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Pulaski County Kentucky Marriages 1798-1851 Pages: 108-109 (Stephens only)

Groom Bride
Spencer, David 1823 11-11 Elizabeth Stephens Robert Carter
Spencer, Douthard 1824 7-10 Eliz. Dunn Stephen Raney
consent-- Wm. Stephens and Amasa Spencer

Spencer, Moses 1826 11-29 Joannah Stephens Robt. Spencer
consent-- Amasa Spencer

Stephens, Ebenerzer 1828 1-29 Linney Williams Allin Williams
consent-- Eliz. Stephens f- Abraham Williams

Stephens, Joseph 1840 1-27 Nancy L. Stephens Wm. C. Stephens

Stephens, Presley 1833 7-31 Dicy Adams Edward Adams
consent-- mother Eliz. Stephens f. William Adams

Stephens, Wm. 1820 9-11 Eliz. Patton Robert Patton

Stephens, Wm. 1839 2-23 Sarah Ambrose Meshack Stephens