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Our Munro ancestors came from Scotland, and after settling briefly in the Mohawk Valley of New York, moved north to Canada as United Empire Loyalists.

Hugh Munro and Catherine Campbell

Remarkably, pieces of Catherine's wedding dress have survived the centuries.

photos courtesy of Lorne Ross.

Provenance by Ewan Ross (1922-1987), author of The Rosses of Martintown and other books on Glengarry history.
  • 1748, Hugh Munro born in Foulis, Ross-shire, Scotland.
  • 1772 or 1773, Hugh and Catherine left Scotland for America. The ship they were on was disabled in a storm and put into Ireland for repairs.
  • Spring 1773 or 1774, arrived in Johnstown, New York and rented land from Sir William Johnson.
  • 1776, Enlisted in the King's Royal Rangers of New York.

Children of Hugh Munro and Catherine Campbell

  1. John Munro (1773- ) married Nancy Ann Ross (1774- ).
  2. Christina Munro (July 2, 1774 - March 2, 1848) and Donald Ross (1760 - May 1, 1817).
  3. Ann (Nancy) Munro (c1778-1848) married Alexander Ross (1768-1855).
  4. Phillip "Finlay" Munro (1785-1862) married Christian "Christy" Ross (1790-1859).
  5. Murdoch Munro (1786-1860) married Isabella McKay (1796-1843).
  6. Elizabeth Munro (1788-) married John McLeod.
  7. Margaret M. Munro (1791-1885) married Duncan MacGregor(1783-1840).

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