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Our Davis ancestors were prominent early settlers in Hastings County, Ontario, Canada. The Davis' came to North America from Wales in the mid 1700's and subsequently relocated to Ontario about 1802.

  • 1763, Birth of Lewis Davis, Jr. in Dutchess County, New York.

  • October, 1776, Lewis Davis, Sr. killed at the Battle of White Plains, New York.

  • Dutchess County, New York. Lewis Davis, Jr. married Miriam Lawrence (daughter of Cornelius L Lawrence and Mary Cromwell).

  • abt 1800 emigration to Canada of Lewis Davis, Jr.

    Children of Lewis Davis and Miriam Lawrence:

    1. Richard Davis
    2. Robert Davis
    3. Cornelius Davis (1799-1893) married Sarah Farwell (1818- ).
    4. Charles Davis (1802-1880) married Eliza Rose (1814-1837) and Mary Ray.
    5. John Davis (1802-1901) married Jane McConnell (1823-1910).
    6. Charlotte Davis (1805-1898) married Dorland Clapp (1806- ).
    7. Hester Davis (1808-1897) married John Parcels Morden (1806-1866).
    8. James Davis (1809-1893) married Mary Croy (1822- ).
    9. Mary Davis (1814- ) married James McDonald.

  • Lewis Davis susequently married a Mrs. Palmer.

    Children of Lewis Davis and Mrs. Palmer:

    1. Loretta Davis (1821- ) married Nelson Reddict.

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