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Descendants of Nathaniel HOBBS

Fourth Generation

10. Hannah Rebecca HOBBS (Vincent , Nathaniel Barrye , Nathaniel ) was born in 1744. She died in 1833.

Hannah married William BLANTON. William was born in 1730 in Caroline Co, VA. He died in 1830.

They had the following children:

  24 F i Aggy BLANTON
        Aggy married Johnston JOHNSON.
+ 25 M ii George BLANTON

11. Mary HOBBS "Polly" (Vincent , Nathaniel Barrye , Nathaniel ) was born in 1745. She died in 1823 in Washington Co, VA.

Polly married John BENHAM. John died in 1800 in Washington Co, VA.


John and Polly had the following children:

  26 M i Vincent BENHAM
  27 M ii John BENHAM II
        John married Elizabeth.
  28 M iii Joel BENHAM
        Joel married Rebecca HIX.
  29 F iv Sarah BENHAM.
        Sarah married Drury FLETCHER on 6 Jul 1786 in Washington Co, VA.
  30 F v Mary BENHAM.
        Mary married Samuel CORNET on 18 May 1791 in Washington Co, VA.
  31 F vi Ann BENHAM
        Ann married Elijah FLANARY.
  32 F vii Rebecca BENHAM.[Notes]
        Rebecca married Peter TITTLE before 1815.
  33 M viii James BENHAM
  34 F ix Ruth BENHAM was born about 1769. She died after 1850.
        Ruth married James FUGATE. James died before 1850.
  35 M x William BENHAM was born in 1775. He died on 28 Nov 1814.
        William married Mary.
+ 36 F xi Rachel BENHAM

13. Thomas HOBBS (Vincent , Nathaniel Barrye , Nathaniel ) was born about 1749 in MD. He died in 1853 in Big Piney, Monroe, TN.


Thomas married Nancy HALL 1.

They had the following children:

+ 37 M i Joel HOBBS
+ 38 M ii Thomas HOBBS

14. Ezekial HOBBS (Vincent , Nathaniel Barrye , Nathaniel ) was born in 1752. He died on 11 Nov 1831 in Washington Co, VA and was buried in Hobbs Cemetery, Washington Co, VA.


Ezekial married (1) Elizabeth LILLY in Washington Co, VA. Elizabeth was born about 1786 in VA. She died after 1850 in prob Washington Co, VA.


Ezekial and Elizabeth had the following children:

  39 F i Harriett HOBBS
  40 M ii Greenberry HOBBS was born on 7 May 1801 in Mendotta, Washington Co, VA.
        Greenberry married Margaret CASEBOLT on 8 Feb 1831/1832 in Lee Co, VA.
  41 M iii Wayne HOBBS was born in 1804.
        Wayne married Caty COSSETT on 9 May 1828 in Washington Co, VA.
+ 42 M iv George Washington HOBBS
  43 M v Andrew Jackson HOBBS "Jackson" was born in 1812.
  44 M vi Harrison HOBBS was born in 1812 in Washington Co, VA.[Notes]
        Harrison married (1) Mariah.
        Harrison also married (2) Sarah PITTS-FLEENOR on 24 Jan 1874. Sarah was born in 1826.
+ 45 M vii Shelby HOBBS
+ 46 M viii Preston HOBBS
  47 F ix Matilda HOBBS was born in 1821.
        Matilda married PRESTON.
  48 M x Madison HOBBS was born in 1830.

Ezekial also married (2) ???.

They had the following children:

  49 F xi Betsy HOBBS was born in 1814.
        Betsy married ROLLINS.
  50 M xii John Jackson HOBBS was born in 1782 in Washington Co, VA. He died in Pike Co, IL.[Notes]
+ 51 M xiii Joel HOBBS
  52 F xiv Polly HOBBS was born in 1788/1802.[Notes]
        Polly married (1) William M GOBBLE.
        Polly also married (2) Jonathan MILLER on 16 Nov 1828 in Scott Co, VA.
  53 F xv Nancy HOBBS was born about 1792.[Notes]
        Nancy married (1) ROUSE.
        Nancy also married (2) Jacob SHELLEY on 17 Aug 1836 in Scott Co, VA.
  54 M xvi Vincent HOBBS was born in 1792/1804 in Washington Co, VA.
  55 M xvii Isaac HOBBS was born about 1796 in Washington Co, VA. He died in 1869.
+ 56 M xviii William Zion HOBBS Sr
  57 M xix Rev Nathaniel HOBBS "Nathan" was born on 2 Nov 1797 in Lee Co, VA. He died on 1 Sep 1862 in Morristown, TN.
        Nathan married (1) Ozina KING. Ozina was born about 1810 in NC.
        Nathan also married (2) Sally SMITH "Polly". Polly was born in 1789.
        Nathan also married (3) Mildred HARGIS about 1815 in KY. Mildred died in 1847.
  58 F xx Ruth HOBBS was born in 1798 in Scott Co, VA.[Notes]
  59 F xxi Rebecca HOBBS was born in 1800 in Scott Co, VA.[Notes]
        Rebecca married Morgan CARTER on 29 Dec 1839 in Scott Co, VA.
+ 60 M xxii Benjamin HOBBS
  61 F xxiii Rachel HOBBS was born in 1813 in Washington Co, VA.
        Rachel married John GRANT.

Ezekial also married (3) Hannah HARDY on 7 Jul 1803 in Washington Co, VA.

15. Absalom HOBBS Sr (Vincent , Nathaniel Barrye , Nathaniel ) was born in 1753 in MD. He died in 1841 in Lee Co, VA.


Absalom married (1) Susan HELVEY. Susan was born in 1763. She died in 1823.

They had the following children:

  62 M i William HOBBS died in Lexington, Fayette, KY.
        William married 2 Susan DORSEY 1 on 29 Apr 1823 in Frederick Co, MD.
+ 63 F ii Rebecca HOBBS
+ 64 M iii Emory HOBBS
+ 65 M iv Henry Helvey HOBBS
+ 66 M v Job HOBBS
  67 F vi Mary HOBBS was born in 1804 in Lee Co, VA. She died in 1883 in Morgan Co, IN.
        Mary married James Pearl ABBEY on 3 Jan 1832 in Lee Co, VA. James was born in 1802 in CT. He died on 1 Feb 1854 in IL.
  68 M vii Levi T HOBBS was born in 1807. He died on 23 Apr 1863.
  69 M viii Absolem HOBBS Jr was born in 1807. He died on 2 Sep 1880 in Tipton Co, IN.
  70 M ix John HOBBS was born before 1822 in VA.

Absalom also married (2) Mary Ann OLINGER in 1825 in Lee Co, VA. Mary was born on 20 Jul 1795. She died on 14 Nov 1867.


Absalom and Mary had the following children:

  71 F x Margaret HOBBS "Peggy" was born in 1826 in Lee Co, VA.
        Peggy married Eli BUCKLES after 1850 in Wise Co, VA.
  72 M xi Vincent HOBBS was born in 1827 in Lee Co, VA. He died on 8 Dec 1864.
+ 73 M xii Jacob B HOBBS
  74 M xiii DeWitt Clinton HOBBS was born on 1 Jan 1831 in Lee Co, VA. He died on 1 Jan 1826 in Tipton Co, IN.
  75 M xiv Caleb W HOBBS was born in 1834 in Lee Co, VA.
  76 M xv Joshua E HOBBS was born on 1 Dec 1835 in Lee Co, VA. He died on 19 Mar 1826.
  77 M xvi David Crockett Creed HOBBS was born about 1837 in VA. He died on 19 Feb 1926 in Madison Co, IN.[Notes]
        David married Mary SINCLAIR.

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