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St. Hyacinth's, D'Escousse, Nova Scotia; Church Death Records,
1855 to 1859

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This is a series of pages of St. Hyacinth's Church Records.
More to come as they are transcribed.

This page covers the period from 1855 to the end 1859.

Listed by Death Date

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1855 to 1857


POIRIER, MARGUERITE   child   June 27, 1858
Parents Edouard Poirier and Angelique Quinque
Present William Cordeau and Eugenie DesRoches

PETITPAS, SUSANNE       July 29, 1858
Susanne Gerroir is the  wife of Constante Petitpas  42years
Present Elie Boudrot and Simon Josse

CORDEAU, NOEL       Aug 30, 1858
Husband of Mathilde Samson      Age 48 years
Present   Elie Boudrot and William Cordeau

SAMSON, MARIE     AUG 30, 1858      Death July 28, 1858
Daughter of Simon Samson and Lucy Poirier    21years

CORDEAU, SABINE       OCT 23, 1858
Sabine Provost - wife of Charles Cordeau       No age given
Present   Simon Josse and Elie Boudrot

BOUDRAULT, WILLIAM        Dec 20, 1858         53 years         
Parents   Desire Boudrault   and Lisette Fougere
Present    Jean and Simon Josse


ROI, MARIE   infant   April 11,1859
Parents   Joseph Roi and   Adele LeBlanc
Present   Joseph LeBlanc and Simon Josse

LANDRY, ANN     April 11, 1859            Age 30 years
Parents   Joseph Landry and Henriette LeBlanc
Present   Firman LeBlanc and Joseph Cordeau

Sep. 29 Mai, 1859.  Marcel Poirier, ep. de Susanne Grenon, Age d'environ 60 ans.

Sep. 29 Mai, 1859.  Jean-Joseph Roy, de Joseph et Adele LeBlanc -- (5 mois).

Sep. 5 Juillet, 1859.  Marin Poirier, de Augustin et Caroline Josse (age deux ans).

Sep. 4 Sept., 1859.  Abraham Petitpas, de Daniel et Gracieuse Poirier.

Sep., 21 Nov., 1859. Melanie LeBlanc, Epouse de Elie Landry.

Sep., 09 Dec., 1859.  Simon Sancon (Samson), (age 62 ans).

Sep. 13 Dec., 1859.  Adele Bonin, fille de Remi Petitpas et Henriette Bonin.

Sep., 14 Dec., 1859.  Thomas Boudreau (age 88 ans).

Sep., 16 Dec., 1859.  Abraham Giroir, (age 10 ans) de [Gaeton] Giroir et Anne Petitpas.

Sep., 20 Dec., 1859.  Simeon Roy, (age 15 jours) de Joseph et Isabelle LeBlanc.

Sep. 25 Dec., 1859.  Edouard Cointe, de Jean-B'te et Veronique Cordeau.

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St. Hyacinth's D'Escousse, Nova Scotia; Church Records

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