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Griffin, Benjamin will, Apr.11, 1808, May Ct. 1808, wife Purrity- ˝
tract land adjoining Zakariah Griffin and Francis Dancy, including houses,
one cow and yearling, one cow and calf, her choice, one sow, eight pigs, one
chest, one table, her choice; brothers- Zakariah Griffin, John Griffin, Lewis
Griffin, these three to have residue of land whereon I line, also tract
purchased of Fredrick Philips equally divided among them; nephews- John,
Richard and William Pond, sons of Stephen Pond and Mourning Pond- $200
divided equally among them; residue sold & divided between wife and three
brothers; exr. bro. Zakariah Griffin, William Balfour; wit. Lamon Ruffin,
Michael Williams.  Abstracts of Wills, Edgecombe Co., NC, 1733-1856, Williams
& Griffin.

Griffin, Henry, Sr will, Feb 27, 1819, Aug. Ct. 1819, Bk E, page 220,
wife & extx. Elizabeth, lend all lands during her life or widowhood,
reversion to children; daughter Elizabeth, one chest; son Willis, one horse,
12 months schooling, exr. son Ichty Griffin, Braswell, wit. Edwin Bullock,
Daniel Land.  Abstracts of Wills, Edgecombe Co., NC, 1733-1856, Williams &

Griffin, John will, 23 March 1761, proved Sept. Ct. 1761, "In the name
of God"... I, John Griffin, Edge. Co. "being sick and weake in body but of
perfect mind and memory thanks be given to God"... "give and recommend my
soul into the hands of God that gave it" ... "decent Christian burial" ... to
my son, Lewis Griffin my plantation whereon I now live with 250 acres of
land, but in case he should died without lawful heirs of his body, I give the
lands equally among my seven children as follows, to wit Hardy Griffin,
Joseph Griffin, Demsey Griffin, Mildred Griffin, Ann Griffin, Mary Griffin,
and Delilah Griffin, to be equally divided between them; I also give to my
son Lewis Griffin one new feather bed and furniture belonging to it and five
cows and calves and one horse of the value of five pounds; I give to my son
John Griffin five pounds Virginia currency; I give to my son Joseph Griffin
three (possibly five)cows and calves and one bed and furniture; I give to my
son Hardy Griffin three cows and calves; I give to my son Demcey Griffin one
bed and furniture and one hours of six pounds value and five cows and calves
and five pounds Virginia money; I give to my daughter Melender Griffin five
cows and calves and five pounds Virginia currency to be raised and levied out
of my estate; I give to my daughter Ann Griffin five cows and calves and five
pounds Virginia currency; I give to my daughter Mary Griffin five cows and
calves and five pounds Virginia currency; I give to my daughter Deliliah
Griffin five cows and calves and ten pounds Virginia currency; the rest of my
estate I give equally to my eight children as follows (to wit) Hardy Griffin,
Joseph Griffin, Demcey Griffin, Lewis Griffin, Melender Griffin, Anne
Griffin, Mary Griffin, Delilah Griffin; executor my friend Thomas (Mann),
Mathew Drake and my son Hardy Griffin, signed John Griffin (J), wit. William
Drake, (Jun.), Jonas Williams, (Jun.), John Williams (Jun).  Abstracted NCA
film C.037.80001, Edge. Co. Will vol A, page 134, CTC, 6-17-03.

Griffis, John will, Oct 21, 1796, Nov. Ct. 1799, dau. Sarah Bloodworth,
wife of Thomas Bloodworth, one bed and furniture, etc. in her possession;
sons John, Dempsey; Francis; one cow and calk in his possession, Fredrick  
horse, etc. in his possession; dau. Polly Mace, one parcel of feathers, one
nice Redpainted chest, etc. in her possession; son and exe. William, three
horses, 6 cattle, two pine chests, all residue of my estate; wit. Lamon
Ruffin, John Sasnett.  Abstracts of Wills, Edgecombe Co., NC, 1733-1856,
Williams & Griffin.

Griffin, William will, Edgecombe Co., date of will 12 March 1813, date
proved May Ct. 1813, In the name of God, Amen... “ I give my loving wife”
(unnamed) all things on my plantation stock, household & kitchen furniture
during her life, except the mare bridle and saddle, one bed and furniture
which my wife (Oney) Griffin may dispose of as she chooses after her death
property left to be divided between my loving sons Zahariah Griffin, John
Griffin, Lewis Griffin, and Sealah Long and Ann Eliza Hardy, Mike Williams &
Joseph Williams my (my scratched out), Alsa (possibly also) John Peal my
children and grandchildren.  It is “my wish that my son, John Griffin shall
not be interrupted by any person except his mother and to go and and to
manage the farm and land as he may think proper”; executors Zahareah Griffin
and John Griffin; signed William Griffin (X), wit. Marmaduke Bell, William
Walker (X).  Proved by Marmaduke Bell, John Griffin qualified as executor at
May Ct. 1813.  Recorded in Bk E, page 57.  Will of William Griffin, NC State
Archives film CR.037.801.13.  CTC 1-8-05, CTC.

Griffin, Zachariah will Apr. 26, 1837, no probate date, wife & extx.
Margaret, lend tract whereon I now on lines of John Anderson, now Lot
Stallings line on east side of Grassy Branch, one negro, pot and books, Dutch
oven, pr. flat irons, griddle, skillet, mare, side saddle, bridle, china
press and contents, riding chair and harness, stone jar, 4 good sitting
chairs, trunk, chest, table, sow and 14 pigs, shoats, cow and calf or
yearling, loom and gear, 6 geese, pork, corn, wheat, 20 lbs sugar, 10 lbs
coffee, 3 bu. salt, 5 gal. molasses;   dau. Maria Ruffin, wife of John
Ruffin, land whereon they live; Martha Hawkins, wife of Fredrick Hawkins,
land whereon they live; the two tracts being lands bought of David Barnes and
James Griffin; residue to be divided between dau. Elizabeth Spicer, heirs of
James Griffin, heirs of Oney Hill, Rebecca Moore, Winifred Sawyer, Mariah
Ruffin, Martha Hawkins, exr. Jesse C. Knight, wit. William Hinton, David
Matthews.  Abstracts of Wills, Edgecombe Co., NC, 1733-1856, Williams &

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