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Early History

"The earliest recorded ancestor of the Lechmere's is 'Reginald de Lechmere de Hanlee,' father of Adam de Lechmere de Hanlee; they are mentioned in a deed without date of which there is a note in the college of arms: this must have been about the period of Edward I, after which time motives were generally dated. A manuscript of Dr. Thomas, quoted by Nash in his "History of Worchestershire" (vol. I, p. 560), observes of Lechmeres: 'This family came out of the Low Countries, served under William the conqueror, and obtained lands in Hanley, call from them Lechmere's place and Lechmere's field; Lech is a branch of the Rhine, which parts from it at Wyke, in the problems of Utrecht, and running westward folds into the Maes before you come to Rotterdam.' "Hanley and the House of Lechmere by Evelyn Philip Shirley

The above book is a must for the serious Lechmere researcher and is available in reprint (for a very modest price) from Higginson Book Company.

Reign of EDWARD I

Taxed at Hanley:
  • Reginald de Lechmere taxed ijs
  • Philip de Lettemere taxed vs
  • Richard de Lechmere taxed xxd
  • Taxed at Powick:
  • Henry Letshimore taxed xxd
  • Reign of EDWARD II

  • Robert called Wilkyn de Lechmere
  • Reign of EDWARD III

    • Henry Lechmere
    • Alice Lechmere
    • John Lechmere
    • William Lechmere

    Ancestors of Judge Nicolas Lechmere

    Generation 1

    Robert Lechmere, son of William above.

    Generation 2

    John Lechmere, of Lechmere’s Place

    Generation 3

    Richard Lechmere of Hanley, living during the reign of HENRY VI married Joan Whitmore (daughter of John Whitmore)

    Generation 4

    Thomas Lechmere, of Hanley married Elianor Frere (b. 1474). Eleanor was the daughter of Humphrey Frere, of Blankets, Worcs and Anne Walsh (daughter of Richard Walsh of Sheldisley Walsh, Worcs).

    Generation 5

    Richard Lechmere (1520-1568) married (c 1542) Margery Rocke (1525-1573).

    Generation 6

    Edmund Lechmere (1550-1616) married (1575) Anne Dingley (1557-1620). Anne is a direct descendant of John of Gaunt, 4th son of EDWARD III and father of HENRY IV.

    Generation 7

    Edmund Lechmere (1577-1650) married (1610) Margaret Overbury (1592-1634), daughter of Nicholas Overbury of Burton-on-the-Hill, Glos.

    Generation 8

    Elizabeth Lechmere (d. 1686)
  • Frances Lechmere (d. aft July 31, 1650)
  • Mary Lechmere (d. aft July 31, 1650)
  • Richard Lechmere (1611-1632)
  • Nicholas Lechmere, Judge
  • Anne Lechmere (1615-1650)
  • Thomas Lechmere (1616-1669)
  • Margaret Lechmere (1620-1650)
  • Edmund Lechmere (1623-1646)
  • Jane Lechmere (1629-1694)
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