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St. Hyacinth's, D'Escousse, Nova Scotia; Church Baptism Records,
1870 to 1874

Rope Line

This is a series of pages of St. Hyacinth's Church Records.
More to come as they are transcribed.

This page covers the period from 1870 to the end 1874

Listed by Baptism Date

Marble Line


COINTE, EUGENE            July 31,1870           Aug 1, 1870
Parents   Daniel Cointe and Tarsil Josse
Godparents  Pacifique Cointe and Judique McDonald

SOLOMON, MARY ANAISE ELIA     AUG 3, 1870        AUG 4,1870
Parents    Eugene Solomon and Eugenie Pertus
Godparents    Remy Benoit and Delvenia Pertus    Father Richard

KIELY, ALLEN                 Aug 4, 1870        Aug 5, 1870
Parents    Phillip Kiely and Judique Boudrot
Godparents    Kenneth Dunn and Mary Anne Kiely

MALONEY, WILLIAM WALTER         July 31,1870      Aug 8, 1870
Parents   William Maloney and Catherine Emey
Godparents     Phillip Culliton and Bridget Maloney

KEHOE, MARY VIRGINIE       Aug 8, 1870           Aug 8, 1870
Parents    James Kehoe and Gertrude Landry
Godparents     Angus McNeil and Bridget Kehoe  

BONIN, ALVINA                 Aug 10,1870        Aug 11,1870
Parents   Jean Bonin and Catherine Poirier
Godparents    Aime McDonald and Anne Poirier      Father DesLauriers    

BENOIT, ELIZABETH       Born Aug 16,1870         Bapt Aug 22,1870
Parents    Simon Benoit and Esther Boudrot 
Godparents    Jeffrey Benoit and Tarsil Benoit 

MCDONALD, THEOPHILE LAMAIN    Born August 25,1870    Bapt Aug
26,1870 Parents    Elias McDonald and Melanie Poirier 
Godparents Jean Marie Poirier and Marine Landry 

SAMSON, MARY ARTIMESE       Born Aug 26,1870     Bapt Aug 26,1870
Parents     Augustin Samson and Elisa Poirier 
Godparents   John Poirier and Elizabeth LeBlanc 

BURKE (BOURQUE), SERA  JEANNE  Born Aug 6,1870  Bapt Aug 30,1870 
Parents   William Bourque and Elizabeth Benoit 
Godparents Placide Benoit and Mary Jane Benoit 

PETITPAS, MARIE AGNES,   Born Aug 30, 1870      Bapt Aug 30, 1870
Parents   Alien Petitpas and Marie Cavanac 
Godparents   Joseph Poirier and Marine Poirier 

BOURQUE (BURKE), ANN     Born Aug 30, 1870    Bapt Aug 30, 1870
Parents Simon Burke and Marie Petitpas
Godparents Father Richard and Caroline Bourque (Burke)

LANGLOIS, JAMES T.   Born Aug 3, 1970       Bapt  Sept 3, 1870
Parents    Amy (Amie) Langlois and Marine Petitpas
Godparents   Isaie Langlois and Philomene Benoit

LANDRY,CATHERINE THERESA    Born Sept 10,1870   Bapt Sept 12,1870 
Parents   William Landry and Ellen Culliton 
Godparents Elair LeBlanc and Marin Benoit 

CORDEAU.  ARTIMESE SABINA           Sept 20,1870      Sept 20,1870
Parents         Joseph Cordeau and Rosalie Petitpas
Godparents    Andrew Petitpas and Leone Poirier   Father Richard

LEBLANC, MARY JANE          Aug 21, 1870        Aug 21, 1870
Parents Justiin LeBlanc and Gertrude Josse
Godparents    Simon Josse and Mary LeBlanc

GERE, THOMAS ELIAS    Sept 26,1870            Sept 27,1870
Parents     Polite Fougere and Marie Anne Sampson
Godparents    Charles Fougere and Marie Julie Boudreau  Father Richard

BOUDROIT,   THEOPHILE GEORGES    Sept 29,1870   Sept 30,1870
Parents   Desire Boudreau and Virginie Joyce
Godparents    Paul LeBlanc and Marie Anne Hebert      Father Richard

JOSSE, PIERRE HENRY                Sept 24,1870         Sept 29,1870
Parents     Thomas Josse and Elizabeth McDonald 
Godparents        ??                Landry             Father Richard

BENOIT, MARY LOUISE          Sept 29,1870          Bapt Sept 30,1870
Parents     Remi Benoit and Delvenia Pertus
Godparents    Jean Pertus and Marine Benoit            Father Richard

SAMPSON, MARY ELIZA     Sept 30,1870           Bapt Sept 30,1870
Parents   Desere Sampson and  Erma Marie Melanie Maguet
Godparents    Colin Chisholm and (Marine) Margaret ?

SAMSON, HELAIRE           Sept 22,1870             Oct 1,1870
Parents      Honore/Henry Samson and Melanie Bonin
Godparents      Patrick McDonald                   Father Richard

PLACIDE CORDEAU          Sept 28, 1870             Oct 2,1870
Parents      Placide Cordeau and     Euphemie "Phoebe" Bonin.
Godparents    Philip?   ---------------            Father Richard

SHANNON,   ALLACE          Oct 12,1870               Oct 8, 1870?????
Parents    -----------Shannon and Daffena Mary Ann ????
Godparents    Tarsille Boudrot                     Father Richard

POIRIER,   PHILIP          Oct 12,1870    Oct 12,1870
Parents      Desere Poirier and Seraphine Mombourquette
Godparents   ????                                   Father Richard

RANCON, ANGEL                     Oct 14,1870        Oct 15,1870
Parents    Laurence Rancon and Emilie Bonin
Godparents    Robert Josse and (Pauline Marine??)   Father Richard

POIRIER, JOSEPH                      Oct 14,1870     Oct 16,1870
Parents   SimonPoirier and Anne Poirier(Nanond)
Godparents     Edward Poirier and Polene Burke      Father Richard

BONIN, MARY LOUISE       Born Nov 10, 1870     Bapt Nov 11, 1870
Parents   Docite Bonin and Elizabeth Petitpas 
Godparents Jonney Poirier and Ann Bonin 

LANDRY, MARY JOSEPHINE    Nov 11,1870           Nov 12,!870
Parents    Isai Landry and Marcelina Landry
Godparents     Joseph Landry and Josephine Landry

EDWARD LAFFORD Nov. 12, 1870; Bapt. Nov. 15, 1870
Parents Edward Lafford and Mary Culliton
Godparents Michael Doyle and Henriette Lafford.

BOUDROT, ALFRED       Born Nov 22, 1870      Bapt Nov 22, 1870
Parents Jean Boudrot and Eleanore Poirier
Godparents   Desere Poirier and ------- Poirier

FOUGERE, JULIE         Born Nov 25,1870          Bapt Nov 26,
1870 Parents     Marin Fougere and Mariette Boudreau 
Godparents Isadore Fougere and Julie Boudreau 

LANGLOIS, MARTHA AGNES   Born Dec 10, 1870      Bapt Dec 11, 1870
Parents    Fidele Langlois and Mary Gerroir 
Godparents   Siffroi Gerroir and Marine Langlois 

MARCHAND, HUBERT     Born Nov 3, 1870         Bapt Dec 13, 1870
Parents John Marchand and Elizabeth Fougere
Godparents   Elias Marchand and Virginie Langlois

PETITPAS, MARGARETTE     Born Dec 14, 1870     Bapt Dec 15, 1870
Parents   Damien Petitpas and Gracioese Poirier 
Godparents   Simon Petitpas and Virginie McDonald 

LANDRY, JOSEPH      Born Dec 16, 1870        Bapt Dec 16, 1870
Parents   Joseph Landry and Adele Marchand 
Godparents   Isaie Landry and Charlotte Boudrot 

POIRIER, REMI MARIN   Born Dec 14, 1870       Bapt Dec 18, 1870
Parents   Augustin Poirier and Caroline Josse    
Godparents   Remy Martell and Neuman Maillet 

POIRIER, JULIE AGNES       Born Dec 25, 1870    Bapt Dec 26,
1870 Parents   Amy Poirier and Marguerite McDonald 
Godparents  Francois McDonell Virginie McDonell 

LANDRY, THEOPHILE       Dec 27, 1870        Bapt Dec 28, 1870 
Parents   Simon Landry and Philomene LeBlanc 
Godparents   Edward LeBlanc and Anne Prevo 

MEUNIER, AGNES         Born Dec 31, 1870    Bapt Jan 1, 1871
Parents Elias Meunier  and Adele LeBlanc
Godparents     Polite LeBlanc   and Marine LeBlanc


BOUDROIT, LAYARD       Born Jan 18,1871        Bapt Jan
19,1871 Parents   Charles Boudroit and Seraphine LeBlanc 
Godparents Mascine (Amosine) LeBlanc and Judick Boudrot 

MCDONALD, ALEXANDER    Born Jan 20, 1871     Bapt Jan 22, 1871
Parents   Michel McDonald and Poline Burke 
Godparents   Joseph Burke and Elizabeth McDonald 

DOYLE, CORNELIUS       Born Jan 25, 1871     Bapt Feb 2, 1871 
...file says Bapt Jan 2, 1871 
Parents   Charles Doyle and Virginie Landry
Godparents   William Martell and Virginie Landry 

FOUGERE, SERA JANE     Born Feb 6, 1871   Bapt Feb 8, 1871
Parents    Isai Fougere and Mary McDonell
Godparents   Thomas McDonnell and Marin McDonnell

PETITPAS, SAMUEL     Born Feb 20, 1871     Bapt Feb 22, 1871
Parents   Servore ???Petitpas and Anne Ranson (Ruson on file)
Godparents    Justin Samson and MaryAlice Petitpas

LEBLANC, AUGUSTIN      Born Feb 25, 1871    Bapt Feb 25, 1871
Parents    Polite LeBlanc and Sophick LeBlanc
Godparents   Charles Boudroit and Marine LeBlanc

ROY (ROI), HELAIRE      Born Feb 23, 1871      March 24, 1871
Parents    Joseph Roy (Roi) and Adele LeBlanc
Godparents Hubert LeBlanc and Adele Martell

FOUGERE, ALAN      Born Mar 26, 1871???      Bapt Mar 24, 1871
?????Parents   Auscien Fougere and Julie Boudrot
Godparents    Hubert Fougere and Harriette Petitpas

BONIN, EDNA         Born March 24, 1871    Bapt Mar 30, 1871
Parents   Marin Bonin and Adele Gallant
Godparents    -------- and Harriette Bonin

LEBLANC, ANN MARGUERITE Born April 10, 1871 Bapt April 11, 1871 
Parents   Edward LeBlanc and Victorie Boudroit 
Godparents Charles Boudroit amd Sabine Fougere 

PETITPAS, MARGARET ANN  Born April 10, 1871  Bapt April 11, 1871 Parents   
Isadore Petitpas and Agathe Biret 
Godparents Alexi Bargartus (must be Baccardax) and Marin Petitpas 

WILLIAM PHILIP CULLITON April 28, 1871  Bapt April 28,1871
Parents Philip Culliton and Eliza Landry.
Godparents Patrick Culliton and Anastasia Culliton.

MCDONALD, FRANCIS HENRY   Born May 19, 1871     Bapt May 19, 1871
Parents     Edward McDonald and Adele McDonald 
Godparents    Amy McDonald and Angele McDonald 

JOSSE, MARY BARBARA   Born June 16, 1871   Bapt   June 17, 1871
Parents    Francis Josse and Sabeth (Elizabeth) Samson 
Godparents    Isai Samson and Archangel McDonald 

COFFEE, PATRICK JAMES  Born June 12, 1871    Bapt June 18, 1871
Parents    Patrick Coffee and Margaret -------- 
Godparetns.....not listed 

MORRISON, HENRY THEOPHOLIS Born June 21, 1871 Bapt June 23, 1871
Parents Alexander "Alex" Morrison and Catherine Culliton
Godparents Rev. G. Richards and Sabine Martell

LANDRY, MARTHA      Born June 20, 1871  Bapt   June 23, 1871
Parents    Pierre Landry and Emilie Petitpas (Tipas)
Godparent   William Poirier and Father Richards

MCGRATH, BRIDGET ANN  Born June 27, 1871    Bapt June 29, 1871
Parents    John McGrath and Elise Cutler 
Godparents    Father Richard and Olivia ---------- 

SAMSON, JEAN      Born July 1, 1871   Bapt July 1, 1871 
Parents    Usliseath Sampson and Marine Bouchard (Boughard) 
Godparents     John Bouchar(d)   and Olive Sampson 

POIRIER, MARIE    Born July 3, 1871    Bapt July 3, 1871 
Parents   Noel Poirier and Sabine Mombourquette 
Godparents  William Poirier and Julia Poirier 

LANGLOIS, THEOPHILE JOHN   Born July 19, 1871  Bapt July 19.1871 
Parents   Amy Langlois and Marine Petitpas (Tipas) 
Godparents  Vital Petitpas and ? Gerroir 

POIRIER, HENRIETTA ANN   Born July 25, 1871  Bapt July 25, 1871 
Parents    Hilaire Poirier and Adele Josse 
Godparents Father Richard and Sera Josse 

FOUGERE, LOUIS     Born July 28, 1871     Bapt   July 30,1871 
Parents     Dominic Fougere and Nancy Poirier 
Godparents Felise Fougere and Harriette Boudrot 

TEPAS(PETITPAS), SIMON  Born August 13, 1871  Bapt Aug 14, 1871 
Parents    Firmen Tepas (Petitpas) and Labonne McDonald 
Godparents Simon McDonald and Marie Poirier 

BURKE, SOPHICA DELVENA  Born Aug 19, 1871  Bapt Aug 20, 1871 
Parents   Walter Burke and Rufina Petitpas 
Godparents Firman Josse and Catherine Burke 

DESROCHE, JEFFREY  Born Aug 10,1871     Bapt Aug 14, 1871 
Parents   Eugene DesRoach and Julien Poirier 
Godparents    Michel McDonald and Adele Poirier 

POIRIER, ELIZABETH ANN Born Sept 16, 1871 Bapt   Sept 17, 1871 
Parents      Remi Poirier and Felicite Bonin
Godparents     Thomas Samson and Anne Poirier 

BOUDROT, JANE    Born Sept 16, 1871    Bapt   Sept 17,1871 
Parents      Elias Boudrot and Ann Fougere 
Godparents    Polite Fougere and Elizabeth Boudroit 

MARCHAND, SERA JANE   Born Sept 16, 1871 Bapt Sept 17, 1871 
Parents    Adelbert Marchand and Adele Langlois
Godparents    Simon Langlois and Julie Marchand 

LANDRY, ABRAHAM DOCITE  Born Sept 20, 1871 Bapt Sept 21, 1871 
Parents    Docite Landry and Marcelline  Landry
Godparents    Isaie Landry and Adele Landry 

BURKE, ARCHANGEL      Born Sept 25, 1871  Bapt   Sept 27, 1871 
Parents   Augustin Burke and Louis McDonald 
Godparents   Simon Burke and Elizabeth Petitpas 

BOUDROIT, ELLEN JANE  Born Sept 27, 1871    Bapt Sept 28, 1871 
Parents   Abrahm Boudrot   and Justine LeBlanc
Godparents     Simon Boudrot and Martha Boudrot 

MCDONALD, ADELVENA   Born Oct 5, 1871   Bapt Oct 5, 1871 
Parents    Pierre McDonald and Sophie Landry
Godparents    Placide McDonell and Caroline Burke 

BENOIT, REMI AMADEE  Oct. 13, 1871  Bapt. Oct. 14, 1871
Parents Remi Benoit and Angelique Delvina Pertus
Godparents Arthur Pertus and Mary Anne Benoit
DONAHOE, MARY ANN  Born Sept 29, 1871 Bapt Oct 16,1871 
Parents     George Donahoe and Rose Matheick
Godparents    John Sutton and Margritte Dunn 

CORDEAU, AGNES   Born Oct 18,1871  Bapt Oct 21, 1871 Parents       
William Cordeau and Judique Poirier 
Godparents    Justun Samson and   Gertrude Poirier 

MCDONALD, FELIX   Born Oct 27, 1871      Bapt Oct 27, 1871 
Parents       Felix McDonald and Ann Samson
Godparents    Pascal Poirier and ----------Samson 

MARCHAND, ARCHANGE   Born Sept 11, 1871 Bapt   Oct 31, 1871 
Parents     Elias Marchand and Virginie Langlois
Godparents    Capt. A. Langlois   and Sabeth Marchand 

RANSON, HELEN JANE   Born Oct 31, 1871Bapt   Nov 6, 1871 
Parents   Thomas   Ranson and   Philomena Luce 
Godparents Daniel Luce and Mary Rosson 

KELLY, JOHN MARTIN    Born Nov 11, 1871  Bapt    Nov 14, 1871 
Parents     John Kelly and Marguerite Cammel (Campbell? Maybe) 
Godparents     Donald Cammel and Marine Kelly

MCDONALD, CHARLES ALBERT   Born   Nov 12, 1871 Bapt Nov 16, 1871 
Parents     Henry McDonald and Charlotte Boudroi 
Godparents    Charles McDonald and Sophick Boudroit 

BOUDROT, HARRIETTE SABINE  Born Nov 16, 1871 Bapt Nov 16, 1871 
Parents   Johnny Boudrot and Marie Boudrot
Godparents Thomas Boudrot and Ann Petitpas

LANDRY. ALEXANDER HENRY  Born Nov 14, 1871 Bapt Nov 18, 1871 
Parents    Paulycarpe Landry and Domitile Marchand
Godparents   Masien Forest and Sabeth Marchand     

BOUDROT, CLEOPHAS ETIENNE   Born Nov 28, 1871  Bapt Nov 29, 1871 
Parents    Constant Boudrot and Matilde LeBlanc
Godparents     Cleoffa LeBlanc and Seraphine LeBlanc 

BOUDROIT, MARY ADELVINA   Born Dec 21, 1871  Bapt  Dec 22, 1871 
Parents     William Boudroit and Amelia Grennon or Guinan
Godparents     Edward Guinan and Amelia McNeil 

POIRIER, MARY    Born   Dec 24, 1871      Bapt Dec 24, 1871 
Parents     Johnney Poirier and Amelia Petitpas 
Godparents    Jeffrrey Poirier and Marie Burke 

JOSSE, NED JOHNNEY   Born  Dec 30, 1871 Bapt Dec 31. 1871 
Parents    Thomas Josse and Adelaide Boudrot
Godparents   Johnney Boudroit and Adele Boudroit 

Baptised by Father Richard.  Rewritten by Father Boucher

POIRIER, ISIDORE     Born Jan 2, 1872       Bapt Jan 9, 1872
Parents    Elias Poirier and Nannon Tepas
Godparents   Isidore Poirier and Margaret Poirier
197   Father Richard

BENOIT, JIMMY REMEY   Born Jan 16, 1872      Bapt Jan 18, 1872
Parents    Belloni Benoit and Hariette Langlois
Godparents   William Benoit and  ----- Geisor or Lisor
( all written over- could be Gerroir)      

LANDRY, MARY     Born Jan 26, 1872       Bapt Jan 27, 1872
Parents    Elias Landry and Charlotte Boudrot
Godparents     Amey Boudrot and Mary Boudrot

MCDONELL, LEONE  Born Feb 11, 1872     Bapt Feb 12, 1872
Parents    Leoni McDonell and Palloni Burke
Godparents   Simom Poirier and Henriette Poirier

JOSSE, ALICE Born April 18, 1872    Bapt April 21, 1872
Parents    Francis Josse and Marcelline McDonald
Godparents   Amey Mayette and Margarete McDonald

DESTRUMELLES, PIERRE  Born   May 10, 1872   Bapt May 10, 1872
Parents   George Destrumelles and Amelia Burke
Godparents   Alex Fougere and Sabeth Benoit

SOLOMON, EUGENIE Born May 10, 1872 Bapt May 11, 1872
Parents    Ugan Solomon and Ugani Pertus
Godparents   Arthur Pertus a and Leoni Benoit

POIRIER, JOSEPH MARTIN  Born June 4, 1872 Bapt June 5, 1872
Parents    Joseph Poirier and Thime ?----------
Godparents     ------------- and ? McDonell

BONIN, CHARLES  Born June 8, 1872    Bapt June 9, 1872
Parents     Elias Bonin and Emilie Petipas
Godparents   Petipas Tipas and Phime Bonin

and twin
BONIN, ELISA JANE   Born June 8, 1872     Bapt June 9, 1872
Parents     Elias Bonin and Emilie Petipas
Godparents   Leoni Poirier and Elisa Samson

RANSON, VIRGINIE   Born June 25, 1872 0 Bapt June 28, 1872
Parents   Laurance Ranson and Amelia Bonin
Godparents   William Bonin and Victore Bonin

POIRIER, BENJAMIN   Born July 20, 1872  Bapt   July 20, 1872
Parents    Henry Samson and Julie Poirier
Godparents   Thomas McDonell and Palline Poirier

MEUNIER, MARY  VIRGINIE  Born Aug 6, 1872 Bapt Aug 7, 1872
Parents   Dominic Meunier and Virginie Pravo (LeBlanc)
Godparents   Simon Meunier and Mary Fury ?

POIRIER, BELLONIE   Born Aug 7, 1872  Bapt Aug 7, 1872
Parents   Bellonie Poirier and Sabine Burk
Godparents   Pascal Poirier and -----------------McDonald

GENUREY ? , WILLIAM  Born Aug 15, 1872 Bapt   Aug 22, 1872
Parents      Not listed
Godparents     Pierre Petitpas and Sopick Petitpas

CAVANACK, MICHEL JOSEPH Born Aug 20, 1872  Bapt Aug 29, 1872
Parents      James Cavanack ?  and Mary Greedy ?
Godparents    Rev Richards and Rose Donahoe

LANDRY, THOMAS  Born Sept 2, 1872   Bapt Sept 2, 1872
Parents   Isai Landry and Marseline Boudrot
Godparents    Thomas Boudrot and Virginie Boudrot

BONIN, ARCHANGEL   Born Sept 3, 1872  Bapt Sept 4, 1872
Parents    Docete Bonin and Zabeth Petitpas (Tipas)
Godparents    Constant Petitpas (Tipas) and Sophick Tipas

POIRIER, HENRIETTE ANN  Born Sept 6, 1872 Bapt   Sept 7, 1872
Parents   William Poirier and Philomine Boudrot
Godparents ..........Boudrot and Marie Boudrot

CORDEAU (CORDO), VICTOR THEOPHILE HENRY Born Sept 9,1872 Bapt Sept 13,1872
Parents    Joseph Cordo and Rosalie Petitpas (Tipas)
Godparents    Victor Petitpas (Tipas) and Rose Gerroir

FOUGERE, JAMES HENRY   Born Sept 14, 1872   Bapt Sept 15, 1872
Parents    Isaie Fougere and Mary McDonald (McDonell)
Godparents    Pierre Fougere and Sabine Poirier

MCDONALD (MCDONELL), THOMAS SIMON Born Sept 26, 1872  Bapt Sept 26, 1872
Parents   Pierre McDonald (McDonell) and Zabeth Bonin
Godparents    Thomas McDonald (McDonell) and Sera Bonin

COFFEE, ALEXANDER  Born Oct 4, 1872  Bapt   Oct 6, 1872
Parents     Patrick Coffee   and   Margaret Cameron
Godparents    Fermin Petitpas (Tipas) and ..LaBonne Petitpas

CORDEAU (CORDO), VICTOR  Born Oct 15, 1872   Bapt Oct 18, 1872
Parents     Jim Cordo and Euphrosine Poirier.
Godparents    Johnny Cordo and Ursula Cordo

LANDRY, MARY BARBARA Born Oct 16,1872       Bapt Oct 16,1872
Parents    Joseph Landry and Adele Marchand
Godparents   Ben Marchand and Zabeth Boudroit
221  Father Richard

SHANNON, ELIZABETH   Born Oct 15, 1872        Bapt Oct 16,1872
Parents   Thomas Shannon and Adele Joist (Josse)
Godparents   Zepherin Joist (Josse) and Judick Joist (Josse)
222 Father Richard

PETITPAS, DELINA  Born Oct 19,1872         Bapt Oct 20, 1872
Parents   Antoine ( Etienne) Petitpas and Marie Cavanac (Kavanaugh)
Godparents  Desire Grimes and Felicite Poirier              
223  Father Richard

BURK(BOURQUE), ALAIRE (HELAIRE) Born Oct 20,1872 Bapt Oct 22,1872
Parents Simon Burk and Mary Petitpas
Godparents   Pierre Petitpas and Rosalie Petitpas
224 Father Richard   

BOUDROIT, CHARLES WILLIAM   Born Oct 22, 1872  Bapt Oct 24,1872
Parents    Michel Boudroit and Philomene Landry
Godparents   Alfred Landry and Seraphine Landry
225  Father Richard

PETITPAS, JEROME    Born   Oct 22,1872       Bapt Oct 26,1872
Parents    Constant Petitpas and Rebecca Bonin
Godparents     Antoine Petitpas and Sopick Bonin
226  Father Richard 

LEBLANC, JAMES HENRY   Born Oct 27,1872   Bapt Oct 28, 1872
Parents   Justin LeBlanc and Gertrude Josse
Godparents    Elaire LeBlanc and Archange Josse
227  Father Richard      

FOUGERE, JAMES HENRY  Born Sept 14, 1872   Bapt Sept 15, 1872
Parents   Isaie Fougere and Mary McDonell
Godparents    Pierre Fougere and Zabine Poirier
228  Father Richard

MCDONALD, THOMAS SIMON      Born Sept 26, 1872  Bapt Sept 26, 1872
Parents   Pierre McDonald and Zabethe Bonin 
Godparents   Thomas McDonald and Sera Bonin
229      Father Richard    
BONIN, MARIN   Born Sept 27, 1872         Bapt   Sept 27, 1872
Parents   Marin Bonin and Adel Gallant
Godparents   Daniel Bonin and Virginie Bonin
230  Father Richard

COFFEE (COFFE') Alexander  Born Oct 4, 1872     Bapt Oct6, 1872
Parents   Patrick Coffee and Marguerite Cameron
Godparents   Firma Petitpas and LaBonne Petitpas
231 Father Richard

JAMES HENRY LEBLANC  Oct. 24, 1872;  Bapt. Oct 26  1872
Parents Augustine "Justin"  LeBlanc and Gertrude Josse
Godparents Elaire LeBlanc and Archange Josse

MARTELL, CHARLES THEOPHILE   Born Oct 24,1872  Bapt Oct 30,1872
Parents   Andrew Martell and Monique Josse
Godparents Peter Josse and Eliza Dunn
232 Father Richard

SYPHERINI, LILY ROSE   Born Oct 30, 1872   Bapt Oct 30, 1872
Parents    William Sypherini and Mary Doyle
Godparents   Charles Doyle and Ellen Kehoe
233   Father Richard

BONIN, WILLIAM HENRY  Born Nov 2, 1872   Bapt Nov 3, 1872
Parents William Bonin and Victoire Meunier
Godparens   Abraham Meunier and Felicite Bonin
234  Father Richard

LANDRY, ELILZABETH  Born Nov 4, 1872    Bapt Nov 4, 1872
Parents     Polycarpe Landry and Domitile Marchand
Godparents   Havien? Marchand and Luci Samson
235  Father Richard

LANGLOIS, MARIN JOSEPH  Born Nov 9, 1872    Bapt Nov 10, 1872
Parents    Simon Langlois and Julia Marchand
Godparents   Adelbert Marchand Marchand and Julnore Langlois
236 Father Richard

LANDRY, AGNES MARY     Nov 11,  1872; Bapt. Nov 12, 1872
Parents William Landry and Ellen Culliton
Godparents Patrick Terrio and Mary Fennell (hard to read)
237  Father Richard

BONIN, ANDREW  Born Nov 30, 1872   Bapt Dec 1, 1872
Parents    Simon Bonin and Elizabeth Bonin
Godparents   Johnny Bonin and Natalie Landry
238 Father Richard

LANGLOIS, JANE ARTEMISE   Born Dec 3, 1872  Bapt Dec 4, 1872
Parents    Fidele Langlois and Mary Gerroir
Godparents   Joseph Gatro and Barbara Mary Langlois
239  Father Richard

SAMPSON, THEOPHILE HENRY  Born Dec 13,1872  Bapt Dec 14, 1872
Parents   Henry Sampson and Melanie Bonin
Godparents   Rev. Richard and Ursula Richard
240  Father Richard

MARTELL, CHARLES HYACINTH  Born Dec 14, 1872 Bapt Dec 14, 1872
Parents    Charles Hyacinth Martell and Julie Boudrot
Godparents    Simon Josse and Adeline Josse
241  Father Richard
MARTEL  HYACINTH  Dec.  14,  1872

POIRIER, AIME HENRY  Born Dec 16, 1872   Bapt Dec 18, 1872
PARENTS     Aime Poirier and Marguerite McDonald
Godparents     Thomas Josse and Adele Sampson
242  Father Richard

BOUDRAULT (BOUDROT), JIMMY Born Dec 19, 1872 Bapt Dec 20, 1872
Parents    Henry Boudrot and Ursule Norgeau, Marchand
Godparents    Filise Boudrot and  Hariette Boudrot
243  Father Richard

LEBLANC, NOEL   Born Dec 23, 1872    Bapt Dec 24, 1872
Parents     Anslem LeBlanc and Sabine Boudrot
Godparents   Johnny Boudrot and Ursula Richard
244  Father Richard  


Parents Philip Culliton and Eliza Landry
Godparents William Cordeau and Bridget Ann Culliton

PERTUS, MARIE  JEANNE "MARY JANE" Feb.  21, 1873; Bapt. Feb.  22, l873
Parents Jean "John" Pertus and Adele Benoit
Godparents Arthur Pertus and Leoni Benoit

SAMSON,  MARY JANE  March 24, 1873
Parents Isaiah Samson  and Marguerite "Margaret"  Boudrot
Godparents Arthur Samson and Delina Samson

MCDONALD, PLACID ALFRED April 25, 1873; Bapt. Apr. 26, 1873
Parents Henry McDonaId and  Charlotte Boudrot
Godparents Charles McDonald and Sophie Boudrot

PERTUS, LEONA LEEDIA  Sept. 05, 1873; Bapt. Sept 06, 1873
Parents Arthur Pertus and Marguerite Leonie Benoit
Godparents John Pertus and Adele Benoit

BENOIT, JAMES ALBERT   Nov. 30, 1873;  Bapt. Dec. 01, 1873
Parents Remi Benoit and Angelique Delvina Pertus
Godparents Simon Benoit and Adele Benoit


Parents Simon Munier and Marie Boudrot
Godparents Charles Ivory and Vernon ( Nannon) Boudrot

Rope Line

St. Hyacinth's D'Escousse, Nova Scotia; Church Records

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