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Our Holmes family relations

Holmes Family in England

Thomas Holmes and Frances (Fanny) Hoddinott of Sherborne, Dorset, England had six children that we have been able to identify. One of these children (John) settled in Newfoundland another (William) became a Timber Merchant in Bath, Somerset, England.

Hoddinott/Holmes Family in Newfoundland

John Holmes was the child of Thomas Holmes and Frances (Fanny) Hoddinott. His mother died when he was young and his father remarried. John did not get along with his step-mother and ran away to Newfoundland. John changed his name to Hoddinott to avoid detection by his wealthy parents. (See letter from H. J. Indoe page 1 and page 2.)

Holmes Family in Vancouver, British Columbia

James Hoddinott was the son of the John Holmes who ran away to Newfoundland. James married Sarah "Jane" Diamond October 17, 1856 in Catalina, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. They appear to have settled in Seldom-Come-By, Fogo, Newfoundland as this is where their children were born. Two of their seven children are know to have settled in Vancouver, British Columbia.
William Henry Hoddinott was another son of the John Holmes who ran away to Newfoundland. He married:
  • Grace Boone December 21, 1859.
  • Ellen Perry November 25, 1863. Three of the eleven children and two grandchildren of this marriage are known to have settled in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Children settling in Vancouver

    • Lavinia Dorcas Holmes, born March 15, 1866, died December 27, 1915 (Registration of Death).
    • Laura Maria Holmes, born September 11, 1872, Seldom Come-By, Fogo, Newfoundland
    • Laura Louisa Holmes, born Abt. 1881, Seldom Come-By, Fogo, Newfoundland

    Grandchildren settling in Vancouver

    Selina Amelia Holmes was the daughter of William Henry Hoddinott and Ellen Perry. Two of their daughters are known to have settled in Vancouver, British Columbia.
    • Florence (Floss) Emily Anthony, born August 19, 1890. Floss married Edgar Gushue November 16, 1912 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Copies of her correspondence concerning her Holmes ancestors is the source of much of the information about the Holmes family.
    • Sarah "Grace" Anthony, born January 29, 1892

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