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(Ancestral Home of Rose Clan chief)

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The Rose Clan is unique among Scottish Clans. Since its formation the Chief of the Clan has always been passed down in succession from father to son. Mirroring the succession rights of royal families. And the name of the first born is normally Hugh Rose. Only twice in its history, as at present, there was no male heir and was passed down to the oldest daughter who has always been named Elizabeth.

Rose Clan was formed in early 13th century at Nairn in Kilravock County Scotland and the Clan Castle built in 1460, Kilravock Castle , still stands today on the banks of the Nairn River. You can stay there as it operates a Bed and Breakfast facility.

Ancestral and Descendant Chart of Rose Clan Chiefs

1 "Le Sire de Ros" b: Abt. 1020 d: Aft. 1066
2 Goisfrid "Godfrey" de Ros b: Abt. 1050 d: Abt. 1130
3 Goisfrid "Geoffrey" de Ros b: Abt. 1080 d: 1160
4 William de Ros I b: Abt. 1110 d: Bef. 1190
marr: Matilda de Camville; b: Abt. 1135 m: Abt.1163
5 Alexander de Ros b: Abt. 1170 d: Abt. 1220
marr: Alice Unknown? b: Abt. 1170 d: Aft. 1242
6 William de Ros b: Abt. 1200 d: 1229
marr: Muriel de Caversfield b: Abt. 1200
7 Hugh de Ros b: Abt. 1225 d: Bef. 1275

-------------------- Rose Clan Begins ------------------

8 Hugh de Ros(e),1st Laird of Kilravock b:Abt.1250 in Geddes d:Abt.1306 marr: Mary de Bosco b: Abt. 1250 in Redcastle, Scotland
9 Sir William de Rose,2nd of Kilravock b: Abt.1270 in Geddes d: Abt.1333 marr: Muriella "Lady of Killayne and Pitfour" Doune b: Abt. 1270
10 Hugh de Rose, 3rd of Kilravock b: Abt. 1300 d: Abt. 1388
11 Hugh Rose, 4th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1330 d: Abt. 1388 marr: Janet Chisholm b: Abt. 1330 m: January 2, 1363/64
12 Hugh Rose, 5th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1360 d: 1420
13 John Rose, 6th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1390 d: 1454 marr: Isabella Cheyne b: Abt. 1390 in Esselmont, Aberdeenshire
14 Hugh Rose, 7th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1420 d: 1493 built the old tower of Kilravock, in 1460, part of present Castle. The Barony of Kilravock was erected by James III for Hugh Rose, 7th of KilravockKilravock in 1474. marr: Moira Mackintosh b: Abt. 1420
15 Hugh Rose, 8th of Kilravock b:1453 d: March 17, 1516/17 *4th Wife of Hugh Rose, 8th of Kilravock: marr: Margaret Gordon b: Abt. 1450 m: June 26, 1484 d: 1506
16 Hugh Rose, 9th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1490 d: 1543 marr: Agnes Urquhart b: Abt. 1480 in Cromartie m: February 3, 1509/10
17 Hugh Rose, 10th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1515 d: June 10, 1597 marr: Katherine Falconer b: Abt. 1515 m: Jan.31,1522/23 d: July 21, 1591
18 William Rose, 11th of Kilravock b: 1545 in Kilravock, Scotland d: April 8, 1611 in Kilravock, Scotland marr: Lilias Hay b:Abt.1550 in Dalgetty, Scotland m:Jan.5,1570/71 d:April30,1632
19 Hugh Rose, 12th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1577 d: June 10, 1643 marr: Magdalen Fraser b: Abt. 1585 in Strechin m: June 1603 d: Dec. 1644
20 Hugh Rose, 13th of Kilravock b: 1620 d: March 1649 marr: Margaret Sinclair b:Abt.1620 m: Jan.17, 1643/44 d: Abt.Dec.1654
21 Hugh Rose, 14th of Kilravock b: Abt. 1640 d: 1687 marr: Margaret Innes b: Abt. 1640 m: Abt. 1662 d: May 20, 1676 in Geddes
22 Hugh Rose, 15th of Kilravock b: Jan. 1662/63 d:July 23,1732 buried in chapel of Geddes marr: Margaret Campbell b: Abt. 1665 m: October 19, 1683
23 Hugh Rose, 16th of Kilravock b: 1684 d: Aft. 1755 marr: Elizabeth Grant b: Abt. 1685 d: 1712 m: 1704
24 Hugh Rose, 17th of Kilravock b: July 12, 1705 d: Nov. 26, 1772 marr: Elizabeth Clephan b: Abt. 1705 d: May 24, 1789 m: Jan. 3, 1738/39
25 Hugh Rose, 18th of Kilravock b: March 11, 1739/40 d: Aug. 21, 1782 marr: Anne Fraser b: Abt. 1747 d: August 8, 1837
26 Elizabeth Rose, 19th of Kilravock b: 1747 d: Nov. 1815 m: June 1779 Hugh "of Brea and Broadley" Rose, his *2nd Wife b: Jan. 1, 1746/47 d: Nov. 1, 1780
27 Hugh Rose, 20th of Kilravock b: February 8, 1780 d: 1827 m: Katherine Baillie, of Dunain b: Abt. 1780 *2nd Wife of Hugh Rose, 20th of Kilravock: marr: Catherine Mackintosh b: Abt. 1790 m: April 22, 1819, Their son is Major James Rose, 23rd of Kilravock.
28 Hugh Rose, 21st of Kilravock b: March 9, 1808 (Son of Hugh Rose, 20th of Kilravock and Katherine Baillie.
29 Major John Baillie Rose, 22nd of Kilravock b: Abt. 1810 (Son of Hugh Rose, 20th of Kilravock and Katherine Baillie.
30 Major James Rose, 23rd of Kilravock b: March 21, 1820 (Son of Hugh Rose, 20th of Kilravock and Catherine Mackintosh) marr: Anna Maria Twemlow b: Abt. 1820 m: Jan. 15, 1850 d: May 13, 1867
31 Hugh Rose, 24th of Kilravock b: August 10, 1863 d: Feb. 22, 1946 marr: Ruth Antoinettte Guillemard b: Abt 1890 m: October 21, 1920
32 Anna Elizabeth Guillemard Rose, 25th of Kilravock, (Daughter of Hugh Rose, 24th of Kilravock and Ruth Antoinettte Guillemard) b: May 28, 1924 (Her brother Hugh Rose killed October 24, 1942 in WW II, action at El Alamein) Present Chief of the Clan.

If interested in the Rose Clan, use this Link for the Clan History.

Everyone with the Scottish surname Rose who can trace their genealogy roots to one of the Clan Chiefs or one of their children, are related. Once a genealogy link is made to a Clan Chiefs family, you can trace your genealogy back to the early 13th century through two old documents that have been preserved by my family.

They are Notes (text file 8k). The other is titled Rose, The Highland Roses (text file 5k).

If you want check out my Rose Genealogy.
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