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My Maternal Lineage
Descendants of Robert Bowman, Sr.
Generation No. 1
Robert1 Bowman, Sr. was born in England. He married UNKNOWN.

Notes for Robert Bowman, Sr.:
The first record of Robert Bowman, Sr. was the purchase of a maid servant from a Richard Herbert, Mariner, for 1800 lbs. of tobacco in Charles City, County. This is recorded in the July 14, 1664 Court Orders for Charles City County. The area that Robert Bowman, Sr. lived in Henrico County, Roxdale Hundred, is now part of Chesterfield County, Virginia. In 1667, Robert obtained 215 acres and in 1671 another grant of 557 acres. By a third Robert Bowman, it can be ascertained that Robert Bowman, Jr. was the son of Robert Bowman, Sr. In a statement by this third Robert Bowman of Henrico County (in all probability a first cousin) as shown: " Know all men by these present that I Robert Bowman for and in consideration that Robert Bowman, son of Robert Bowman, Sr. of Roxdale Hundred in the County of Henrico, doth stand bound with me for a considerable sum of tobacco to the estate of Colonel Thomas Stegg, deceased, formally bind over to his security unto him or his heirs one cow called Brandy with one steer two years old and one steer one year old and the following, one wool bed and fowling all now at Roxdale Hundred with all the crop of tobacco and corn I shall this year make either by planting or other labor and do bind myself to acknowledge this my account in court as written this day of August 1671.

This same Robert is in all probability the same Robert Bowman, who came to Virginia on June 26, 1670 by the Head rights of Robert Royall.

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Children of Robert Bowman and Unknown are:
2. i.
Robert2 Bowman, Jr., b. abt 1630 in England; d. aft 1678 in England.
Mary Bowman, b. 1627 in VA.
Gilbert Bowman, b. aft 1630 in VA.
John Bowman, b. aft 1630 in VA; d. bef 1718 in VA.

Notes for John Bowman:
On October 11, 1679, John Bowman, Jr. an orphan in the wardship of John Bowman, Sr., came of age and received his estate. (It is the author's belief that this John Bowman, Jr. is the son of Robert Bowman, Jr. and that John Bowman, Sr. was his his uncle.)

William Bowman, b. aft 1630 in (Henrico) VA.
Generation No. 2
Robert2 Bowman, Jr., (Robert1) was born abt 1630 in England, and died aft 1678 in England. He married

Notes for Robert Bowman, Jr.:
On September 28, 1667 Robert Bowman, Jr. granted 250 acres in Henrico south of the James adjacent to Robert Bowman, Sr. On June 29, 1671 Robert Bowman, Jr. 557 acres Henrico County South of Henry Lower above Packers Gutt to land given him by his father, Robert Bowman, dec'd along Martin Elam to Joseph Tanner's orphans to Coles Creek, to the landing, 100 acres part given him by his father 10 Jan 1661. In an Indenture made between Robert Bowman, Jr., and Richard Kennon of Bermuda Hundred in March of 1678 in return for twenty-five pounds Sterling, thirty shillings and payment for Robert's passage for England, he gave Richard Kennon two tracts of land. In this same Indenture, he names his brothers Gilbert and William, states that he had given property to his son Robert and names Sarah as his wife. Both Robert and Sarah must have left for England before the first of April as the Indenture was acknowledged in court on April 1, 1678 by their respective lawyers, Thomas Pouldlen for Robert and Henry Gee for Sarah. They had given both lawyers Power of Attorney in March of 1678.

Children of Robert Bowman and Sarah Unknown are:
3. i.
John3 Bowman, Sr., b. abt 1659 in (Henrico) VA; d. abt 1725 in (Henrico) VA.
Edward Bowman, Sr., b. 20 Nov 1656 in (Henrico) VA; d. abt 1722 in (Henrico) VA.

Notes for Edward Bowman, Sr.:
The age of two of Robert, Sr. sons, Robert, Jr, and John, can be ascertained by their ages given in Court in Henrico County on December 7, 1689. The third son, Edward, is assumed to be younger than Robert, but older than John. He names John as his brother both in his will and in a court order on April 1, 1689, in which he gave John part of the land willed to him, Edward, by their father as it was "my father's intent and meaning to give" as John was "not vested and seized of the inheritance."Edward Bowman deposed on November 10, 1679 that he was aged 23 years old.

(Weisiger's Henrico County, Virginia seeds:1677-1705. pg. 148)

On February 1, 1688 or 1689 he confirmed the intention of the will of Robert Bowman, his late father, that his brother, was to receive the lower part of tract known as the old School House.

Notes for Edward Bowman, Sr.:
Will of Edward Bowman of Henrico Parish:

Edward Bowman's Will, 1722
To son Gilbert, 200 acres on third branch of Swift Creek, being my upper lot. To son Henry, 100 acres joining John Steward, being land I bought of Samuel Newman. To son Abraham, 100 acres on south side of Swift Creek, being the remainder of the land that I gave to son-in-law Rice Jones. To son Abraham and Rice Jones, 200 acres surveyed for me on Swift Creek, and also an entry have joining my brother John Bowman, equally. To each of my four sons, a feather bed, and money in Mr. Perry's hands to be laid out for blankets, etc. Son Henry to live at this plantation aai live on until 21.

I appoint son-in-law Henry Charles Featherstone, Executor
Dated 10 May 1722

Wit: J. Bolling, Robert Hudson, Sr. Edward Tanner
To three daughters Elizabeth, Frances and Mary, each, 1 shilling
Recorded 6 Aug. 1722

Note: Peter Hudson is named as a godson in the will of Edward's brother, John Bowman. The Bolling and Bowman families were partners in several land transactions in the early 18th Century. In his will, Edward does not mention his son Edward. It is assumed that son Edward was not named because he was the namesake son, the eldest son, who was to get the bulk of the plantation, with the younger sons getting smaller specific bequests

William Bowman, b. aft 18 Dec 1664.
Robert Bowman III, b. abt 1665.
Elizabeth Bowman, b. abt 1670.
Generation No. 3
John3 Bowman, Sr. (Robert2, Robert1) was born abt 1659 in (Henrico) VA, and died abt 1725 in (Henrico) VA. He
married Sarah ROYALLE abt 1678 in (Henrico) VA. She was born in VA.

Notes for John Bowman, Sr.:
In the records of Henrico County, Virginia is a list of Tythables in 1679. It shows residing in the old settlement Bermuda Hundred, Curls and Turkey Island both John and his brother, Edward. As of this date, none of John's or Sarah's children were born. A tythable was the requirement that a man and a horse should be provided for service in the Militia for each 44 persons. In May of 1678, John purchased from Martin Elam for 2500 lbs... of tobacco and cash one tract of land containing 130 acres. In 1705, John and his brother, Edward, obtained a land grant with a John Bolling for 1146 acres and in 1671 another grant of 557 acres. In 1717, he obtained an additional 479 acres. In his will of the 7th of March 1725 he list each of his children. He also names Jane, daughter of his son Robert and the two children of his daughter Sarah, Prudence and John. In Charles City County in April of 1678, a John Bowman came to Virginia under the Head rights of a Robert Bolling. This same John Bowman married a Sarah Nunnelly, widow of Dan Nunnelly in February of 1688. This John Bowman should not be confused with John Bowman, who married a Sarah Royall. On May15, 1672 John Bowman 108 acres James City County North of James west of Chickahominy ( Now in Charles City County). In 1705 John and Robert Bowman, Jr... obtained a land grant with a John Bolling (probably the son of Robert Bolling) for 1145 acres and again in 1717 for an additional 479 acres.

Children of John Bowman and Sarah Royalle are:
4. i.
John4 Bowman, Jr., b. bef 1705 in (Henrico) VA; d. bef Mar 1756 in (Chesterfield) VA.
Sarah Bowman, b. bef 1707 in (Henrico) VA.
Generation No. 4
John4 Bowman, Jr. (John3, Robert2, Robert1) was born bef 1705 in (Henrico) VA and d. bef Mar 1756 in
(Chesterfield) VA.. He married Mary COOKE, daughter of William Cooke and Unknown. She was born in
(Henrico) VA.

Notes for John Bowman, Jr.:
Will Book 2-34, 25 March 1756. Will of John Bowman:

To children John Bowman, Amey Farmer, Drury Bowman, Joseph Bowman, Prudence Bowman, Sarah Hill and Obedience Clarke one shilling. To daughter Priscilla, feather bed and other items. To son Daniel, land and plantation I live on, 160 acres and the rest of my estate. If he dies, land to be sold and money divided among all my children.

Executors: Sons John and Daniel
Witness: Simon Hancock, Joseph Taylor and Jan Hancock
Probate Court Order Book 4-341, 1 September 1769.
Executors: Sons John and Daniel
Witness: Simon Hancock, Joseph Taylor and Jan Hancock
Probate Court Order Book 4-341, 1 September 1769.

Children of John Bowman and Mary Cooke are:
Daniel5 Bowman, b. bef 1734.
Drury Bowman, b. bef 1734 in (Henrico) VA.
John Bowman III, b. bef 1734 in (Henrico) VA.
5. iv.
Joseph Bowman, b. abt 1734 in (Henrico) VA; d. in (Chesterfield) VA.
Amey Bowman, b. bef 1738 in (Henrico) VA.
Obedience Bowman, b. bef 1738 in (Henrico) VA.
Priscilla Bowman, b. bef 1738.
Sarah Bowman, b. bef 1738.
Generation No. 5
Joseph5 Bowman (John4 , John3, Robert2, Robert1) was born abt 1734 in (Henrico) VA, and died in
(Chesterfield) VA. He married Mary CLARKE abt 1754 in VA.
Child of Joseph Bowman and Mary Clarke is:   (see CLARK )
6. i.
William6 Bowman, b. 30 Jul 1755 in (Chesterfield) VA: died 12 Jan 1808 in (Rutherford) NC.
Generation No. 6
William 6 Bowman (Joseph5, John4, John3, Robert2, Robert1) was born 30 Jul 1755 in (Chesterfield) VA, and died
12 Jan 1808 in (Rutherford) NC. He married Mary COSBY 25 Dec 1779 in (Goochland) VA, daughter of Samuel
Cosby and Elizabeth Ford. She was born 5 Sep 1761 in (Goochland) VA, and died 1851 in (Lumpkin) GA.

Notes for William Bowman:

"William Bowman
Dated May 31, 1853
Rutherford Co. North Carolina

Eli Bowman age 63 years is the son of William and Mary Bowman late of Rutherford Co. NC.
William Bowman resided in Gorchland Co. Virginia where he enlisted in the summer of 1778.
He enlisted for a term of 18 months in the Virginia Continental Line.
Dec. 1779 William Bowman married Mary Cosby.
Enlisted again in 1780.
Was in the battle of Cowpens in SC under Gen. Morgan
William Bowman died in Rutherford Co. NC Jan. 12, 1808.
His widow Mary died in Lumpkin Co. Georgia

Notes for William Bowman:
Living children at the time of this disposition.

Polly Mchan, Ely Mchan, Patsy Richardson, Catharine Richardson, Betsy Young, Cosby Bowman and Eli Bowman.
All children are of lawful age."

Contributed by: Scott Wiesman

Marriage Notes for William Bowman and Mary Cosby:
" Reverend Douglas recorded that he performed the marriage ceremony for William Bowman and Mary Cosby on December 28, 1979. He stated that both William and Mary were residents of Goochland County. The Goochland County marriage bond for William Bowman and Mary Cosby was registered on December 25, 1779. Mary's surname is spelled CAUSBY in that record. Zachariah Haden stood bond for the marriage. Witnesses were Ellison Clarke and Peter Clarke. The bond entry stated that William Bowman was the son of Joseph Bowman and that William was 21 years of age on July 30, 1776. "

per research of Jim Bowman

Children of William Bowman and Mary Cosby are:   (see COSBY )
7. i.
Elizabeth7 Bowman, b. 9 Dec 1789 in (Goochland) VA; d. bet Aug-Nov 1850 in (Gilmer) GA.
Nancy 'Polly' Bowman, b. 20 Jul 1782 in (Goochland) VA; d. bet 1810-1813 in (Rutherford) NC.
Asa Bowman, b. 20 Oct 1782 in (Goochland) VA, d. abt 1819 in (Rutherford) NC.
Martha 'Patsy' Bowman, b. 26 Jun 1786 in (Goochland) VA, d. 4 Sep 1863 in (Whitfield) GA.
Cosby Bowman, b. 23 Mar 1788 in (Goochland) VA, d. aft 1853.
Eli Bowman, b. 28 Sep 1790 in (Goochland) VA, d. 1872 in (Rutherford) NC.
Jim Bowman [  ]
Edith 'Eda' Bowman, b. 21 Apr 1792 in (Goochland) VA.
William Bowman, b. 31 Mar 1794 in (Rutherford) NC, d. bef 1853.
Mary 'Polly' Bowman, b. 9 Jan 1797 in (Rutherford) NC, d. bet 1853-1860 in (Whitfield) GA.
Catherine Bowman, b. 22 Mar 1800 in (Rutherford) NC, d. 1880 in (Dawson) GA.
Generation No. 7
Elizabeth7 Bowman (William6, Joseph5, John4, John3, Robert2, Robert1) was born 9 Dec 1780 in (Goochland) VA,
and died bet Aug-Nov 1850 in (Gilmer) GA. She married James YOUNG 11 Feb 1802 in (Rutherford) NC. He was
born abt 1780 in VA, and d. bet 1850-1860 in (Gilmer) GA.

Notes for James Young:
James Young was enumerated twice in 1850. The date of the first census for James and Elizabeth Young was 12 Aug 1850. The second census showed James living in the household of Martin Young in Nov 1850 as a widower. So Elizabeth died between Aug and Nov in 1850. There was no James Young in 1860 so he died between 1850 and 1860.

Marriage Notes for Elizabeth Bowman and James Young:
Bride: Elizabeth Bowman
Groom: James Young
Bond Date: 11 Feb 1802
County: Rutherford
Record #: 01 345
Bondsman: James Kilpatrick
Witness: Rd Lewis, Clerk
Bond #: 000136956

Children of Elizabeth Bowman and James Young are: (see YOUNG )
8. i.
Martin8 Young, b. 1804 in (Rutherford) NC; d. bef 1870 in (Gilmer) GA.
James Lewis Young, b. 1806 in (Rutherford) NC.
Eliza Young, b. abt 1813 in (Rutherford) NC; d. aft 1880.
Generation No. 8
Martin 8 Young (Elizabeth7 Bowman, William6 , Joseph5, John4, John3, Robert2, Robert1) was born 1804 in
(Rutherford) NC, and died bef 1870 in (Gilmer) GA. He married Deborah DEBORD 29 Jan 1828 in (Rutherford)
NC, daughter of John Debord and Unknown. She was born 1806 in (Rutherford) NC, and died aft 1880 in (Gilmer)

Notes for Martin Young:
1840 (Wilkes) GA, 1850 (Gilmer) GA and 1860 (Gilmer) GA

Notes for Deborah Debord:
1840 (Wilkes) GA, 1850 (Gilmer) GA, 1860 (Gilmer) GA, 1870 (Gilmer) GA & 1880 (Gilmer) GA

Marriage Notes for Martin Young and Deborah Debord: 
Bride: Debora Deboard
Groom: Martin Young
Bond Date: 29 Jan 1828
County: Rutherford
Record #: 01 345
Bondsman: John Hall
Witness: Isaac Craton, C
Bond #: 000136959

Children of Martin Young and Deborah Debord are: (see DEBORD )
Martha 'Patsy' M.9 Young, b. Dec 1829 in NC; d. aft 1910 in (Gilmer) GA.
William 'Tob' A. Young, b. 1834 in IL
John Young, b. 15 Jun 1836 in IL; d. 18 Sep 1914 in (Gilmer) GA.
Eli Younh, b. 1838 in IL.
Sarah Louisa Young, b. 8 Jan 1841 in IL; d. 12 Nov 1920 in (Gilmer) GA.
9. vi.
Thomas A. Young, b. 18 Jan 1844 in IA or IL; d. 11 Jun 1909 in (Gilmer) GA.
Elisha Young, b. 1847 in (Gilmer) GA.
Mary Young, b. 1853 in (Gilmer), GA.
Generation No. 9
Thomas A.9 Young (Martin8, Elizabeth7 Bowman, William6 , Joseph5 John4, John3, Robert2, Robert1) was born 18
Jan 1844 in IA or IL, and d. 11 Jun 1909 in (Gilmer) GA. He married (1) UNKNOWN (2) Sarah 'Sally' Martha
FOUTS 19 Apr 1872 in (Gilmer) GA. She was born 1832 in (Ashes) NC, and died 1897 in (Gilmer) GA. He married
(3) Elizabeth TEAGUE 1898 in (Gilmer) GA.
Children of Thomas Young and Sarah Fouts are: (see FOUTS )
Emma Alice10 Young, b. 19 Dec 1872 in (Gilmer) GA, d. 29 Mar 1941 in (Gilmer) GA.
10. ii.
John Romolus Young, b 21 Jan 1879 in (Gilmer) GA; d. 21 Sep 1945 in (Pierce) GA.
Generation No. 10
John Romolus10 Young (Thomas A.8, Martin8, Elizabeth7 Bowman, William6, Joseph5, John4, John3, Robert2,
Robert1) was born 21 Jan 1879 in (Gilmer) GA, and died 21 Sep 1945 in (Pierce) GA. He married Ardesia 'Dessie'
Angeline BLALOCK 27 Aug 1908 in (Gilmer) GA, daughter of William Blalock and Hulda Cloninger. She was born
3 Dec 1885 in (Gilmer) GA, and died 13 Mar 1961 in (Pierce) GA.
Children of John Young and Ardesia Blalock are: (see BLALOCK )
11. .i.
Minnie Estel11 Young, b. 4 Jun 1909 in (Gilmer) GA, d. 20 Dec 1978 in (Pierce) GA.
Nola Mae Young, b 2 Oct 1911 in (Gilmer) GA; d. 16 Oct 1990 in (Pierce) GA.
Arwin 'Pat' Delmus Young, b. 10 Sep 1919 in (Pierce) GA d. 4 May 2001 in (Pierce) GA.
Mildren Oddlene Young, b. 14 Feb 1928 in (Pierce) GA, d. 4 May 2001 in (Pierce) GA.
Generation No. 11
Minnie Estel11 Young (John Romolus10, Thomas A.9, Martin8, Elizabeth7 Bowman, William6, Joseph5, John4, John3
, Robert2, Robert1) was born 4 Jun 1909 in (Gilmer) GA, and died 20 Dec 1978 in (Pierce) GA. She married Oscar
Grady WATKINS 22 Dec 1929 in (Pierce) GA, son of James Watkins and Louisa Nelson. He was born 17 Jul 1897
in (Gilmer) GA, and died 21 Jan 1981 in (Pierce) GA.
Children of Minnie Young and Oscar Watkins are:   (see WATKINS )
12. .i.
Living12. (see SPRATLING ) (see GRIZZARD )
Jack Lewis Watkins, b 21 Mar 1936, (Pierce) GA; d. 27 Feb 2003, (Floyd) GA.
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