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Badge: A harp, azure. Motto: Constant and True. Gaelic Name: Ros, Rois. Tartan: Rose. Origin of Name: From the flower of this name. Plant Badge: Rose - Briar Rose Motto " Andeo " - I dare. 

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My great great great grandfather John ROSE 1775 - 1839 (married in 1797) with his wife
Isabella CALDER 1775 - 1857, came to new Glasgow, Nova Scotia in 1818 with their children Elizabeth 1798 - 1890 married: Hugh Fraser Jr. , Alexander 1799 - 1883 married Janet McKay,
Janet 1801 - 1885 married John Sinclair, William 1803 - 1866 married Sarah McKay,
Isabel 1805 - ? Married James Bowen , James 1810 - 1882 (my great great grandfather)
married Isabella Fraser , Alexandrina 1812 - ? married Alexander Garvin Capt., John Jr. 1814 - 1818, Roberta 1816 - ? and John 1818 - 1831. Marriages of all of their children took place in New Glasgow, NS. Their last child David 1821 - 1898 was born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia and married Isabel Christine Kennedy.

Rose Family Reunion, Chance Harbour
Rose Family Reunion, Chance Harbour, Pictou Co, NS, Canada (Picture taken, About 1895)

They came from Invergordon, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland. The Highland or northwest area of Scotland in 1818 on the ship Rowena. John was a Stone Mason by trade. The family settled first at "The Beeches", Pictou, then moved to Irish Town, now called Plymouth, finally purchased that farm on the New Glasgow - Trenton boundary containing 500 acres. Running from the East River up and over the mountain (Fraser Mountain) to the Merigomish Rd. (Highway 4). Later divided between his four sons. His wife Isabella Calder was from the ancient family of Cawdor (the old spelling of Calder, Cawdor is the spelling the English attributed to the Scots Calder) referred to in "Macbeth".In Hugh Miller's "Scenes and Legends of the North" there is a reference to her immediate family and to her brother James in particular.

McLellan House, built 1821 by John Rose; McLellan Brook, New Glasgow
McLellan Hosue, built 1821 by John Rose; McLellan Brook, New Glasgow (Picture taken, About 1995)

My great great grandfather James ROSE 1810 - 1882, married in 1834 the widow Isabella Fraser
1806 - 1872. They had 6 children: John 1835 - 1904 (my great grandfather, see below),
Roderick 1835 - 1916 married Margaret Dexter, James 1840 - 1904 married Catherine Dimock, Margaret 1843 - 1873 married Alfred Butler, William 1845 - 1902 married Janet Fraser and
David 1848 - 1928 married Catherine Wilson.

James Rose was a prolific ship builder, mostly in the New Glasgow area between 1839 and 1865. He is credited with building 39 ships although he retired at the young age of 55, probably for health reasons as he suffered from Rheumatism in later years. Most were wooden sailing vessels.

   Ships Built by James Rose

James Rose's son John ROSE 1835 - 1904, (my great grandfather), came to Halifax about 1861 to take up the position of Lead Shipwright at H. M. Dockyard. He purchased what is now "Hope Cottage" for the family residence. He also purchased the houses on either side of Hope Cottage and a house on Summit St. to house Shipwrights that he brought from Scotland to work under him at H. M. Dockyard. By his first wife Sarah E. Chambers (1839-1869), he had two daughters, Anna Fulton (1861-1885) married George M. Caldwell and Elizabeth Isabella (1863-1890) married ? Mason, both lived in USA and died there, also had an adopted son Charlie who also lived in USA. By his second wife Eliza C. Honey (1842-1899), he had Grace Stewart (1874-1894), never married, Charles Sinclair (1876-1937) (my grandfather), he also was a shipwright at H. M. dockyard and married Ethel May Wambolt (1877-1927), Sarah Jane (1878-1929), she married her boss John Delaney (1872-1915) who owned J. A. Leaman Co. a Victualler company, Ada Maude (1879-1899), never married, died young..

John Rose died 22 January 1904. His two surviving children Sarah Jane now a widow and
Charles Sinclair with his family lived in the family home. Charles sold his interest in the house to Sarah about 1920 and used the funds to build a house in Kline Heights, Armdale. Sarah sold the house to the Sisters of Charity sometime before her death in 1929. The Sisters used the house to house Sisters who were operating the nearby Home of the Guardian Angel.

James Rose son Roderick ROSE 1838 - 1916 married in 1866 to Margaret Priscilla Dexter and settled in Cheverie, Hants Co., NS and was also a builder of wooden ships. Some of his descendants still reside in Cheverie. 


My father George Charles Rose 1906 - 1986, married in 1933 to Mary Louise Langlois served in the Second World War and worked as a Service Consultant for many years for a car Dealership.

My direct Rose family descendants from Alexander Rose

1 Alexander Rose 1750 - Aft. 1815 b: 1750 in Invegordon, Rosskeen Parish, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland, BI ? d: Aft. 1815 in Invegordon, Rosskeen Parish, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland, UK; married Isobel McKenzie Bef. 1805 b: in Invegordon, Rosskeen Parish, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland, UK.  Married Abt. 1774 d: Bef. 1805 in Invegordon, Rosskeen Parish, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland, UK.

2 John Rose 1775 - 1839 b: May 30, 1775 in Invegordon, Rosskeen Parish, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland, UK d: March 07, 1839 in New Glasgow, NS, Canada Buried: 1839 Riverside Cemetery, New Glasgow, NS, Canada.
Married Isabella "Bella" Calder 1775 - 1857 b: February 28, 1775 in Cromarty, Ross-Shire, Scotland,  UK, married: February 20, 1797 in (Contract) Invergordon, Rosskeen Parish, Ross & Cromarty Scotland, UK; d: February 28, 1857 in New Glasgow, NS, Canada Buried: 1857 Riverside Cemetery, New Glasgow, NS, Canada

3 James Rose 1810 - 1882 b: October 21, 1810 in Cromarty , Ross-Shire, Scotland, UK;
d: November 02, 1882 in New Glasgow, NS, Canada Buried: 1882 Riverside Cemetery, New Glasgow, NS, Canada .
Married: Isabella "Bella" Fraser 1806-1807 - 1872 b: 1806-1807 in East River, NS, Canada
married: November 02, 1834 in New Glasgow, NS, Canada d: October 16, 1872 in New Glasgow, NS, Canada Buried: 1872 Riverside Cemetery, New Glasgow, NS, Canada

4 John Rose b: July 12, 1835 in New Glasgow, NS, Canada d: January 22, 1904 in Halifax, NS, Canada.
Marred 1st Sarah "Sadie" Elizabeth Chambers b: 1839 in Windsor, NS, Canada married: May 31, 1860 in Nova Scotia, Canada d: March 26, 1869 in Halifax, NS, Canada
*2nd Wife of John Rose:- Eliza Catherine Honey b: August 01, 1842 married: August 26, 1872
d: January 13, 1899 in Halifax, NS, Canada

5 Charles Sinclair Rose b: March 31, 1876 in Halifax County, NS, Canada d: September 09, 1937 in Halifax, NS, Canada.
Married Ethel May Wambolt b: March 27, 1877 in Hammonds Plains, NS, Canada
married: November 04, 1896 in Halifax, NS, Canada d: March 18, 1929 in Halifax, NS, Canada

6 George Charles Rose, Sr. b: January 21, 1906 in Halifax, NS, Canada d: April 06, 1986 in
Halifax, NS, Canada.
Married Mary Louise Langlois b: November 02, 1913 in Cambridge, Mass, USA
married: October 02, 1933 in Halifax, NS, Canada

7 George Charles Rose b: April 24, 1935 in Halifax, NS, Canada

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My ROSE Genealogy

The Rose family in Pictou County has preserved 2 old documents on the Rose Clan genealogy which has been passed down through the family. These documents go back to the 13th century to Kilravock, County of Nairn and the founding of the Rose Clan and the building of Kilravock Castle in 1460 on the banks of the River Nairn. One is titled Notes (text file 8k). The other is titled Rose, The Highland Roses (text file 5k)

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