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Barry Co., MO -  Newspapers

1909 Map of Barry County, MO - Owner Darla Marbut

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Old Historical Mills, Barry Co., MO 

1894 Extracts from Barry County, MO newspapers, Microfilm from Missouri Historical Society.

Some of the 1894 papers are not very easy to read, because a lot of the papers have long black lines running down the pages or across the pages.  I ordered the film two different times and made copies both times hoping the last time that I could make out a few more words than I had the first time, which I did.

Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Jan 4, 1894

Mrs. M. A. Seaman and daughter, Mrs. G. A. Robertson, went to Springfield, Tuesday evening, for a week's visit at their former home. the latter was also accompanied by her children.

Miss Laura E. Seaman, sister of Mrs. S. B. Woods and Mrs. G. A. Robertson, has arrived from Marionville, and put in a stock of millinery goods at the Star.

Rev. Stogsdill and Lamb will begin another protracted meeting at Pleasant Ridge, the 13th, inst.  They had 54 conversions there a short time since.

The Cassville High School opened its winter term, Monday under favorable auspices. The faculty are confident that it will surpass all pervious terms.

Frank Scott has purchased and is now running the Latham & Co. restaurant. Mr. Latham expects to build soon, east of Van Hook & Edens' saloon and re-enter business.

B. McCann of Seligman was brought down last Wednesday by Constable Birkes, to board with Sheriff Goodnight's selects. Charge: promiscuous shooting.

Married Monday, Jan 1, 1894, at the residence of the bride's father, Clarence Arbuckle of Roaring River, Miss Mary Gee, Rev. B. W. Harley officiating.

Isaiah Slusher spent Monday night in the city and complains because White River does not stay up so people can't ford it. He now controls the Old Golden Ferry is the reason.

J. F. Lewis waived preliminary examination, the 25th, on a charge of burglary, and failing to give bond stands committed to await the action for the grand jury. In addition to two plain cases at Exeter there is equally as good a done at Rogers, where he burglarized a store.

Preliminary hearing of Will McIntosh, charged with stealing cattle, was continued from the 2nd to the 8th.

B. F. Howard was able to get to town Monday after two weeks sickness.

Truman Ellmore's school, at the Munsey school house closed Friday and the patrons speak very highly of the results and also commend the teacher. Mr. Ellmore is one of the younger teachers who is working for something better an example might be followed with profit by others. [Elmore]

Judge J. W. Wellshear returned last week from an extended visit with relatives in Indiana. He reports the visit would have been more enjoyable had there been less sickness.

Claud Mariott is now nursing a broken arm, which will keep him quiet for awhile. While jumping from a springboard, Thursday, he fell, breaking the left arm near the wrist. Dr. Sparkman reduced the fracture.

John Layne [Lane?] has a boy quite ill with pneumonia.

W. B. Robbins is seriously ill with pneumonia.

J. M. Bower moved to near Wm. Hawk's Tuesday.

Paul Decocq, of near Purdy, lost a baby, 4 months old, Sunday.

B. F. Howard was able to get to town Monday after two weeks sickness.

Lemuel Moudy, of near Bethel, aged about 21 years, died last week.

Shell Knob News: Wm. Ledgerwood is wrestling with the grip.

Shell Knob News: Joseph Blankenship is preparing to move to Arkansas.

Shell Knob News: W. H. Holliday is moving his produce and furniture to Rock House.

Miss Gertie Bayless, who spent the holidays with her parents, returned to Lexington, MO, Monday evening to re-enter school.

Shell Knob News: James Applegate has traded his place for a good team and will either sent a place or pull for Texas.

Pleasant Ridge News: John Plummer has closed a very successful term of school here.

Seligman News: Mrs. Duck Price is very sick with la grippe. [Dick?]

Bro. Boucher's paper, The Fountain and Journal of Mt. Vernon, has completed its twenty-seventh volume, during seventeen of which he has presided over its destinies. We hope he may be spared during the next seventeen years to continue in the good cause.

Z. L. Roberts is fitting up the Cassville hotel, formerly Burton's and later Ferrell's Place, so as to properly accommodate the trading public and all who desire good accommodations. It is his intention to make it a popular stopping place.

The residence of A. J. Henderson of Mineral Springs caught fire, Sunday morning, and had a close call from being entirely consumed; but by the prompt action of neighbors, by tearing away part of the ceiling, with the use of small spraying pumps it was checked and the building saved through considerably damaged. The contents, which were all removed, were some damaged also. 

Licensed to Wed:

Thomas J. McKee, 24, Purdy & Susie Lane, 15, Purdy

William K. McComas, 28, Butterfield & Annie C. Lane, 17, Purdy

Guy Hawks, 24, Corsicana & Lillie Overton, 23, Corsicana

William f. Higgs, 26, Butterfield & Ada Strother, 17

Peter J. Planchon, 22, Monett & Emma R. Botta, 17, Monett

Robert Lockhart, 24, Cassville & Rebecca Sherman, 23, Oak Hill, Ark.

Alonzo Kay, 22, Barry Co. & Rosetta Ferguson, 22, Purdy

James K. Homes, 27, Rocky Comfort & Frances Swindle, 24, Corsicana

Edward Doty, 51, Flat Creek & Talitha C. King, 41, Cape Fair

John P. Sullivan, 38, Monett & Mary A. Brybeck, 29, Monett

Thomas B. Yarnall, 22, Exeter & Abigail McClure, 20, Exeter

William H. Bryan, 19, Roaring River & Rosa E. Fulton,18, Roaring River

John W. Prier, 20, Butterfield & Minerva C. Riddle, 17, Purdy

James B. Evert, 23, Grangeville & Eddie Lawrence, 20, Grangeville

Axel E. Hultgren, 22, Verona & Mary Backman, 19, Verona

Joseph F. McKinney, 24, Monett  & Rosa Calton, 23, Verona

Melvin L. Ellis, 25, Verona & Lizzie Pannell, 20, Verona

C. F. Arbuckle, 22, Roaring River & Mary A. Gee, 19, Cassville

Edward Faulstech, 25, Aurora & Emma Reeder, 26, Purdy 

Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Jan 11, 1894

P. G. Robinson of Monett, yesterday secured judgment against W. J. Lance et al by default in Squire Fithian's Court. Attorney A. V. Darroch was present for the plaintiff.

Dr. M. W. Wooten, who has been so long confirmed with slow fever, has so far recovered as to go to his father's near Pioneer.

Geo. W. McIntosh of Monett was before ht Probate court Monday. Mr. McIntosh is Monett's leading dairyman.

Geo. McMullin's house, 5 miles south of town, burned Tuesday evening, with entire contents. The children had not even a change of clothing. The fire originated in a room where he kept his corn.

The report that R. R. McGuire had died recently in the Territory, happily proves to be a canard, as a card was recently received from him by M. C. Messer, dated the 2nd inst., in which he reports himself in good health: In fact so good as to contest a $1,500 claim with good prospect of getting it.

Thos. Taylor and son, Charles, of near Jenkins are improving from recent severe illness.

James House reports re-opening Clay Hill School Tuesday morning with 50 scholars. We hope no further accident will break the continence of the term.

A. D. Smith left Saturday for Seligman, where he spent a few days before going to Warrensburg, where he will enter the State Normal School. Mr. Smith will take the two years course, which he hopes in complete in five months. It is not out of place to remark that Mr. Smith's determination to secure a compressive education is commendable and the success which he has already achieve warrants the predication that nothing short of an extremely high standard will satisfy him. 

Pension Board Examinations:
Henry F. Parks, Co C. 4 Iowa Cav., Cassville
Asahel Burris, Co A. 19 Ind Inf., Eagle Rock
John E. Prunkhard, Co G. 125 PA Inf., Seligman
John H. Ware, Co E. 20 Mo S. M. Cav., Washburn

Walter Hankins, who is teaching school west of Corsicana, was the subject of a jury trial Saturday, in Squire Davis' court at that place. He was charged with assault and battery on Sol Lampkins, a pupil, but as the evidence showed that Hankins came out of the mess with a black eye and only floored Sol in self defense, the jury acquitted him. Lampkins got a foot badly hurt, the bones being broke or dislocated, so that he has to go on crutches. 

A Narrow Escape: Three or four days since, a mare owned by Marion Vaughan got caught by rolling against the straw-stack. Mr. Vaughan took hold of her feet to roll her over, when a playful colt, two years old, ran up and gave him a kick that sent him skyward onto a wing of the stack. He slid back on to the feet of the mare, who gave him another boost with her feet and sent him out of reach of further danger. He got up very sore, but thankful for his life.

An Aged Couple: Mr. Cull Antle of Exeter has handed us the following memorandum of his parents, probably the oldest couple in the county. Jacob Antle was born in Adair Co., KY, March 5, 1813. In 1853 he married Mrs. Antle who was born in Russell Co., KY, April 12, 1816. Mr. Antle came to Barry from Buchanan Co., MO, in 1854. Of their twelve children, all are living but one; grand children, fifty living and eleven dead; great grandchildren, ten living and two dead.

Sheriff G. M. Goodnight was taken quite seriously ill last Friday, caused by an abscess at the base of his tongue, which for a time threaded to suffocated him. He is improving nicely at the present.

France Marion Cron of Shell Knob is now numbered amongst those "wanted" having departed, leaving creditors "in the hole", amongst which are Bayless and company $60., Cassville Roller Mill Co., $50.00, M. C. Messer, $20.00.

Rev. J. W. Needham of Marionville filled the pulpit at the M. E. Church Monday morning and evening, and will probably fill the appointment regularly each first and third Monday until the close of the conference.

Mrs. Mintie Swindle, who had been visiting her sister Mrs. P. E. Horine went to her father's L. H. Blankenship's Monday, where she will remain for a time before returning to Indiana.

Geo McMullin's, house 5 miles south of town, burned Tuesday evening, with entire contents. The children had not even a change of clothing. The fire originated in a room where he kept his corn.

Pleasant Ridge News: Thomas McKinney is thinking of teaching us a writing school.

Mrs. Ada Ragan, of Garfield, Wash., who has been spending he winter with her father, Rev. C. B. Elliott, of Mineral Springs, spend Sunday with Mrs. Geo. E. Harris, before going to Sedgwick, Kan., where she will join Mr. Ragan.

Born, Tuesday, Jan 9, to Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Ramsey, a son. Dr. Sparkman says Ramsey thinks, "Indiana for swamps, but Missouri for boys."

Washburn Items: Our school now has an enrollment of 249 students with new students entering every week. Four teachers are now employed: Prof. A. C. Farley, Misses Nora Blankowlee, Maggie Walker, and Effie Salmon. Prof Farley has a large class of teachers. The following is a list of outside students now in attendance with their address: Tea Preston, Seligman, Mittie Chandler, Pierce City, Daisy McPhersorf, Ivy McPherson, Effie Robertson, Lee Robertson, Alonzo Robertson, and Clarence Robertson, Roaring River, E. C. Miller, Texas, Benj. Hancock, Scholten,  Finis Burnett, James Wasson, Minnie Miller, and Elbert Wasson, Seligman, Willie Graham, Neosho, John Fine, P. R. Moffatt, J. A. Fulp, C. B. McCary, J. R. Walker, W. R. Hood, Jennie Mooney, Etta McCollum, Libble McCary, Anna Moore, Lola Stark, Washburn, and Nellie Frost, Cassville.  [Research Note: Jennie Mooney was the daughter of John Mooney. And Benj. Hancock is the son of Golman Buford Hancock.]    

Licensed to Wed:

Albert A. McKinzie, 21, Leann & Sarah Suttles, 21, Leann

A. B. Johnson, 36, Berryville, Ark., & Bashe Hudson 19, Cassville

John N. Jackson, 24, Monett & Mary G. Dwyer, 18, Monett

Joseph Stinett, 21, Purdy & Mary Etta Rogers, 18, Purdy

James A. Barnes, 22, Seligman & Rosa L. Rogers, 16, Seligman

Arthur O. Baldwin, 19, Herd, Ark., & Alice M. Nelson, 18, Herd, Ark.

Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, January 18, 1894 

Mano News: Married at residence of the bride's parents, Thomas J. Hilburn and Mary T. Holman, Jan 14, 1894, S. Gillmore, officiating. The happy couple has our best wishes.

Mano News: Geo. Stever has his ferry boat, that he put in on White River, at the Eagle ford, nearly completed on which he will soon be able to cross the public at small profit.

Mano News: Wm. Holman and wife, Sally, were arrested last Saturday, charge with disturbing the peace of W. M. William's family. They both gave bond for their appearance for trial at Sam Gillmore's court, Jan 24th.

Mano News: One of John Hilton's boys got his leg badly hurt, by the falling of a tree and is slowly improving.

Urial Call, an old resident of Barry County, died Thursday morning. He is about eighty years of age.

Died, Emma, wife of Seigle Henderson, Thursday, Jan 11th, 1894. She leaves a husband, two children and a host of relatives and friends to mourn her early death.

Mrs. Dora Talbert has been quite ill with fever as the result of an accident of two weeks ago. Going out of doors early one morning, she stepped on one end of a piece of a jelly glass, when the other end flew up striking her near the ankle, cutting a small gash. The wound has since caused much trouble, increasing after several days.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Martin went to near Pioneer, Thursday, where the latter will visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Evans, for a couple weeks. The former has returned home.

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Bare is very ill.

A. L. Brown and Lon Perry went to Washburn, Sunday.

Will Matlock has served his connection with the Democrat.

John Manley's broken leg had so well knit as to permit him to come to town, Monday.

Isaac M. Jefferson is now a resident of Cassville, having moved from Gunter, Tuesday. Mr. Jefferson can well retire from active service and in doing so gives his children the opportunity of more and better schooling than is afforded by the country districts. He is occupying the Volz property for which he traded some time since.

Licensed to Wed:

I. E. Woods, 50, Monett & Terry Wilson, 27, Monett

T. I. Hilburn, 26, Shell Knob & Mary F. Holman, 19, Mano

Elijah Furlow, 19, Monett & Thursie Smith, 14, Monett

Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, January 25, 1894

Seligman News: Mrs. Mollie Legg died a few days ago of la grippe and was buried at New Salem.

Seligman News: A. J. Roller has bought George Osborn's farm, lying one-half mile south of town.

Seligman News: Mrs. Mary McCollum died Saturday, and was buried in the New Salem grave yard Sunday.

Seligman News: Tom Livesay was arrested and taken to Bentonville, Saturday to answer the charge of being accessory to the murder of old man Simms.

Hailey News: We are sorry to chronicle the death of Mr. and Mrs. P. _wns infant.

Hailey News: Geo. Brooks was unfortunate in the loss of his only horse.

Madry News: Glad to report that James House is recovering from his late illness.

Madry News: Robert Atkisson is attending school at Marionville.

Shell Knob News: F. M. Cron is still at large, to the inconvenience of his many creditors.

Shell Knob News: R. M. Hilburn and family started for Galena, Monday, to visit his son, who is in jail there.

Shell Knob News: Major Worthington Post No . 507, G. A. R. gave an installation dinner at the Brock school house, Saturday, which was a pleasant affair considering the unpleasant weather.

Shell Knob News: Newton Sparks of Kansas has purchased one-third interest in the Wm. Baxter estate near the mouth of Kings River.

Shell Knob News: Mrs. George Wills is quite poorly.

Shell Knob News: T. E. Cottrell was seen going form the store toward home riding in a rather rapid gait, and on inquiry of his rush he replied, "It's a boy, but resembles none of those White House Chaps."

Roaring River News: Eld. Cunningham is holding a protracted meeting her this week.



Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, February 1, 1894

Married, Saturday, Jan 29th, at Mt. Vernon, Martin Tupper Reno, of Butterfield to Miss Belle Catron, of Mt Vernon.

John L. Hankins closed his fifth term of school in the Combs district, Friday, with school exercises. The patrons showed their appreciation of Mr. Hankins' efforts by spreading a feast at dinner time. His enrollment was 41: average attendance 34.

Thos. M. Allen went to Exeter, Saturday, to draw the papers between Lucky Bros. and Crowell & Hancock, the latter, having purchased the former's entire stock of merchandise and their brick block. The Lucky Bos. retained their wood and tie business.

Miss Stella Ray returned from Kentucky, Friday, and has again taken up her residence in Cassville, much to the pleasure of her many friends.

Died, Sunday, Jan 28, Maud, the 7-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tobe Edens of Viola, Maud was one of the twins.

Eugene Morgan left Monday evening for Quincy, Ill, where he will enter the Gem City business college. He will probably return in the fall.

The many friends of S. L. Moore of Washburn will be pleased to learn of his marriage, Wednesday, with Miss McGee of Fayetteville, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Moore arrived in Cassville, Friday and remained with friends until Sunday evening. They will make their future home at Butterfield where Mr. Moore will conduct business of Moore & Black Bros.

Mrs. McFarlaine, [McFarland] from near Roark, was here Sunday, on the hunt of her husband, who left home the Sunday before, telling her he was coming to Cassville to get a job of work. She heard nothing of him here, but was informed a man who suited his description, seen at Exeter last Saturday, by Chas. Earle and Marsh Hutchens. She did not think he had any intention of deserting her. From her appearance they must be in hard circumstances.

A sad accident occurred Sunday at the home of Rev. N. G. Baird, on the Roaring River road. While Sarah Beaver, a young woman of twenty-one years of age, who was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Baird, was combing her hair, she was taken with a fit and  fell in an open fire place. When discovered she was walking about the room with clothes afire, which was quickly extinguished, but not before her back, neck, side of her face were so badly burned that is is hardly possible that she will recover.


Licensed to Wed:


George Woolever, 22, Rogers, Ark., & Annie J. Prunkard, 12, Rogers, Ark.

George W. Easley, 20, Mayflower & Georgiana Mootry, 16, Seligman

Isham B. Davis, 43, Washburn & Sarah Lula McCary, 26, Washburn

Benjamin F. Keeling,22, Butterfield & Vesta Howerton,25, Butterfield

John M. Gurley, 29, Purdy & Dora Riddle, 17, Purdy

Christopher C. Carter, 22, Globe & Cora B. Stribling 22, Monett




Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, February 8, 1894

Died, Sunday, February 4th, 1894, at 1:30, O'clock, a.m., Sarah Clem, wife of Dr. A. S. Hawkins, of Monett, age 20 years. The remains were laid to rest Monday after services at the Presbyterian Church, conducted by Dr. G. H. Williamson. Mrs. Hawkins had been suffering from consumption for some time past and the gradual wasting away terminated as above.

The county court appointed, Tuesday, Walt Williams of Monett, J. P., vice J. F. Bedford, who will start today for the Pawnee Agency, where he will make his future home. Mr. Bedford has made an acceptable officer and Monett loses a good citizen. Mr. Williams, his successor, is an experienced businessman, and no doubt will make an impartial officer. 

County Court Proceedings: [abstract]

Road overseers annual settlements approved and warrants ordered for balances due them as follows:

District  Overseer  Am't Paid

1. Robert Tuck $75.80

2. M. H. Hale 80.75

3. John Madewell 35.38

7. W. J. Edie 38.65

11. J. E. Perriman 172.55

15. E. P. Butler 77.21

17. T. C. Hudson 133.90

18. J. R. Kipser 90.05

19. J. R. Hogan 105.05

20. John Drake 78.30

21. M. M. Myers 76.40

23. G. W. Tarvin 33.96

24. William Friend 80.40

26. Jas. McKinney 113.14

27. H. J. Smith 49.96

29. J. M. Mitchell 67.65

30. A. W. Roberts 32.35.


Warrants ordered:


Mrs. Farmer, poor person $3.00

B. G. Salyer, mdse, etc. 33.08

Mrs. Duncan, keeping poor person 16.50

A. J. Hall, same 15.00


Warning Notice

Notice is hereby given that I have set my son, Jerry Asberry Lee, free, or given him his time, and will not be responsible for any acts that he may commit or contracts or treads that he may enter into. J. R. Lee, Cassville, MO, Jan 18, 1894.

One Mr. Enlow of near Pioneer, while passing Elijah Burnett's, below Washburn, last week, looked with covetous eyes upon a pair of old single trees, worth perhaps a quarter and could not resist the temptation to take them with him. He was seen in the act, however, and it cost him just $16.20, and he didn't get the single trees after all.

Licensed to Wed:


James H. Durham, 27, Eagle Rock, & Ellen West, 22, Eagle Rock

John S. Davis, 27, Grangeville, & Oliv D. Crafford, 17, Corsicana

Horace Summey, 24, Brightwater, AR, & Jennie Landsown, 16, Washburn

William D. Bryson, 52, Seligman, & Eliza Ford, 21, Seligman

Elisha E. Earle, 26, Verona, & Ida Oxford, 29, Cassville

Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Feb 15, 1894 

House District News: Uncle Moses Elam received quite a sever wound on the shin last week.

Oliver's Prairie: Lizzie Carson, daughter of G. W. Carson, has been sick for over three months. She is not expected to live but a short time. No hopes are entertained of her recovery.

Shell Knob News: James Williams and family are now residents of this vicinity. Mr. Williams rented the Clark farm of W. H. Leonard.

Roaring River News: Miss Daisy McPherson, on her way to Washburn school, Monday morning was taken sick and at this writing is not able to be brought home. She is at her uncle's.

Roaring River News: Miss Bertha Rowland, who has been visiting her grandfather, Mr. Kelley, and other relatives and friends here, returned to Seligman, Friday.

Eagle Rock News: Edward Easley don't like to be invited to a gentleman's house and when he arrives the gentleman gone away. He says the next time I go he will be at home, he will. This is on you, Ned! It's queer how people find out so much.

Eagle Rock News: A. M. Farwell has not been seen of late. The supposition is he has bone back to Neosho.

Eagle Rock News: W. ?. Lewis, a few days ago, had his head clipped and neck washed. He can only whisper at present though he says Lish Hall is the next man to the chair and bath. Bill will pay for the soap, he says.

Married, Sunday, Feb 11th, at the residence of the bride's parents, south of Cassville. Wm. H. Leonard of Viola and Miss Mattie Mullins of Cassville, Rev. Howard officiating.

Jos. M. Cameron would like to know if there are any former members of Co. E 40 MO. Inf., in Flat Creek Township. If so they will accommodated him by making themselves known?

Miss Ella Hartin of Douglas County, one of the vice-presidents of the Central Missouri Teachers' Association, and originator of the Teachers and Pupils Union in Douglas, Ozark, and Christian Counties, is visiting her brother, W. H. Hartin, of Crane Creek Township.

J. Smith of Peirce [Pierce] City has patented a car brake.

Rettie Talbert has been quite ill for several days past.

A child of Mr. and Mrs. David Talbert, of near Exeter, is quite ill.

Eld. O. D. Bittick of Neosho preached for the Baptist, Sunday.

Mrs. Roby Hawk was taken with pneumonia, Tuesday night.

Monett will have an electric light, electric power and ice plant erected by summer time, it is hoped. The contract was let to a St. Louis party last week, the work to be completed in 90 days.

The many friends of S. L.  Moore of Washburn will be pleased to learn of his marriage Wednesday with a Miss McGee of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Moore arrived in Cassville, Friday and remained with friends until Sunday evening. They will make their future home at Butterfield, where Mr. Moore will conduct the business of Moore and Black Bros.

Thos. Carlin of Pierce City and Jed Carlin of Purdy were transacting business in the Probate Court, Tuesday. The former is the radical transplant of the Pierce City post office - a holdover  - though his time expired some time since. E. P. Moore has been appointed to relieve him, and soon, he will be numbered amongst the ex's. The latter is Purdy's chief grain buyer. Since July 1st, 1893, he has bought 120,000 bushes of wheat, for which he paid $59,657. During he same time other buyers have shipped from that station, 67 car loads containing 40,200 bushels, making a total shipment from Purdy of 169,800 bushels. From his long experience in handling wheat, Mr. Carlin has become very expert and is able to distinguish the grower of the wheat from its nature, provided he has handled some of the same growth before. Purdy's wheat market is a good one. [Research Note: Thomas and Jed were brothers and the sons of Asa and Maria (Gifford) Carlin. They were among the brothers of William Marshall Carlin who was married to Nancy Haddock.]


Licensed to Wed:


William H. Leonard, 40, Shell Knob & Martha D. Mullins, 21, Cassville

Andrew Horner, 22, Shell Knob & Dona Roark, 28, Roark

Joseph Scroggins, 23, Exeter & Ella Robinson, 19, Exeter

Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Thursday, Feb 22, 1894 

McDowell News:  Married at the residence of the bride's parents, Sunday, Feb. 18th Leander Weaver, of McDowell, to Miss Nancy Stubblefield, of Jenkins, Z. C. Patton officiating.

McDowell News: The saw mill at Mathis & Co., was compelled to discontinue work for a few days, owing to the Democratic weather we have been having.

Washburn News: Wm. Price one of Barry County's first settlers, died Feb 13th, after a long and tedious illness. The remains were interred at Prairie Cemetery on Wednesday.  

Washburn News: Mr. Campbell died Monday, Feb 18th at about 4 O'clock in the evening. He had been complaining for several days but was not generally supposed to be dangerously ill. The remain were interred at Prairie, Monday.

Died Monday, Feb 19th, at 10 o'clock p.m., at the residence of her brother, Isaac Myers, Betty Brooks. The remains wee interred in the Cassville Cemetery, Wednesday. Mrs. Brooks was well known as an honest and industrious woman, who ,by economy and honest labor, was saving a small competency for later life. She leaves one child, Vicey, who is well known abut town.

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Blankenship of Corsicana have been visiting their daughter, Mrs. P. E. Horine, this week.

Married Saturday, Feb 17, at the Sheriff's office in Cassville, William Stewart of Purdy and Miss Mary Samantha Roden of Butterfield, Squire J. T. Pennell of McDonald Township officiating.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Talbert, were delighted to welcome home, Saturday, their little girl, Vona, who has been so long at a surgical institute in Indianapolis, for treatment of the spine. Though not entirely cured she is much improved, has grown considerably and hopes are entertained of her ultimate entire recovery. She as accompanied home by Albert Talbert, who is visiting relatives in and near town.

Scholten News:  The school closed at Mars Hill the 9th.

Scholten News: Ed and Virgie Hilton have gone to attend school at Washburn.

Scholten News: Rev. A. K. Gurley will preach at Marsh Hill church next week.

Scholten News: J. O. and J. W. Ellis have moved to Flat Creek and gone into business.

Scholten News: John Wiley has brought A. M. Hilton's interest in the dry goods store at this place.

Scholten News: Sherman Burton's little baby has been quite sick for some two or three weeks, with fever and heart trouble.

Scholten News: Uncle Bill Downs has bought John Ellis' farm and will move next week. Ellis is going back to Clay Hill barrens to live.

Seligman News: John Wilkerson is assisting Reese & Co., this week.

Roaring River News: Richard Talbert is shaking hands with his old neighbors this week. He says his wife and family are well but anxious to get back to old Barry.

McDowell News: T. J. Ellmore of Cassville visited his daughter, Mrs. G. G. Bayless, Saturday and Sunday. [Elmore]

McDowell News: The daughter of Orin Mills, 2 miles west of McDowell, is again sick; but the general heath of the country is good. 

Washburn News: C. H. McClure of Mineral Springs was in town Tuesday and visited our school. 

Strayed: One bay horse mule, 1 year old, with new rope tied to his neck. C. W. Claycomb.

Justices Court

Before Squire Henry Davis, Corsicana, Feb. 17th.

State vs. James Coatney for removing guide board; plea of guilty and fined $1.

State vs. James Swindle; disturbing neighborhood of Corsicana; jury trial, fined $1. and costs.

State vs. General Sooter, James Coatney and Chas. O'Neal, same; plea of guilty and fined $1. each. 

Licensed to Wed:


James B. O'Callahan, 22, Monett & Clara May Wilson, 20, Butterfield

Russell A. Cassidy, 30, Mano & Manda Isabell Chinpeel?, 18, Mano

Leander Weaver, McDowell & Nancy S. Stubblefield, 20, Roark

William Stewart, Purdy & Mary Samantha Roden, 21, Butterfield

March 1, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

William Shelton reported Monday that the protracted meeting at Eagle Rock, conducted by Elders Lamb and Smallwood, was continuing with good interest, four conversions having been reported.

Squire M. H. Roberts of Golden reported Monday the recent death of Mrs. Edward Clanton and Mrs. W. J. Bartmess, Saturday. They were both buried in the Clanton Cemetery, the latter Sunday. Services conducted by Rev. W. C. Gilbert.

A. Horrell of Shell Knob, after many months of sickness, was in the city Tuesday. For along time it was not though she would recover. he corrects our report for his mother-in-law's death

Mrs. W. A. Smith is quite low with pneumonia and consumption.

W. D. Manley spent Monday in Capps Creek looking upland that belongs tot the estate of the late Andy Hopkins.

The John Reed property sold Monday to Geo. M. Goodnight, H. Horine, L. Beasley and M. Vaughan.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Townsend of he Territory are visiting relatives here this week.

Geo. W. Howard of Peirce [Pierce] City is visiting his cousin, C. A. Howard, and step son Rob't Herrin, of Mineral Springs.

Ed Woods of Newton County is a guest pro tem of Sheriff Goodnight, having been brought over Thursday to await trial in this court on change of venue, on a charge of obtaining goods under false pretenses.

Died, Friday, Feb 23rd, Sarah F., wife of H. M. Harbert of Cassville of pneumonia. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. J.C. Sellers, after which the remains were interred in the Cassville Cemetery. Mrs. Harbert, whose maiden name was Shahan, was born in Carroll Co., Ark., and was 52 years old.

Died, Wednesday, Feb 22nd, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mackay of Butterfield. This was the remaining twin, the other dying some days before.

W. R. Talbert will go to Siloam Springs, Ark., soon, to take charge of his saw mill.

Vince Neeley has gone to Madison Co., Ark., to trade a horse.

Jimmie Jefferson is quite ill with catarrhal fever.

Butterfield News: Uncle Wheeling Combs is building a residence just south of the old pubic well.

Butterfield News: Uncle Peter Young is enjoying the nothing sensations of the neuralgia.

House District: Louis McNally took charge of his farm last Monday.

Hamp Taylor of Golden is out of luck and one of the dirtiest blind tigers in the county is broken up. He thought he could illegally sell whiskey and did. Not wishing to stand trial here he took a change of venue to Lawrence County, where he was wanted for the same offence and was re-arrested on three indictments. When he went to trial at Mt. Vernon he saw his goose was cooked in two cases anyway, and plead guilty in those. L. R. M. Harbert of Golden was main witness. In two cases he went to trial but was convicted and is now in duranee ville serving out his sentences. 

Mexican Veteran Association

The meeting of the soldiers of the Mexican War residing in Southwest Missouri, was held at he court house in Neosho on Thursday afternoon, February 22nd. The chairman for the meetings was M. R. Nevins, president of the association and the proceedings were in charge of Daniel Monroe, the secretary of the organization.

The minutes for the last meeting were read and approved.

Roll call was ordered and the following veterans answered to their names.

M. R. Nevins, Co. I, 5th Indiana, age 67 years.  

John Farmer, Co. A, 2nd Illinois, age 73 years.

Snyder Rambo, 4th U. S. Infantry, age 71. This veteran has never used eye glasses.

A. C. Cloud, Co. A, 2nd Arkansas, age 67 years.

Henry Williamson, Co. A, 1st U.S. Infantry, age 83.

Daniel Monroe, Co. N. 2nd Mo., Va., age 65 years.

W. C. Berkley, Co. D, 16 &. S. Infantry, age 67 years.

John H. Courtney, Co. C, Willock Battalion, MO, age 71.

Austin P. Merrill, Co. E, 2nd Miss., age 64.

V. L. Commors?, Co. K. 1st Tenn., age 65.

H. L. Preobad?, Co. I, 4th Tenn., age 65 years.


The association voted to hold their next meeting Oct 11, 1894 at Granby, MO, a reduction was then passed, thanking the citizens of Neosho for the cordial reception they rendered them, and after the transaction of some important business the meeting adjourned. Neosho M & M  

March 8, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

Chas. Talbert and Chas. Lee returned from Siloam Springs, AR, Saturday, where they had been to see about starting up the former's mill. They expect work to soon resume on the railroad south of Siloam and will go down the fore part of next week.

The White River hog case, which took so many to Mt Vernon last week, was continued until next term of court and the witnesses returned home Wednesday.

Died, Thursday, March 1st, Susan Townsend, age 81 years, 2 months, and 28 days.

Susan Logan was born in Rhea Co., Tenn., Dec 3, 1812. In 1835, with her parents, she came to this county and Oct 19, 1836, was united in marriage with Rev. Greenfield Buchanan, a Cumberland Presbyterian minister, by Rev. W. T. Larremore. Mr. Buchanan died in 1838 and in Aug. 2, 1839 she became the wife of Winford G.    Townsend. 

By Mr. Buchanan she had one child, Vesty, who married Elijah M. Moore of Washburn. By her later marriage there were born Samantha S. (Cravens), Mary E. (Burton), Nancy P. (Price), Ludenia P. (Smith, Emma C. (Wynne), Penelope A. (Bennington), Sarah C. and Cornelia A. Of these Mesdames Burton, Price, Smith, Wynne and Bennigton survive her. The place of her death had been her some for 48 years, and was entered from the government by Mr. Townsend. She had continuously resided there except from Feb. 1862 to the spring of 186_, when they were refugees in Paris, Tex. 

Professing religion in early life she united with the Cumberland Presbyterians and remained with them until death, about 65 years. The remains were laid to rest by the side of her late husband, in the Cassville Cemetery, Saturday, the services being conducted from the Union Church, by Rev. E.W. McCracken.

Died, Sunday, March 4th, Gennette Elizabeth Harbert, daughter of H. M. Harbert, aged 19 years, 1 month, and 27 days.

Twice within ten days was Mr. Harbert and children called to mourn the loss of a loved one - first the wife and mother and next the daughter and sister. Nettie was born in Barry County, Jan 7, 1874. At the age of 15 she joined the Christian Church, for which her mother had been a member for some 25 or 30 years. Believing that death was near, she called for friends and requested to sing and pray for her. Her selections, Am I a Soldier of the Cross, I will Arise and go to Jesus, I am going Home to Die no More, and Amazing Grace, were rendered between which she confessed to wrong doing and asked forgiveness of all. She talked at length and asked all to meet her in heaven. She died at 4 p.m. assured that she would rest in peace. The remains were interred by her mother's side in the Cassville cemetery, Monday, where as she requested "Fathers Will You Meet Me," was sung and prayer offered by Rev. R. G. Mitchell.

Her funeral services will be preached at some future time. D.A. Cole. 

Died, Feb 26th, of pneumonia, James H. H., son of John R. and Martha M. Longmire, born Sept. 13th, 1870 in Osage Co., Kansas. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. R. G. Mitchell at the Baptist Church and the body interred in the Cassville Cemetery.

Washburn News: Mr. Lane and family have moved back to Gunter Creek.

Washburn News: We understand Gen. Brixie was married Sunday, March 4th to Miss Mollie Erwin, of near Exeter. We wish them a long life of unalloyed happiness. [Research Note: General Brixey, age 28, married Mary J. England, age 16, on March 3, 1894, by E. W. McCracken, MG. Book G, page 387.]

Oliver's Prairie News: Levi Tucker went to White River this week to see his cousin, Judge R. Tucker whom he has not seen in along time.

Oliver's Prairie News: Mrs. Janice Ghan died last Sunday and was buried at the Muncey Chapel Cemetery, Monday.

Oliver's Prairie News: Mrs. Hugh Phillips has been very sick for the last week. Spinal fever was the complaint.

The last will and testament of W. M. Price, dec'd of Seligman, was probated Thursday, C. C. Fawver and P.M. Frost being the witnesses. W. S. Price was appointed executor and letters testamentary were granted him.

Licensed to Wed:

Fritzhugh Biggs, 22, Lebanon & Mary J. England, 16, Cassville

John C. Baker 23, Cassville & Lille O. Hines, 23, Cassville

General Brixey, 28, Washburn & Mollie Erwin, 18, Exeter

Benjamin H. Porter, 30, Monett & Clara Fellwock, 18, Monett

John F. Shull, 56, Butterfield & Missouri Magowan, 22, Butterfield  [McGowan]

March 15, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

H. H. Myers Killed: While at work in the sandstone quarry, one mile south-west of the city at nine o'clock, Friday, H. H. Myers was caught beneath falling rock and instantly killed. It is not known at what hour he met his death, but from the condition of the body, it is supposed he had been dead at least two hours when found by a passing farmer, who discovered his feet sticking out from beneath the huge rock which had fallen. The body was conveyed to his house, in the north part of town. He leaves a wife and four children. The funeral will occur tomorrow. Monett Eagle

Mrs. C. Dunnavant moved to Mineral Spring Thursday.

For Sale: A span of coming 3 year old mules about 15 hands high. Will sell cheap for cash. E. M. Barr, Cassville, Mo.

J. S. Little of Mayflower will be a candidate for Justice of the Peace for Ash township at the next general election.

Died Friday, Feb 23, Sarah E., wife of H. M. Harbert, of Cassville, of pneumonia. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. C. Sellers, after which the remains were interred in the Cassville Cemetery. Mrs. Harbert, whose maiden name was Shahan, was born in Carroll Co., AR, and was 52 years old.  

Geo. Jackson of Kings Prairie, who had the misfortune to injure his shoulder very severally met with a second accident by being thrown from a cart, this time, breaking his arm or shoulder. It is feared that it will terminate fatally, as he is very low.

It is intimated that J. B. Hudson of Br_eeville is again a democratic candidate for sheriff.

S. L. Moore of Washburn has secured an interest in the produce business of Jno. P. Hamilton and they will occupy the Jones building after Monday.

Sam Moore, of Washburn, has sold his interest in the Black Bro's & Moore business at Butterfield to the other parties.

John Manley and family of this place and Hamp Kniskeru and family of King's Prairie left Monday for Salem, Oregon.

F. M. Warner has moved his jewelers outfit from Messer's to room 4 Bayless Block.

George Dilbeck returned last week from Yell Co., AR, where he had traded stock for a farm.

Uncle John Fishero reported seeing the missing link, alias Fred Van Karpenstein, at Springdale, AR.

Mineral Springs News: Joseph C. Burton, died March 12, 1894, age 22 years. He leaves a widow less than 16 years old to mourn his loss.

March 22, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

Mineral Springs Items: Married at the residence of Judge Harris, March 11, 1894, James C. Davis of Cassville and Miss Nettie Maxwell of Panacea, A. Harris, Esq. officiating.

House District: Cas. Vinyard saw the cougar again Tuesday night, he said.

Deacon Bayless and Albert Freeze are opening up a lane between their farms. This makes a nice pass way to church. 

Mineral Springs News: Died, Saturday, March 17, Katie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Pennel of Gunter, age 12 years, 2 months, and 22 days, from a relapse of measles, Katie was a general favorite and will be greatly missed. 

Mineral Springs News: Uncle John Weaver had a cow die Monday morning that had been acting strangely for some days. It was thought by some that she had hydrophobia and more likely she was poisoned by something. 

Mineral Springs News: Joseph G. Burton died March 12, 1894, age 22 years. He leaves a widow less than 16 years old to mourn his loss. 

L. W. Kirby of Flat Creek will with others, soon start for Purcell, OK, where he will join his father, J. Q. Kirby, who recently went there. They will take a jaunt through the territory for pleasure and home seeking.

Died Saturday, March 17th, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. John Ferrell.  


March 29, 1894, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper

Died Tuesday, March 27th, John G., son of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Hawk, aged about two years. The remains were interred in the Cassville Cemetery, Wednesday, service were conducted by Rev. E. A. Frost. 

Circuit Court will convene Monday with nearly 250 cases docketed, 249 being placed as we go to press, divided into 83 criminal and 177 civil cases. The most important of the later are the attachment cases against I. Kahn, Monett, and M. S. McMahan, Exeter, and that of Missouri Trust Co. vs. I. F. Jones, 35 et al, involving some 3,000. The divorce cases number 16. Aside from 48 whiskey cases, the most important criminal cases are of the follows: State v. John R. Mitchell, burglary and larceny.

State v. G. B. Draper, embezzlement.

State v. Geo. Jackson, grand larceny. [Note: Incomplete listings]  

On Monday, April 2nd, I will open my sweet potatoes for sale. Parties desiring some will please call at that date. 34. Alfred G. Henbest.

The two year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Sullivan, of near Jenkins, died last week.

Miss Linnie Munday, of Aurora, accompanied her father, W. W. Munday, to Cassville, and is the guest of Miss Lela Reynolds. 

John P. Stafford of Springdale, AR, came up Saturday night and was accompanied home Sunday morning by his mother, Mrs. Stafford, who had been spending the winter with her daughter, Mrs. E. Beasley.

Washburn had a narrow escape from a serious fire, Sunday, the store building of McClure Bros, catching fire. The fire was built in the partition and at the bottom was but an unprotected plank. This burned through and the fire dropping down burned through the floor and also set fire to the partition. The roaring of the fire attracted the attention of those present, who by prompt action, extinguished it before much damage was done. A large keg of powder was sitting against the burning portion which was rolled safely away, but not before it got quite hot.

Licensed to Wed:

William T. Gann, 22, Herd, AR & Dora DeForrest, 19, Herd, AR

Joseph F. Jones, 25, Roark & Annie B. Burkhart, 17, McDowell

Charles W. Boles 53, Claremore, I. T. & Agnes M. Boles, Cadillac, Mich.

Thomas M. Smith, 26, Cassville & Martha Slave 19, Madry

Paul Reynard, 29, Monett & Mary A. Courdin, 22, Monett



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