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Pentone, Italy Info

Gimigliano, Italy Info

The Griffin Family

  Gimigliano, Italia,  Catanzaro Province

 Welcome to the Griffin Family Genealogy Study!

Browse through and see what might help you in your own family tree study. Names of living individuals have been changed to "living" to protect their privacy.

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Use this information only as a guide for conducting your own research, not all of the information contained herein is adequately proven and some family connections have been compiled from secondary sources without verification. Please advise us of any errors so that we may update our files.



GRIFFIN (starting about 1810)
Lynn, Carnavan, Wales
Chowan/Bertie Co., Edgecombe Co., NC
Decatur Co.,Bainbridge, Ga., Miami, Florida


BISHOP (starting about 1794)
South Carolina
Whigham, Cairo, Georgia
Miami, Florida


PUGLIESE (starting about 1844)
Pentone, Gimigliano, Catanzaro, Calabria,  Italy
Norton, Wise Co., Virginia
Miami, Florida


STEWART (starting about 1645)
Scotland, Long Island, NY
Sussex Co., De. Rowan, NC
Scott, Wise Co., Virginia
Miami, Florida

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