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Barry Co., MO -  Newspapers

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Extracts from Barry County, MO, Newspapers 

An inter-library loan from the Missouri Historical Society of microfilm, was the source from which the data was obtained.

March 20, May 29, July 10, and Oct 30, 1890 were the only papers for that year on this roll of film.

March 20, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 

Died - March 13th,1890, Mrs. Martha Garten Moody, aged 80 years, 4 months, and 19 days. Martha Garthen Moody was born in Franklin Co., Ohio, Oct 27th 1821. At the age of about 20 years she was converted and joined the Big Darby Baptist Church and  lived a faithful Christian life ever after. In 1883 with her husband, she came to Barry County where she has since resided. Mr. Moody died in 1885, since which time she has been waiting and expecting to follow her faith never waived.

Died March 13th 1890, Mrs. Jane Doty Maxwell, wife of John W. Maxwell, age 23 years. Mr. Maxwell had been unfortunate in the loss of his companion. He has laid two in a cold and silent tomb and is left lonely with a family of six small children. He has the sympathy of the entire community.  

O'Day Items: S. D. Thompson shipped a car load of hogs to Eureka Springs, yesterday.

O'Day Items: Harry Horine is here invoicing and appraising the estate of John D. Roren, deceased.

O'Day Items: Joe Johnson is on the sick list.

O'Day Items: Allston bros are painting their house.

March 20, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO   

Shell Knob Items: Ed Hayden and John Reasor have gone to Kansas.

Shell Knob Items: Mr. and Mrs. McKague's three sons and one son-in-law of Nebraska are visiting their parents near Shell Knob.

Shell Knob Items: Lee Dishman is talking of going back on the Rail Road. He was a brakeman on the Frisco line sometime ago.

Crane Creek Items: J. F. Holland left some time ago for parts unknown. We are sorry to lose our friend but what is our loss is another's gain.

Hickman Prairie Items: Mr. and Mrs. R. ? Thornton of Eureka Springs, AR, are visiting at Mrs. Thornton's father's John McCarty. Mrs. Thornton is quite sick.

Hickman Prairie Items: M. H. Roberts oldest girl can wash dishes but the youngest one can't. She is only about two weeks old. 

Shell Knob Items: Sam Frost has his boat in readiness to stem the tide. It is to remain at the Smith's Ford to be used as a ferryboat.

Shell Knob Items: Geo. M. Blythe has purchased the Sisemore farm on this side of the river, containing something over 159 acres. Consideration $1,200.  [Sizemore?]

March 20, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 

Notices for publication:

Friday - March 24th, 1890, Elijah W. Lewis house - Did not type the rest. Some of it is unreadable.

Our school [Clay Hill] closed recently with a very good attendance. The children made a fine display with their pieces on the last day. They thought to have an exhibition at the close but it was postponed on account of the grippes and the mumps. Our teacher, Jas. Flagarty, flied? and is coming a gain. They are rehearsing every night and expect to have an exhibition some time shortly. It will be a good one Mr. Flagarty is a fine teacher. He has taught fourteen months for us and has given general satisfaction. His good from here to Jenkins district where hw will to teach their spring school and probably their next year's school.

March 20, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO -  Probably the 20th, not sure.

Mr. and Mrs. R. ? Thornton of Eureka Springs, Arkansas are visiting at Mrs. Thornton's father's John McCarty. Mrs. Thornton is quite sick.

Camp Patton Items: Rev. Woods, a Seventh Day Adventist, is holding a series of meetings in Cross Hollows.

Camp Patton Items: Old Flat got full last Monday and Tuesday and took a wide cutting up the roads and tearing down the fences in many places.

Camp Patton Items: Last Saturday the mail carrier was crossing Flat Creek standing in the hind end of a wagon, when the horse suddenly sprang forward and the carrier turned a complete backward summersault into the creek. He got his feet wet but not the mail bag. The same day, John Sanders got his team into a washout in a fort above McDowell and narrowly escaped losing one of his horses by drowning.

Exeter Items: Mrs. Frank Slagle has a very sick child.

Exeter Items: Mr. J. H. Burner is the new station agent.

Exeter Items: A new wagon shop is building in the west part of town.

March 20, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 


Licensed to Wed:


Wm. A. McElhany, Brookline & Lilly Robbins, Purdy

J. M. Fry, Seligman & Dollie M. Snodgrass, Seligman

J. E. Hawkins, ? Mill & Cora D. Henry, Purdy

Harry Otis, Joplin & Emma Wiseley, Corsicana

Mallary P. Johnson, Purdy & Samantha Waltrip, Purdy

Lafayette Wisnor, Prairie Grove & Sarah A. McKenzie, Prairie Grove

Samuel Allen, Golden & Emma Knobb, Golden

Earl P. Rogers, Cassville & Aldah C. King, Cassville

William E. Henry, Verona & Maggie A. Hood, Verona

James S. Roberts, Cassville & Belle D. Harbert, Golden

Jno. Bartkjwski, Pierce City & Catherine Kosloski, Newton Co.

May 29, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 

Shell Knob:

E. D. Shaw and family are making preparation to move to Aurora.

Elijah Falin is confined to the house on account of sore eyes.

E. B. Cooper, Jr. is taking the initiatory steps to be P. M. at Shell Knob.

Wm. Ledgerwood and wife are visiting relatives and friends on Hickman Prairie.

W. F. Mullins and wife are visiting William Barrich, who is a son-in-law of Mrs. Mullins.

Virgil Kmball says he intends putting in his new ground on this line if it takes all summer.

Auseny Brock loads the farmers in this section, as he has most of his corn, plowed over the second time.

Si Greene will surely die in despair if he takes it so to heart about every wrong act which the democrat commit or are likely to commit.

The Sunday School under the efficient management of A. Horrall, superintendent, is progressing nicely with 54 scholars. It has been running for two years.

May 29, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 

Keetsville Items: T. P. Mooney is improving his hotel for plastering and guttering around it.

Keetsville Items: W. B. Adcock, Jr. is visiting relatives and friends and his best girl at the present.

Keetsville Items: We are enjoying some good music these dull days furnished by Buddie McConnell and Mr. Dickey. Music and card parties are the rage.

O'Day Items: Died, May 23, 1890, Mrs. General Brixey, at her home two miles north of Washburn, of fever. She leaves a husband and two children to mourn her loss. She was a daughter of Hug Montgomery and a member of the M. E. Church (South).

O'Day Items: Mrs. Dr. Sparkman is still ill with malarial fever.

O'Day Items: S. R. Reynolds is some better after a few days of illness.

O'Day Items: Bro. Elliott of Aurora was in our town Saturday, looking after his congressional interest.

O'Day Items: A. C. Chadd and Master Jay Commons are in Arkansas picking strawberries for D. D. Ames.

Capps Creek Items: Miss Maggie Waltrip of Birkes district, is visiting friends near Walnut Grove. Her friends are pleased to see her improving in health.

Capps Creek Items: Sol. Rumbaugh can sing that good Irish song: "Come unto my arms Nora darling, Rid you friends in dear old Ireland good-by, " etc.

Capps Creek Items: The Italians and French of the eastern part of the township can be seen picking the leaves from the hedge for their silk worms. Silk culture is a growing industry in Barry County.

Capps Creek Items: Bill Rogers is in poor health being the result of the grippe. He talks of letting his farm this fall and taking a trip to California to see if he can gain his usual strength. Hope he will recover without taking so long a journey.

Capps Creek Items: W. J. Bloomer will teach at the Eden district; W. Mac Bloomer at the Birkes; C. W. Bredlinger at the Talbert; W. F. Horrall at Shady Grove; Miss Campbell at Hineman; B. Rittenhouse at the Hudson and there are three districts to hear from yet.

May 29, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 

Exeter Items: C. R. Catterlin and wife have returned from their visit to relatives in Kansas.

Exeter Items: Valentine Rogers has purchased James Cary's farm.

Exeter Items: The Masonic celebration to be held here June 24th bids fair to be a big thing.

George Earle and son, Granville, Albert and Charley Wells have returned Sunday from a fishing trip to White River which was fairly successful. George seemed to be the most unfortunate from his graphic description of the manner in which he vainly floundered on the slippery bank, only to a last make a hole in the water.

Chas. Ray and lady, William Talbert and lady, T. S. Frost and lady, Virgil Melton, Miss Hobbs, - oh, life is too short to ? all who went to Pierce City yesterday, to attend the fair. You can tell them by the weary expression they wear today.

H. D. Thompson of O'Day was in town Tuesday and informed us that he had leased land to Christian County where he will prospect for minerals during the summer. We wish Mr. Thompson success in his venture and hope that he will strike it rich.

Ozark Items: Uncle George says, "Hon. W. H. Wade for Congress," I think we will Wade him out, won't we?"

Ozark Items: Uncle George has "Waded" long enough. Wade promised us six years ago that he would Wade in for the farmer an that he would Wade for the soldier, but he has failed to fulfill his promise, and has neither Waded for the farmer nor the soldier, but  has Waded for the railroad company; waded for a part of Springfield; Waded for Chicago and Waded against this great state of Missouri. He has Waded against the farmer. He has Waded against the party that saved this great nation of ours. And now, farmers and soldiers, I think it is time that we should Wade him out, and let us he very careful lest we put a man in his place who will still Wade against the farmer, the soldier and the laboring classes.

May 29, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 

Near or Roaring River: Preston & Sons are doing a good business.

Near or Roaring River: Ameradith Bryne says he feels bad every Sunday morning. It is because he has not got the Republican so sent it along on the first mail.

Washburn Items: There have been two deaths in our community in the last two days, Mrs. Mary J. Preston of Roaring River and Mrs. General Brixby of near Washburn both of whom were buried in Washburn Prairie Cemetery. They leave husbands, children and many friends to mourn their loss. We offer our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved and ask them to remember David's words "Though he can not return to me I can go to him." [Research Note: Mrs. General Brixby is Elizabeth Montgomery, wife of General Marshal Brixey. She was a daughter of Hugh S. Montgomery and his wife Elizabeth Lowery.]

Washburn Items: Miss Martha Woodruff had her eyes burned quite severely Saturday evening with hot pewter. She was running some silver rings out of pewter and poured the hot metal into molds which had water in them when they exploded and a burned face and eyes is the result. 

May 29, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 

Washburn Items: Grat Reese's barn near town was burned recently. It was another amusing occurrence, thought considerable loss. One of Mrs. Bundy live on the farm as tenant. His wife had hens setting in the barn. The hens got lousy and Mrs. Bundy treated them to a bath of coal oil, nest and all. This did not kill the lice as he supposed it was so touched a lighted match to the nest to burn out the lice. Well, she evidently exterminated the chicken lice. The poor woman is very sorry for it, of course. She thought she could put the fire out. If any more of our women want to try this remedy they may rest assured that it is a certain cure for chicken lice but I will suggest that they first have the barn insured. 

July 10, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 

Shell Knob Items: Married at the bride's home last Thursday, W. H. Madewell to Annie Ethridge. Wm. Ledgerwood pronouncing the ceremony. May joy and peace attend them.

Shell Knob Items: Born to Joel Johnson and wife a 14 pound boy. No wonder Joe has been somewhat addled. To John Craft and wife a fine girl. John is in as bad a fix as Joe.

Scholten Items: Tom Russel's baby is on the mend. Tom says he is going to leave the city of Scholten. We learn that he is going to move to Hickory Grove.

Scholten Items: John Hayes stayed so long down here that he can't stay away. We don't know where it is the foot racing or not that brings him back.

Scholten Items: The Burk boys and D. Merrit thrashed a few crops of wheat as they went they went through. The new thresher does fine work. The wheat has had no rain on it since before harvest.

Scholten Items: Frank Wiley and family of Aurora are visiting their relatives this week.

Scholten Items: Jimmy Ellis has gone back to Aurora to sell goods.

Scholten Items: Mr. Johnson's child has been having spasms.

Scholten Items: Mrs. Melton and Maggie went to Ash Grove to spend the 4th.

Scholten Items: George Hilton's baby died, June 22nd, after a few days of illness.

Jenkins City Items: J. R. Luney [Looney - Laney?] is visiting this part of the country. He is from Mead Center, Kansas, and will return in a short time. Those who know him say, Come again.

Jenkins City Items: The post office has been changed from Mrs. Charles Huse, three fourths of a mile from town, to Tennison & Co.'s store and W. E. Tennison is presiding as postmaster.

July 10, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 

Jenkins City Items: We are sorry to report the drowning of Freddie Fare, son of Selmon Fare. I suppose it was the closest drowning ever known to this city as the closet heretofore was about 2 1/2 miles distant.

E. Williamson of Pleasant Ridge, passed through town yesterday on his way to Roaring River where he will spend a few days.

The funeral sermon of John C. Barrow, deceased, will be preached at Purdy, Sunday by Rev. J. R. Fly.

Mrs. L. D. Oxford and family left Monday for near Springdale, AR, where they will visit during July.

Miss Rosa Sparlin of Mineral Springs, is spending a few days visiting friends in town.

Jno Trim of Ash Grove, who was spending the Fourth here, returned home Tuesday evening.

Dr. D. I. Mitchell is on the sick list this week.

Thomas Wilder of Mineral Springs is on the sick list.

J. C. Duncan of near Golden died the 3rd last.

Chas. C. Martin and family of Piece City spent Sunday in town.

Miss Birdie Evans took charge of the McDowell school Monday.

Go to Geo. M. Goodnight 14 sticks of candy for a nickel.

W. I. Burkhart, formerly of the Kingdom, has moved on Flat Creek near Traverse.

Jno. Plummer is in Indiana trying to dispose of patent right territory.

Miss Lela Reynolds of O'Day spent the Fourth with her friend, Miss Lena Hobbs.

W. A. Lewis has remove to his White River farm.

Thos. Wilder of Mineral Springs is on the sick list.

Prof. R. H. Allyn of Golden, informs us that Mrs. Allyn is improving in Good health after a severe illness.

For Sale - A good farm of 120 a., 1 mile north of town, all fenced and well improved. 40 a, 2 miles N. W. of town, well improved. Store house on North Street in Cassville. Also grain farming, improvements, cattle, mules, hogs, etc. there will be sold low and on easy terms. Enquire at store of A. J. Anderson, northeast corner of square.

McDowell Items: The Davenport mill is doing a good business. It was behind with work Saturday.

McDowell Items: The post office is still booming with W. L. Hutchens as P. M., although badly boycotted. The new route between here and Cassville was open July 1st with Jos. Roden mail carrier.

McDowell Items: Married at the residence of the bride's parents, July 3rd, V. C. Hall to Katie M. Hutchens. Rev. J. L. Bynum officiating. After the ceremony a sumptuous repast was had and a large crowd of relative and friends joined in whishing the young couple a long and happy life. May they steer clear their little bark and at last when time shall bring the closing scene, may it be as joyful as it was on their wedding day. Several presents were give after the wedding.  

July 10,1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 


Licensed to Wed:


David G. Dunaplant, Monett & Melvina Allen, Monett

Levi E. Smith, O'Day & Minnie Sturgis, O'Day

Daniel Stills, Seligman & Linda Gann, Seligman

John Potts, Garfield, AR & Sarah J. Roller, Seligman


July 10,1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 

Miss Charity Skelton, daughter of James Skelton, of Roller's Ridge, had been visiting friends and relatives in King's Prairie township, and yesterday was was being taken home by Geo. W. Kennedy of near Bethel schoolhouse, who was accompanied by Mrs. Kennedy and their seven weeks old child. Arriving here a little after noon and desiring lunch, Mr. Kennedy left the ladies in the wagon and went into the store. A tame goat running about town and always being where it wasn't needed, frightened the team which started to run, upsetting the wagon with its inmates. In the wreck Miss Skelton was unfortunately caught under the overturned wagon which fell across her body sustaining severe internal injuries from which fears are entertained about her recovery. Mr. Kennedy escaped with slight bruises and injury to the baby is unknown. They continued their journey later in the day. 

Oct 30, 1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, MO 

William Holiday is a firm, solid, honest and temperate man and just the man for Sheriff.




Oct 20,1890, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

George A. Roller of Seligman was appointed by Supt. Carrington last week as a member of the Barry County Board of Education. The board consists of Commissioner Waddell, Prof Wallen, appointed by the county court and Prof. Roller. Cassville Republican

Will Mayo lost a valuable horse yesterday. It through itself backward and either broke its neck or crushed its skull.

Mrs. R. C. Inman with Miss Mary expects to leave for Tennessee tomorrow to spend the summer with her mother.

Col. C. M. Livesay and family went to Ritchey Tuesday and spent the day fishing and picnicking. They had a fine time and caught a large string of fish.

Mrs. Helen Hobbs, of Cassville, visited her home in New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania last night.

Mrs. J. V. Meigher and children spent yesterday in Pierce City visiting with friends.


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