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The Guppy family

The Guppy family arose in the counties of Dorset and Somerset in England, where the name, spelled variously, has been known since the 13th century. Originally farmers and yoemen (landowners), the Guppys began to spread throught the world in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Our branch of the Guppys rose to prominence through the activities of Samuel Guppy of Bristol, who became a wealthy merchant and propelled his children into English society. His son, Robert, became a lawyer and moved to Trinidad to be the legal representative of a wealthy plantation owner. One of his sons, Florian, entered the Indian Civil Service and later retired to Tofino, British Columbia, Canada. Florian is Jeanne's grandfather.
  • Guppys in England

  • Guppys in Trinidad

  • Florian Guppy family photos from India:
    In keeping with our policy of not posting material relating to living people, we are not posting any recent family photos. However, we felt that these pictures provide a glimpse of a lifestyle of a past era so we are putting them up but without identifying the children. (We had some difficulty with this particular limitation as this family's story has been continued in some published books:
    • Wilderness Wandering on Vancouver Island by Walter Guppy, 1993, Grassroots Publications (go to the "Books and Guidebooks" link), Tofino, BC
    • The Tofino Kid; From India to this wild west coast by Anthony Guppy, 2000, Priority Printing, Duncan, BC )

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