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I am currently updating the site, going through each page checking for dead links and outdated information. I also have a couple of pages that did not fit well into the new template so I will be fixing those as well.


Hello and welcome to Grimes Family Genealogy.

This project actually began in October of 2001 when my wife began researching her families history and before I knew it, I was hooked too. My sister had done a bit of work on our line back in the late 1970's and early 1980's, and I was fortunante enough to have her work to get me started and to build upon, and soon the information came flooding in.

I originaly began this site in January of 2002 as simply a way to exchange information within the researchers in my family, but I soon realized that, at that time, there was precious little information that was available on the internet, not only for our Grimes family, but other lines that I was running across in my research as well. As a result, I have been using this site to publish as much research as I can on the Grimes surname as a whole, and hopefully develop a resource to help all those exploring the Grimes surname.

Over the years the site has grown considerably since those humble days, and in the process has seen several different format changes. Unfortunantly, the site had not had a comprehensive overhaul in quite some time resulting in various pages still displaying previous formats.

While we have not made any changes to the navigation of the site, the pages themselves are much more asthetically pleasing with a lighter, airer design, but this is far more than simply a new coat of paint, the whole "skeletal structure" of the page has been brought up-to-date as well. The coding has been updated from the old HTML 4.0 which used tables for design elements, to a more modern XHTML and CSS .

I hope you enjoy the new layout, and hope to add lots more information in the years to come.

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