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January 06, 2007

Greetings all,

    Though this site is still active and being maintained, new findings on this line are trickling in slower and slower each year. As a result, this page has ground to a halt.

    Because of the long dates that occur between updates, I don't want to give the visitor the idea that this site has been abandoned or is no longer being updated. We are still working very hard, but in 2006 all the updates went straight into the GED file and subsequently the Rootsweb database and were not really worthy of mention here.

    For these reasons, I will no longer be updating the Latest Findings page, though I will leave it up for future researchers to use, but the rest of the site will remain active and current!

Best Wishes and God Bless

RE: Robert W. Grimes - September 02, 2004

    I received the following from Jerry W. Murphy () in response to the findings I posted on September 2nd on Robert W. Grimes (see below) and I have posted it here with his permission. Thanks Jerry! :)

Robert W. Grimes was born 12 May 1842 in Wayne County, Tennessee and died 14 February 1913 in Wayne County, Tennessee based on his pension application. The book, "Wayne County, Tennessee Census Records Vol. 5: 1900" , by Alf & June Scott (1988) has Robert Grimes and family on pages 157 & 158. His wife on this census was Margaret F. Roberson whom he had married on 22 May 1892 in Wayne County, Tennessee. She was his 4th wife. Margaret F. Roberson was born on 27 April 1853 in Franklin County, Alabama to Jesse Wilson Roberson and Elizabeth White. I descend from Margaret F. Roberson's sister, Nancy C. Roberson (1844-1922), who 1st married John Sherrill (1845-1880) and 2nd David P. Atkinson (1818-1909).

Robert W. Grimes and Mollie Garrett were divorced on 23 March 1892 according to his pension records. By the way, Robert W. Grimes, during the Civil War served in A Co. 10th Tennessee Infantry (USA). I have a copy of his pension record if you haven't already guessed that. Robert resided at the following locations as found on the pages of the pension:

23 Jul 1890 - Sorby, Wayne County, Tennessee
7 Feb 1891 - Sorby, Wayne County, Tennessee
30 Apr 1891 - Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee
30 May 1891 - Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee
3 Aug 1891 - Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee
4 Mar 1897 - Houston, Wayne County, Tennessee
7 May 1912 - Houston, Wayne County, Tennessee

Robert W. Grimes married 1st Catherine Tacket on 18 April 1864 in Wayne County, Tennessee. They had 4 children:
1. Nanie died in infancy
2. Eliza born 1864
3. Mary born April 1870
4. Budy born 30 March 1872
Catherine Tackett Grimes died 17 April 1874.

Robert W. Grimes married 2nd Margaret Tackett, widow of H_____ Tackett. They had 4 children:
1. Millard F. born 15 March 1876
2. Sarah born November 1878
3. Edward born 7 April 1888
4. Auther born 3 October 1891

Robert W. Grimes married 3rd Mollie Garrett. (Now you have confirmation on this marriage)

Hope this fills in some blanks in your research.

Jerry W. Murphy

Jerry's Homepage:
Wayne County, Tennessee Co-County Coordinator:

James Grimes and Elizabeth Little

January 30, 2005

$24,000.00 question, who the heck is this?

    After a year of hitting dead ends, I believe I have found the crack that broke the wall.

James Grimes was born in Tennessee between 1794 and 1800 (possibly Williamson Co) and died between 1835-1840 in Williamson Co. TN.

He married Elizabeth Little (b. 1798 d. 1850-1860 in Williamson Co. TN daughter of Abraham Little and Temperence Huggins) on 16 Ar 1816 in Williamson Co. TN.

Children of James and Elizabeth:

1. Unknown Son b. 1816-1820

2. Unknown Dau b. 1816-1820

3. John Grimes b. 1827 in Williamson Co. TN

4. William Grimes b. 1829 in Williamson Co. TN

5. Mary Grimes b. 1830 in Williamson Co. TN

6. James Grimes b. 1832 in Williamson Co. TN m23 Nov 1854 in Williamson Co. TN

...+ Elizabeth McCrory
...... 1. Fannie Grimes b. 1856 in Williamson Co. TN
...... 2. Robert Grimes b. 1858 in Williamson Co. TN
...... 3. Lulie Grimes b. 1861 in Williamson Co. TN
...... 4. Andrew Grimes b. 1867 in Williamson Co. TN
...... 5. Thomas Grimes b. Jan 1870 in Williamson Co. TN
...... 6. Annie E. b. 1872 in Williamson Co. TN
...... 7. John Grimes b. 1878 in Williamson Co. TN

7. Thomas Grimes b. 1833 in Williamson Co. TN m. 3 Apr 1856
...+ Mary Jane Tucker ...... 1. James N. Grimes b. 1857 in Williamson Co. TN
...... 2. Obediah L. Grims b. 1859 in Williamson Co. TN
...... 3. Robert T. Grimes b. 1861 in Williamson or Davidson Co. TN
...... 4. John R. Griimes b. 1863 in Williamson or Davidson Co. TN
...... 5. W. Newton Grimes b. 1866 in Williamson or Davidson Co. TN
...... 6. B. Allen Grimes b. 1869 in Williamson or Davidson Co. TN
...... 7. F. H. Grimes b. 1872 in Davidson Co. TN
...... 8. Daisy Pearl Grimes b. 1877 in Davidson Co. TN

8. Elizabeth A. Grimes b. 1835 in williamson TN

    Following the demise of Elizabeth Little, the youngest daughter Elizabeth A. Grimes is found on the 1860 census of Williamson Co. living with next door neighbors (and possibly cousins, I haven't researched this part yet) Thomas W.(or K.) Little and Mary A. Little.

    While researching this, I found one theory that Elizabeth A. Grimes married James P. Coleman and moved to Wilson Co. TN. I believe the 1860 Census information disproves this theory.

Allen Grimes and Martha Ann Fenn

September 28, 2004

    After hitting a total brick wall, I found an E-mail sent to me by Judy Bell about Barney Albert Grimes Sr. This totally dislodged the brick wall and now that I knew where to look I found quite a bit.

    As fate would have it though, I was putting the finishing touches on my Family Tree Maker file when I needed to look up one reference. In the process, I found a Rootsweb database that had everything I was looking for already there! ACK!!
(See Also databaselaura47 at )

Here's what I found on Barney:
1. Allen Grimes b. Jan. 1827 in Georgia m. Dec. 3, 1848 in Early Co. Ga. 1
..+ (1) Martha Ann Fenn 1
...2 William F. Grimes b. Abt. 1852 in Georgia
...2 John Washington Grimes b. Sep. 29, 1858 in Georgia 2
....+ Emily L. Davis b. Jul 1861 in Texas 2
..+ (2) Louinda (Unknown) b. May 1852 in Texas 3
...2 Henry H. Grimes b. Dec. 1869 in Texas 3
...2 Bilpha(?) Grimes b. Abt. 1872 in Texas
...2 Opelia Grime b. Jul 1875 in Texas
...2 Ella L. Grimes b. Mar. 1878 in Texas
....+ Unknown McCloud

1. Georgia Marriages to 1850 -
2. Judy Bell
3. 1900 Census, Tyler Co. TX Dist. 4 p. 42 Sheet 9B

William G. Grimes

September 02, 2004

    I recently received an E-mail from someone looking for some information, but when I accessed my Family Tree Maker file, I accidently pulled up the right name but wrong person!

    When I noticed that something seemed off, I started doing some double checking and that's when I discovered my error. A bit more digging and I had a bit of correct information to send along. Though I cannot yet confirm this person is related to my line, I will post the information I found here for other researchers of this particular line.

1 William G. Grimes b. Abt. 1812 in Tennessee m. Abt. 1837
..+ Unknown
..2 Ann Grimes b. Abt. 1837 in Tennessee
..2 Nancy Grimes b. Abt. 1842 in Tennessee
..2 Robert W. Grimes* b. Abt. 1843 in Tennessee
....+ (1) Louiza Catherine Tackett b. 1846 in Tennessee d. 1873 in Tennessee Buried; Providence Church Cemetery Wayne Co. TN
......3 Nancy E. Grimes b. Abt. 1865 in Wayne Co. TN
......3 Eliza Jane Grimes b. Abt. 1868 in Wayne Co. TN
......3 Mary Ann Grimes b. May 1870 in Wayne Co. TN
....+ (2) Margaret M. Brewer / Tackett** b. Jan. 27, 1849 in TN m. Nov. 19, 1874 in Wayne Co. TN d. Jan. 21, 1888 in Wayne Co. TN Buried: Cypert-Copeland-Lay Cem., Wayne Co. TN
......3 Millard Filmore Grimes b. Mar. 1876 in Wayne Co. TN
........+ Leona Bratcher
......3 Sarah C. Grimes b. Abt. 1878 in Wayne Co. TN
......3 Edward Grimes b. Apr. 1880 in Wayne Co. TN
......3 Arthur Grimes b. Oct. 1881 in Wayne Co. TN
....+ (3?) Mollie Garrett *** b. ? M. Dec. 6, 1888 in Wayne Co. TN d. ? (UNCONFIRMED)

* - Robert W. Grimes served in Captain Tackett's Co. Tennessee Infantry, CSA. Rank In: Private Rank Out: Private

** - Margaret M. Brewer, Widow of William Henry Tackett b.? m. July 14, 1867 d. 1872/4 Buried; Providence Church Cemetery Wayne Co. TN

*** - While digging through marriage records I came across a Robert Grimes marrying Mollie Garrett in Wayne Co. TN. While the timeline fits like a leather glove, I have found no substantiating documentaion (I.E. Census records etc.) so I have included this record here as a "possible".

Ella Mae Grimes

May 25, 2004

    This has certainly been a most fascinating weekend. If Genealogy is several months of nothing followed by several hours of information overload, this weekend has definitely fit the profile.

     Some time back I hit a brick wall in the lineage of Ella M. Grimes, and could find no trace of her after the taking of the 1910 census, so I attempted to answer the question "Who is P.F. Cole?", (Ella's first husband) but was again hit smack in the face with another brick wall.

    This weekend started with an E-mail I received from the grand-daughter of Ella M. Grimes and James Robertson! Imagine my elation at corresponding with someone who knows what happened to the family when they left Caruthersville, Pemiscot Co. Missouri! The 48 hours that followed were replete with lightning correspondence back and fourth, when she admitted she knew very little about the Cole family. To my embarrassment, I had to admit, neither did I.

    This sparked a renewed interest in the question of "Who was P.F. Cole?". All I had was the 1900 census where Ella and her 2 children were living with his parents and listed as "Widowed", along with a record of their marriage from's Tennessee Marriage Database 1851-1900.

    The final crack in the wall came when I realized I had misread the name of P.F.Cole's father. Because of tally marks written over the name, it made the name appear as "Anderson" but closer examination revealed that it was in fact "Andrew", and from there the wall crumbled and the information came flooding through. I was then able to find the cemetery where the entire family was buried, and thank goodness, the family had the foresight to record the FULL dates of Birth and death.

    P.F. Cole is Perry F. Cole, born June 13, 1872 in Wayne Co. Tennessee and died on November 24th, 1899 during a pandemic of Typhoid that raged through the area from 1898-late 1900 .

    Digging a bit further I found the parents of Perry's father Andrew. Andrew's parents were William Bennett Cole and Nancy Kerwin..... then it hits me... Wait a sec, where have I seen those names before? A quick check of Family Tree Maker provided the answer. Andrew Cole is Anna Tamar Cole's Kid Brother!!

    Outline of The Cole Family:

1 William Bennett Cole b: July 1801 d: October 24, 1859
..+Nancy Kerwin b: December 1802 d: January 05, 1857
..2 Temperance Cole b: 1825 d: Unknown
..2 Fielden R. Cole b: 1828 d: Unknown
..2 Ana Tamer Cole b: July 18, 1829 d: 1905
...... +John Anderson Talley b: October 22, 1826 d: December 19, 1919
...... 3 Nancy Cypert Talley b: November 23, 1849 d: Unknown
...... 3 Zachariah Hartwell Talley b: February 21, 1851 d: Unknown
...... 3 Robertson Perry Talley b: December 07, 1852 d: Unknown
...... 3 Tennessee Jesse Talley b: July 27, 1854 d: Unknown
...... 3 Missouri Anne Talley b: January 1856 d: Abt. 1909
..........+George Kearney Grimes b: December 1854 d: Abt. 1909
...........4 D. Camilla Grimes b: August 1875
............... +Unknown McCurdy
...........4 [1] Ella M. Grimes b: September 1876 d: Unknown
............... +[2] Perry F. Cole b: June 13, 1872 d: November 24, 1899
...........*2nd Husband of [1] Ella M. Grimes:
...............+James Robertson b: Abt. 1861 d: Unknown
...........4 Georgia Grimes b: August 14, 1882 d: May 19, 1965
............... +Benjamin Thomas Alexander b: August 27, 1873 d: Unknown
...........4 Clyde Grimes b: 1885 d: Unknown
............... +Alice Wooten b: Abt. 1901
...........4 Bess Grimes b: 1888 d: Unknown
............... +Unknown Brewer
...........4 Hugh Grimes b: April 10, 1894 d: February 16, 1955
............... +Ruby Edney Dukes b: August 11, 1901 d: December 18, 2000
...........4 Infant Grimes b: Unknown d: Unknown
...........4 Infant Grimes b: Unknown d: Unknown
...... 3 John Bell Talley b: February 01, 1860 d: Unknown ...... 3 William Russell Talley b: October 30, 1861 d: Unknown
...... 3 Sarah M. Talley b: October 30, 1863 d: May 29, 1890
..........+J. F. McCollum d: Unknown
...........4 Infant McCollum b: May 21, 1890 d: May 21, 1890
...... 3 Virginia Camia Talley b: November 17, 1871 d: Unknown
...... 3 Alfred Bennet Talley b: August 12, 1874 d: Unknown
..2 Hartwell Cole b: 1831 d: Unknown
..2 Samuel Cole b: January 06, 1832 d: Unknown
..2 Daughter Cole b: 1833 d: Unknown
..2 John H. Cole b: May 17, 1834 d: Unknown
..2 Addison O. Cole b: October 29, 1835 d: Unknown
..2 Andrew Cole b: March 24, 1836 d: September 18, 1902
......+Emily McMillan b: October 01, 1838 d: September 02, 1917
......3 William Pogue Cole b: 1860 d: 1946
..........+Fannie McLean b: 1861 d: 1929
...........4 Emily Cole b: April 03, 1890 d: December 28, 1920
............... +George A. Lynn b: September 19, 1876 d: July 10, 1932
......3 Tamar C. Cole b: May 22, 1866 d: December 26, 1898
.......... +Tom S. Ray b: February 20, 1834 d: February 17, 1908
......3 Ionia Cole b: 1870 d: June 16, 1895
.......... +William Porter DICUS
...........4 Willie Cole Dicus b: March 15, 1894 d: November 05, 1899
......3 [2] Perry F. Cole b: June 13, 1872 d: November 24, 1899
.......... +[1] Ella M. Grimes b: September 1876 d: Unknown
...........4 Ruth Cole b: September 1897 d: July 30, 1900
...........4 Raymond Cole b: November 1898 d: Unknown
...... 3 John Bennett Cole b: November 12, 1876 d: November 18, 1899
...... 3 Andrew Elihu Cole b: December 02, 1878 d: July 31, 1967
..........+Mettie Ray b: February 09, 1881 d: November 16, 1967
..2 William Cole b: 1840 d: 1865
..2 Harrison Cole b: 1841 d: Unknown
..2 Franklin Cole b: November 09, 1842 d: Unknown

Grimes, John, William and James

March 02, 2004

    Well, this is beginning to look like a litteral incarnation of the story "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".

    While I cannot definitivly prove blood relation to John and William Grimes of South Carolina, yet another contender for the Grimes Brotherhood has reared his head.

    While scanning a pile of files into the computer, I ran across a photostatic copy of a Microfiche simply marked "State of Tennessee" and nothing more. While I do not really know what it is or what database it came from, it contains a lot of birth and marriage information on many members of my family.

    Though I have looked at this microfiche many times in the past, I never noticed that that at the bottom was marked "James Grimes and Elizabeth Little - M - 16 Apr 1816 - Williamson Co". My eyes popped... "WHO??"

    After doing some digging, I find that T. Vance Little had already answered part of this question for me in his work "The Dillahunty Migration" when he profiles the Little family.

    So lets take a look at what our Huggins common lineage looks like now:

1. Luke Huggins
..+ Elenor "Nelly" _____
....2. Hannah Huggins
......+ Jesse Blackshear
........3. Penelope "Penny" Blackshear
..........+ John Grimes (Born in South Carolina)
....2. James Huggins
......+ Elizabeth Blackshear
....2. Temperance Huggins
......+ Abraham Little
........3. Sarah "Sally" Little
..........+ William Grimes (Born in South Carolina)
............4. John Grimes
..............+ Elizabeth Stubblefield
........3. Elizabeth Little
..........+ James Grimes

    This would certainly account for why both John and William have sons named John, William and James.

So far the only information I have on him and Elizabeth:

Husband: James Grimes
Born: 1794-1800 in:
Married: 16 Apr, 1816 in: Williamson Co. TN.

Wife: Elizabeth Little
Born: 1798 in:

1. M Unknown Son Born 1816-1820
2. F Unknown Dau Born 1816-1820
3. M Unknown Son Born 1825-1830
4. M Unknown Son Born 1825-1830
5. F Unknown Dau Born 1825-1830

Alexander Arnold

November 15, 2003

    For some time now, I have had an "Alexander Arnold Grimes" listed as a son of John and Penny Grimes. This was something that was sent to me as part of a 3rd persons research, and I have been all this time attempting to find this elusive "Alexander Arnold Grimes", but have never found anything on or about him at all that would either substantiate or discount him... until tonight.

    While searching for another name, I came across the 1850 census of Wayne Co. (a page I have looked at MANY times over the last several years), but this time I noticed something that I seem to have overlooked many times before. There, big as life, was a farm laborer working for John and Penny by the name of Alexander Arnold.

    Apparently, the person who added this name to the childrens list saw him living with them and assumed he was their son, placing his last name as his middle name, and thus the confusion began.

    I will be trying to update all my databases in the coming days, but until then, if you see the inclusion of Alexander Arnold Grimes, please discount it. :)

Emma Grimes

September 20, 2003

    Not long ago, I noticed a photo on the Wayne Co. Genweb site of an Emma Grimes who looks a whole lot like my great-aunt Georgia Grimes, so of course I wrote to the submitter Caneta Hankins for information.

    She very kindly sent me what information she had on the family, along with some of the families oral history. It turns out that they are of the lineage of Robert Akin Grimes, so needless to say, I've been researching this line lately, and feel that I have finally broken through the brick wall.

This is the information I have so far:

William Grimes b. abt. 1783 in S.C.1, 4 m. 15 Apr. 18133, 5 d. 1855 1, 3(Will dated 25 Dec, 1855 6)
...+(1) Sarah "Sallie" Little b. ? d. 18171
...... 2. John Grimes 1 b. 3 Oct 1810 8 Williamson Co Tn m. 18 Sep 1836 Wayne Co. Tn. 8 d. 20 Jul 1892 Wayne Co. Tn. 8 bur.Steele Cemetery Clifton, Wayne Co. Tn.
.........+ Elizabeth M. Stubblefield1 b. 6 may 1817 Wilkes Co. Ga.8 bur.Steele Cemetery Clifton, Wayne Co. Tn
............3. William P. Grimes
............3. Sarah A. E. Grimes b. abt. 1840 8
............3. James G. Grimes b. abt. 1842 8 d. 1859
............3. Robert N. Grimes b. abt. 1842 8
............3. John M. Grimes b. abt. 1846 8
............3. Martha Emaline Grimes b. 22 Oct 1848 8bur.Steele Cemetery Clifton, Wayne Co. Tn
...............+ Jessie B. Steele 9 bur.Steele Cemetery Clifton, Wayne Co. Tn
............3. Mary Jane Grimes b. abt. 1851 8 d. 1925 9 bur.Steele Cemetery Clifton, Wayne Co. Tn
...............+ Wilson Turnbo 9
............3. Amanda C. Grimes b. abt. 1853 8
............3. Millard F. Grimes b. abt. 1857 8
............3. Henry C. Grimes b. abt. 1855 8 d. 1882
............3. Benjamin F. Grimes b. abt. 1859 8
............3. Eliza Francis 8 Grimes b. 21 Dec 1862 Clifton, Wayne Co. Tn 8 m. 5 Nov 1879 Clifton, Wayne Co. Tn 8 d. 14 Jun 1924 Clifton, Wayne Co. Tn 8 bur.Steele Cemetery Clifton, Wayne Co. Tn.
...............+ Jessie B. Steele 8, 9 bur.Steele Cemetery Clifton, Wayne Co. Tn
............3. Infant b. abt. 1860 8
...+(2) Martha L. Akin / Roah1, 7 d. 1841 1
...... 2. Robert A. Grimes 4 b. abt. 1825 4 d. 1855 (will proven 5 Oct 1855 6)
.........+ Elizabeth C. Morris 6, 10
............3. William A. Grimes b. abt. 1846 Wayne Co. Tn 6
............3. Martha R. Grimes b. abt. 1848 Wayne Co. Tn 6
............3. Robert Akin Grimes b. 11 Sep2 1855 12 Wayne Co. Tn. m. 17 Feb 1876 Wayne Co. Tn 11 (Possibly a Jr.??)
...............+ Isadora Bivens 2, 11
..................4. Emma E. Grimes b. 23 Nov 1876 2
..................4. Baby Grimes b. abt 1878 Wayne Co. Tn 2
..................4. James Thomas Grimes b. 14 Apr 1881 Wayne Co. Tn d. 12 Oct 1971 2
..................4. Alfred Grimes b. Dec. 1883 2
..................4. Shields Grimes b. Mar 1886 2
..................4. Mannie J. Grimes b. Jan 1890 2
..................4. Elsie Grimes b. Oct 1892 2
..................4. Martha E. Grimes b. Dec 1895 2
...... 2. Mary Elizabeth Grimes 6b. Abt. 18284
.........+ John Fuson b. Abt. 1823 4
............3. William F. Fuson b. Abt. 18464
............3. Jonathan A. Fuson b. Abt. 1849 4
...+(3) Sarah Ann __?__ 6
Note: Beyond this, I do not know which child belongs to which mother
...... 2. James Grimes 6
...... 2. Permelia Caroline Grimes 6

1. Goodspeeds Biographies of Wayne Co. 1886 - John Grimes
2. Caneta Hankins / Grimes Family Bible
3. The Dillahunty Migration by T. Vance Little
4. 1850 Census Wayne Co.
5. Williamson County Marriage Records
6. Will Abstracts Wayne Co. P. 384
7. Will of John Akin
8. Roy Milner
9. Tombstone
10.1900 Census Wayne Co. Tn
11.Tennessee Marriages 1851-1900
12.1860 Census Wayne Co. Tn

DC & EM Grimes

July 28, 2003

Oops, (blush) I updated this page and did not get a chance to upload it to the server before the old system crashed, and simply forgot about it. rolleyes

After much consternation, I am convinced that the 1880 census listing of Wayne Co. Tn. is in error. The original census image lists only the initials, and list's D.C. age 7 and E.M. age 5. The 1900 census lists Camilla Grimes as being born in August of 1875 (which at the taking of the 1880 census would make her 4 not 5) and Ella born in September of 1876 (making her age 3 or 4). As a result of this, most researchers have combined the names E.M. with Camilla which I believe to be in error.

Family oral history holds that Hugh Grimes was orphaned at the age of 14 in the winter of 1908/1909 in an infulenza outbreak in either Wayne Co. Tennessee or Caruthersville, Pemiscot Co. Missouri. He then went to live with his sister Ella Robertson in Caruthersville until he joined the Navy in 1917. (all surviving members of the family are listed in the Pemiscot Co. Census of 1910, so it is possible the family moved before George and Missouri died).

Since neither "Ella" nor any child of this age appear in ANY of the surviving census scheduals, I believe that D.C. is actually Camilla and E.M. is actually Ella.

August 6, 2003

I received a copy of a letter written to my sister by Kathleen Alexander / Dillon in 1983 which confirms that the family did indeed move to Missouri where they perished.

According to Ruby Edney Dukes / Grimes, they perished in an outbreak of Influenza sometime in 1908 or 1909. This is borne out further by Kathleen Alexander / Dillon who recalls "They (George K. Grimes and Missouri A. Talley) died within a week of each other". Her letter leads the reader to believe this happened sometime either around or after the birth of her brother Russell Clyde Alexander, July 7, 1909.

George Kearney Grimes and Missouri Anne Talley are buried somewhere in Caruthersville, Pemiscot County Missouri, but no headstone exists. Though Missouri did not require the keeping of death records until 1910, I am still hopeful that some funeral home or cemetary has a record of their passing.

Random Grimes'

November 13, 2002

In the attempt to identify the father of John Grimes, I ran across two new Grimes surnames which look interesting.

The first is Perly Grimes who was a signer of the Cumberland Compact, May 13th, 1780 in Nashborough. (see

The next is Jos. Grimes (Joseph? Joshua?) who was a signer of the Watauga Petition in 1776 (see

If anyone has any information on these individuals, please contact me at
Thank You.

The Two Penelope Blackshears

October 29, 2002:

     When I began researching Penelope Blackshear b. June 6, 1789 in Jones Co. North Carolina almost a year ago, I ran across another Penelope Blackshear b. April 13, 1773 in Jones Co. North Carolina who married Edward Bryan and moved to Georgia.

Today, I accidently ran across a published family tree covering a line of the Blackshear family that I previously had no information on.
As it turns out, the two Penelope Blackshears are 2nd cousins, once removed:

1. Alexander Blackshear b. 1708 in Kent Co. De.
..+ Agnes Stout
...2. James Blackshear b. 1732 in Kent Co. De
.....+ Katherine Franck b. 1725 in Craven Co. N.C.
.......3. Penelope Blackshear b. April 13, 1773 in Jones Co. N.C.
........+ Edward Bryan b. September 29, 1789
...2. Elisha Stout Blackshear b. 1736
.....+ Susannah Ward
.......3. Jesse Blackshear b. 1767
.........+ Hannah Huggins b. 1771
...........4. Penelope "Penny" Blackshear b. June 6, 1789 in Jones Co. N.C.
.............+ John Grimes b. 1774 in S.C.

William Grimes

April 26, 2002:

     While researching the name John Grimes in Wayne Co. Tennessee of the mid 1800's, I ran across quite a number of "John Grimes's". One in particluar was outlined in the Goodspeeds Biography of Wayne County in 1886.

Altough I suspect his father William Grimes and our John Grimes to be brothers, I have never been able to find anything to connect them to one another, other than the fact that their wives are cousins through the Huggins line

1. Luke Huggins
..+ Elenor "Nelly" _____
....2. Hannah Huggins
......+ Jesse Blackshear
........3. Penelope "Penny" Blackshear
..........+ John Grimes
....2. James Huggins
......+ Elizabeth Blackshear
....2. Temperance Huggins
......+ Abraham Little
........3. Sarah "Sally" Little
..........+ William Grimes
............4. John Grimes
..............+ Elizabeth Stubblefield

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