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Dutchess County, New York, Will Extracts, R-Z

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The information below was extracted from microfilms of the records of the Probate Court of Dutchess County, New York. The records are arranged alphabetically by surname. My apologies for any transcription errors -- the handwriting is often difficult to read.

The volume and page number is listed in the last column; the films are available through the Family History Centers of the Church of Latterday Saints. Vols AA-A (1751-1796) are on film #913659, Vol. B (1796-1806) Film #913660, Vol. C-D (1806-1815) Film #913661, Vol. E-F (1814-1824) Film #913662, Vol. G-H (1824-1832) Film #913663. Further films go to 1905. See Library catalogue on

Surname Given
Date of will Probate Granted Location in Dutchess Spouse Children Other
Executors Witnesses Other Notes Vol (page)
Reynolds Jonathon April 9, 1818 Oct 14, 1820 Amenia Sarah Abram, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Isaac, David, Anna, Clarisa, Phebe, Eliza "trusty friends" Edmund Reynolds, Charles Hoag, both of Northeast Charles Hoag, Edmund Reynolds, Isaac Hutchins F (362)
Reynolds Jonathon Apr. 4, 1808 Dec. 21, 1809 South East Mary Gilbert, Edmund B., Jonathon, Polly Brundige, Metheah Hote, Abigail Mundige, Sary Knox, Anne Reynolds (under 18), Hannah Reynolds (under 18) wife Mary and son Jonathon Stephen Booth, Rachel Sanford, Talmon Sanford C (411)
Reynolds Samantha Sept. 9, 1822 Dec. 26, 1822 Amenia sister Phebe Pugsley who has daughters Jane, Eliza and Mary, brother Krall (?) Reynolds, sisters Elizabeth & Rachel Reynolds Elizabeth Reynolds of Amenia Conklin Herrich, Salley Herrich, Arad Merill F (394)
Reynolds Stephen June 22, 1812 Nov. 25, 1815 Amenia Rachel Stepen, Isreal of Northwest, Elizabeth, Rachel, Samantha, eldest Phebe wife of Abraham Pugsley son Isreal Stephen Eno, Joseph Owens, Sally Drake Codicil dated 1813 (no month or day) witnessed by David Wysman (?), Elizabeth Bennett, Joseph Owens E (82)
Reynolds Zephariah Oct 4, 1798 probably Nov. 3, 1798 Stanford unnamed brothers and sisters Ezra and Peter Reynolds John Little of Marbletown, Ulster County, physician, Aaron Canfield, Silas Canfield Jr. B (122)
Smith Jacob Clinton Rebecca Uriah, William, Ruth, Peggy, Rebecca, Jane, Nancy brother Isaac C (457)
Snyder George Apr. 8, 1808 Aug. 23, 1809 North East Catherine Peter, Zachariah, daughter Mrs. Berington Children of daughter Mrs. Berrington: Jeremiah, Elizabeth, John, Catherine, Elias, Maria sons Peter and Zachariah Aaron Tompkins, Daniel Welsh, Cornelius C. Welsh C (380)
Story Zachariah Jr. Mar. 16, 1809 May 4, 1811 Town of Northeast Mary Benjamin, Zachariah, Rowland, Amos, Mary wife of Comer Bullock (sp?), Elizabeth Shaw, Sarah Cromwell (deceased) his wife, sons Zacharriah, Jr., Benjamin, Rowland, Comer Bullock, Jr. Asinth Bignall, Ephraim Mosher the 3rd, Caleb H. Hobby Mentions his carpenter tools C (555)
Tallman Britton Aug. 10, 1811 Feb. 7, 1815 Beekman Deborah Elias Head, Henry & Henry Gilbert Head, grandnephew Britton Tallman son of Jonathon, Betty Wilber daughter of John Wilber of Beekman, Britton Wilbur son of Robert (deceased), Robert, Jonathon & John Wilber brothers of Betty nephew David Tallman, Samuel Mott of Washington Hobes (?) Southworth, Aaron Wilber, Eleanor Wilson D (596)
Talman John Dover Ruth only son John I. Ursula Clapp daughter of Elias and Hannah (462)
Thorn John Aug. 25, 1817 Nov. 15, 1819 Northeast Samuel J., Stephen, deceased, Nicholas, deceased, John Jr., Phebe Germond, Peggy Crandall Children of son Stephen: Samuel, Angevine, John, Peggy van Dooser (sp?); children of son Nicholas: Nancy, Rhoda, Sarah, Rebecca, John, Nicholas Jephtha Wilbur, John Thorn Zachariah Story, John Shaw, Martin Hicks, Henry Green F (9)
Thorn Obediah Jan. 15, 1822 Feb. 5, 1822 Fishkill Elizabeth Henry, Mary Barnas, Benjamin, Obediah Cooper Thorn, William Bogardus Thorn, Catherine Elizabeth, Catherine, Elizabeth (unclear if these are three daughters or just two), Thomas, Hiram (last four children under 21) "beloved friends" Elizabeth, David and Benjamin Thorn Henry Van Voorlis, Matthew Smith, John H. Darrow F (263)
Thorn Samuel Nov 30, 1814 May 11. 1820 Mary Stephen S., Robert, Eliza, Sally, Esther, Mary Friend Derich A. Wrinkerhoof (?) or Rinkerhoos (?) James Thorn, ??? Bloom, Isaac Hoffman F (55)
Tompkins Gilbert Jan 10, 1812 Apr. 2, 1812 Clinton Mary Elias (under age), Caleb Gilbert, Hannah, Mary, Jane (?) brother Michael Tompkins of Clinton, friend Peter A. Schriver Peter Lewis, Noah (?) Smith, John M. Thurston D (44)
Tomkins Martha, wife of Caleb Apr. 7, 1792 Nov. 10, 1794 Clinton granddaughters Hannah Tomkins, Deborah Schriver, Martha Deboys, Jude Hardin, grandsons Joseph Hardin and James Tomkins John Wig and John Manning Caleb Tomkins, David Ring, Lan (?) Smith, Stephen Schriver bequests also to Caleb Mannin, a minor, son of Charles Mannin and Abigail and Martha daughters of John Wig A (436)
Tomkins Thomas Apr. 20, 1805 May 7, 1806 Clinton Ruth Richard, Caleb, Haywood, John, Peter, Daniel, Deborah Worth, Ruth Haver (?), Johanna Serls, Martha Tomkins John M. Thurston, John D. Ashram Nathaniel Tomkins, John Van Wagner, John D, Ashram mentions Catrinie Haver, no relationship indicated B (641)
Tripp John Jan 18, 1816 June 5, 1816 Stanford Hannah Anna Hefterland/Hesterland (?), Elizabeth Tripp, Amy Thomas (has children), Daniel, John, Anthony Sons Danile, John, Anthony John Ellison, Thomas Briggs, Clarke Hoag E (212)
Tripp Susannah Nov 19, 1794 July 2, 1796 Nine Partners John, Samuel, Rebecca Devel, Phebe Tripp, Mercy Tripp son Samuel Caleb Mosher, Philip Mosher, Enoch Mosher B (13)
Tripp William Nov. 25, 1807 Jan. 3, 1816 none given Phebe Job, Timothy, Stephen, William, Rebecca, Margaret, Marther (not a typo - he spells it this way twice), Ruth and Phebe: two daughters "that has been married and portioned off) Brother-in-law Samuel Tripp, wife Phebe David White, Silas White, Silas Deuel E (121)
Vail Isaac Aug 10, 1807 Aug 26, 1817 Stanford Jane Only son Aaron, daughter Phebe, wife is pregnant Solomon Vail, Daniel Wing Henry Hull, Alfred ?undway, Betsy Vail Date of writing could be 1817 E (326)
Vail Jesse Dec. 13, 1819 June 3, 1823 Fishkill Elizabeth Nathaniel, Daniel, Isaac, Mary wife of Cornelius J. Brown, Hester wife of Aaron Vanandern (?), Elizabeth wife of James Hughson, Phebe wife of Abraham Van Voorhis, Jane Ann wife of Nathaniel Mills, Susannah Morgan, deceased Sons Isaac, Nathaniel, John ??? and Samuel Bogardus William Hughson, William Teller, unreadable F (452)
Vail Moses Mar. 9, 1817 July 23, 1817 Beekman Phebe James (under 21), Isaac, Thomas, Platt, Elias, Simon, Moses M. (under 22), Lavina, Mary Sons James & Isaac, wife Phebe, friend John Odell John Beadle, James Losee, Peter Losee E (314)
Vail Penelope Aug. 2, 1813 Nov. 7, 1815 Mother Mary Annin, younger sister Mary Vail (under age), elder sister Catherine (also Caty) Lockwood, half-sister Jane Annin, half-brothers Daniel, James Walter, Samuel and William Annin, aunt Catherene Monger Brother-in-law James Lockwood, uncles John and Stephen Hughson John, Stephen and Henry Hughson Mentions a piece of land in Fishkill in possession of James Lockwood, brother-in-law E (153)
Vail Platt April 5, 1822 May 14, 1822 Freedom Catherine sons Seneca (sp?), Alanson, Isreal and Reynolds, daughters Amy wife of Oliver White, Mary wife of John P. Dunkin Rebecca formerly wife of Isreal Vail, her daughter Perlina (relationship not mentioned) Seneca (?) Vail, Reynolds Vail, Joseph Vail, William J. Thorn William J. Thorn, John Reynolds, Henry Pettet F (302)
Van Kleek Baltus Aug 24, 1794 Sept 18, 1794 Poughkeepsie Rodee (sp?) Sarah wife of Jacob Kipp, Catherine Lister, Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Beauz, Yazinda the wife of Denbo Cabels, Margaret, Leonard Rode Van Kleek, Aha??? Elsworth, Jacob Smith Isaac Hotchkiss, William Loade, Daniel Hotchkiss A (462)
Van Kleek Barnet Oct 15, 1808 Fishkill Molly Michael, Deanty (?) wife of Gideon Degraff, Polly wife of William Ferdon, Betsey wife of Benjamin Van Dewaters grandchildren Betsey Degraff, Polly Ferdon C (249)
Van Kleek Benins {sp?) Aug 24, 1831 Oct 17, 1831 Poughkeepsie Irene (???) Cornelia wife of George W. Scnierndyke, Sally Ann wife of B. Davis Noxon, Eliza wife of Rufus Cosott, George, Edgar, Albert, minor daughters Mary and Louisa, minor son William provided support and funeral expenses for his father Peter A. or possibly Robert. son George, John Jewitt 2nd of Dover, Richard B. Davis, Esq., of Poughkeepsie Thomas W. Tallmadge, Poughkeepsie, John J. Myers, Poughkeepsie H (492)
Van Kleek Peter Dec 15, 1786 May 26, 1795 Tryntije Catherine wife of Francis Potts, Cornelia wife of Lucas Deys, Attije wife of Joseph Gallow Grandson John Fear (surname uncertain) daughter Catherine, son Cornelius and John Van Kleek Theadorus Bailey, William Bailey, Robert Hoffman A (466)
Van Kleek Peter, Junior May 25, 1793 Oct 8 1793 Rumbout Annatie Peter, Jeremiah, Levi, Hendricus, Barent, Cati, Simion, Antoinettie, Mary, Suinti (sp??), Deborah Son-in-law Dominius Monfort, son Peter, Leonard, B. Lewis Abraham Ryndres (sp??), Simon Laroy, Francis Leroy A (373)
Van Steenburg Benjamin June 14, 1804 Dec 19, 1805 Rhinebeck mentioned but not named Benjamin B., Solomon, Sarah wife of John Van Zandt, Rebecca wofe of Benjamin Bogardus, Rachell wife of John Fawks, Jr. John A. Kip, Solomon Van Steenburg? (surname uncertain, could be Vandtberg), Anthony D. Lamater Gernet Van Wagener, Ruelif Kip of Rhinebeck, John Van Wagener mentions a debt to William Ludlow of New York B (598)
Van Steenburgh Benjamin B. Nov, 21, 1817 Apr. 14, 1818 Rhinebeck Rachel (is pregnant) Nicholas (no children), Benjamin, Catherine, Caroline, Nelly, Sally, Amelia, Rachel, Amanda, I think one other unreadable Other
Son Nicholas, friend John Fowks, Jr., wife Rachel John Davis, Garnet van Klausen (??), Francis A. Livingston Left surveying instruments to son Benjamin E (390)
Van Steenburgh Solomon Jan 2, 1818 Apr. 14, 1818 Rhinebeck Anna John Tremper "now living with me" Friend John Fowks, Jr., of Clinton William Fuller, Jacob W. Cramer, Francis A. Livingston Yoeman E (387)
Vincent Jonathon Aug 28, 1815 Sept 6, 1824 Washington Leonard (deceased), Deborah wife of John Wilkinson, James, Gumond, Moriaty, Gilbert Catharine and Gumont Leonard children of deceased son Leonard, grandaughter Deborah daughter of son James John Wilkenson, sons Gilbert and Moriaty John Beadle, Isaac Fowler, IsrealVail There is a codicil re the executors dated June 11, 1824 witnessed by James S. Cook, Jacob Fowler and John Beadle G (91)
Vincent Leonard June 17, 1813 Jan. 24, 1815 Poughkeepsie Mary daughter Catherine under 21 Brothers and sisters: Deborah Wilkinson, James Vincent, Germond (?) Vincent, Moralty (?) Vincent, Gilbert Vincent Wofe Mary, friends John Wilkinson, Abraham Bookee (?) George P. Oakley, James Corel, Ruth Oakley D (552)
Vincent Michael Beekman late wife's brothers Jeremiah and Jonathon Hunt (Hart?), Phebe Taylor wife of ? Taylor, wife's sister Rachel Rose Winslow more information but very hard to read so I gave up C (231)
Vincent Richard (possible initial B) May 6, 1788 May 16, 1789 Beekman Rachel Leonard (deceased), Reynolds, Richard, Fiebert (sp?), daughters Hannah, Rachel, Elizabeth, Jemima, Susannah, Margaret, Mary, and another possibly Catty, Assey or Affey. Grandsons Joseph, Leonard and Richard sons of deceased Leonard, Richard Hunt eldest son of daughter Mary Brother-in-law Smiton Tripp, son Reynolds Vincent Samuel Crandel, Charles Vincent, James Palmer A (136)
Wheeler Ephraim May 24, 1804 May 16, 1808 Amenia Edward, George, Catherine, Margaret who had 4 unnamed children, Helena, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah Frick, Valentine grandchildren Ephraim son of Edward, Charlotte daughter of Mary, Ephraim, John, Catherine and Josiah (youngest) children of Valentine grandson Ephraim Wheeler son of Edward, son George John Smith, George Hoofrout (??), David Rose C (208)
Wheeler Thomas Nov. 9, 1820 Jan 19, 1821 Dover Elizabeth Rebekah Burhard (?), William, Henry, Thomas, Elizabeth Phill?? Son Thomas has children including a Thomas Sons William and Thomas, friend Joseph Belding James Grant, James Grant, Jr., Benjamin Noxon F (142)
Wheeler William June 14, 1796 May 30, 1810 Physician, of Dutchess Wilhelmina underage children mostly unnamed, including at least one son and a daughter Eliza, who was brought up by James Radcliffe Jacob Radcliffe, Esq., of Dutchess, John C. Smith, Esq., of Litchfield, Conn., Ambrose Spencer, Columbia Co., NY, Gaust Van Hageman or Wagiman, City of NY Francis Parten, Jr., Robert Clineson ?, John H. Remson ? Codicil dated Apr. 11, 1810 witnessed by David Tomlinson, William M. Smith, Wheeler Gilbert C (472)
White Abner Jun 13, 1794 Ruth Charles, William, James, Thomas, Mary Harris, Ruth Merritt Grandsons Thomas and Jeremiah Doty sons Charles and William, Silas Devel, Jr. Isaac Bayee (?), Matthew Boomer, Timothy Tarsiss (???) A (423)
White Charles Aug. 8, 1818 May 20, 1822 Washington Elizabeth Henry, Oliver, Peregrine, Phebe Emigh, Elizabeth Thorn, Charles, Abner, Morris, Cornelia, Esther, possibly one more unreadable name Sons Abner, Peregrine and Morris Milton Barlow, Abraham Lesson, Stephen B. Wilbur In the first part of the will uses "Peregrine" and the later part and codicils uses "Perry Green" There are several codicils, additonal witnesses are Isaac Sutherland, Jeremiah Doty, Stephen R. Wilbur F (310)
White Tabitha Feb. 9, 1810 Mar. 2, 1810 Poughkeepsie (?) John (deceased) Charlotte wife of Ezekial Griffin, Jr., Jonathon, John, Amesiah (sp?), Joseph, Daniel, Susannah Postie/Fortie (sp?), Abegail Peck, Lucy Postie/Fortie (sp???), Elizabeth Coon (wife of Jeremiah Coon?), Ellis wife of Matthew Fanington Ezekiel Griffin, Matthew Fannington Elisha L. Pelham of Fishkill, Jeremiah Coon C (433)
White William A. Aug. 23, 1802 probably Sept 3, 1802 Dutchess Eunice Isaac, William, Hannah Emigh, 3 youngest daughters are Phallie, Eunice, Mary brothers Charles and Thomas, Silas Devel Silas Wadell, Ellatlon Marshal, Joseph Canel?? B (335)
White William Sept. 6, 1811 Dec. 19, 1821 Washington Ruth Hannah, Ruth, Eunice, Silas, Benjamin, William, David, Joshua Ruth's children are John, Silas, Ruth, Hannah, Eunice, Hanry, Alfred, and William; grandchildren Stephen, Philip, Clary, Eunice and Catherine Angevine Son Benjamin and son-in-law Silas (no surname given) Isaac Thorn, Robert Coffin, William Terry Reference to the Book of Administrations, pg. 592-3 F (239)
Wilbur Brownell Feb 20, 1826 Aug. 29, 1826 Eunice Dorcas, Timothy, Rhoda Hayden, Eseek who resides on Brownell farm in Schoharie, Moses, Aaron, Brownell Grandchildren (of Timothy) Polly and Eunice Friends Daniel Butler, Philip Hoag, Benjamin Hammond Joseph Buthler, Nate Albro, Peter C. Butler G (430)
Wilbur Carr Jan 2, 1819 June 18, 1819 Washington Sarah Benjamin, Phebe, Zillah, Sarah, Ruth, Jane, son Laney (??), Joseph children of son Jeremiah, deceased: Susannah, Jeremiah, Carr, Sarah, Phebe, Joshua, William Friends Jonathon Wilbur, Stephen Deuel, John S. Deuel, Isreal Wilbur Clark Wilbur, Daniel Hammond, Renslau Dutcher E (491 or 2)
Wilbur Samuel May 25, 1811 at 1/2 past 3 o'clock PM July 19, 1811 Stanford Hannah sister Norah wife of Andrew Willson who has minor children Jeremiah Shenill, Jr. William Sutherland, Jr., Elizabeth Willson, Elizabeth Carle? He must have been dying as he says ". . .after my death (which I expect will happen in a few hours). . ." C (577)
Wilbur Thomas Nov 11, 1817 Oct. 10, 1820 Clinton Elizabeth Deborah, Mille (deceased, had children), Rhoda, Elizabeth, Sarah, Hannah, Zilpha, Edward, Thomas, Nathan Wife Elizabeth, sons Nathan and Edward Isaac Doty, Marshal Stoutenburgh, Herman Stoutenburgh F (99)
Winslow David Washington Hannah C (499)
Wood Abraham June 9, 1819 Sept 13, 1819 Clinton Mary Abraham, Anne Schouten, Mary Wright, Elizabeth Terrel, Judith Sutton or Lattin, Levi, Joseph, Nathaniel, Grabriel Sons of son Levi: unreadable (perhaps Orson), Sally, George; granddaughter Susannah Wood, grandson Adolf Suttin/Lattin friends Peter Ostrom, Joseph Thorn, Samuel M. Thurston Daniel Ostrum, QAbraham J. Conklin, Samuel M. Thurston E (507)
Wood Calvin March 6, 1814 March 12, 1814 Clinton Lydia Elizabeth Caroline, Edwin Thompson, Julian Caleb Mosher and Joseph E. Mosher of Wahington and Jonathon Dean of Clinton John Beadle, Henry Bearsall and Benjamin Davis D (470)
Wood Jonathon Apr. 18, 1820 Oct. 10, 1820 Washington Sanford, Edward, Jacob, James, Elisha, John deceased, Sarah Children of son John: Godfrey, Samuel, Matilda, Cleanthew (??), Calvin, Loisa Sarah Wood, Joshua Hart, Daniel Wooley Moses Hausty, Jacob Batt, Samuel Pinkham of Washington F (101)
Wood Joseph Nov. 22, 1805 June 29, 1808 Fishkill Elizabeth (seems to be a 2nd wife) Abraham, Thomas, Joseph, John, Dianna (?), Cate (?), Polley (?) Joseph Burroughs, Adrian Monfort, Adam Montross Marvin Rowland, Thomas Young, Adam Montross Blacksmith; seems to imply that John, Dianna and Polley are children of Elizabeth and others are not C (213)
Wood Joseph May 16, 1818 Nov 17, 1819 Clinton Leah Maria wife of William S. Herman Friends William Smith and Samuel M. Thurston of Clinton and William Heermance of Northeast Isaac S. Haight, Sarah Bedford, James Losee F (17)
Wood Nathaniel Jan 5, 1821 Nov. 22, 1821 Clinton Catherine Minors: Elizabeth, Martin, Hiram, and Mary, of full age: William, Comfort, and Susan Brothers John A. and Gabriel, friend Samuel M.Thurston, all of Clinton Abraham Goldor, Robert Taylor, Samuel M. Thurston Father (deceased) was Abraham, mother is Mary, widow F (162)
Wood Stephen Aug 27, 1826 Aug 16, 1827 Washington David, Joseph, Allen, John, Deborah Church, deceased Susannah grandchildren Daniel (?), Elizabeth, Jonathon, Titus (unclear if is a first name or the surname of the children), heirs of deceased daughter Susannah son David Jonathon Deuel, Allan Bates, Sarah Swift H (7)
Young William Nov.3, 1806 Amenia Hellanah (sp?) nephews John, William & James sons of brother Charles, brother James, sister Steward, nephew Young Bull son of Charles Bull, nephew Zachariah Young son of brother Samuel, nephew William Young son of brother John Oliver Kellogg son of Oliver Kellogg and brother Richard C (50)
Young Elkanah Apr. 16, 1808 Oct. 11, 1809 Southeast Town Huldah Hannah Crosby (wife of Moses Crosby?), Sarah Baldwin, Peninah (sp?), Betsey and Polly are under 18, Archibald (eldest), Ezra, James, Eben (last 3 under 20) Archibald Young, Moses Crosby James Sears, Lewis Crosby, Jonathon Higgins C (396)
Young William July 2, 1806 Nov. 25, 1806 Amenia Hellanah Nephews (sons of brother Charles Young) John S., William, Jame; Sister Steward and nephew Young Bull, son of Charles Bull, Esq.; Zachariah Young, son of brother Samuel Young, William Young, son of brother John YOung, Friend Solomon Hitchcock and nephew William Young Oliver Kellogg, William Peet, John J. Holister Also mentions Oliver and Richard, sons of Oliver Kellogg (no relationship mentioned) While it is not stated, his sister Steward is probably the mother of Young Bull -- they are grouped together in the same sentence. C (50)

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