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Steven Kilgore was born in Orange County, North Carolina between
1766-68 to Robert Kilgore and Winnie Clayton Kilgore of Western
North Carolina.

Steven Kilgore's name appears initially on the Russell County,
Virginia Tax Roll in 1788 indicating that he probably had
accompanied the Salyer brothers to the Copper Creek area in
Russell County. Steven Kilgore married Rebecca Salyer around
1788, probably in Russell County.

Steven Kilgore appears to have resettled in Marion County, Tennessee
in 1808. He came down through what is now Bledsoe County where
he stopped for awhile with a Joe Kilgore (This Joe Kilgore has not
been identified as to his relationship to Steven Kilgore). He then
continued down Sequatchie Valley to what is now Victoria in Marion
County (Not a county until 1817). At that time the territory was Cherokee
 Indian land and the white people who came in were considered

Steven and Rebecca Kilgore seemed to have had two or three sons
when they came to Tennessee. Charles born 1790, William and
Joseph born between 1800 and 1810.. When Steven came to Victoria he
settled on what was known as the Cowan farm and adjacent property.

Besides being a farmer he also practiced his profession as a preacher.
He and Rebecca raised a family of eight children of which many
decedents still live through out Sequatchie Valley and surrounding

Steven died between 1844-45 in Marion County and was buried
in the family burial place, Kilgore Cemetery on the foothills of
Walden's Ridge in the Valley. Rebecca was still living at the age of
ninety according to the 1860 census. She was living with a daughter
Rebecca Layne. The exact time of her death is not known but she was
buried by her husband in the family burial place.
Source: Sayler Family History by Elizabeth Sayler

Steven and Rebbecca Kilgore had eight and possible nine children as follows: Charles _
Kilgore/ born 1790's/, Hiram Kilgore/ born 1790'S/ William Kilgore/ born 1800/ Steven
Kilgore/ born 1802/, John Kilgore/ born 1804/, Rebecca Kilgore/ born 1806/ Ester
Kilgore/ born 1808/ Joe Kilgore/ born 1810 and Craven Kilgore/ born ?.

Three of the children/ Hiram/ Ester and Rebecca married into the John and Barbara DeVault
Layne family. John Layne was born in 1768 and married Barbara De Vault born 1770 in
Washington Co. Virginia on July 31/ 1789. They were living in Marion County, Tennessee
by the 1830 census, but if is known they had been in the County several years before.

The children are as follows; David was born 1794 and died before 1842/ leaving a
large family. William was born 1793-1800 married Polly ?. Elizabeth was born 1794
and married Daniel Luallen. Nancy was born 1798 and married Hiram Kilgore. Abraham
was born about 1798-1800 and married Rebecca Kilgore . Margaret was born in 1802 and
married Richard Bradford. John Lavne Jr. was born 1803 and married Ester Kilgore .
Burrell was born 1804 and married Emily ?. Issac was born 1809 and married 1st Polly
Steel/ 2nd Delphie Fults/ 3rd Mary Conast/ 4th Mary Maybe*?, 5th Mary Dempsey.
Daniel married Anna Bryant. Mattie/ Lou/ Polly and Sally dates and marriages unknown.

John Layne Jr. born 1803 and died 1900 and his wife Ester Kilgore born 1808 moved
across the Plateau to Hollingsworth Cove (Pelham Valley - Grundy Co., TN) where he
practiced the craft of wagon making. On Sundays he was a Methodist preacher.
Layne descendants became so numerous that Hollingsworth Cove became known as
Layne's Cove.

The Kilgore family of Layne's Cove seems to have moved from Marion County with the
Layne's when they crossed the Plateau into Pelham Valley.

Steven A Kilgore (brother to Ester) and married to Jane Lovelace born 1805
were living in Laynes Cove when the 1860 census was taken. Hiram Kilgore (another
brother who married Nancy Layne) was also living in Layne's Cove with his wife.
John B/ Layne signed for Issac Kilgore (born 1845 & son of William Kilgore) to
join the 1st Veditte Calvary under Col/ Brixey in 1863. Kilgore enlisted in Pelham.
Marion Kilgore ( son of William & Polly Kilgore) 1st wife was Elizabeth ?. The Hollow
in which they lived he named Liz Hollow. It is still called that today. Roy Kilgore
(son of Marion Kilgore) operated a government still in Liz Hollow.
Source: Marion County (TN) People & Places ~ Pelham Valley Bi-Centennial History
Source: Layne-Lane- Lain Genealogy compiled and published by Floyd Benjamin Layne/ Los Angeles, Ca.

Compiled by Mrs. Alma E. Dailey-Harings
aka Libby
08 Jan 2011