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An interlibrary loan of microfilm from the Missouri Historical Society was the source for the below given data.

Jan 5, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

Washburn News: Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Pease accompanied their daughter Ella, who married Jamie Mooney, to Miami, I. T. Saturday morning.  [Research Note: James Alvin and Jenetta Fetrow are the Pease family that is mentioned, and Jamie and Ella married Dec 28, 1898 in Miami, Indian Territory. Jennie Mooney who married Wesley Denbo was living there at the time and Wesley was running a grocery store. Jamie worked in a grocery store there, presumably the Denbo's store.]

Bethel News: John Smith is now a citizen of Monett.

Shooting in Monett: Constable Jim Johnson of Purdy arrested Harry Glenn of Monett, Wednesday, on a charge of shooting his sweetheart, Mrs. Minnie Green, at Monett, and lodged him in jail that night. Glenn and Mrs. Green were playing with a pistol when it went off shooting the latter just above the nipple, the 38 bullet lodging in her back. Glenn started for a doctor becoming frightened start to run away. At Purdy he expected to catch a freight. As Mrs. Green refused to prosecute, Glenn has been turned loose.

Licensed to Wed:


Charles H. Shiney, 26, Exeter & Rebecca Morris, 22, Exeter

James H. Mooney, 21, Miami, I. T. & Mary Ella Pease, 16, Washburn

William R. Birks, 25, Corsicana & Martha A. Patton, 21, Corsicana

Jasper McCary, 26, Cassville & Reba Thompson, 21, Washburn

Oral C. Bare, 26, Silver City, Iowa & Etta Lee, 19, Cassville

Andrew Waddell, 25, Mano & Minnie M. Cunningham, 19, Mano

Jacob M. Eagle, 22, Verona & Luella Atkeson, 18, Waco

John D. Crow, 27, Golden & Mary Boyer, 20, Golden

John W. Elrod, 28 & Ada Smith, 19, Cassville

Elmer Allman, 32, Grangeville & Rosa Bassett, 23, Grangeville

James W. Crawford, 24, Cassville & Janie B. Copple, 27, Cassville

J. W. Legate, 26, Carr & Minnie Lee, 18, Golden


[Research Note: James Harvey Mooney and Ella Pease lived almost all their lives in Washburn. Both are buried in Washburn Prairie Cemetery. But for awhile after they were first married they lived at Miami, OK. Jennie Mooney Denbo and  her husband Wesley Denbo were there running a grocery store at that time. James and Janetta Pease, Ella's parents moved over there about that time. Jim Pease closed his saddle shop and opened one in Oklahoma and Jamie Mooney worked in the grocery store - probably in Denbo's store, but in about a year or so Pease and Mooney returned to Barry County and within a few years afterward Jennie died and Wesley Denbo also returned to Barry locating somewhere near Monett.]

Jan 12, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

Eagle Rock News: Born, Sunday night to Mr. and Mrs. James Gray, a  fine dish washer. Jim is better.

Eagle Rock News: Last Saturday John Simpson was reported to be going crazy.

Eagle Rock News: Married on last Thursday, Mr. George Skelton and Miss Mary Curry. May much happiness and prosperity await them in the future.

Eagle Rock News: John Pryor says he thinks he will possible get the county surveyor next time, as he has gotten so he can run out a man's hoes? with a plow line.

Probate Court Docket:

L. E. Borg, Dec'd Sarah E. Bork, Adm'r'x.

Rhonda Bond, Dec'd, H. C. Hutchens, Executor

R. B. Black Minor, J. F. Pilant, Adm'r

Elizabeth J. Clark, Minor, L. W. Badger, G. & C.

Bessie & Manley Dallas, Minor, D. L. Baylor, G. & C.

Gust Carlander, Dec'd, J. M. Bayless, Adm'r.

Hershal Dabney et al minors, Geo. W. Wills, G. & C.

Perry Green, Minor, S. E. Green, G. & C.

Cora & Mabel Johnson, Minors, C. W. Johnson, G. & C.

Jerry Lawson, Dec'd, James W. Gates, Adm'r.

Willis Lassiter, et al, Minors, Fred W. Scholten,  G. & C.

Mary S. E. Wellshear, Minor, John W. Hemphill, G. & C.

Jane Prevo, Dec'd, W. H. Goodnight, Executor.

Anton Pioteck, Dec'd, Anna Pioteck, Executrix

John P. Planchon, Dec'd, J. P. A. Planchon, Executor

Daniel Roller, Dec'd, Geo. S. Roller, Adm'r.

William J. Roberson, Dec'd, Perry G. Roberson, Adm'r.

Fred Shaffer, Dec'd, Jas. W. Gates, Adm'r.

Samuel B. Stansberry, dec'd, E. J. Stansberry, G. & C.

William Springer, Dec'd. J. F. Pilant, Adm'r.

James C. Stockton, Dec'd, M. A. Galloway, Adm'r.

Laura Stringer et al, Minors, Nancy C. Stringer, G. & C.

Nora May Suttles, Minor, Aaron Long, G. & C.

August Sass, Dec'd Julianna Sass, Executrix.

Thos. Stockton, et al Minors, Jas. M. Stockton, G. & C.

Isaac W. Taylor, Minor, J. W. LeCompte, G. & C.

Isaac Williams, Dec'd, Caledonia Williams, Adm'r's.

Florence A. Upton et al, Minors, J. T. Burgess, G. & C.

William Whittington, Dec'd, R. W. Whittington, Adm'r.

J. E. Woolford et al, Minors, J. W. Woodford, G. & C.

Carried Bardley et al Minors, J. F. Chastian, G. & C. 


Licensed to Wed:


Geo. W. Skelton, 34, Eagle Rock & Mary Curry, 20, Eagle Rock

Ambrose Kelley, 25, Corsicana & Ada Coatney, 19, Corsicana

Leslie Cargale, [Cargile] 18, Washburn & Maggie Waddall, 18, Washburn

Houston L. Thomas, 24, Purdy & Norma Mackey, 20, Butterfield

John W. Box, 28, Cassville & Parlee Widener, 19, Cassville

Enoch H. Piles, 22, Beaver & Mary E. Hadlow, 18, Eagle Rock

[Research Note: George Skelton and Mary Curry married Jan 5, 1899 in Barry Co., MO.]

Jan 19, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

An old settler in the person of Aunt Rachel Hawk passed away Monday, aged about seventy-seven years. She had resided near Cassville since before the war. Her remains were interred in the Cassville Cemetery Tuesday, after service by Rev. J. W. Ennes.

Oliver's Prairie: Miss Fannie Painter is visiting her sister, Mrs. Nannie Pastor, near Carthage.

Eagle Rock News: The dance at John Munceys' was well attended Saturday night. Those present say they had an all round good time.

Eagle Rock News: Saturday, Willie Dell bought a span of yearling mules from Uncle Boon Haddock for $60. to be paid for in work at $10. per month. Good luck to Willie. This looks like he would prosper in the future. [Research Note: Boon was a son of Charles and Sarah (Collins) Haddock.]

Eagle Rock News: Thursday Night a dog belonging to Moses Farwell went mad and after biting Albert, his son, and one of his horses and a mule colt, left home and was next seen on Cedar, at Bouyer's and Jim Platt's, where he bit several other dogs and was killed.

Seligman News: Mrs. John Wilkerson of Monett and Mrs. C. C. Fawver of Seligman board the train Tuesday morning for Sherman, Tex., where they will visit for one week their brother, Charles Hemenway.

Forest Grove News: Will Cook's school closed on Gaddis Hollow, and he too, has gone to Stotts City.

Another News: Mr. Pease will move to Miami, I. T. to go in business. [Research Note: James Alvin Pease's daughter was living there. She was Ella Mae, the wife of Jamie Mooney.]  

Washburn News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Oberg, a girl.

Washburn News: Born Jan 12, to Mr. and Mrs. V. Phillips, a daughter.

Washburn News: Married Jan 8, Leslie Cargile to Miss Maggie Waddell.

Washburn News: Born, Jan 8th, to Mr. and Mrs. John Black, a daughter.

Washburn News: Charlie Hancock of Scholten, who has been attending school here, returned home last week, having been sick since the holidays. [Research Note: Charles Tuggle Hancock married Viola Lacey Butler, Aug 21, 1904, in Barry Co., MO. He was a son of Rev. Golman Buford and Mary Minerva (Burris) Hancock.]

Licensed to Wed:


John E. Kern, 53, Seligman & Melvin R. King, 23, Seligman

William Cole, 23, Exeter & Rosa Brattin, 18 Exeter

John R. Wallen, 25, Cassville & Ida G. Perrine, 28, Cassville

Jan 26, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

Ash News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. George Easley, a fine boy. Mother doing well and father improving.

Ash News: The many friends of Charley Jimerson was sorry to hear of his death.

Eagle Rock News: Friday, George Apple of Seligman was doing business in our burg.

Eagle Rock News: Monday, Henry Dell of Mano sold a four-year old mare to George M. Goodnight of Cassville for $20.

Washburn Prairie News: Mrs. Sol. Sparkman is visiting her mother, Mrs. Montgomery of True Love, who is dangerously ill.

Ash News: Mrs. Richard Morgan, who was Visiting relatives near Springfield has returned home. Her sister, Miss May Armstrong, accompanied her.

Ash News:  Mrs. Ella Ford whom we stated was very sick, has since passed away to her reward in the far beyond. She was a member of the M. E. Church South and was conducted in her last resting place under their form.

Ash News: Dr. G. W. Van Zand's children, who are completing their education at Pea Ridge, have been on the sick list. Miss Edna, the oldest, is taking the advantage of a good education in music, as well as literature. Her father purchased an organ and the people say she performs nicely and with a little voice culture will sing lovely.

Mano News: Bill Hilburn returned home Saturday, from Muscogee, I. T., where he has been to drive a team through for some parties.

Washburn: Mr. Pease and Mr. Lamb are preparing to ship their household goods and stock of saddles and harness to Miami, I. T., where Lamb and Pease are going to continue the saddle and harness business. [Research Note: James Alvin Pease]

Washburn News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Sage, a golly smoliking [sic] fine carpet rag tacked.

Licensed to Wed:


Daniel Clark, 21, Monett & Mary E. Connor, 15, Pierce City

George Dixon, 28, Aurora & Malissa Hanley, 35, Aurora

Henry W. Fly, 23, Purdy & Maude Moore, 18, Purdy

Andrew J. Weston, 27, Cassville & Zourie L. McMullin, 21, Cassville

Martin C. Flemming, 24, Monett & Ellen T. Fitzgerald, 22, Pierce City

Feb 2, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

Gunter School

Report of Gunter school for the month ending Jan 27. Enrollment 69, average daily attendance 72.05. The following is a list of the student who took the examination and made a grade of 90 per cent. [scores not typed.] Etta Bullington, Monroe Bullington, Norman Russell, W.R. Prier, Thos. Mizer, Edith Giddings, Oma Smith, Bertie Smith, Dora McCall, Luther Terry, Lille Hugbey, Bertha Blalock, Alvin Crane, Mollie Ulmer, Lola Lewis, Hattie Bullington, Willie Terry, Bennie Lewis, Benj. Terry, Loyd Buchanan, Ella Ulmer, John Laidlaw, Cordelia Clark and Elmer Buchanan. W. E. Hankins Teacher

Seligman News: Mrs. Elizabeth Beaver, deserted wife of Patten Beaver, died the last of last week, 83 years old.

Seligman News: Frank Hobbs died Monday night of pneumonia. He leaves a wife and five children in poverty and distress.

Ash News: Joseph Gann, formerly of this county, recently died at Gentry, Benton Co., Ark., leaving a wife and six children. He was a member of the Church of God, Eld. G. W. Bell, Pastor. [Research Note: Joseph Gann was a son of Adam Carter and Mary (Lemons) Gann.]

Corinth News: Ed Daugherty and Tom Van Zandt returned Friday from Galena, Kansas, where they have been visiting for three weeks.

Corinth News: Grandma Ireland is visiting her son, Christopher Ireland. [Research Note: Mary Haddock married John Ireland, their son John Christopher Ireland was born Dec 9, 1850. Christopher married Mary E. Cox and died in Cassville. Mary Haddock was a daughter of Zachariah and Chloe (Albritton) Haddock.]

Licensed to Wed:


Henry E. Allmon, 20, Leann & Aminda Hilton, 19, Scholten

James M. Sisney, 18, Mineral Spring & Belle Bowen, 18, Hailey

Brit Carlin, 24, Monett & Eliza F. Williams, 20 Monett

Feb 9, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

Licensed to Wed:


Winfield B. Roller, 35, Washburn & Jennie B. Park, 16, Washburn

Obadiah Stockton, 24, Jenkins & Phoeba Ann Thomas, 14, Jenkins

Mortie A. Duncan, 24, Rock Comfort & Louis A. Allman, 21, Rocky Comfort

Will F. Simes, 32, Monett & Jennie R. King, 20, Monett



Feb 16, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

New Salem News: Adam Skelton has an English fox hound.

Mineral Spring: George Earle and wife of Cassville visited the latter's' aunt, Mrs. J. Miller while tending the Institute at this city.

Eagle Rock News: Died, Thursday, Angie Bradford, from burns inflicted two weeks ago. The remains were interred Saturday, at the Muncey grave yard. [Munsey]

Eagle Rock News: The house of Leroy Whittington was burned Monday. The origin of the fire is not known. The loss is total having saved nothing but the clothes they wore.

Purdy News: Mrs. Geo Moore and Isabell Turner both of Purdy, have shaken their mortal coll? since our last writing. They were affectionate wives and loving mothers. A place is vacant in their homes, which can not be filled. The  bereaved families have our sympathy.

It is rumored that Frank Wilder of Mineral Spring and Miss Minnie Davis of Rogers, AR, have been united in the bonds of matrimony. If so, good luck to you.

Grand Jurors:

A. N. Woody, Flat Creek;

Joe Duroscelt, Ash;

Wm. Turner, Liberty;

Henry Brown, Shoal Creek;

George Earle, Exeter,

W. G. Haynes, Monett;

John Hagler, Kings Prairie;

Isaac Williams, Crane;

John Holland, Capps Creek;

Ab. Galloway, Mountain;

David Calton, Pleasant Ridge;

Hasting Fulton, Washburn.


Licensed to Wed:


Wm. Livesay, 70, Beaver, AR & Evaline Cargile, 66, Monett

H. E. Kirby, 38, Monett & Martha M. Curry, 23, Monett

Feb 23, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

Ash News: The recent report that Joseph Gann is dead proves to be untrue.

Corinth News: Mr. Ireland is talking of moving to Joplin soon.

Corinth: Elder Swiger will preach at Corinth Saturday and Sunday. [Research Note: This is Rev. James A. Swiger wife of Penelope Haddock.]

Oak Ridge News. Mr. Laney lost a good cow last week.

Oliver's Prairie: Married at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Duncan, Feb 15, Dudley Ellis and Miss Ora Duncan, Rev. F. L. Largin, officiating. They will remain a few days with the bride's parent, after which they will go to Vinita, I. T., where they will make their future home.

Obituary: Chloe E., wife of Metfred Y. Setzer, died at her home two miles west of Cassville, Feb 18, 1899, age 54 years, 8 months and 18 days. She professed religion and joined the M. E. Church, South, in September 1858, in Mooksville, NC, and lived faithfully until God took her. She was afflicted 24 years but manifested at all times submission to the Lord's will. She was the mother of eight children, four of whom preceded her to the spirit land. She was a faithful wife and mother sharing the responsibilities in the spirit of Christ. She leaves a dear weeping husband and four children  together with many relatives and friends to mourn their loss. But she is happy being with Jesus and those loved one in the place of mansion where there is no more death neither sorrow, nor crying neither shall there be any more pain.

Licensed to Wed:


G. W. Johnson, 46, Monett & M. J. Willholt, 48, Monett

S. W. Skaggs, 21, Monett & Myrtle Nelson, 18, Pierce City

W. B. Searcy, Exeter & Mrs. M. E. Doyel, Exeter

Joseph V. Shull, 29, Butterfield & Etta Bullington, 19, Butterfield

Charles Woodard, 34, Mayflower & Nancy Sprinkles, 17, Seligman

Otis O. McCary, 22, Washburn & Manta Frost, 22, Seligman

John M. Woodard & Polly A. Burnett, 19, Washburn

Jacob E. Son, 21, Monett & Elisha F. McCormack, 36, Monett


[Research Note: John Marion Woodard was the son of John Adolphis "Dolly" Woodard and his wife Kerrie Frances Braziel. Polly Agnes Burnett was the daughter of John Talbert and Susan Ellen (Masoner) Burnett. They moved to Barry County from the Platte Co., MO area. John Adolphis Woodard was the brother of Charles Woodard who is also mentioned above. Charles and John Adolphis "Dolly" Woodard were the sons of George Washington "Wash" Woodard who came to Barry County, MO, from Rappahannock Co., VA. Wash Woodard was hanged by bushwhackers. John Talbert Burnett and wife Susan Ellen Masoner are buried at Antioch Cemetery near Exeter. John Marion and Polly (Burnett) Woodard are buried at Roller, which borders Barry County but is in McDonald County.]


[Research Note: John Marion Woodard was listed in the home of his father on the Federal Census of 1880 in McDonald County, MO, Center Twp; John D. Woodard (called him Dolly or Dolphis), age 32, born Virginia, and lists both parents listed as born in Virginia. Francis, his wife, was age 23, born in TN, both parents she said were born in TN; John, age 4, born in MO; Drepha, age 3, born in MO; and Charles, age 16, brother living with them born in MO. Father in Virginia and mother born in TN. (He had different mother from John D. or Dolphis Woodard - John Adolphis Woodard).

John Marion Woodard's social security card listed his birth date as 12 Aug 1874 and his address at the time of his death, 15 Dec 1966, was at Washburn, Barry Co., MO.

In 1900, John M. Woodard stated that he was born Sept of 1875 in MO, and that both of his parents were born in Virginia, Pollie A. was born Feb 1880 in MO, and her father was born in MO, and her mother in TN. Child Keet L. was born in MO, Jan 1900. They lived in Center Twp. of McDonald Co., MO.]

March 2, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

Married at the residence of the bride, three miles south of Purdy, Feb 26, William N. Alman and Miss Eva A. Palmer of Purdy, J. W. Ennes saying the word. The young couple start out pleasant surroundings. Good luck to you Mr. and Mrs. Alman. Jennie Lynn

Obituary: Died at his home near Roark, February 2, Enos Stubblefield, age 48 years, one of Barry County's best citizens, a good neighbor, husband, and father, loved by all who knew him. Death stops not at windows, tears, or the pitiful moans of orphans. He knows no differences of place or blood, or wealth. His body surround by by loving friends and relatives, was gently laid to rest in the Stubblefield Cemetery to rise again to meet he Judge of all. He leaves a wife and ten children, an aged mother, two brothers, and a sister to mourn his loss. To them we extend our sympathy. Services by Mrs. M. A. Hutchens. [Included poem at end.]

Another News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roller, a fine boy weighing twelve pounds.

Another News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Rado Fisher, a son, Feb. 20.

New Salem News: Aunt Elizabeth Roller is up and around after the measles.

Aix News: Adam Skelton, the owner of the fastest fox hound in Barry County, was milling here Friday. 

Purdy News: Mrs. G. W. Arnhart is visiting her mother in Fairland, I. T.

Another News: John Summey is having some clearing done.

Pleasant Ridge News: A. J. Eden and T. M. Purdom exchanges places Thursday, the latter moving back on his farm; the former moving on Mr. Huse's farm.

Corder News: S. M. Oakley and sisters are fixing a store at Marbut's Mill.

Antioch News: Wm. and F. A. Freeze are clearing a considerable amount of new land.

New Site News: T. Fleetwood has been gripping. Mrs. Susan Haddock and others who were on the sick list are slowly recovering. [Research Note: Gripping - slang for the lagrippe, probably a flue type of sickness.] 

Licensed to Wed:


William N. Allman, 24, Purdy & Eva A. Palmer, 21, Purdy

William A. Clement, 22, Purdy & Melinda Pennel, 18, McDowell [Pennell]

Leroy Smith, 29, Exeter & Elva Pulley, 18, Washburn

Quinton Sanders, 20, Exeter & Martha Larue, 15, Exeter

James T. Landers, 37, Reeds & Sadie Spawr, 22, Dale

Emanuel J. Biller, 51, Wentworth & Mrs. Annie Poor, 35, Purdy

Joel Periman, Washburn & Nancy S. Daugherty, Washburn [Perriman]

Lewis M. King, 81, Chickalah, Ark. & Emma Sugg, 26, Chcikalah, Ark.

Joseph C. Barker, 28, Cassville & Gustie W. Edens, 27, Cassville

March 9, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

Another News: Monroe Pendergraft visited home folks a few days last week; but has returned to Oronogo, Robert P. going with him.

Obituary: Died at his father's home near Liberty Hill, Thursday, March 2, Joseph F. Layton, son of Seaborn and Nancy Layton, age 20 yeas and 4 months. He was born and raised in this community and leaves a weeping mother, father, sister, and three brothers with many friends to mourn the loss, which we hope is His eternal gain. Surrounded by loving friends and relatives, his body was gently laid to rest in the Concord Cemetery, after services by Rev. Grimes.

Aix News: Charley Bradford of Eagle Rock has moved to the Haddock place.

Butterfield News: John F. Shull started Sunday night for an extensive visit with relatives and friends in Tennessee.

Madry News: The infant babe of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shaffer died the 2nd and was buried in the Forbis grave yard. They have our sympathy.

Madry News: March 6th, was Grandma Lusk's birthday. She was 90 years old. The neighbors gave her a grand dinner. Her children, grandchildren and great-grand children were present and a splendid good time was had.

Eagle Rock News: Feb 23, Bob Curry and Monroe Skelton left for Loveland, Col.

Eagle Rock News: Nath Dell has been reported sick with measles, but it proved to be a severe case of grip.

Eagle Rock News: Frank Pryor may have to have one of his legs amputated on account of disease.

Gunter News: Rev. M. M. Whittington filled his appointment at the Mt. Sinai Church, Sunday.

Corinth News: Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Patton, a daughter.

Corinth News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Brownlow Hopkins, a fine girl, Friday, March 8.

Corinth News: Chris Ireland and son-in-law George Setzer, and wife went to Joplin, Friday, on a visit and business. [Research Note: George Setzer Hodges was the son-in-law of John Christopher Ireland and he was married to Laura Ireland, May 5, 1895.  John Christopher Ireland was a son of John and Mary (Haddock) Ireland and a descendant of Zachariah and Chloe (Albritton) Haddock.]

Licensed to Wed:


W. H. Lipe, 24, Purdy & Carrie L. Blakeslee, 24, Purdy

Pinkney L. Barnes, 20, Seligman & Mattie E. Still, 17, Washburn

James E. Houston, 24, Purdy & Nora M. Sons, 19, Cassville

Joseph A. Kates, 21, Osa & Bessie McAllister, 18, Osa

George W. Russell, 21, Ergo & Manda A. Riddle, 18, Butterfield

Mar 16, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

Eagle Rock News: Born Saturday night to John and Nancy Pollard, a 12 pound boy.

New Site News: Died at the home of her parents, near Purdy, March 18, Miss Minnie Wormington., Deceased was a young lady well beloved by, all who knew her. The morning family have the sympathy of many friends. Minnie had been sick for some time and we hope our loss will be her eternal gain.

Miss Minnie Wormington, age 21, daughter of Robert Wormington of Stone's Prairie died.

Shady Grove News: Jim Bailey was buried in the Russell graveyard Friday, after funeral services at the residence conduced by Eld, J. F. Stogsdill.

News Site News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Warner, a fine son, March 11. Mother and son reported doing well.

Bethel News: Grandma Smith is having a siege with the grip. [Research Note: Sarah Frances (Singleton) Smith died in 1905 and is thought to be buried at Bethel Cemetery. She was married to Giles Ira Smith, who removed to Texas and then Oklahoma where he died in 1889.]

Died, Jack Harris, age 22, on Roaring River, died of pneumonia. [abstract]

Died, James Spain of Purdy, age over 70. [abstract]

Obituary: Died at her home 2 1/2 miles north of Dale, Feb 8,  Addie, daughter of J. C. & America Pryor, age 18 years, of consumption. She embraced religion when quite young but had back-slidden [sic]. A few months before her illness she was reclaimed and died praising her Savior. She left to mourn her loss a loving mother, father, and brother to whom we extend our heartfelt sympathy. Addie was a sweet child loved by all who knew her. [Then a poem was given.]

Died, Simeon Powers, of Monett. The burial was in Stubblefield Cemetery. [abstract]

Pleasant Home News: Died Thursday, of spinal fever, Ben Sparvin's son, age twelve years. Buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery.

Eagle Rock News: Sunday, Uncle John Whittington received his second baptism when he slid off the foot log into Roaring River.

Another News: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lock Collier, a girl. Mrs. Collier nee Miss Lou Murray is at the home of her mother for a few weeks.

Forest Grove News: Grandpa Dempsey Newby died Sunday evening after a lingering illness of 41 days and was buried Monday at Mineral Springs. He was near 81 years old, an old unavailing believer in the Quaker faith. Being thrown away form his church hew as asked to put his membership elsewhere but is quick reply was "I belong to one congregation and won't make a change." In his quiet manner he preferred being alone, hence he would take his dogs and go to the woods. The day before his death his son J. W., said, "Pa, how is it with you?" He said, "All right," services conducted by L.  H. Taylor. Jennie Lynn  

Bethel News: Died March 6th, John L. Sullivan of Monett. The remains were interred in Lone Elm Cemetery, March 7.

Licensed to Wed:


John W. Tate, 55, Washburn & Georgia A. Rine, 33, Washburn

Charles O. Birkes, 32, Corsicana & Maggie McQueen, 16, Corsicana

Charles E. Santee, 25, Simcoe & Nanie E. Cloud, 19, Simcoe

E. . Lester Howell, 21, Monett & May Howell, 19, Monett

William Still, 33, Washburn & Mary Roberts, 28, Beaver, Ark. 

George Cope, 26, Beaver, Ark. & Hester Buttry, 28, Garfield, Ark.

Allen Thomas, 21, Jenkins & Nancy Stockton, 19, Jenkins

John W. Rimmer, 28, Butterfield & Nancy J. Fleming, 19, Butterfield

M. W. Williams, 56, Aurora & Eliza Zink, 40, Aurora

Mar 23, 1899, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

Bethel News: Robt. Long made a flying tip to Cassville last week.

Leann News: John Allmon has moved back to his homestead to make his future home for awhile.

A son of John Gillies, the Frisco railroad conductor who resides at Monett, died Monday and was buried yesterday with Masonic honors.

John Linebarger of Corsicana, recently sold a fossil to Yale University for $7.75. It sometimes pays to pick up money.

Judge Tucker of Golden was in the city Saturday to attend a meeting of the Jones bondsmen, which did not occur on account of the inclement weather.

Wm. H. Clark of Gunter made final roof on his homestead, Saturday, Squire J. T. Pennell and Roe Whittington being his witnesses.

Dr. B. T. Coppedge will sell his household goods at public auction April 1, preparatory to his start to Oklahoma.

Judge Pepper bought Dr. Coppedge's ten acre field on the hill Tuesday for $350.

Licensed to Wed:

John Brazeal, 26, Monett & Clareffie Huffman, 15, Monett

George W. Browning, 26, Exeter & S. Myrtle Eden, 17, Exeter


Mar 30, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

Corinth News: Elder Swiger filled his appointment Saturday and Sunday.

Corinth News: Charley Van Zandt has gone to Galena, Kansas, to work in the mines.

New site News: Luther Carlin is building a house on his farm. He intends to move in as soon as possible and to make a crop so as to be able to attended school next winter.

Berwick News: Miss Ada Fleetwood was visiting in this neighborhood returning home Sunday.

The dead body of a man was found in an empty box car at Monett, Saturday. The corner's inquest developed the fact that his name was C. J. Bedford of Lamar, MO, and that he had evidently been shot by an unknown part, robbed, and thrown into the car.

Lloyd Taylor, oldest son of James Taylor, living on the Cannon Gilmore farm, five miles east of town, age 18 years, while out hunting with Clyde Killingsworth on last Saturday evening, was accidentally shot by the latter and killed. He lived long enough to tell his father that it was an accident and no blame should be attached to his companion. Ash Grove Advance.  


Licensed to Wed:


John Charles Martin 22, Aurora & Mrs. S. A. Williams, 28, McDowell

Louis Vanderpool, 30, Washburn & Eva Stewart, 19, Washburn

B. F. Bushey, 38, Cassville & Sarah E. Thomas, 30, Cassville

Martin V. Sooter, 60, Cassville & Charity Owens, 47, Cassville

David M. Bingham, 20, Purdy & Clara A. Newberry, 18, Purdy

John A. Orahood, 29, Monett & Nina King, 29, Pierce City


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