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An interlibrary loan of microfilm from the State of Missouri Historical Society was the source of the below given data.

August 5, 1905, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

Mayflower News Items:  Rome Dent's mule threw him against a tree and broke his leg.

Washburn Prairie News Items: Lidge Burnett and family visited Mrs. Polly Weston, Sunday.

Purdy News: Born to Frank Royston and lady, July 21, a girl.

Purdy News: Born to Perry Trantham and lady, July 22, a son.

Purdy News: Born to Hiram Marbut and lady, 5 miles northeast of Purdy, July 21, a girl.

Purdy News: Miss Cora Roop of Republic is visiting relatives in Purdy.

Purdy News: Scott Archibald has resigned his position as head nurse at the Frisco hospital in Springfield and returned to Purdy to take charge of the Jed Carlin grocery store.

Purdy News Items: Cromo McCall has gone to Colorado. He has employment on a ranch there.

Purdy News: W. A. Boucher was lured away from his home last Friday night during which time the scholars of the Baptist Sunday School, of which Mr. Boucher is superintendent, with a number of invited friend's gathered with filed baskets tendering Mr. Boucher a surprise in honor of his 52nd birthday anniversary. The evening was spent in games and general good time. May Mr. Boucher see the passing of many more anniversaries.

Concord News Items: Little Sims' child, age 2 1/2 years, died Monday, of flux and was buried at Concord Tuesday.

Exeter News: Sidney Antle and lady have returned from a visit with their sons at Tulsa, I. T.

Exeter News: Miss Lilly Jones, one of Cassville's fairest daughters, visited this place on July 28.

Exeter News: Two of L. D. Brattin's boys have gone to the Indian Territory.

Exeter News: The mill dam of Morton Mill washed out last week.

Exeter News: Tom and Lon Shoopman and Otis Miller, living south of town, have gone to Kansas.

Exeter News: Henry Overton of Muskogee, I. T., was here last week.

Exeter News: Mrs. Keeling of Liberty township is recovering.

Exeter News: Maurice Ford will go to California.

Exeter News: Mrs. Nellie Dresback of Haskill, I. T., visited her father, J. C. Crane and family of near this place, last week.

Probate Court Docket:

Settlements due at the August term 1905, Monday Aug 14, 1905

Blankenship, L. J., dec'd - J. R. Blankenship, adm.

Dillsworth, Elizabeth, dec'd Jacob England, ex.

George, Albert L., minor - J. W. George, G. & C.

Webb, David, W., minor, S. D. Webb, G. & C.

Fly, wm. L. et al, minors - W. M. Fly, G. & C.

Long, Tabitha, dec'd C. W. Williams, admr.

Madden, James, dec'd - C. A. Patterson, admr.

Reno, Benj, dec'd - Mary Reno, Admx.

Ray, Martha L., insane, J. Ray, G. & C.

Tuesday, Aug 15, 1905

Stockton, T. J. dec'd - C. D. Manley, G. & C.

Saxe, Carl ? et al, minors - J. H. Saxe, G.& C.

Talbert, ? and Willie, minors, Dora Talbert, G. & C. 

Wasson, James M. dec'd - Rachel A. Wasson, Exe.

Wilder, Thomas, dec'd - L. Beasley, Exe.

Given with my hand on this ? day of July 1905. Frost, Probate Judge

Washburn News Items: Aunt Peggie Rhodes buried in Prairie Cemetery Friday of last week. The bereaved family have our heartfelt sympathy.

Washburn News Items: Henry Weston and lady visited his brother Walter of Powell, from Saturday till Monday. Walter is suffering with an abbess on his side. We hope for his speedy recovery. 

Washburn News Items:  Miss Kate Hopkins was the guest of Miss May Howard of Washburn Sunday.

Sol Beck, a former resident of near this city, died July 3, at Hamburg, Okla. He had gone to Texas for his health, but moved to Hamburg, Okla. His wife and children have or will move to her father's Rev. Marion Finney in Newton County.

Alba Williams of Scholten visited his brother C. W. Williams and lady near town Sunday and Monday. [Research Note: Elijah Alba Williams was married to Mildred Armetta Smyth, granddaughter of the Rev. G. B. Hancock.]

Jenkins News Items: Miss Ida Fare was called to the bedside of her father, O. W. Hickman last week, who is sick at the home of his brother north of Aurora, and is not expected to recover. 

Jenkins News Items: Harrison Wilson of Madry and Mrs. Alice McCormack of this place were married Sunday at the home of the bride's mother Mrs. Bailey. We extend congratulations. [July 30th, 1905]

A Mr. Earns of near Seligman is reported to have killed a rattle snake last week that beat Jim Catron's snake bad. It was 5 feet long, 8 inches around and had 17 rattles and a button. Dave Miller of Washburn Prairie is our informant.

W. L. Ennis living east of town, went to Nevada this week to see his father-in-law, Green Coppie, who is at the asylum there. He returned Tuesday morning, reporting that he could see no difference or improvement in Mr. Coppie's condition.

Married Sunday, July 30, 1905, at New Site Church, by Rev. J. T. Brattin, Guy Wormington of near Monett and Miss Clara Vermillion of Monett. The wedding was surprise to the congregation as no one but the immediate relatives knew they were to be married.

Married Sunday, July 30, 1905 at the home of the bride's parents near Rocky Comfort, by Rev. J. T. Brattin, Stephen P. Holmes and Miss Ida Daniels both of near Rocky Comfort.

Marriage Licenses:

Chas. J. Warren, Rogers, Ark. and Mary J. Sullinger, Purdy

James Higgs, Butterfield and Zula Garrison, Corsicana

H. H. Wilson, Madry and Alcy McCormick, Jenkins

S. J. Holmes and Ida Daniels, Rocky Comfort

Guy Wormington and Clara Vermillion, Monett

J. R. Mullins and Nellie Slankard, Pierce City

J. E. Clontz, Washburn, and Alsie Willie, Harrison, Ark.

E. B. Scroggins and Hattie Bowman, Washburn

W. E. McIntire and Mabel S. Berry, Cassville

H. F. Jones, Gordon City, Kansas & Nora Porter, Eureka Springs, Ark.

W. R. Connerly and Tom Greisler, Monett

August 12, 1905, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

Some person or persons attempted to gain entrance to Mrs. Helen Hobb's residence on night of ?. Mrs. Hobbs was awakened by a noise, got up, secured her pistol and snapped at the fellow but it failed to fire, until after the third time, when it fired, the ball passing through a screen door. Then the scoundrel run. Some one attempted to enter A. L. Brewn's residence the same night. The blood hounds were put on the tail of the fellow, and followed it out near M. Y. Seizer's residence, on the Exeter road.  

Seligman News Items: Jack Roller who sold out here a few months ago has bought a farm in Lawrence County.

Monett Stars: Mr. Eugene Morgan of Memphis, Tenn., will be married Wednesday August _9?, to Miss Ruth Gray of that city. Gene has the best wishes of a host of friends here. He is a nephew of Conductor Hal Kirk. Gene attended school here many years ago, and has many friends in this city, who will wish him well. ED Democrat.

Sam M. Ware of Springfield attended the reunion visited relatives and lots of friends here this week. Cassville people are eagerly proud of Sam because they believe he has a brilliant future before him. His mother was a native of Cassville and he was born here. He was highly complimented on the speech he made Wednesday at the reunion. He returned home this morning.

Ed Pike of Carthage was in town Saturday, looking after the fellow that was arrested at Eagle Rock for stealing horses.

The following visitors from Fairland, I. T., attended the reunion here this week: D. M. Vane, Wm. Carter, Vol Coln, Joe Moore, Dillen Holt, Ed and Jack Wallen, Madame Mattie Hale, John Bradley, J. A. England, Zella England, and Bob and Sherman Bradley, El and Rex Walker, John Hardin, Jim Chambers and John A. Cherry, manager base ball team.

Mrs. Geo. Davis and little daughter of Claremore, I. T. came in Sunday night to visit relatives, friends and the reunion.

L. W. Freeman of St. Louis came in Thursday and went to McDowell to visit his cousin, Mrs. J. H. McGuffin and family. He is a policeman in the 7th district in St. Louis. He has many friends and acquaintance in this city.

Mrs. Will McClure came in from Claremore, I. T., Tuesday morning on a visit to relatives and friends and to attend the reunion.

Mesdames Chas. Scott of Webb City and Wm. Russell of Grant, I. T., are visiting their parents Marsh Hutcheson and lady of this city.

Marriage Licenses:


John Allen and Emma Clifton, Viola

John Doty, Jenkins and Gem Prentice, Golden

James Smith and Myrtle Willis, Purdy

Lee Scavilie? and Mary Kirk, Ft Smith, AR


August 19, 1905, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

Marriage Notices:

T. H. Tutt and Lula Swinney, Monett

Wayland Crouch and Anna Black, Verona

Joseph Elbert and Lillie M. Patton, Cassville

Garland S. Johnson and Nellie Anderson, Exeter

Luther M. Shoemaker and Myra Hilton

A 10 year old son of B. F. Vanhook of near Shell Knob, while here last week attending the reunion fell Friday morning and broke his left arm, jut above the wrist on the C & W., switch in the ally. The arm was set and they returned home that day.

Chas. C. Martin spent several days on the White River farm this week. He will come back loaded with big fish tales and a monstrous corn crop down there.

Judge Pepper of Joplin, was in town yesterday, and his many old friends were glad to see him. He is looking well.

G. A. Turner and family of Hindsville, Ark., who visited his son Wm. Turner and family of this city, last week have returned home.

Sheriff Thomas received an urgent request Thursday to take his bloodhounds to Rocky Comfort as a store or residence had been burglarized the night before.

Bryon Walker is under quarantine regulations at Shreveport, LA, on account of the yellow fever and cannot get away from that place. He formerly resided here.

Wm Shockley was released from jail, on the 11th, and left town in a hurry. Geo. Zinn was released the same day.

Thos. Dodson of Jasper County will move his family to this place in a short time.

Miss Dollie Russell of Harrisonville, came in Tuesday night on a visit to J. W. LeCompte and family.

Bert Rupel and family of Aurora attended the reunion on the 11th, Mr. Rupel is assistant cashier of the Miners and Merchants Bank of Aurora, and his wife was formerly Miss Rose Abbott of Exeter.

Purdy News: Miss Myrtle Long's 16th birthday was celebrated Aug 4, by 40 friends gathering at her home.  [Research Note: Myrtle Emma Long was born Aug 4, 1889, and was the daughter of Hiram D. and Mary E. R. (Davis) Long. She married James McCracken and is buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Barry Co., MO.]

Listed are Union Soldiers with their current addresses - given as of August 1905.


August 26, 1905, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

County Court Proceedings [Click here to read]

Northwest Corner News Items: Miss Nancy Browning of Stone's Prairie is staying with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hisaw. [Research Note: Nancy was the daughter of Enoch D. Browning and his wife Sarah Hisaw. Sarah's parents were William and Nancy (Richardson) Hisaw.]

Stony Point News Items: Berry Price has a new daughter visiting at his house.

Deputy Sheriff Jackson arrested J. V. McCraw of Purdy, on six warrants, Aug 18, charging him with selling whiskey.

Campbell Bros. were arrested again last week, charged with violating the Sunday closing law. They readily gave bond.

Albert Ownes was released from jail on bond, on the 18th, and immediately arrested on a charge of perjury and again lodged in jail.

Washburn Prairie News Items: Geo. Arnhart of Fairland, I. T. visited relatives here Sunday.

Washburn Prairie News: Misses Anna and Dollie Russell of Harrisonville, Cass County, are visiting relatives and friends on Washburn Prairie, this week.

Pasley News Items: Little Dallas and Catherine Hailey of Kansas City have come to live with their cousins, Mrs. Frank Bushey and Mrs. Jno. Chasteen.

McDowell News Items: Miss Leora Coffin has gone to teach her school at Ozark.

Shell Knob News Items: Mrs. Lloyd Keith of near Cassville is visiting her son, Otis, this week.

Rock Springs News Items: Jake Roller had some very strange actions the 14th, and on making inquiry it was learned it was all caused by the arrival of a little girl at his house. Mother and babe doing well. We think Jake will be alright soon.

Rock Springs News Items: The Seamster Family Re-Union will be Sept 21, 22, 23, and 24. The Fawvers will also join them in a family re-union as they came to this country together.

Rock Springs News Items: Uncle Ben Oakley is in a very feeble condition.

Rock Springs News Items: Curtis Edens of Garfield, AR, was visiting here last week.

Rock Springs News Items: J. F. Bryson has sold his farm, to James Edens, the blacksmith at Bateman's Store. 

Rock Springs News Items: J. A. Roller has been quarrying and dressing some nice stone at the quarry on his farm for Mr. Wyatte of Rogers, Ark., who will haul them to his farm northwest of Rogers.

Rock Springs News Items: W. A. Fairchild has been chilling.

Rock Springs News Items: Joe Gregory, Frank Fine and others had a fox chase a few nights ago.

Monett Stars: Mrs. Emma Woodward of Forest Park died, August 18th. The remains were laid to rest at Purdy. 

Rock Springs News Items: J. F. Bryson has sold his farm to James Edens, the blacksmith at Bateman's Store.  

September 2, 1905, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

Purdy News Items: Rev. Swiger was given a very appreciable surprise last week on his 55th birthday, by a goodly number of his relatives and friends. Rev. Swiger has many friends in Cassville, who wish him many more such occasions.

Purdy News Items: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Higgs, a daughter, Aug 31st.

Purdy News: Mrs. Nora Robertson of Horton? Wash., is visiting her father T. L. Dunkerson who is very sick.

Purdy News Items: Wm. C. Pope has put in a pump and boiler, at the Whittington place to beat the water out of a mining chain.

Leann News Items: L. R. Suttles has been visiting his parents at this place the last week.

Leann News Items: Noah Thomas came very near cutting his foot off while chopping wood last week.

Leann News: Rev. John Thomas filed his regular appointment at this place Saturday night and Sunday at 11.

Washburn News Items: John Williams has gone to Kansas City.

Washburn News Items: A lady and gentleman passed through our town a few days ago in an automobile, en route to Eureka Springs.

Washburn News Items: P. R. Moffatt and lady are the parents of another daughter, born Aug 29.

County Court Docket: There were about 20 divorce cases scheduled on Thursday. There were a lot of cases scheduled for this docket for people who had been selling liquor, furnishing liquor to minors, and keeping their shops open for business on Sunday or on election day and a few for gambling. There were a few for disturbing the peace, and Annie Schroeter and also in another case for Harry Birkes were both scheduled as attempts of murder. There were also some cases of carrying concealed weapons and there were even a few for embezzlement, burglary, grand larceny, and forgery.

Mrs. John Goodnight of Stones Prairie, age 80 years took sick Saturday morning and serious hopes are entertained for her recovery. She  is the widow of the late John Goodnight and the mother of the late Geo. M. Goodnight. Mrs. J. A. Sartin of Benton County,  Mrs. and W. H., and T. S. Goodnight of near Monett.

Tomorrow, Sunday, Sept., 3rd, Mr. Eschol McKinney and Miss Flora Maiden, will be married a the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Emma Maiden of this city. Miss Flora was born and raised here in a splendid young woman with hosts of friends, that will be delighted to see her happily wedded. The groom Mr. Eschol McKinney is deputy recorded, a young man of fine business qualifications, and having been born and reared in this county, has numerous relatives and friends, who will heartily congratulate him on a successful marriage. We indulge in the sincere hope that their marriage life may be one of continued happiness and success.

Mrs. Tom Huff, south of town, is visiting at Galena, Kan.

Boone Kilgore of Newtonia, was here Sunday and Monday.

Born to John Taylor and wife near town, a son, Aug 30.

L.A. Gardner, wife and daughter of Springfield visited their daughter, Mrs. David Dingler, in this city last and this week. Mr. Gardner located in Springfield in 1858 and was there during the war, and very distinctly remembers Gen. Marmaduke's raid on Springfield and the battle with the Federal forces.

Sylvester F. Todd, died Aug 1, at the home of his step-father, Rufus McCoy, 5 1/2 miles northeast of Purdy of typhoid fever. Rev. J. A. Swiger conducted the funeral services. He was a little over 22 years of age.

Mrs. Lane, age 81 years, mother of Lum, age 61, Wils., 58, and Jerry 54, celebrated her birthday on July 29. There was 22 persons present. The occasion was enjoyed by all present. [Research Note: Sarah Combs, wife of William Carroll Lane was born Aug 1, 1824. She died Aug 15, 1914 and is buried in Madry Cemetery, near Purdy.]

Mrs. Fanny Carlin and her brother Scott Archibald of Purdy were here Tuesday, looking after business. [Research Note: Fanny was Sarah Frances nee Archibald, widow of Jed Carlin, whose estate was being probated.]


September 9, 1905, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

Washburn: Born to Dr. Northcutt and lady of Washburn, Tuesday, a son. The Dr., has been receiving the congratulations of his many friends.  [Research Note: George Woodard Northcutt was a son of Dr. Leon Blum and Margaret Tennessee (Woodard) Northcutt.]

Miss Clara Stephens of Temple, Texas and Mr. Frank Rice of Afton, I. T., will be married Sept 17. Miss Clara is a daughter of ex-Sheriff J. A. Stephens formerly of this county, and has legions of relatives and friends in Barry County, that will bestow their best wishes for her future happiness.

Mrs. Jas. W. Shelton died at St Joe Saturday of appendicitis. The remains were shipped to Harrisonville and there laid to rest. J. W. Shelton of this city, father of Jas. W. attended the funeral. Jas. W. and family resided in this city last spring. She left a husband and one daughter to mourn her death.

John Lee Harrell, age 27, 11 months and 8 days, died Aug 29 from typhoid fever, at his home three miles northwest of this place. He was a good citizen. Rev. J. Turner Horner conducted the funeral services.

Married, Sunday, Sept 3, 1905, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Emma Maiden, by Rev. E. W. Love, Mr. Eschol, McKinney and Miss Flora Maiden. This splendid couple start out on the sea of matrimony with not a ripple on the waters, and we trust their voyage will continue so throughout life. The Cassville Concert Band tendered them a serenade Tuesday night.

A 2:00 am Wednesday morning, Sept 6, 1905, Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Messer, died age 8 years, 5 months and 25 days of an aggravated case of tonsillitis. She had been sick for ten days or two weeks, and it was thought was getting along alright, but the death angel announced little Mary to that bright and happy land, to join the angel band. Presiding Elder C. V. Criss of Springfield conducted very impressive funeral services Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. at the family residence, after which the remains were laid to rest in the cemetery. The grieving relatives have the sympathies of all their friends and neighbors. The grief of the young fiends __.

Judge William S. Shrink died of Sedalia died Saturday. He was a very prominent lawyer.

Percy, son of Geo. Swindle of near Grangeville, discovered a man in their chicken house last week. They got to shooting at each other and it is supposed Percy shot the thief in the back or legs, as there was considerable blood, where he had laid down. The thief cut a nick in Percy's ear. Quite a posse searched the country, but the lover of chicken flesh could not be found.

Mrs. Arabella Stratton, widow of the late Judge Daniel P. Stratton, died Saturday at the house of her daughter, Mrs. C. M. Shartel, at Neosho.

Married at Hotel Barry, Sept 6, 1905, by Rev. Wilton, Mr. Herman G. Knoetzel and Miss Rosa Hamilton of Monett. Mr. Knoetzel is a friend of David Dinger? of the Cassville Milling and Power Co., who immediately took charge of him, and entertained the happy couple while in town. They left on the evening train for their future home.

Barry County News Items: Lee and Dock Heffey have 100 head of very fine beef cattle that would sell.

Barry County News Items: Born to Jas. Weston and lady, south of town, Sept 2, a son.

Barry County News Items: Mrs. Nancy Hisaw of near Jolly is very sick. She is the wife of Judge Wm. Hisaw, and we hope to hear of her early recovery.

Barry County News Items: An 8 month old daughter of Miss Georgia Trollinger of Aurora was buried here Saturday.

Barry County News Items: Michael Wardlow one of Barry County's highly respected citizens, of near Seligman was in town Tuesday.

Barry County News Items: Born to Dr. Northcutt and lady of Washburn, Tuesday, a son. The Dr. has been receiving the congratulations of his many friends.

Will Brown lost a two year old steer last week, by getting choked on an apple.

Born to D. D. Roller and lady Wednesday, August 6, a daughter.

Clark News Items: Rev. Benton Fly died Monday, Aug 28, and was buried at Purdy, Aug 39. We were sorry to hear of his death.

September 16, 1905, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO September 23, 1905, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

Marriages of Southwest Missouri people


Dr. L. Morgan of Dallas, Texas and Miss Lena K. Hall of Neosho, MO, July 15, in Chicago, Ill.

Murice Cohn and Miss Lon McFadden of Newton County, Sept 10.

Raemond Vale of Vale, Iowa, and Miss Olive Gaymond of Neosho, MO, Sept 7

Will Helm and Miss Stella Clark of Webb City, Sept 3

Fred Upton and Miss Alberta Merrllew? of Prosperity, Sept 3

Raymond Thompson and Cranbin? Lovasee of Prosperity, Sept 3

Albert Miller and Miss Bessie Leffingwell of Carterville, Sept 3

Rev. F. M. O'Neal and Miss Iva Price of La Russell, Sept. 3

Chas. J. Galloway of Galloway and Miss Martha Johnson of Ozark

J. C. Miller and Miss Rosa Hankins of Pierce City

T. J. Pannell and Miss Grace Norman of Aurora

Arch Miller and Miss Myrtle McDonald of Verona

Andrew R. Payne and Miss Janie R. Wiles of Pierce City

Wm. Weeks and Miss Maggie Jones of Southwest City

Thos. G. Longley of Cato and Miss Mae E. Epps of near Longs Mill, stone County

Trice Chandler and Miss Georgia Smith of Ash Grove, Sept 11

Deaths throughout Southwest Missouri


Susan Spartin of Seneca, died Sept. 11, 1905, aged 85 years, 7 months, and 28 days

James Miles, 3 miles northwest of Pierce City, died Sept 10, of stomach trouble

D. D. Abbey of Vallica, IO., [Villisca, Iowa?] died Aug 17, age 75 years. He formerly resided at Pierce City.

Mrs. Lewis of Carthage, died last week, age 82 years.

Bert Russell, a miner, was killed.


Purdy News Items: Lizzie Smith died, L. J. Prevo and Miss Susie Waltrip married.

Mrs. Bryant, mother-in-law of James Browning of near Exeter, died Tuesday night. She was nearly 85 years old. The remains were laid to rest in the New Site Cemetery, Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Bryant was an old and highly respected citizen of the county. [Research Note: Rhonda Bryant, born Mar 11, 1818, in Tennessee died Sept 20, 1905 in Barry Co., MO. They were living in Campbell Co., TN, 1850. Rhonda/Rhoda's husband was John Bryant, a blacksmith, born in KY about 1813.]  

News from the Barry County area, Sept 23, 1905, Among the notices are items on George Lilly, a blind boy, who was deserted by relatives, John L. Reeves married, Alex Paul has given bond soon to be released from jail, and a horse and buggy that was stolen in Monett.

Victor News Items: Frank Smith has been cutting corn for Ned Easley the past week.

Victor News Items: Born to W. H. Shaffer and wife, Sept 12, a 3 lb. girl. Mother and babe doing well but Harrison looked down his nose.

Victor News Items: Owning to sickness of the carrier, the mail has been stopped on Rural Route No. 1, running from W. H. Shaffer's to Finis Easley's.

Seligman News Items:  Henry Sons' family have the typhoid fever, excepting one son. Those having the fever, have been very low.

Alvin Baker of Rock Creek lost a horse last week with colic.

Sugar Camp News Items: Albert Horner has commenced making molasses. He has a fine lot of cane.

Sugar Camp New Items: J. R. Kinser has an ear of corn thirteen inches long with thirty-eight rows on it. Who can beat it?

Carthage has a pumpkin on exhibition that weighs 186 pounds. It was raised near Jasper. Pierce City Leader.

Doss News Items: Married, Sept 3, at Butterfield, Warren Wells of Butterfield and Miss Minnie Sapp of Exeter. We extend our best wishes to the happy couple.

September 30, 1905, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

Marriage Licenses:

John R. Sullivan and Alice A. Story, Washburn

P. C. Caney, Shell Knob and Julia Allen, Golden

Jas. C. Turner, Simcoe and Bertha M. Roller, Rocky Comfort

Oresten Bowman, Exeter, and Effie Long, Purdy

Barney R. Deighton, Shenandoah, Iowa and Minnie L. Baldwin, Webb City

Nathan Bennett has sold his farm in Roaring River township to Jos. Shull. Nath. gets in the deal 40 acres in Dog Hollow in McDonald Township and will move thereto.

A surprise dinner was given by their relatives and friends to Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hudson Sunday at their home of Myrtle Street, It was given as a farewell dinner as they leave the first of next month for Round Rock, Texas to spend the sinter. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Vance and children, Mr. and Mrs. John Price and children, Mrs. Jane Cannady and daughter, Miss Lucy, Mr. and Mrs. B. Abernathy, and two daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Brice Hudson, Miss Pauline Hudson, John Bank, Mrs. Colman of Joplin, Otis Hudson and Mrs. Mollie Rittenhouse and children of Monett. Pierce City Journal.

Ed. P. Ambrose has been appointed postmaster at Purdy, vice A. M. Gurley resigned. Ed. has the ability to make an efficient postmaster and no doubt that will be his endeavor.

Robert Chanslor of Amarillo, Texas, came in on Saturday morning's train to visit his brother, Chas. K. Chanslor, and his sister Mrs. Demie C. Weymouth, and friends. He returned home this week.

J. C. Pruitt brought to town last week a stalk of cotton that was grown by Mrs. Nancy Bouyear of Roaring River township that was 8 feet high and contained 54 bowls of cotton. This is evidence that cotton can be successfully grown in Barry County.

Rock Springs News Items: L. A. Fletcher finished threshing the 25th and will soon commence hauling clover.

Rock Springs News Items: Monday, the 18th, J. M. Fine, went to Tulsa, I. T. in response to telegram announcing the serious illness of his son, and we learn that about the time Mr. Fine left Washburn his son, David Fine, died about 15 miles from Tulsa, of malaria fever and congestion of the brain. The remains were brought home and buried Thursday afternoon at 2:30 in the cemetery near P. E. Roller's. He was about 34 years old and leaves a wife and two children, mother, five brothers and two sisters and a number of other relatives and friends to mourn his death. The bereaved relatives have the sympathy of in sorrow. Eld. J. H. Batmen conducted funeral services.

Another home has been made and gloomy, in fact the death of Miss Robbie Weymouth, Friday night, Sept 22, 1905, cussed sadness to invade the homes of all her acquaintances. She was an exceptionally bright young lady, of splendid qualities and with a disposition that caused sunshine to exist wherever she went. She was very hard student and while attending Florissant Academy, near St. Louis, so impaired her health she had to quit school and come home, but here heath continued to decline. She was the daughter of Mr. F. J. and Mrs. Demie C. Weymouth and died of paralysis, age 17 years, 2 months and 10 days. She left two sisters, Misses Mab  and Mary, and one brother Chanslor, to mourn her death. Rev. E. W. Love, pastor of the C. P. Church conducted funeral services at that church Sunday at 10 am. m. after which the remains were laid to rest in the cemetery at this place. At the funeral services the church was crowded with sympathizing friends. May beautiful wreaths of choice cut flowers were sent by friends in memory of the beautiful life gone out. She was am member of the Christian Endeavor at the C. P. Church. The bereaved family have the sympathy of their fiends and neighbors.  "Earth has no sorrows that heaven can not heal."

By a letter W. A. Anderson from A. J. Anderson of Tecumseh, Okla., formerly of near this place, we learn his daughter, Miss Lena, came very near being burned to death on Sept. 27. She was getting dinner while the balance of the family were at work on the farm, her dress caught fire and burned her badly on the breasts and arms. Her father and brother Charles, fortunately were near by and heard her crying and went to her assistance and saved her life.

Isaac Robberson of Golden was in town Tuesday and informed us that Wm. Overstreet, a former resident of near that place, but now a resident of Idaho, had a very severe misfortune recently. His residence and two children were burned up. One child was 22 years old and the other nine months. Mrs. Overstreet was formerly Miss Polly Johnson, a daughter of the late Russell Johnson. 

Rocky Comfort Telegrams: Mrs. John Lampkins of Pioneer died Thursday and was buried Thursday at Muncey Chapel Cemetery.

Born to Adolphus Standler and lady, Sept 18th at West Texas, a son. Grandpa Jas. M. Neeley is all smiles.

Tack Long of near Purdy, had a couple of horses and a set of harnesses stolen Saturday night. [Research Note: Tack was Simon Hiram Long.]

September 30, 1905, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Paper, Barry Co., MO

Purdy News:  Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Fly have been visiting in Iowa.

Purdy News: Will Ferguson and wife of near Exeter, visited W. R. Mitchell and family, Saturday.

Purdy News: Lewis Smith will sell his household goods and will probably make his home with a son in Springfield.

Purdy News: Ed McCallister has accepted a position with a drug firm at Walnut Grove, MO.

Purdy News: L. F. Cowan and wife mortgaged the following land to Gurely and son, that will be sold at Cassville, Oct 10th: the nw 1/4 of nw 1/4 and the n? of nw 1/4 of the north 1/2 of sw ? of nw ? 36 25 25.

Rocky Comfort Telegrams: Tom Goodwin was in Cassville the first of the week.

Rocky Comfort Telegrams: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Shewmake, Friday Sept 15, a son.

Rocky Comfort Telegrams: Wm. Painter and wife have returned home from White River.

Rocky Comfort Telegrams: It is reported J. W. Hubbard will locate at Joplin.

Shell Knob News: John Snider was on our streets Saturday of last week.

Shell Knob News: Uncle John Brock has been suffering with acute cystitis, reported a little better Tuesday.

Shell Knob News: The five year old daughter of B. F. Vanhook who has been sick is convalescent.

Shell Knob News: John Brantly and wife of near Exeter, are guest of relatives here.

Shell Knob News: Dr. Proud has moved his office from his residence to the Brock property across the street.

Shell Knob News: W. H. Holman has torn down his old warehouse.

Shell Knob News: Born to Thomas Painter and wife a son.

Shell Knob News: The five year old daughter of B. F. Vanhook who has been sick is convalescent. 

Pioneer News: Mrs. Lampkins is no better at this writing.

Pioneer News: Miss Anna Waller is going to leave for Idaho soon.

Pioneer News: Miss Clara Harper left for Warrensburg Monday where she will attend school this winter.

Pioneer News: Mr. Dick Taber of Rocky Comfort was in town Sunday.

Pioneer News: Miss Jones has opened her tal? millinery in F. M. Brown and Son's store.

In Memoriam:

We your committee appointed to draft resolutions in memory of Bro. W. T. Burton, beg. leave to report as follows:

Whereas, Almighty God, in the ___ of his Divine will has removed from our midst our esteemed as a well tried and faithful member of this lodge: Therefore be it.

Resolved, That Lillian Rebekah Lodge No. 26. I. O. O. F., by the death of Brother Burton, has lost one of its best members, and though we feel keenly the loss of our brother from our earthly ranks, yet we know he shines more brightly in that celestial order in the land of our sunshine and happiness.

Resolved, That to his sorrowing wife who is bereft of his loving care and his children who have lost their best friend and sweetest guide, we offer out sincerest sympathy and the consolations of Him who has promised to be a stay to the widow and fatherless.

Resolved. That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of this lodge; that a copy be sent to the family of our departed brother and that each of our city papers, be furnished with a copy for publication. Della Parrish, Sarah Galloway, Alta Goodnight - Committee.

Circuit Court Proceedings:

Shoal Creek Milling Company and J. T. VanHook equally finned.

M. K. Crouse vs. C. C. Crouse, divorce, granted.

Ella Stone vs. Fred Stone, divorce granted.

Le Ann J. Hewlet vs. Wm. C. Hewlet, divorce granted.

Geo. W. Shaw vs. Alice Shaw, divorce granted.

W. A. Snyder vs. Corda Snyder, divorce granted.

Mollie Snelson vs. John C. Snelson, divorce granted.

Ivy E. Sunky vs. J. M. Susky, divorce granted.

Wm. Ferguson vs. Minerva Ferguson, divorce granted.

Fred M. Gilmore vs. Catharine Gilmore, divorce granted.

M. J. Sparkman vs. C. M. Sparkman, divorce continued.

Chas. H. Trenary vs. Dealy Trenary, divorce granted.

J. J. Northcutt vs. Cora Northcutt, divorce granted.

John A. Jackson vs. May Grace Jackson, divorce granted.

J. W. Bailey vs. Mary N. Bailey, divorce granted.

Cornelia Blossom, vs. Henry C. Blossom, divorce granted.

Nellie Williams vs. H. A. Williams, divorce granted.

John B. Waltrip vs. Alice M. Waltrip, divorce granted.

J. T. Roberts vs. Anrdie W. Robbers, divorce dismissed.

Dema Russell vs. Jewell Russell, divorce granted.

James Riddle vs. Lacy Riddle, divorce granted.

Kittie Yocum vs. Frank Yocum, divorce granted.

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