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Biography - William A. Potter

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William A. Potter, one of the pioneers of this county, was born in Lower Canada, in 1809. His father was a native of Connecticut, his mother if New York State. His parents moved to the latter State while the subject of our sketch was yet in his infancy, and when about five years of age was an eye witness of the battle of Plattsburg, of which he has a vivid recollection. He remained in New York State until about twenty years of age, working on his father's farm; emigrated to Ohio in 1829 and passed through Cleveland, then to a small hamlet, and located in Portage county, Ohio, where he remained for about five years. He then determined to go further West, and consequently the year 1835 finds him in the wilds of Indiana, having settled in Middlebury tp., this county, where he located some land, and underwent all the hardships and privations incident to a pioneer's life. Indians and wolves were still quite plenty in that part of the country, the former causing considerable trouble to the settlers at such times as they succeeded in procuring fire water. Mr. Potter was married Sept. 13, 1837, to Mary Bachelor, daughter of one of the old settlers of the county. To this marriage was born, Dec. 16, 1838, Joel, now a business man in this tp. Mr. Potter is an Elder in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and an old Jacksonian Democrat, and has been moderately successful in business.

(History of Elkhart County, Indiana, Evansville, Ind.: Unigraphic, 1971, Page #: 713, Family History Library (FHL), 35 North West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84150, USA, Film #: 897091. Reprint of Original published: Chicago: C.C. Chapman, 1881. Source Media Type: Books/Monographs (With Film).)

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