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Cook Family Genealogy (Continued)

Descendants of Elias Cook
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1) Elias Cook (4th) married Anna Haskoll (b: Dec. 6/1743 ) at Beverly, Mass., on Nov. 27/1769. Anna was a widow of Stephen Haskoll, and a daughter of Ambrose and Mary (Taylor) Cleaves of Beverly. She was sometimes called Nancy.
Children of Elias and Anna Cook:
1.1) Elias Cook (5th) bap. Dec. 6/1770
Beverly, Mass.
d: Aug. /1825,
Canso N.S.
1.2) Lydia Cook bap. Nov. 1/1790 U.S.A.
1.3) Stephen Cook bap. Oct. 3/1774 U.S.A. d: 1844
1.4) Wintrop Cook b: Apr. 4/1782 U.S.A.
bap. Nov. 1/1790
d: Jan. 2/1873
1.5) Ambrose Cook bap. May 2/1776 U.S.A.
1.6) Edmund Cook bap. Oct. 8/1780 U.S.A.
1.7) Samuel Cook b: July 11/1784 U.S.A.
1.8) Ann Cook b: Nov. 5/1788 U.S.A.
1.9) Mary Cook b: @ 1771 d: 1825.
1. 10) John Cook b: ?

1.1) Elias Cook (5th) married Deborah Godfrey on Nov. 7/1791. She was a daughter of Benjamin and Bethiah (Atwood) Godfrey, and came to Guysborough / Manchester after the death of her mother at Liverpool in 1786, to live with her grandmother, Elizabeth (Hopkins )(Godfrey) Tobey.

Children of Elias and Deborah:
1.11) Gideon Godfrey Cook b: Oct. 16/1792
1.12) Elias Cook (6th ) b: Apr. 27/1795 prob.d: young
1.13) Mary Ann Cook b: Sept. 30/1797
1.14) Elias Cook b: Mar. 20/1803
1.15) Ann Cook b: Oct. 20/1805
1.16) Godfrey Milner Cook b: Mar. 15/1812
1.17) Stephen Cook b: July 9/1814
No further information
1.18) Elias Henry Cook (7th) b: Nov. 24/1816
No further information
1.19) William Cook b: ?
In 1826, Godfrey, Stephen, and Elias Cook were educated "Gratis" at the school at Cook's Cove, along with 8 other children who were orphans,or whose parents were too poor to pay. In 1831, Stephen Cook, age 16, attended school for the first half of the year at Boylston, as an apprentice to Mr. Thomas Hart. Deborah Cook, widow, married James Bears, widower, on Dec. 18/1827.

1.11) Gideon Cook married Elizabeth Major on Jan. 11/1820. His children were listed on the Canso School District records.
1.111) William Cook b: Nov./ 1824
1.112) Elias Cook b: Sept. 20/1824
1.113) Thomas Horton Cook b: Sept. 22/1826

1.111) William Cook migrated to the Beverly, Mass. area of U.S.A., and was a cordwainer (leather-worker) . He married Mary Pousland Sands on Feb. 4/1845.
1.1111) Mary Louisa Cook b: June 27/1848
1.1112) Ella Elizabeth Cook b: Oct. 9/1849
1.112) Elias Cookb: ?
No further information.

1.113) Thomas Cook migrated to the Beverly, Mass. are. He was a mariner. On Mar. 13/1849, he married Hannah Jane Herrick.

1.13) Mary Ann Cook married James B. Richardson on Aug. 3/1820. No further information.

1.14) Elias Cook married Catherine Gerry (b: Oct. 7, 1808), daughter of Daniel and Sarah (Bigsby) Gerry, on Feb. 9/1831. This family lived in the Bantry, Guys. Co. area until Elias' death @1865. His widow moved with several grown children to Cedar Falls, Iowa.
1.141) George Archibald Cook b: Jan. 22/1832
1.142) Sarah Maria Cook b: Aug. 9/1834
1.143) Mary Gerry Cook b: Apr. 16/1839
1.144) Daniel Gerry Cook b: Mar. 16/1841
1.145) Elias Henry Cook b: Oct. 11/1845
1.146) Gideon G. Cook b: Nov. 22/1846

1.141) George Archibald Cook married Sarah Jane ? Perhaps Taylor?
1.1411) Elias (Taylor?) Cook b: Mar. 16/1859
1.1412) William Archibald Cook b: Sept. 16/1851

1.142) Sarah Cook migrated to Douglas, Mass., USA, where, on April 9, 1853, she married Duty Sayles Paine.
Duty was a seaman from Rhode Island. They had three children.
1.1421) Mary Catherine Paine b: 14 March 1854
1.1422) Sabrina Paine b: Abt. 1855
1.1423) James Elias Paine b: 14 June 1858
The first two were born in Minnesota. Sarah died soon after the birth of the third child. After her death, Duty married her sister, Mary Gerry Cook.

1.143) Mary Gerry Cook married 15 Duty Sayles Paine on Jan. 13/1859, at Guysborough. They moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa.
1.1431) Ida Anna Paine b: Nov. 11/1864
1.1432) Laura Agusta Paine b: May 2/1867
1.1433) Nathan Archibald Paine b: Apr. 8/1860
1.1434) Lewellyn Basil Paine b: Aug. 31/1877
1.1435) Ida Anna Paine b: Nov. 11/1864

1.1431) Ida Anna Paine married Wellington Horace Hardy on Apr. 29/1889, at Broken Arm Custer, Nebraska.
1.14311) Catherine Hardy b: Feb. 1/1890
1.14312) Mary Frances Hardy b: May 26/1891
1.14313) Carter Gerry Hardy b: Mar. 23/1894
1.14314) Wellington Claude Hardy b: Nov. 14/1897

1.144) Daniel Gerry Cook moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa.

1.145) Elias Henry Cook. No further information. He lived in the Guysborough area @ 1866, but may have moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa.

1.146) Gideon G. Cook moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa.

1.15) Ann Cook married Robert Rule on Nov. 13/1832.

1.16) Godfrey Milner Cook lived at Cook's Cove, and sold property there in 1843. No further information.

1.2) Lydia Cook married William Horton, son of Isaiah and Anna (Wood) Horton, on Oct. 2/1791.
1.21) William Horton b: Jan. 31/1792
1.22) Ambrose Horton b: Oct. 28/1793 d: Sept. 14/1873
1.23) George Horton b: Oct. 25/1795
1.24) Hannah Cleeves Horton b: Aug. 25/801
1.25) John Stephen Horton b: July 25/1799
1.26) Mary Horton b: Aug. 24/1809
1.27) James Edward Horton b: June 24/1812
1.28) Sarah Dorcas Horton b: May 15/1814
1.29) Lydia Horton b:
1.2 10) Priscilla Horton b:
1.2 11) Thomas Horton b:

1.21) William Horton married Hannah Ryder on Jan.26/1813.
1.22) Ambrose Horton married Dorothy Ryder on Dec. 27/1814.
1.23) George Horton married Mary Whitman. They had no children.
1.24) Hannah Horton married William Cook (# ?).
1.25) John S. Horton married Elizabeth Russel on July 31/1823. They had nine children.
1.27) James E. Horton married Mary Ann Gammon on Dec. 15/1836. They had 13 children in 26 years.
1.28) Sarah D. Horton married John William Bigsby (b: Nov. 17/1807), on Aug. 31/1839. He was a son of John and Rachel (Critchett) Bigsby, who moved from Pirate Cove to the area of Cook's Cove that came to be known as Bigsby's Head.
1.29) Lydia Horton married Robert Burns on July 13/1828.
1.211) Thomas Horton married Mary Cook (#1.53) on Jan. 19/1830. See children under this number.

1.3) Stephen Cook married Sarah Demas in 1800. She was born in the U.S., as noted on the 1817 census.
1.31) Demas Cook b: May 11/1801 d: Apr. 13/1856
1.32) Son b: ?    (On the 1817 census - no further record)

1.31) Demas Cook lived in the Salmon River area. He was a carpenter. He married Ann Russell on Jan. 21/1824. She was b: 1806, d: Apr. 15/1881. In 1867, they migrated to Bradford (Haverhill) Mass, U.S.A., with several of their younger children.
1.311) William Alexander Cook b: Jan. 29/1825
1.312) Demas Francis Cook b: July 1/1827
1.313) Sarah Ann Cook b: Dec. 24/1828
1.314) Elizabeth Jane Cook b: Jan. 27/1831 No further information
1.315) James Brown Cook b: Mar. 31/1833
1.316) Emmeline Marshall Cook (Emma) b: Dec. 12/1835
1.317) Stephen Marshall or Archibald Cook b: Apr. 11/1839
1.318) Susan M. Cook b: Sept. 4/1841
1.319) Thomas R. Cook b: Oct. 18/1843
1.3110) Christopher C. Cook b: Dec. 28/1846
1.3111) Joseph Demmick (Demas?) Cook b: Dec. 24/1849 d: Jan. 15/1912

1.311) William Alexander Cook was a ship carpenter, at Cook's Cove . He married 1st) Armenia McDonald on Jan. 18/1851. Armenia died at age 38, on April 29/1870, of consumption.
1.3111) Ernest Cook b: 1864
1.3112) Harriet (Hattie) A. Cook b: 1853

He married 2nd) Harriet Aitkens, widow, from Salmon River, on Dec. 8/1870. She was the daughter of William and Ann Spanks.

1.3112) Hattie A. Cook married Charles W. Peart @ 1872.

1.312) Demas Francis Cook migrated to P.E.I. He was a shipbuilder and a farmer in the Murray River area. He married Rebecca Elizabeth Bears on Aug. 27/1853.
1.3121) James Alexander Cook b: Jan. 21/1857 d: Oct. 29/1859
1.3122) Letitia Ada Cook b: Dec. 17/1860
1.3123) Leonard Thomas Cook b: June 2/1861
1.3124) Francis Cook b: @ 1872

1.313) Sarah Ann Cook married James Cohoon. a trader from Canso. They lived at Sydney, Cape Breton. No further information.

1.315) James B. Cook lived at Cook's Cove. He was a Ship Carpenter. He married Jennet Maria Grant from Oyster Ponds on Sept. 29/1864. She was b: @ 1846, died before 1881.
1.3151) Anne Russell Cook b: June 29/1865
1.3152) Alexander Cook b: Feb. 3/1867
1.3153) Francis Murray Cook (Frank) b: @ 1869
1.3154) William Evans Cook b: Sept. 15/1874
1.3155) Mary Elizabeth Cook b: Jan. 4/1872

Of the above children, the only further information is that:
1.3153) Frank M. Cook married Josie Mary Jones, daughter of John and Caroline Jones, on Jan. 13/1902.

1.316) Emma Cook married ___ Choate from Newburyport, Mass.

1.318) Susan Cook married ___ Evans from Newburyport, Mass.

1.319) Thomas R. Cook married Caroline Cook (#4.86). They lived in Haverhill, Mass.
1.3191) Lillian A. Cook b: Oct. 7/1880 d: age 94

Married Perley A. Carleton. They had one child:
1.31911) G. Thomas Carleton.
Lived at Beverly, Mass.

1.3110) Christopher Cook was a contractor and builder at Bradford (Haverhill), Mass. He was an alderman for that town in 1916, and was commissioner of public property during his term. He founded the Master Carpenters' Association in Haverhill. He was a member of Merrimack Lodge of Masons. He married Ella J. Pressey on Nov. 17/1870, and they celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary two years before her death in 1922.

At the time of their deaths, Christopher and Ella had three grandchildren, but I have not been able to determine which of the above listed children were their parents. The names of the grandchildren are:
1) Forest R. Cook, Salem, Mass., who was head of the leather department for Filene's, Boston, and who served with the Yankee division in France. He was awarded the Croix de Guerre, and a special citation for bravery.
2) Harold Cook, Lynn, who was connected with Burr & Co., bankers, of Boston.
3) Howard Cook, also of Lynn, Mass.

1.3111) Joseph Cook was @ the age of 20 when he went to the U.S.A. with his parents. He became a prominent builder and contractor of Haverhill, Mass., for forty years. His firm, J.D. Cook and Son, built many houses and businesses in the area. Among other organizations, he was a member of the I.O.O.F. He married Alice Mitchell, from Haverhill, Mass. @ 1880.

1.31101) child
1.31102) child
1.31103) daughter  Married Justin Stickney
1.31104) Harry R. Cook  Married and lived at Lynn, Mass.
1.31111) Albert H. Cook b: Dec. 28/1881 d: Dec. 1/1950
1.31112) Eben Mitchell Cook b: July 28/1886 d: Dec. 16/1939
Never married
1.31113) Bertha R. Cook b:
1.31114) Joseph Tenney Cook b: Apr. 1/1890 d: Sept. 29/1936
1.31115) child twin who died at birth, unnamed
1.31116) child twin who died at birth, unnamed

1.31111) Albert Cook was the county bridge tender at Haverhill, Mass., for 35 years. He married Alice A. ___.
Married __ Belmont. Lived at Lenox, Mich. Lived at Troy, New York Lived at Brooklyn, New York
1.311111) Doris Cook
1.311112) Arthur A. Cook
1.311113) Wilbur F. Cook
1.311114) William L. Cook b:
1.311115) Kenneth M. Cook b:

1.31112) Eben M. Cook carried on the J. D. Cook and Son contracting buisness alone after his father's death. He was a member of all the Masonic orders, including Merrimack Lodge, A.F. and A.M., Aleppo Temple, Order of the Mystic Shrine, Boston, and the First Baptist Church.

1.31113) Bertha Cook married Edward Gerah, from Lynn, Mass. They had no children.

1.31114) Joseph T. Cook married Eva Beatrice Montminy. They lived in Plaistow, N.H.
1.311141) Joseph T. Cook, Jr. b: Apr. 11/1919 d: Mar. 8/1962
1.311142) Joan Cook b: Jan. 15/1925
1.311143) Eben Bernard Cook b: Jan. 3/1921 d: June13/1976

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