago and bought a part of the Mills place east of Spout Spring. He had been a minister for several years but owing to his disease he had of late years not preached so much. He lost his house and all its contents about the 20th of November 1912 and his worrying is thought to have aggravated the disease and shortened his life. He leaves a wife and six children to the bereaved we extend our sympathy.

Exeter News: B. T. Haddock and wife have moved back to this place.

W. I. and T. J. Vanzandt of Ash township were in Cassville the first of the week. They reported the death of a man by the name of McClurin, a farm on Pea Ridge Ark., Friday evening. McClurin had just taken his seat in a barber's chair at Pea Ridge when death came instantly from heart trouble. The deceased had lived in that section of Arkansas for a number of years and is survived by a wife and two children. [Van Zandt]

Licenses to Wed:

Duff Adams, 21, Butterfield & Edith Henley, 16, Butterfield

Lloyd Pendergraft, 25, Seligman & Laura F. Brown, 21, Seligman

Ethel H. Roden, 24, Cato & Myrtle L. Henson, 18, Cato

John R. Utter, 24, Cassville & Beatrice Adams, 18, Cassville

A. D. Armstrong, 58, Dodd City, Ark. & Valetta Smith, 19, Cassville

February 20, 1913, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Probate Court Proceedings [Click here to read]

Ash No. 2 News: Charlie Hannah, near Wayne gave a nice dinner February 4th in honor of his father, H .T. Hannah's sixtieth birthday. He received several nice presents.

Accident News: Died, March [February] 8, 1913, at the home of his sister, Mrs. Effie Davis, Horace Holman of miner's consumption, age 27, 4 months, and 17 days. He had been sick for some time. He leaves a wife, a little girl, four brothers, four sisters and other relatives and friends to mourn their loss. His remains were brought down from Joplin the 9th, and laid to rest in the Mano Cemetery. The funeral services wee conducted by Rev. Chappell.

Accident News: Will and James Holman's sisters who have been down here since Sunday have returned home.

Butterfield News: Joe Reed is thinking of moving to Butterfield this week and will take charge of his store.

Rock Creek News: Miss Edna Holman and sister, Jess returned to Kansas City, Sunday after spending a few days with their brothers, James and Will Holman.

Rock Creek News: Horace Holman of Joplin was buried at Mano Sunday the 9th. He died of consumption.

Forest Grove News: Jim Steele and Miss Nellie Hall were married Sunday evening by A. E. Baker, Mrs. Steele is a daughter of Vance Hall and wife and very accomplished young lady. Mr. Steele has lived in this neighborhood many years and is one of the best young men of our neighborhood. They have the best wishes of their many friends.

Washburn Prairie News: Bryant Sparkman and sister, Miss Ailene, came down from Purdy, Friday night and stayed until Sunday with home folks.

King's Prairie News: Miss Echo Dummit is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Dummit.

Cross Hollows News: We are sorry to hear of Mrs. Martin Blalock's death. The bereaved have our sympathy.

Gunter News: We are sorry to hear of the death of Mrs. Blalock who died last week. The bereaved have our heartfelt sympathy.

Gunter News: Henry Hile has moved to Jerry Lane's place near Purdy.

Washburn News: Miss Maud Woodruff returned home Friday after an extended visit with her sisters, Mrs. Claud Gaily of Kemp, Tex., and Mrs. Dave Wilson of Cado, Okla.

Washburn News: Mrs. T. M. Shelton and daughter Miss Lillian, of near Eagle Rock visited relatives here last week. Mrs. Shelton returned Saturday. Miss Lillian will remain a week or so.

Washburn News: Attorney Jake Davis of Cassville was a guest Sunday of his brother, Ol Davis and family.

Washburn News: News reached us last week of the death of little Joseph Hickman, Jr., which occurred at the home of his parents in Chicago, Feb. 10th. His body was buried at Topeka, Kan. His parents have the sympathy of their many friends at this place.

Washburn News: Buck Park went to Aurora Thursday. He was accompanied home by his two little daughters, Clarice and Velma who had been visiting their grandparents, Rev. Hood and family.

Washburn News: Mrs. E. A. Burnett spent Monday with her brother, Henry Weston and family near Corinth. They have a sick child.

Dog Hollow News: Died at her home, February 10th, Mrs. J. M. Blalock. Her remains were laid to rest Tuesday evening in the Arnhart cemetery. The bereaved have our heartfelt sympathy.

Eagle Rock News: Bill Couch has moved from here to Cassville. We all hated to give them up. Hope that they will be satisfied with their new home.

Eagle Rock News: Uncle Dock Skelton is having a new addition put on his barn which will add much to the improvements of his place.

Fred Williamson came down from Bolivar Sunday where he is engaged in the milling business. He is arranging to move his family to Bolivar this week.

Mrs. Mary Francoli and John Ginsoli of Gemoa, Wis., who have been visiting their brother and uncle, S. S. A. Buzzetti and family of near town, returned home Tuesday evening.

Died Dr. White McClure, who was a son of the late William McClure and was born on a farm, one mile north of Washburn, about 37 years ago.  [Click here to read]

Edgar W. Goostree of Wheaton and Miss Adda Barnett, west of Exeter, were united in marriage.  [Click here to read]

Miss Mary and William Schnakenburg of Alma, MO, arrived Sunday night.  [Click here to read]

Prof. A. H. Schnakenburg died. [Click here to read]

Mrs. Martha Harbin, passed away at the home of her grandson, C. S. Arnold, Friday night, Feb. 14, 1913, aged 77 years 7 months and 28 days.  [Click here to read]

Licenses to Wed:

Fred S. Wolf, 21, Salida, Colo. & Marion M. White, 21, Monett

Richard L. Bassett, 24, Dallas, Ill. & Dora I. Earls, 23, Monett

Simon W. Clark, 23, Purdy & Nora Shanks, 21, Monett 

James Steele, 22, Cassville & Nettie E. Holt, 17, Cassville

February 27, 1913, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Union Valley News: Ida, wife of A. L. Laney, died February 20th. Interment made at Concord Cemetery the 22nd. She leaves a husband and and three children, father, mother, two sisters and one brother to mourn her death.

Union Valley News: Mrs. Emma Eden and daughter, Maud, spent Saturday night with Mrs. Bridgman and family near Exeter.

Union Valley News: Lawrence, the little son of John Davis, is quite sick, Dr. Northcutt of Washburn is attending him.

New Hope News: Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Reynolds lost their baby the 9th, inst., they have two daughters that have been seriously ill with pneumonia but are better now.

Pleasant Ridge News: Dr. Loveland was called to John Pennell's Friday afternoon to see the sick baby but she is reported better now.

Ash No. 2 News: Sevier Hickey closed his school Friday on Trent Creek.

Shell Knob News: Frank Long bought an 80 acre far near Miami, Okla., and will move the 1st of the month.

Shell Knob News: Isaac Epperly has moved to himself on his father's place but will soon move to his own that he purchased of F. Long.

Shell Knob News: Walter Higgs is taking of going to Oklahoma or Kansas soon.

Munsey News: There have been two wolves killed here in the past few days. James Payton killed one which he claimed he found asleep under a bluff. But Arthur Ball had quite an exciting time with his. He shot it twice and then had quite a race. Two more times he shot the wolf which showed fight. He had no more shells and he went up an elm tree. He yelled for help and when his uncle appeared the wolf was dead at the front of he tree but Arthur didn't know it. 

Munsey News: John Minnick has sold his farm and will sell his personal property Feb 28. He leaves in a few days for Texas to make his future home.

Munsey News: Uncle George Reed has moved from his place to the J. R. Legg place at Seligman to make his future home.

Accident News: An error occurred in last week's items from accident about the death of Horace Holman. He died Feb. 8, 1913, instead of March 8, age 27 years, 6 months, and 17 days.

Accident News: We are sorry to hear of James London and Mrs. Blalock's deaths. The bereaved we extend sympathy.

Bethel News: Miss Alma Marbut of Monett is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Marbut at this writing.

Washburn News: Gene Saxe of Monett visited his sister, Miss Wilma, and W. L. Black and wife last week.

Washburn News: Miss Ophelia Northcutt, returned Saturday from Bollinger, Texas, where she has been the past six months attending school. 

Washburn News: Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Meador of near Monett spent Sunday with the latter's brother, Walter Jones and family.

Shady Grove News: Wiley and Bud Russell took their mother, Mrs. Willis Russell, down to Newtonia last Wednesday where she could live with her daughter, Mrs. Carrie Russell. Mrs. Russell has been in very poor health for several months, she is near the age of 101 years.

New Salem News: Mrs. Miranda Walden of White River visited relatives here from Saturday till Monday.

New Salem News: We are sorry to hear of the death of Uncle Dave Arnhart. The bereaved have our sympathy.

New Salem News: Mrs. Harriet Edens and grandson, Mansford, of Rock Springs, and Mesdames Lucy and Vanie James of Washburn Prairie visited at Elbert Pendergraft's a few days last week.

Seligman News: Henry Birkes has returned to Seligman to make it his permanent home.

Seligman News: Dave Arnhart, one of Barry County's oldest citizens, died Saturday night. He was buried in the Roller Cemetery Sunday. He was a man that always hewed to the line and did what he thought was right and best for his community. Men who live such lives as Arnhart lived will leave memories in the minds of their friends that will endure long after they have been laid to rest.

Circuit Court Docket [click here to read]

Mrs. Florence Coons of near Antlers, Oklahoma, returned home Friday after a visit with her father, J. T. Blythe of Flat Creek and a short visit with the family of Rev. M. M. Coons of Cassville.

Guy A. Isabel and Mrs. Susannah H. Davis, both of this city were married Monday evening at the latter's home. Squire Plattenburg performed the ceremony. They have both lived in Cassville for some time and they are two of Cassville's respected citizens.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. McHargue will leave the first of next week for a visit with relatives at Menlow and Council Bluff, Ia., until April 1.They will then leave for Landis, Canada for a few months visit. 

Rev. J. T. Brattin was called to preach the funeral of Mrs. Sarah Harris which was held at the Mt. Olive Church in Lawrence County, Wednesday afternoon. The deceased was an aged citizen and had lived in the vicinity northeast of Monett for a number of years. She had been a member of the Mt. Olive Baptist Church for a number of years. Mr. Brattin was accompanied from Exeter by Rev. C. M. Smith, the present pastor, of the Mt. Olive Church.

Mrs. W. F. Wardlow went to Mt. Vernon Saturday evening to attend her sister, Mrs. Emma Smith, who had just undergone an operation for a tumor. Word announcing her death on Sunday morning was received here Sunday. The deceased was the wife of Spencer Smith and was a mother of three children. She was a daughter of the late John Chaney of near Seligman, where she grew to womanhood. She is also survived by a mother, two sisters and six brothers.

Arch and Bed Hessee received a message Friday evening stating that their brother, Marshall Hessee, of Strafford, Greene County, was at he point of death. They went to Strafford that evening. Since then word has been received that their brother was suffering from a stroke of paralysis and there was little hope for his recovery. His condition is now better.

Ruth, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bowers, has been quite ill.

W. J. Brock closed a successful term of school at Horner, southeast of town, Friday. The patrons of the school showed their appreciations of Mr. Brock's work by setting a big dinner at the noon hour. Mr. Brock has taught school in Barry County for a number of years and is recognized as one of this county's successful teachers.

Chas. Curry of near Eagle Rock, Will Francer, W. J. Brock and son, Willis, of Shell knob, were in Cassville Wednesday.

Mrs. Anna Wormington, aged 36 years, died Sunday night at the Burge Deconnes Hospital, after a lingering illness. The body was sent Monday morning by Stader & Lobmeyer to Peirce [Pierce] City the former home of the deceased, for interment. She is survived by her husband, D. V. Wormington. Monett Star


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