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Urbania, Hants Co., Nova Scotia, Rose Family Information

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Urbania, Hants Co., Nova Scotia, Rose's by Barbara Morehead

Family Genealogy in Scotland
Hugh ROSE Wife: Loir MacKINTOSH Their children: -Alexander ROSE [progenitor of the Roses of Holme] -William ROSE -Hugh ROSE Wife: Margaret URQUHART b.1485 Kilravock, Nairn, SCT [Served heir to his father in 1493] Their son: Hugh ROSE Wife: Catherine FALCONER b. 1507 Kilravock, Nairn, [Dau/o Alexander FALCONER] SCT Their son: William ROSE Wife: Lilias HAY [11th. Laird of Kilravock] [Dau/o William HAY] b.1545 Kilravock,Nairn, SCT d. 1611 Kilravock Their children: -Hugh ROSE -David ROSE Wife:Christian CUTHBERT b.1592 B. 1615 at ? Earlsmilne, Nairne, SCT D.18 Sept. 1658 at Nairn, Nairnshire, SCT d.31 May 1669 at Nairn, [Dau/o David/James CUTHBERT & Esther DEAKIES] Nairnshire, SCT md. 27 Jan. 1632 at ? Their children -Hugh ROSE -Alexander ROSE md. Margaret ROSE, had George b. 17 Jan. 1744 -James ROSE Wife: Jean ROSE b.1642 at Earlsmilne, Nairn, [Dau/o John ROSE & Jean GORDON] SCT d.1721 at Nairn md. 5 Jan. 1674 in SCT Their son: William ROSE Wife: Margaret CUTHBERT b.1682 at Nairn, Nairnshire, B. 10 Sept. 1684 at Inverness, SCT SCT [Dau/o Jonathon CUTHBERT] md. 27 Mar. 1705 at ? Their children: -Angus ROSE B. 21 May 1710 -James ROSE Wife: Anne NAIRNE b. 3 Sept. 1708 at Nairn, SCT B. 30 May 1708 Cromdale, Invernesshire, SCT [Dau/o Duncan NAIRNE & Anna GRANT Their children: -Margaret ROSE md. _______ DUNLOP -Donald ROSE Wife: Ann FRASER Chr.1 Feb. 1727 at Cawdor, B. 29 May 1739 at Ardclark, Nairn, SCT Nairn, SCT D.16 Oct. 1820 at So. Maitland, Hants Co., NS [Dau/o Jonathon John FRASER & Amelia DUNBAR]
Nova Scotia Bound
[From "Men of the Soil, Century Farms", Published by the NS Rural Beautification Committee, pg. 109. Hants County--James ROSE--Urbania, Hants Co., NS. In 1776, Donald ROSE and his two sons, James and Angus, left their Scottish home for an adventure across the Atlantic. When they arrived in Nova Scotia, Donald took out a grant of 2000 acres of crown land on the shore of the Shubenacadie River, at a bend in the river flowing toward the Bay of Fundy. This was the beginning of the small community of Urbania where this farm is situated. When Donald's two sons grew up, he divided his land between them. He gave James A. 1000 acres,including the old homestead. In time James married, and he and his wife had a family-the homestead portion of James' 1000 acres has been handed down 5 generations. In the beginning, it was handed down from Donald ROSE to son, James ROSE, to son, Ebenezer ROSE, to his son, George ROSE, to his son, James ROSE, to his son, James Frederick ROSE. Donald ROSE and his wife, Ann were buried near their house.] Donald Rose & Ann FRASER had children: -Angus ROSE b. 1768 SCT., d. NS -James D. ROSE b. 1770 Nairn, SCT, d. 13 Aug. 1854 NS., bd. Maitland Cemetery. Md. Allison Jamison COCK -Emma Amelia "Ami/Mealie" ROSE b. 1767/1772 at Urbania, Hants Co., NS, d. aft. 1831 at Elgin, Pictou Co., NS, md. 1790 at Shubenacadie, Hants Co., NS to William DUNBAR -Janet ROSE b. 1774 at Urbania, Hants Co., NS, bd. Maitland Cemetery -female ROSE b. 1776 at Urbania, Hants Co., NS -Margaret ROSE b. At Urbania,Hants Co., NS James D. ROSE and wife: Allison Jamison COCK had following children: --Angus md. Ruth DOW; Ebenezer md. Margaret COLTER; --Alexander md. Jan Elizabeth WHITE; --Donald md. Janet/Jannet WHITE; --James md. Lucinda DOW; --Stewart md. Matilda BARBRICK; --Ann md. Benjamin DIMOCK; --Elizabeth md. Patrick MacQUARRIE; --Catherine md. George DOW. Emma Amelia "Ami/Mealie" ROSE and husband: William DUNBAR had children: -Donald b. 1791 at Lorne, Pictou Co., NS -Rev. Hugh b. 1792 at Lorne, md. Helen MacEWAN -Alexander William b. 1802 Lorne, md. Janet HOOD -Elizabeth b. c1803/05 at Lorne, md. Alexander MacLEOD -Jannett "Jessie" b. 1808 at Lorne, md. Thomas McCullough HORNE -Christie b. 1807 at Lorne -Katherine "Kitty" b. 1811 at Lorne, md. John MacKENZIE -James "Yankee Jim" b. 1813 at Lorne, md. Agnes HORNE -Isabella b. 1816 at Lorne, md. Charles ANDREWS
Barbara Morehead's line descends as follows:
Jannett "Jessie" DUNBAR and husband Thomas McCullough HORNE Margaret Jane HORNE and husband William Johnson CROCKETT William Webster CROCKETT and wife Alice Gertrude TONEY Margaret Eleanor CROCKETT and husband Mervin Emmett FOSTER Barbara Joyce FOSTER and husband Laurence Leslie MOREHEAD

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Everyone with the Scottish surname Rose who can trace their genealogy roots to one of the Clan Chiefs or one of their children, are related. Once a genealogy link is made to a Clan Chiefs family, you can trace your genealogy back to the early 13th century through two old documents that have been preserved by my family.

They are Notes (text file 8k). The other is titled Rose, The Highland Roses (text file 5k).

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