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McKenzie Families of Eastern Guysborough County, Nova Scotia


There were several other McKenzie families living in the eastern part of Guysborough County, who may or may not have been related to James McKenzie.
Donald, Alexander, and Mary McKenzie arrived at the same time as James, with the Associated Depts. of the Army and Navy, and also received grants of land in the area. Of these people, only Alexander's decendants can be traced to any length. Mary died childless, and information on Donald's descendants is limited. I haven't put as great an effort in tracing any of these other families, being mainly interested in James , but I have included what I found anyway.

William McKenzie and Seth McKenzie both lived around the Hazel Hill area, and, as far as I can tell, were neither related to each other, nor to any of the other McKenzie familes, even though sons and daughters of James had moved to the Canso area. William and both his parents were born in Nova Scotia. Seth and his mother were born in Nova Scotia. His father was born in the U.S.A. There are descendants of both William and Seth in the Canso area today.

The Descendants of Alexander McKenzie
The Descendants of Donald McKenzie
Mary McKenzie
The Descendants of Seth McKenzie
The Descendants of William McKenzie


Alexander McKenzie married Elizabeth Fraser, widow, on Feb. 8/1796. They were married by Thomas Cutler, who was a Justice of the Peace for Guysborough Township.
Alexander and Elizabeth lived for a time on property at what was then called French Cove, being on the south side of the town of Guysborough.
The 1817 Cencus shows a family of 10: Alexander as over 50 years old, 3 boys aged between 16-49 years, 2 younger boys (under 16 years), 3 women (including wife), and 1 girl.
Alexander died before 1829, when Elizabeth remarried again, to George Horton.
Of Alexander's and Elizabeth's children, all except Edward lived in the Crow Harbour (now Queensport) area. As far as I know, there are no descendants living there today.

Alexander and Elizabeth McKenzie's Children:
1) Catherine McKenzie born or bapt. May 17/1798
2) Anthony McKenzie b: @1802 Guysborough d: Jan 10/1865
3) Edward McKenzie b: ?
4) Eleanor McKenzie b: ?
5) Isabel McKenzie b: ?
6) Alexander McKenzie b: ? Nothing further known

There may have been other children - a John McKenzie who drowned on April 8/1823, with George Lamb, Alexander and George Smith ; and possibly a George McKenzie and William McKenzie, but proof of these have not been found to date.

1) Catherine McKenzie married John Gleason Rheinhold on Nov. 2/1816.
1.1) Nancy Eleanor Rheinhold b: Aug. 12/1818<
Nothing further is known

2) Anthony McKenzie married Jane Smith, daughter of George and Jane Smith of Crow Harbour, on Sept. 21/1820. Jane's father was drowned on April 8/1823.

Anthony and Jane McKenzie's children:
2.1) John McKenzie b: @1826
2.2) Jane McKenzie b: Sept. 27/1827
2.3) Anthony Donald McKenzie b: Dec. 27/1829 d: Oct. 1/1861
2.4) Edward McKenzie b: Jan. 26/1832
Nothing further known
2.5) Alexander McKenzie b: May 2/1834
Nothing further known
2.6) William Smith McKenzie b: Aug. 9/1836 d: July/1899
2.7) Allan Freeman McKenzie b: Nov. 8/1845 d: Dec./1900
Nothing further known
2.8) Anne McKenzie b: ?
2.9) George McKenzie b: ?
2.10) McLeod McKenzie b: April 21/1841
2.11) Edward McKenzie b: @1843 d: May 24/1912
Nothing further known

2.1) John McKenzie married Charlotte Catherine Handley (b: May 27/1831) from Salmon River, the daughter of William and Frances Jane Handley on April 23/1872.
In the settlement of the estate after his death @1924, the "heirs at law" of John and his wife (who predeceased him) were: Anthony Carr, Oyster Ponds; Alexander Carr, Queensport; Wallace Carr, Oyster Ponds; Mary A. Martin, Melford, widow; Edward MacKenzie, Boston, U.S.A.; George Ryter, Halfway Cove; and Frances Aikens, Dort's Cove, widow. ( These were all probably nieces and nephews of John and Charlotte.)
2.11) Fanny Jane b: June 16/1874
She died young.
2.12) William A. b: Dec. 30/1876 d: Jan. 16/1877

2.2) Jane McKenzie married James William Carr, son of Robert and Mary (Jamieson) Carr, from Oyster Ponds, on Jan. 8/1850. Children:
2.21) Jane Emmaline Carr b: @1851
2.22) daughter b: Mar. 14/1870

There were probably more children in this family.

2.21) Jane Emmaline Carr married Samuel Scott from Sand Point on Dec. 28/1870.

2.3) Anthony Donald McKenzie married Henrietta Heinhaugh Peart on Jan. 27/1858.Children:
2.31) Georgina Maria McKenzie b: Oct. 6/1858
2.32) Norman Alex. Forsyth McKenzie b: Aug. 4/1860

Anthony Donald McKenzie died in 1861. Henrietta remarried, to Joseph Martin from Melford, on May 8/1865. Nothing further is known of Georgina. Norman lived in Crow Harbour with his Uncle John McKenzie's family @1881.

2.6) William McKenzie never married. He was a school teacher in 1871, and a Customs Officer @1881 - 1891. He was also a lay reader for the Anglican Church, and presided over funerals when the regular minister was not available.

2.8) Anne McKenzie married James Grant from Oyster Ponds on Feb. 10/1862. Nothing further is known.

2.9) George McKenzie married Margaret McDonald, at Cape Breton, N.S.
2.91) Jane McKenzie b: @1862
2.92) Anthony McKenzie b: @1863
2.93) Mary McKenzie b: @1864
2.94) John McKenzie b: @1866
2.95) Margaret McKenzie b: @1869

2.10) MacLeod McKenzie married Mary Ann Carley. She was born in Ireland @ 1844.
2.101) Margaret J. McKenzie b: Mar. 15/1876
2.102) Edward W. McKenzie b: Mar. 23/1877
2.103) Eliza Ann McKenzie b: Dec. 10/1879

Nothing further is known of this family.

3) Edward McKenzie married Elizabeth Diggedon on April 25/1824.
3.1) Alexander McKenzie b: Jan. 2/1825
3.2) Ann McKenzie b:

3.1) Alexander MacKenzie married Abigail Eliza Worth, widow, on May 6/1868, at Guysborough. (Her maiden name was George.) She died at Roachvale on June 14/1918, aged 81 years.)
3.11) Alexander Edward b: March 24/1869
3.12) Elizabeth b: 1878 d: 1935

3.11) Alex. Edward married Mildred Sophia Horton.
3.111) Edmond Clyde b: Jan 20/1910 Accidental death
on Sept. 27/1915.
3.112) Mildred Elizabeth b: Jan. 8/1915 d: June 6/1987 Never married.
3.113) Alex. Cecil b: Jan. 10/1917
3.114) Floyd b: @1921. Never married.
(Killed in World War 11)

3.12) Elizabeth MacKenzie married Joseph Burke in New York, U.S.A. They adopted one son, Joseph Ansel, who died when he was 16 years old.

3.2) Ann McKenzie married Benjamin Cook, son of Elias and Anna (Horton) Cook in 1845. They had a family of 9 children. For more information, see my
Cook Genealogy

4) Eleanor McKenzie married Robert Jamieson on April 25/1824. (Same day as her brother Edward's wedding day.) Nothing further is known about Eleanor.

5) Isabel married Hugh Ross on April 25/1826. Nothing further is known about Isabel.


Donald McKenzie also received a grant of land in the Guysborough Intervale area. Not much information has been discovered regarding Donald and his descendants. Perhaps the family moved away from the area.

Donald married Deborah Sellock on October 1/1800. She was the daughter of Charles and Kezia Sellock.

Children of Donald and Deborah McKenzie:
1) John McKenzie b: Feb. 1/1802
2) Donald McKenzie b: Dec. 18/1803
3) William McKenzie b: May 8/1805
4) Kenneth McKenzie b: June 6/1808
5) Christy McKenzie b: April 5/1810. She married Edward Jordan.
6) Isabella McKenzie b: June 30/1812. She married William Brown McDonald.
7) Kezia McKenzie b: Oct. 19/1814. She married James McRath.
8) Nancy McKenzie b:Oct.21/1816
9) Mary Eleanor McKenzie b: July 18/1821
10) Angus McKenzie b: ?
11) Deborah McKenzie b: ?

She married John Frederick McDonald, of Roman Valley, on Feb. 3/1846.
Their children are as follows:
11.1) Lydia Caroline McDonald b: Feb. 20/1848
11.2) Sophia Elizabeth McDonald b: Feb. 19/1850
11.3) Hugh A. McDonald b: Mar. 22/1866
11.4) Sarah J. McDonald b: May 22/1868

There may have been more children in this family.

* An Ann McKenzie married Martin Cochrane. Could this be Nancy, #8 above ?


The names of Mary McKenzie and Stephen Pyle are among those on the list of persons receiving land grants. Mary married Stephen Pyle on Nov. 25/1785. They had no children and separated within a couple of years.

In what must have been Guysborough area's first legal separation agreement, dated July 23/1788, Stephen gave Mary half of the land and agreed to build her a "small comfortable house on the south half of lot #20 Guysborough Township". He was given a year to comply with the agreement and had to "maintain her as long as she lives alone and with no person that shall discredit her or any ways injure her reputation."

Mary and Stephen must have divorced, as both remarried; Stephen to Elizabeth Hull in 1797, and Mary to John Campbell on Feb. 14/1799. She died on April 26/1813, aged about 40. They had no children.


Seth McKenzie was born @ 1824 in Nova Scotia. He married Mary Eunice Kirby @ 1850. She was born April/1826, and she died on Dec. 19/1919 at the age of 93 years and 8 months. Seth kept a little store at Hazel Hill, N.S.
Their children are as follows:
1) John Samuel McKenzie b: @ 1851
2) James Henry McKenzie b: @ 1853
3) David McKenzie b: @ 1855
4) Margaret McKenzie b: @ 1857
5) Sarah Alma McKenzie b: Sept. 21/1869

1) John S. McKenzie married Maria Ann Bears on Jan. 31/1883 at Canso, N.S.

2) Henry McKenzie married Mary Walkins, from Black Point, on Jan. 7/1897, at Canso, N.S. They had no children.

3) David McKenzie married Maria Uloth on Aug. 11/1897, at Canso.


William McKenzie was born @ 1816 in Nova Scotia. He married Sophia J. Barss (b: @1826 d: @1898).
The children of William and Sophia McKenzie are as follows:
1) Charles McKenzie b: Nov. 11/1845
2) George McKenzie b: 1851 Hazel Hill, N.S. d: 1897
3) Sarah Elizabeth McKenzie b: @ 1854
4) Catherine Olivia McKenzie b: @ 1856
5) John L. McKenzie b: May 22/1858 d: June 21/1926
6) William McKenzie b: @ 1861
7) Martha J. McKenzie b: @ 1865

1) Charles McKenzie married Lucy or Lucinda ? . (She was born @ 1862.)
1.1) William C. McKenzie b: March 26/1878
1.2) Maggie (adopted) b: Feb. 20/1885 (Nothing further known)

1.1) William C. McKenzie married ? They lived in Cape Breton, and had a large family, including the following
1.11) Arnold McKenzie
1.12) Orlie Mckenzie
1.13) Melvin McKenzie
1.14) Charles McKenzie
1.15) ? daughter
1.16) ? daughter

Of the above, Arnold married Mary Manuel; Orlie married Alice Hearn. Both Arnold and Orlie moved to British Columbia. Nothing further is known about this family at this time.

2) George McKenzie married 1st) Caroline Publicover (Carrie) on Nov. 28/1873. He married 2nd) Vilena Potter (widow), from Port Hilford, on Sept. 3/1894, at Canso. George drowned in his forties.

3) Sarah Elizabeth McKenzie married 1st) Thomas Elisha Nickerson, son of Asa and Anabella (McKenzie) Nickerson, on Dec. 8/1874.
3.1) Amos C. Nickerson b: Sept. 26/1875
3.2) Thomas H. Nickerson b: Nov. 20/1876

She married 2nd) Richard Barss.

3.3) Nina Barss
3.4) Hurd Barss b: @ 1880 d: @ 1938

Hurd Barss married Amanda Peitsze from Canso, N.S.

4) Catherine Olivia McKenzie married John Whidden Kirby, on Dec. 29/1874.
4.1) Harriet Letitia Kirby b: Nov. 28/1875
4.2) William Harrington Kirby b: Oct. 6/1879
4.3) Perley Wallace Kirby b: July 18/1884
4.4) Arthur Clayton Kirby b: Aug. 26/1890
4.5) Fielda Emma Kirby b: July 12/1895
4.6) Ethel May Kirby b: May 27/1898

This family all moved to Mass., U.S.A. For further information, refer to Kirby genealogy, "The Chronicles and Genealogy of Some Families Descended From Benjamin Kirby... by Frederick Sillars; view at Public Archives of N.S., Guysborough Old Court House Museum, or Canso Whitman House Museum.

5) John L. McKenzie married Mary Isabella Hurst
5.1) Anna Maud McKenzie b: Dec. 27/1888
5.2) Adelbert Alden McKenzie b: Aug. 21/1890 d: 1968
5.3) Lucetta McKenzie b: Aug. 26/1892
5.4) John Maxwell McKenzie b: May 3/1893 d: 1934
5.5) Mary Theresa (May) McKenzie b: Jan. 28/1895
5.6) George William McKenzie b: ?

6) William McKenzie (Nothing further is known)

7) Martha J. McKenzie married James E. Hadley on June 28/1887. Nothing further is known.


The following McKenzie families also lived in the eastern Guysborough County area, but I have not been able to connect them with any of the McKenzie families in this book.

Thomas McKenzie
married Isabella Ann Aikens (b: Sept. 17/1812) on Jan. 24/1832
1) Mary Jane McKenzie b: Oct. 4/1832
2) Elizabeth Charlotte McKenzie b: May 15/1834

William McKenzie
married Susan Snow
1) Charles William McKenzie b: Feb. 28/1830
2) Susannah Margaret McKenzie b: Mar. 13/1831
3) Annie Catherine McKenzie b: Dec. 17/1836

Margaret McKenzie
married George Snow on Dec. 12/1853, at Guysborough.
1) Levi Snow b: April 28/1870
2) Edward Snow b: Sept. 7/1871

A "widow McKenzie" died at age 70 (b: @1795) on March 6/1865, Durrell's Island, Canso.

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