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    At our reunion in May someone gave our Secretary (Mandy Waller) a photograph of the McGOWAN family (Alexander BOOKS and Margaret GRONO descendants) to scan. Unfortunately something went wrong and the scan was corrupted. We are hoping to find the person with this photograph in the hope that we could obtain a new copy of it. Please click on our email address to contact us: Thank you.

  • PHOTO ALBUM - last updated 21 October 2015
    * BURNS Beryl and Robert
    * EYLES Sidney George, Ellen and Carmel
    * JARRETT Henry d.1857 - grave
    * JARRETT Martha with BURNS Elsie May and GANGSOY Sigrid and Maree
    * JARRETT Martha with GANGSOY Marjorie and Sigrid
    * KING Jane (nee MITCHELL) and JARRETT Elsie May
    * MANSFIELD Sidney A. E. F. locomotive driver
    * MANSFIELD Sidney A. E. F., and SAGGUS Florence May
    * MANSFIELD Sidney A. E. F., Florence and children
    * MANSFIELD Sidney Neville with his mother Florence
    * MANSFIELD William John Robert (aka William John Edward)
    * MANSFIELD William and Sarah Jane (nee McKENZIE) and family
    * McKENZIE Sarah Jane (nee WALMSLEY)
  • ROLL OF HONOUR - last updated 6 October 2015
    * ALLEN Roy Arthur - WW1
    * BRITTEN Charles Jeffries - WW2
    * BRITTEN Edward Jeffries - WW2
    * FERRIS Alan - WW2
    * FERRIS Edward - WW2
    * FERRIS William Arthur - WW2
    * LENNAN Agustine John - WW2
    * LENNAN Alick Walter - WW2
    * LENNAN Ernest Albury - WW1
    * LENNAN Ernest Harry - WW2
    * LENNAN Harold Ernest - WW2
    * LENNAN Ross James - WW2
    * LENNAN William Kenneth - WW2
    * MANSFIELD Sidney Neville - WW2
    * MANSFIELD William John Robert (aka William John Edward) - WW1
    * PEARSON Sidney William - WW1
    * SMITH Victor Rudolph - WW1
    * STOLZ Keith Roland David - WW2
    * VICKERY Horace Arthur - WW2
    We are very excited to announce a new publication by Peter Procter called “John Grono, sailor, settler, sealer, ship builder, and celebrity: a new evaluation”. The book is now available for purchase.
    Click on the link above or on the "publications" menu item to the left to see more information and to download an order form.
  • Our next Reunion will be on Sunday the 7th May 2017 in the grounds of the Ebenezer Church, Ebenezer, NSW.
    Click here to view some photos from our 2015 Reunion.
    These photos are on our Facebook Site - you DO NOT need a Facebook account to view them.
    The group photo from the reunion can also be viewed in our photo album on this website: CLICK HERE TO VIEW
    Research has uncovered that our Elizabeth Bristow is NOT the daughter of Abraham Bristow and Rachel Johnson. Click on the title above, or on the "Research" item listed in the menu to the left, to find out why!
    A record of past changes to the website can now be found under the "Updates" item listed in the menu to the left.
    If you have not visited our website for a while you might like to view what changes and additions have occurred since your last visit.

The aims of this Association are to:

  • Bring together all the various branches of the Grono family.
  • Share research into the lives of John Grono, his wife Elizabeth Bristow and their descendants
  • Preserve and share photos of descendants
  • Create an Honour Roll as a tribute to descendants who have served in the army, navy or air force in various military conflicts
  • Correct inaccurate information that has been previously published on John Grono, and his descendants
  • Share “stories” about the lives of members of the Grono family, and
  • Be a “meeting point” for descendants of John Grono and Elizabeth Bristow, giving information about reunions and events of interest
  • Maintain Grono Family gravesites
  • Support the Ebenezer Uniting Church and Hawkesbury Regional Museum

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We have also set up a Grono Family email address as a point of contact with other Grono Family members, you will find this below.

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