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Migration Pattern

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WELCOME to my BEAT(T)Y family webpages.  The origins of this particular BEATY/BEATTY family are unknown as of this time, but this line’s progenator was born in Pennsylvania.  The BEATY name in all its various permutations and spelling variations originated in Scotland/England/Ireland.  These pages contain:

  • A brief outline descendancy list for this lineage.  The various generations are linked to the appropriate generational pages. 
  • An alphabetic index in case you want to search for a specific person and don’t know where they fall on the “charts”.  
  • Generation by generation detailed listings.


If you are a BEATTY descendant, and would like to learn more about your BEATTY roots, there is a private Internet study group available for you.  Please contact me and I can put you in touch with them.


I hope you enjoy your visit to my BEAT(T)Y family roots.


Gary B. Speck

July 22, 2007




  • SOURCES available upon request.

·        No living people will knowingly be listed on these web pages.

·        Any addresses/names or E-mail addresses appear ONLY with permission of the individual listed.

·        Spelling of the name varies.  Some of the variations include: BATEY, BATY, BEATY, BEATTY

·        Dates that have a “c” indicates “CIRCA” meaning about or around.  This means the dates came from a census or other source that listed the age, but no specific birth date/year.

·        Names with the generation number indicated in black 6, means that particular name does not appear on any of the other pages as they are part of a line that I have not continued in detail (yet). 

·        This genealogy is only as accurate as the information provided by research and various sources, and as interpreted by myself.  If you see any errors or omissions, and have documentation to back up your information, I would LOVE to hear from you.  You can contact me via E-mail.





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Generation 1 | Generation 2 | Generation 3 | Generation 4 | Generation 5  

Surnames | Portal Page



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