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#78 -Levi MOORE
s/o #156  &
#79 -Mary Ann FORD
d/o #158  &
nickname-none nickname-none
Probable Ethnicity:
Cherokee or Melungeon
Probable Ethnicity:
Cherokee or Melungeon
possibly ca 1820
Overton Co. TN?
b ca 1795 TN b ca 1805 KY
d ca 1842 Taney Co. MO d bef 1860 Stone Co. MO
bur ca 1842 unknown bur unknown unknown
Hair: Eyes: Hair: Eyes:
Height: Weight Height: Weight:

Known Children
Name, Date of birth Place of birth/death Possible/Probable/Definite Marriage Comments
Euna Jennetta
ca 1820-1825
William Ely RAZOR Could be in the 1900 Stone Co. Census as "Elizabeth"; due to unknown whereabouts of 5 known children, may have moved to Indian Territory
Monroe Garrett
b Dec 1825
d ca 1902
1st-Mary Ann DAVIS, d/o
Mary Ann BILYEU and John T. DAVIS (ca 1850- Taney)
2nd-Martha ALLEN
21 Aug 1881 (Stone Co. MO)
3rd-Mary Rebecca STANDLEE, 16 May 1886
Many of Monroe's children moved to Indian Territory/OK
Barbara A.
b ca 1830
d ca 1880
Overton Co. TN
Stone Co. MO
William Yochum, s/o Alcey FRIEND and George W. YOCHUM 
(ca 1848 Taney Co. MO)
#39 Martha Elizabeth
b June 1831
d ?
Overton Co. TN
MO or OK
1st-Isaac BILYEU, s/o Jacob BILYEU and Catherine WILLIAMS
2nd- #38 John CLINKENBEARD, s/o Henry C. CLINKENBEARD and 
Elizabeth Louisa BILYEU
may be buried in OK, possibly Washington Co.
Thomas C.
b ca 1833-1837
Greene Co. MO
(1837 became Taney, 1851 became Stone Co.)
Mahala BIGGS may have moved to OK
Mary Ann
b ca 1834
George GREGG all the information I have
b ca 1835
d 10 Oct 1866
Greene Co. MO (ditto)
Stone Co. MO
Mary Ann CLINKENBEARD, d/o Henry C. CLINKENBEARD and Elizabeth Louisa BILYEU possibly killed by bushwhackers?
M. A.
b ca 1839
Taney Co. MO
. Listed in 1850 Census as age 11

Appears in Census:
Year Location
1840 James Twp, Taney Co. MO
1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1  female 10-15, 2 females 15-20, 1 female 40-50.
1850--Mary Ann #198, James Twp, Taney Co. MO
listed as widow

What We Know:
T'ain't much.  Granddaughter Annis CLINKENBEARD had the "6th finger", a Melungeon physical trait.  Both MOORE and FORD are listed as Common Melungeon Surnames.
Because so little is known about them, we believe that they came to the White River Valley area with the Harp family.  Later census records of their children show they were in the WRV prior to the Trail of Tears, as were the HARP and BOHANNON families.
There are two Moore families of note in Stone County.  They are not related to each other, unless there was a marriage in the 20th century we don't know about.  Levi's descendants have mostly left Stone Co., it seems--some went to Taney, most were in OK at some point, and some went on to CA.
Monroe's son Joseph married Annie B. MACOMB, a daughter of Scott MACOMB and Barbara Ellen HIGH. (See Scott's ancestry).  Another son, George, married Bessie MACOMB, another daughter of Scott and Barbara's.  It is unknown if they knew each other in MO, but they married in Wagoner Co. OK.
Daughter Martha Elizabeth is said to be full Cherokee.
Thomas' wife, Mahala, is also thought to be Melungeon.
In other words, this family is pretty much a mystery, but the clues point to Cherokee and/or Melungeon ancestry.

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