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The Guest family of St. George, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

Book: The Guest Family of St. George, Bristol by Jeanne Ross, privately published, 2005 (7 MB PDF)

There is a VERY large family tree in the book (pages 18-19). These should be printed separately on two 11x17 pages -- I had them folded in the book.

If you prefer to download only the main family tree, here it is on two 11x17 pages:

Here is the page with a family tree showing the descendents of John Guest, b. 1755, and his wife Mary.  I think John is likely a brother of Stephen Guest (1749-1779).

Supporting Transcriptions and Documents

When compiling this family history I was obliged to search parish registers and some bishop's transcript on microfilm ordered through an LDS Family History Centre. In the process I compiled a database of baptisms, marriages and burisls (in Excel) from several churches in eastern Bristol and the adjacent parish of Bitton. Surnames include: Barrett, Brain, Brittan, Bryant, Burgess, Clark, Dark, Fox, Greenaway, Guest, Guppy, Haynes / Haines, Illes, Leonard, Pegley / Pegler / Peglar. Powell, Protheroe, Roach, Rogers, Stone, Webb, Wilmot, Wiltshire, and a few miscellaneous others.

You are welcome to download this file and use it for personal use only. Please do not publish it anywhere or pass it to others -- but do feel free to tell others where they can get it. This way, when I update it, everyone can get the most up-to-date version. PLEASE read the "Readme" worksheet in the file to understand what is in the file and where the records came from.

Family of Stephen Guest (1749-1779) and Martha Roach (1751-1823)
and Martha's 2nd husband James Guest (1753-1818)

It appears that when Martha's first husband, Stephen, died at age 30, she married her brother-in-law James.  Martha had a difficult life -- besides losing her first husband, she also lost almost all her children in childhood.

The marriage of Stephen Guest and Martha Roach, 1771
Baptisms of children
Bristol Burgess Book

The will of James Guest, Martha's second husband, 1818 (DOC or PDF) from Bristol Record Office

Ancestors of Martha Roach

Family of William Roach (1713-1774) and Prudence Pegley (1723-1779)

Marriage of William Roach and Prudence Pegley, 1747 Copy 1, Copy 2 (this parish had more than one copy of the parish registers and both have been mircofilmed.)  Note that sometimes the surname was spelled Pegler or Peglar, in addition to Pegley -- depends on who was writng the record.

Baptisms of children

Bristol Burgess Book
    • William Roach, 1747, married to Prudence, daughter of John Pegley, house carpenter

Family of John Pegley (1693-1768) and Martha Bramley (-1769) (parents of Prudence Pegley)

PDF Outline Family Tree showing the descendents of John and Martha Pegley. More details on our Rootsweb site (see above)

Marriage of John Pegley and Martha Bramley, Aug. 31, 1712

Baptisms of children
    • Prudence,  Copy 1, Copy 2, July 21, 1723  (surname spelled Pegly and then "Pegler" added later on copy 1), of White Hall, on copy 2.
    • Joseph, Oct. 22, 1727 (of Donjon Cross -- the old name for the area that St. George Church was built about 1750)
    • Joseph, May 6, 1730 (of Donjon Cross -- the old name for the area that St. George Church was built about 1750)
Bristol Burgess Book

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