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St. Hyacinth's, D'Escousse, Nova Scotia; Church Death Records,
1832 to 1835

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This is a series of pages of St. Hyacinth's Church Records.
More to come as they are transcribed.

This page covers the period from 1832 to the end 1835.

Parish Priest 1832 - 1845, Fr. Charles Lariez, born 1774 in France, died Arichat 1835

Listed by Death Date

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CLEMENT,  PIERRE   native  Jan 13, 1832 Death Dec. 4, 1831
Parent     Marie Joseph of Brasdor
In presence of Noel Clement and Michael Joseph
S 1
JOSSE, JANVIER Sept 8,1832 Death Sept 7, 1832   etre a ete inhumae-
soixante dix  ans decedee hier femme of Jean Josse semoins 
Present   Mary Josse   Jean Josse 

MCDONALD, BERNARD     Oct 13,1832
quatre-vingt deux
present   Jean Josse and Joseph Landry

MCDONALD, ELIZABETH  ? , 1832              40
present were Jean Josse   and   Joseph Landry

PETITPAS, JUDITH 9 years and 8 months May 2, 1832 Died yesterday
Laurent and Valentine Poirier   and many others


LEBLANC,  MAXIME 15 months Nov 30,1833  Died Nov 11,1833

LEBLANC,  VIRGINIA Nov 30,1833  Died Nov 6, 1833

BOUDROT,  DESIRE  21 months Nov 30,1833  Died Sept, 1833

LEBLANC, SIMON Buried Nov 30, 1833  Death Nov 3, 1833 Age 2 years

LEBLANC,  MARIE Died Oct 25, 1833 12 days  Nov 30, 1833          


JOSSE, JULIENE       April 20, 1834         Death   March 30, 1834
Wife of Joseph Samson

BOUDROT, ELIE  Age 22 months  Aug 24, 1834   Death Aug 10. 1834

JOSSE, ANNE  Quatre Vingt Quinz  (95)?  Aug 24, 1834 Death Aug I, 1834

JOSSE, GERTRUDE 13 months Died Sept. 28, 1834
Born July 20, 1833 and baptised Sept. 22, 1833
Daughter of Simon Josse and Anne Landry

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St. Hyacinth's D'Escousse, Nova Scotia; Church Records

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