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St. Hyacinth's, D'Escousse, Nova Scotia; Church Death Records,
1880 to 1884

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This is a series of pages of St. Hyacinth's Death Records.
More to come as they are transcribed.

This page covers the period from 1880 to the end 1884.

Listed by Death Date

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JUDITH JOSSE  Jan. 01, 1880   buried Jan. 04, 1880
de  feu Hubert Poirier   - Quatre - vingt - six ans (86)
Present  Simon  Poirier,  Noel  Poirier  and others
S 2

CHARLOTTE BOUDROT Feb. 26, 1880.- quatre - vingt trois (83)
de feu Simon Landry   -
Present Joseph Provost, Justin LeBlanc and others
S 3

SOPHIE LANDRY  Mar. 11, 1880  -  32 years
wife of  Pierre  McDonald
Present  Isadore Poirier, Marin LeBlanc and others
S 4

MARIE MARCELINE JOSSE  April 22, 1880  -  8 months
daughter of Maxime Josse and Henrietta Boudrot
Present  Simon Josse, Paul Grimes and others
S 6

MELONIE (PAULINE?) LANDRY  April 28, 1880 - 70 years
feu Julien LeBlanc
Present  Placide Boudrot, Constante Boudrot and others
S 7

ABRAHM LEBLANC  July 30, 1880  age ??
husband of Anne Fougere
Present  Joseph Landry and Alfred Langlois
S 11

CHARLES BOUDROT Dec. 06, 1880  buried Dec. 09, 1880
husband of Julie Boudrot - age soixante - quatre ans (64)
Present  Joseph Landry, Edward Doyle and others
S 15


ELIZABETH  FOUGERE  - Jan. 04,  1881  -   age  3 days
Parents  Anslem Boudrot and Julie Boudrot
Present  Anslem Fougere and Alfred Langlois
S 1

DELVINA JOSSE   April  23, 188l  -  age  3  years  and  9  months
Parents  Maxime Josse and Henriette Boudrot
S 11

ISAIAH MCDONALD May 04, l881 - 2 years old  
Parents Pierre McDonald and Sophia Landry
Present Eugene DeRoche, Alex Poirier and others
S 12

MARIE BOUDROT May 09, 1881 age ??
Parents Simon Boudrot and Marie Vigneau
Present  Honore Boudrot and Justin LeBlanc
S  13

CATHERINE JOSSE   July 01, 1881 age ???
feu Jean Marin Poirier   
Present Pascal Poirier, John  Dunn and others
S 18

SUSANNE LEBLANC  July 5, 1881 age ????
wife  of  Aime  Boudrot
Present  Aime Langlois and Desire Boudrot
S 19

PIERRE LANDRY  July 06, 1881 - 17 years old
Parents  Desire Landry and ???
Present  Joseph Langlois and William Landry
S  20

MARIE JUDITH BOUDROT -Aug. 31, 1881 Buried Sept. 5, 1881- Age  28 days
Parents  Desire Boudrot  and Virginie Josse
S  25


JEAN MARIE JOSSE - Feb. 24, 1882  buried Feb 27, 1882
feu Anne Forest - age guatre-vingt-huit ans (88)
Present  Aime Langlois, Placide Poirier and others
S 4

DOMITILE LEBLANC  March 2, 1882  age 60 years
     Firman Boudrot
Present  Desire Boudrot and Hypolite Fougere
S 5

wife of Charles McDonald  -  age ????
Present   Lucien Josse,  Desire  Boudrot and  others
S 7

ANDRE MUNIER   May 15,  1882
husband of Lucie Landry  -  age soixante dix-huit ans (78)
Present Honore Boudrot,  Hypolite  LeBlanc  and  others
S 10
wife of Edward LeBlanc age ???
Present Hypolite LeBlanc, Jean Boudrot and others
S 26

feu  Honore "Henry" LeBlanc
Present  Augustin LeBlanc  and Philip McDonald
S 29


MELANIE LEBLANC - Jan. 03, 1883 - buried Jan. 06, 1883                              
Melanie Boudrot feu de Augustin LeBIanc - soixante--quatorze ans (74)
Present  Isaac Langlois, Hypolite Fougere and others
S 2

SOPHIE LEBLANC  April 12, 1883 - buried April 16, 1883
wife of Hypolite LeBlanc
Present  William Marchand and Elie Munier
S  13

WILLIAM  JOSSE  April  23, 1883  -  age  4  years  and  8 months
Parents  Simon Josse and Henrietta "Harriet" Boudrot
Present  Nicholas Culleton, Alfred Grimes and others
S 15

MARIE LOUISE JOSSE (La meme jour) April 23, 1883, 2 years
Parents   Maxime Josse  and  Henrietta Boudrot   (Maxime  ?)
Present   Honore Boudrot, Daniel Boudrot and others
S 16

PIERRE LANDRY  May 17, 1883 - age ????
husband of Annie Petitpas
Present  Isadore Petitpas, Docite Bonin arid others
S 19

JOSEPH BERNARD SAMSON  Jan. 16, 1883   1 year
Parents  Martin Henry Samson and Adeline "Adele" Poirier
Present  Joseph Poirier, Alex Poirier and others
S 21

SIMON LEBLANC  Jan. 18, 1883  soixante dix-sept ans (77)
husband  of  Ruphina Burke
Present  Joseph Landry, Joseph Provost and others
S 22

FRANCIS XAVIER LEBLANC  July 1, 1883   1 year 8 months
daughter of Helaire LeBlanc and Elizabeth Hebert
Present   Theophile Boudrot  and  Alfred  Grimes
S  24

Parents William Landry and Ellen Culleton
Present Theophilus Morrison, James LeBlanc and others
S 24

AMADEE CHARLES LANGLOIS July 11, 1883 16 days
Parents   Aime Langlois and  Marine Petitpas
Present   Alfred Langlois,  James LeBlanc and others
S 26

Infant of  ROBERT JOSSE and MARY ANN BENOIT  Aug 15,1883
Present  Maxime Provost, Jean Boudrot and others.
S 27

LOUISE LANDRY  Nov. 29, 1883  buried Dec. 01, 1883
wife of Isadore Poirier   age 28 years
Present  Philip McDonald, Alex Morrison and others
S 38


ELIZABETH JANE LANDRY   Feb.  18,  1884   age  18 months
Parents  William Landry and Ellen Culleton
Present   Thomas  Samson,  Alfred  Grimes  and  others
S 7

SABINE BOUDROT  Mar. 24, 1884  age ??
wife of Jean Landry
Present  Simon Landry, Joseph Landry and others
S 12

HELEN JANE BOUDROT  March 27, 1884  age 3 years
Parents  Abraham Boudrot and Justine LeBlanc
Present  Patrick Muis(e) Joseph Boudreau and others
S 14

MARINE LEBLANC  June 14, 1884  buried June 17, 1884
feu de Adele Fougere  age 53 years
Present  Justin LeBlanc, John Pertus and others                                         
S 18

Wife of Desire Boudreau   age 39 years
Present  Captain Aime Langlois, Jean Boudrot and others
S 27

CLORINDA CULLETON  Nov. 03, 1884  died 2 months previous, 15 mos
Parents  Nicholas Culleton and Serah Josse
Present  Philip Culleton, James LeBlanc and others
S 29

Parents Simon Benoit and Archange Josse
Preset Maxine Josse, Aime Maillet and others
S 30

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