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McKenzie Families of Eastern Guysborough County, Nova Scotia


James McKenzie arrived in Guysborough (then called Chedabucto or Manchester) in June, 1784, one of a group of people belonging to "The Associated Departments of the Army and Navy" at the end of the Revolutionary War.

This group had previously settled at Port Mouton (near Liverpool, Queens County) in 1783, where they named their settlement Guysborough. The area was rocky and barren, and they barely survived the winter. Women and children were forced to stay inside tents and huts. In the spring, a fire destroyed all their homes and they escaped with only the clothes they were wearing. No written records survived. The decision to leave Port Mouton was made quickly and fishing vessels from Liverpool were hired to take the first contingent eastward to Chedabucto Bay. Some settled permanently (as did our ancestor, James) and the name was changed to Guysborough.

Two years' provisions were given to each person or family, which included food: flour, beef and/or pork, etc., building supplies, tools, farm implements, grain and seeds, tents, small boats, clothing and blankets.

James McKenzie was given a grant of land in Guysborough Intervale, near what is now Roman Valley, part of a huge section of land granted to the Associated Departments of the Army and Navy. A great-great-grandson, also James MacKenzie, lives on the original homestead lot, the fifth generation to do so (James to Asa to Donald to William to James). The house is part of the original house, which was moved from its site on the other side of the barn to the present location, and a large kitchen addition built on. According to Jim MacKenzie, the house is the oldest habitable house in the Guysborough Intervale area. From here there is a beautiful view of the hills and valley.

James McKenzie died before November/1835, when his estate was legally settled. The land had been divided into 9 shares of eighteen and one-half acres each, between his widow and 8 surviving adult children: Asa McKenzie, Annabella Nickerson, Bethany McCallum, John James McKenzie, Susan Davidson, Elizabeth Tory, Donald McKenzie and Hannah Lucas. Donald McKenzie and Hannah Lucas sold their shares of the estate to their brother, Asa, the previous year. (Their sister, Mary Glen, died in 1829.) The remaining six siblings also sold their shares to their brother Asa in 1835, for a total price of 50 pounds 10 shillings.

There are records of twelve children born to James and Hannah McKenzie:

.....The first-born was a son, Simon McKenzie. Apart from his birth and baptism dates, no further records have been found. He probably died young.
.....The second child was also a son, John, who died in infancy.
.....The third child and first daughter was Mary, who died at age 41. She married Thomas Glen and had a family. The Glens lived in the Alder River area.
.....Asa was the fourth child, and the first surviving son. He married Susannah Deickoff, an older sister of Sarah Deickoff, who later married Asa's younger brother, John James. (Two sisters married two brothers - fifteen years apart.)
.....Hannah was the fifth child. She married Thomas Lucas and had at least one child. Not much more is known about Hannah at this time.
.....The 6th child and third daughter, Bethany, married James McCallum. They lived at Oyster Pond, then later moved to Salmon River, where there may still be descendants.
.....Elizabeth, child #7, married James Tory, Jr. She lived all her life at Guysborough Intervale and had a large family. There are still descendants in the area.
.....The 8th child and second surviving son, Donald, may have migrated to Ontario in the mid-1800's. He married Christina Munro and there is record of at least 8 children before information regarding this family ceases.
.....Susannah, the 9th child and 4th daughter, married Alexander Davidson and had a family of 9 children, some of whom migrated to Ontario, where there are many descendants.
.....John James, the 10th child and 3rd surviving son, married Sarah Deickoff, daughter of Harmon and Elizabeth (Marshall) Deickoff, and migrated to the Whitehead River area. Some descendants still live in the nearby villages. Many others live in various parts of Canada and the United States.
.....George was the 11th child, a son who died at the age of three.
.....Annabella, the 12th and last born child, was entered into the baptismal records as Hannibal. She married Asa Nickerson and they migrated to the Canso area.


James McKenzie married Hannah Larribee on Sept. 29/1784. The Larribee name (Laribe, Larriby, etc.) is not common in Nova Scotia.
Five Larribee children (persons under 21 years of age) arrived with the Associated Depts. of Army and Navy.
From the Muster Rolls, listed under the heading "Children Over 10 Years" were:
.....Ann Laribe (Assumed to be our Hannah)
.....Susannah Laribe
.....Beth Laribe
.....Asa Laribe
.....John Laribe

These children were probably orphans, as no Laribe adults were listed on any of the Muster Rolls, although their parents' names are known from the following:

Christ Church Baptism Records:
John and Isaiah - age 13
Susan - age 14
Baptised @1786, sons and daughter of Isaiah and Barbary Larribee, Quakers.

No further record of Beth Laribe has been found.

Hannah was also baptised, in 1786, and the entry in Christ Church records reads as follows: "Hannah, wife to James McKenzie, in April."

Except for Hannah, the only further information I have found on any of the Larribees is that John and Susan migrated to the Mabou, Cape Breton, area around 1788.

John was a cooper by trade. He married Elizabeth Hawley and they had a family of nine children.

Susan married 1st) James Adams, the progenitor of the Adams family of Hillsborough, Cape Breton, and 2nd) Donald MacLeod.
The above information was found in the book "Mabou Pioneer Vol. 11", which also states that they were descended from a family settled in New England since the 1630's.

Hannah's children's names echo those of her brothers and sisters. The Larriby name is again repeated in a grandchild, Asa Larriby Glen.

Hannah died at Guysborough Intervale, on Nov. 8/1843, at the age of 79 years.


James McKenzie
b: ?
d: before 1817
Married on September 29/1784 to Hannah Larribee
b: April/1764
d: Nov. 8/1843


1) Simon McKenzie b: Aug. 18/1785 No further information found
2) John McKenzie b: June 9/1787 d: 1787
3) Mary McKenzie b: June 7/1788 d: April 5/1829
4) Isaiah McKenzie (Asa) b: June/1791 d: Dec. 4/1877
5) Hannah McKenzie b: Jan. 9/1794
6) Bethany McKenzie b: @ 1795
7) Elizabeth McKenzie b: @ 1797
8) Donald McKenzie bapt. June 24/1798
9) Susanna Honour McKenzie b: Aug. 17/1803
10) John James McKenzie b: April 28/1805
11) George McKenzie b: Nov.15/1807 d: Aug.17/1810
12) Annabella McKenzie b: July 14/1811

3) Mary McKenzie married Thomas Glen in Oct./1806 or 1808. She died on April 5/1829. Thomas died at age 93, on July 13/1865. Children:
3.1) William Forsyth Glen b: Sept. 24/1809 d: Mar. 23/1828
3.2) James Simon Glen b: July 19/1810
3.3) John Henry Glen b: Aug. 18/1813
3.4) Thomas Peter Glen b: July/1815
3.5) Mary Elizabeth Glen b: Nov. 26/1821
3.6) Asa Larriby Glen b: Oct. 10/1823
3.7) Donald McKenzie Glen b: Oct./1825 d: Dec. 28/1825
3.8) Samuel Glen b: ?
3.9) Alexander Glen b: ?

4) Asa McKenzie married Susannah Deickoff (b:1797, d: Dec. 11/1877)
4.1) Hannah McKenzie b: Dec. 5/1817
4.2) Elizabeth McKenzie b: Aug. 13/1819 d: Oct. 27/1821
4.3) Susan McKenzie b: Sept. 9/1821
4.4) James George McKenzie b: Sept. 9/1821
4.5) Asa John McKenzie b: ?
4.6) Mary Elizabeth McKenzie b: Feb. 8/1828
4.7) Annabella McKenzie b: Jan. 8/1830
4.8) Simon McKenzie b: Apr. 18/1833 d: June 5/1836
4.9) Anna McKenzie b: Dec. 2/1835 d: Mar. 18/1852
4.10) Donald Kenneth McKenzie b: Mar. 19/1838 d: Jan. 9/1891
4.11) Sarah Victoria McKenzie b: Aug. 11/1842 d: Dec. 9/1858

4.1) Hannah McKenzie married William Henry Strople on Jan. 15/1839.
4.11) George Henry Strople b: Dec. 16/1839
4.12) Asa McKenzie Strople b: April 19/1841 d: Aug. 23/1910
4.13) Elisha William Strople b: April 2/1843 d: July 6/1871
4.14) Mary Annabel Strople b: Oct. 26/1845
4.15) Susan Elizabeth Strople b: Apr. 20/1848
4.16) John Alexander Strople b: Aug. 22/1850
4.17) James Robert Strople b: Feb. 27/1853
4.18) Ann Delilah Strople b: Mar. 5/1855
4.19) Donald Joseph Strople b: Apr. 11/1857

4.11) Henry Strople married Ann MacDonnell on June 18/1865.
4.111) George H. Strople b: Dec. 17/1867
4.112) Grace Strople b: Mar. 8/1870
4.113) Blanche Harriet Strople b: July 20/1872 twin
4.114) Eveline Strople b:July 20/1872 twin
4.115) Preston Strople b: Sept. 4/1875

4.12) Asa M. Strople married 1st) Mary Ferguson Grant on Jan. 10/1865. She died Jan. 19/1866.
4.121) Mary H. Strople b: Jan. 13/1866

He married 2nd) Isabella Jane Ferguson on Jan. 25/1867.
4.122) Daniel F. Strople b: Apr. 4/1868
4.123) Ann Abigail Strople b: @ 1869
4.124) Hannah Maria Strople b: July 29/1876

He married 3rd) Margaret Ann Ferguson on Jan. 14/1881.

4.13) Elisha W. Strople married Sarah Sophia Grant on July 29/1866, at Guysborough.
4.131) Lewis Havelock Strople b: Apr. 17/1867

4.14) Mary Annabel Strople married Thomas Johnson. No further information.

4.15) Susan Elizabeth Strople married Peter Lawson. No further information.

4.16) John Alexander Strople married Elizabeth Morris in 1872.
4.161) Clara Strople b: Sept. 15/1876

4.17) James R. Strople married Mary Eliza Lipsett on Sept. 28/1875.

4.18) Ann Delilah Strople married James Robert Andrews on Aug. 17/1875.

4.3) Susan McKenzie married Samuel Nickerson on Sept. 6/1842. No further information.

4.4) James McKenzie married Mercy Barss on Nov. 26/1844.
4.41) Asa McKenzie b: Dec. 23/1845
4.42) Sophia Jane McKenzie b: July 1/1849
4.43) George James Barss McKenzie b: Mar. 3/1852

4.5) Asa John McKenzie married Ann Rachel Spanks on Feb. 19/1856.
4.51) Louisa Alma McKenzie b: April 14/1857
4.52) Asa William McKenzie b: @ 1859
4.53) Sarah Anabella McKenzie b: Sept. 12/1860
4.54) George James McKenzie b: May 16/1863
4.55) John Charles McKenzie b: Apr. 13/1864
4.56) Simon Edward McKenzie b: Aug. 6/1867
4.57) Alexander Burton McKenzie b: Apr. 12/1870
4.58) Annie Victoria McKenzie b: June 15/1872
4.59) Henry Malcolm McKenzie b: Apr. 9/1875
4.510) Arthur Daniel McKenzie b: Nov. 28/1876
4.511) Edward McKenzie b: @ 1877
4.512) John George McKenzie b: May 10/18 ?

4.52) Asa William McKenzie married Margaret ? . They lived at Clam Harbour.
4.521) Annie Isabel McKenzie b: June 18/1888
4.522) George James McKenzie b: Feb. 27/1893

4.55) John Charles McKenzie married Jane M. Deicoff on Dec. 23/1891. (She was 15 years old.) He died before 1898, when his widow, Jane, married his brother Arthur Daniel McKenzie.
4.551) Mable Anna Mary McKenzie b: Oct. 13/1897

4.510) Arthur Daniel McKenzie married his brother's widow, Jane McKenzie, on Aug. 16/ 1898. He died on Sept. 11/1913. Jane married James Irvin @ 1921.

4.6) Mary Elizabeth McKenzie married Alexander Ferguson, on Oct. 24/1854.
4.61) Sarah Isabella Ferguson b: Oct. 8/1857
4.62) Janet Amelia Ferguson b: @ 1860
4.63) James Isaiah Milligan Ferguson b: March/1862 twin
4.64) Elizabeth Ann Ferguson b: March/1862 twin
4.65) Mary Eleanor Ferguson b: Apr. 30/1865
4.66) Margaret A. Ferguson b: Feb. 6/1868
4.67) William John Ferguson b: Oct. 6/1870
4.68) Stanley Ferguson b:Mar.15/1872

4.10) Donald K. McKenzie married Mary Jane Leet (b: Dec. 22/1840, d:March/1920) on Feb. 27/1860.
4.101) Isaiah Joseph McKenzie b: Dec. 27/1861
4.102) Sarah Elizabeth McKenzie b: July 30/1863 d: Mar. 16/1864
4.103) James George McKenzie b: Jan. 19/1865
4.104) Daniel Jacob McKenzie b: Feb. 3/1867
4.105) Andrew Lewis McKenzie b: April 2/1869 twin
4.106) Emma Isabella McKenzie b: April 2/1869 twin
4.107) Henry Alex. William McKenzie b: May 1/1871
4.108) Margaret Jane McKenzie b: March 16/1873
4.109) John Adam McKenzie b: Sept. 8/1875
4.10 10) Alfred Ogden McKenzie b: Nov. 1/1878

4.101) Isaiah Joseph McKenzie married Clara ? He was a fireman at Lynn, Mass., U.S.A.

4.103) James George McKenzie married Mary Cunningham in Jan./1890. They had one adopted son.

4.105) Andrew Lewis McKenzie married Christina C. McDonald, on July 3/1899. He was living in Goldenville, working as a mechanic. She was from Lochaber. They moved first to B.C., then to U.S.A.
4.1051) Ethel McKenzie

4.106) Emma McKenzie married Joseph Stanton on Feb. 12/1892. He lived in Yarmouth, N.S.
4.1061) Frederick Louis Stanton b: Jan. 24/1893
4.1062) Joseph Stanton b: @ 1895 d: @ 1918

After Joseph, Sr. died, Emma married Clayton Gillian.

4.107) William McKenzie married Annie Sarah Ferguson on Oct. 2/1896 at Boylston, N.S.
4.1071) Clara McKenzie b: Feb. 25/1897
4.1072) Sarah McKenzie (Sadie) b: Sept. 12/1899
4.1073) Joseph McKenzie b: ? d: a baby
4.1074) John Wilfred McKenzie b: Aug. 19/1901 d: a baby
4.1075) Daniel McKenzie b:
4.1076) Gordon A. McKenzie b: Sept. 5/1909 twin
4.1077) Frederick A. McKenzie b: Sept. 5/1909 twin
4.1078) Mary Florence McKenzie b: Jan. 27/1912 d: Nov. 2/1993
4.1079) James Earle McKenzie b: Mar. 11/1915

4.108) Margaret McKenzie (Maggie) married Wentford Smith on Nov. 25/1891.
4.1081) Son
4.1082) Son

4.109) John Adam McKenzie married May ?. They had no children.

4.10 10) Alfred Ogden McKenzie married Edna ? . They lived in the Yarmouth, N. S. area.
4.10 101) Alfred Daniel McKenzie
4.10 102) Jean McKenzie
4.10 103) child died young

5) Hannah McKenzie married Thomas Lucas on Jan. 12/1819.
5.1) Annabella Lucas

* There may have been more children in this family.

5.1) Annabella Lucas married Joseph Hadley on Mar. 27/1844.
5.11) John Francis Hadley

6) Bethany McKenzie
6.1) Honour McKenzie b: Oct. 11/1823

Bethany married James McCallum @ 1827. They lived for a while at Oyster Ponds, then moved to Salmon River. She died Nov. 17/1873 at Salmon River.
Children of James and Bethany McCallum:
6.2) Jane McCallum b: @1828
6.3) James McCallum b: @1831
6.4) Kenneth McDonald McCallum b: Sept. 14/1835
6.5) John Simon McCallum b: May 22/1837
6.6) Robert Henry McCallum b: May 24/1839

* Nothing further is known about 6.1) Honour, 6.2) Jane, or 6.6) Robert Henry.

6.3) James McCallum married Bridget Fitzgerald on July 16/1856, at Guysborough.
6.31) Robert McCallum b: @1857
6.32) Johannah McCallum b: @1858
6.33) Bridget McCallum b: @1861
6.34) James McCallum b: @1863
6.35) Bethany Jane McCallum b: @1865
6.36) Margaret Elora McCallum b: June 11/1867
6.37) Elizabeth Ann McCallum b: May 10/1870 d: Sept. 14/1870
6.38) Sophia McCallum b: @1871
6.39) John Alexander McCallum b: June 13/1873
6.310) William McCallum b: Sept. 1/1875

6.4) Kenneth McCallum never married. On April 20/1913, he was lost in the woods in the Salmon River area, and died as a result. He was 78 years old.

6.5) John McCallum married Mary McAllister.
6.51) Catherine Ann McCallum b: Feb. 6/1874

7) Elizabeth McKenzie married James Tory, Jr., on Dec. 18/1816. She died Feb. 5/1879 at Guysborough Intervale.
7.1) James Alexander Tory b: July 26/1818 d: @1822
7.2) Christian J. Tory b: Sept. 16/1819 *No further information
7.3) John Henry Tory bapt. April 22/1821 d: @1822
7.4) James Alexander Tory b: Dec. 14/1822
7.5) John Henry Tory b: June 19/1824
7.6) William Tory b: ?
7.7) Alexander George Tory b:Feb.14/1828
7.8) George Isaiah Tory b: April 13/1830
7.9) ? Tory b: May 16/1832 *No further information
7.10) Elizabeth Tory b: May 11/1835
7.11) Jane Tory b: July 4/1837

7.4) James Alexander Tory married Eliza or Elizabeth MacGregor @1850.

7.5) John Henry Tory married Elizabeth Brymer on Jan. 4/1847.

7.6) William Tory married Margaret Sellars, daughter of Donald and Isabelle (McKenzie) Sellars, on Aug. 20/1855.

7.7) Alexander George Tory married Sarah Diana Whitman.

7.8) George Isaiah Tory married Mary Elinor MacPherson on Jan. 16/1866.

7.10) Elizabeth Tory married William Fred MacDonald.

7.11) Jane Tory married William Thomas Sceles on Aug. 21/1863.

8) Donald McKenzie married Christina Munro on Aug. 4/1824.
8.1) James Simon McKenzie b: June 17/1826
8.2) John William McKenzie b: Mar. 17/1828
8.3) Hannah McKenzie b: June 6/1830
8.4) Elizabeth McKenzie b: Sept. 4/1832
8.5) Donald George McKenzie b: Dec. 3/1834
8.6) Janet Amelia McKenzie b: April 15/1837
8.7) Mary Elinor McKenzie b: June 17/1842
8.8) Susan Jane McKenzie b: April 1/1845

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