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Descendants of Leon de Rostang d'Ancezune

"In 1750 Leon de Rostang d Ancezune married Adele du Four de St Martial. They had seven sons. They had been ruined by terrorism and agrarian disturbances which prevailed in the Papal State of Avignon just previous to the revolutionary outbreak in France. Several of the sons emigrated, one of whom was Maurice de Rostang. Leaving Marseilles about the year 1790, he went to Trinidad, which at the request of Pope Pius VI, had been opened by the King of Spain for colonization and especially for Catholics who had suffered by the troubles of the time."

- Olga J. Mavrogorgato, A Memorandum Describing the History of Our Ancestors : Carige, Marino, Sanda, Meany, Rostant, Hobson, Boos., publisher unknown, 1966, page 13

Generation One

Maurice de Rostang d'Ancezune (1757-1800) and Madeleine Desbordes de Noailles
Known children:
  • Adele Rostant

  • Catherine Rostant

  • Madeleine Rostant

  • Leon "Toussaint" Rostant (1794-1877)

Generation Two

Leon "Toussaint" Rostant (1794-1877) and Marie Louise d' Angleberne (1794-1865), daughter of Philippe d' Angleberne
Known children:

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