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By M. Guyette Wardlaw, 181 W. Middleton, Henderson NV 89015

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Abstracts: Original and Recorded Wills in the Office of the Secretary of State, by J. Bryan Grimes, Secretary of State, published Raleigh, 1910

1 Jan 1721/17 Jan 1721-22 Pasquotank Co NC:  THOMAS BARECOCK will:  Sons: William and Thomas Barecock; Daughters Elizabeth Upton, Sarah Sanderlin, Priscilla Gregory, Margaret Gregory, Rebekah Forbus and Martha Forbus.  Granddaughter Margaret Davis.  Grandson Caleb Gregory.
Exec: William Barecock and Margaret Gregory.
Wit: Baley Forbus, John Bell, George Lumley.  CC Edward Gale.

2 May 1722/Jul Court Currituck Precinct NC: PETER PARKER will:  Sons William, Wicker; daughters SARAH GRIGORY, Mary Parker, Jane Parker (land called Beach Ridge), Joanah Parker.
Wife and Executrix: Hanah

22 Oct 1727/26 Nov 1730 Pasquotank Precinct NC: ROBERT MORGAN will: son Bennet, Joseph, Robert, Moses (a plantation to each), Aaron.  Daughters Allis, Elizabeth, Ann, and Juda.  Wife Elizabeth
Exec: sons Bennett and Joseph Morgan.
Wit: Abel Ross, Tamar Ross, Jeruas Jones, James Adams. Proven before Richard Everard.


27 Feb 1729/14 Mar 1729 Pasquotank Precinct NC: MARGARET PEGGS will:  Daughters MARY GREGORY, Jane Barecock, MIRIAM GREGORY.  Sons John Peggs and Peter Brown.  Grandsons John Brown, Thomas Barecock.  Granddaughter Mary Smithson.
Exec: son John Peggs
Wit: W. Minson, Thomas Woodley, Daniel Reckxaker.  Proven before Richard Everard.

6 Oct 1729/15 Oct 1729 Pasquotank Co NC: JOHN GALLEY will:  Sole legatee:  Patrice Laughlin.

5 Mar 1730/10 Jul 1731 Pasquotank Precinct NC: WILLIAM BARCOCK will:  Sons Thomas (100 a. land upper end of my Island), William, Daniell (100 a. adj. Thomas), Peter (100 a. adj. Daniell), John (100 a. on bee tree neck), Joseph (plantation I now live on containing 140 acres), Luke.  Daughters Jane and Ann.
Wife and Exec: Jane
Wit: James Forbus, Rebecca Forbus, John Bell.  CC: William Wyott

23 Jan 1733-34/15 Feb 1734 Chowan Precinct NC: CHARLES WILKINS will:  Sons John (my plantation bounded by Mattacomack Swamp and Queen Anne’s Creek and the road from Hoskins Bridge to Yawpin), William (plantation called Britains and Fordyces,  and also lands called the Wett Ground).  Daughters: Sarah (wife of Luke Gregory), Ann,  Mary and Elisabeth.  Brother-in-law Nicholas Crisp.  Wife not named.
Exec: sons John and William
Wit: Samuel and Sarah Warner, Edward Standin.  Proven before Gab. Johnston.

29 Oct 1735/Jan Court 1735 Chowan Precinct NC: THOMAS HORTH will:  Grandchildren Sarah, Mary, and Thomas Ming (land, cattle, hogs, horses, etc).  Daughter Martha Ming.
No executor
Wit: LUKE GREGORY, William Powel. CC: James Craven. The original of this will missing; Abstract made from recorded copy in Grant Bk 4, Will No. 28.

10 Apr 1736/23 Jun 1740 Pasquotank Co NC: THOMAS GREGORY will:  Sons Nathan (“my manner plantation”), Sampson, Jacob, Job, Richard, William.  Daughters Elisabeth Godfrey, Priscilla Gray.  Grandson Frederick Gregory.
Exec: sons Jacob and Job
Wit: John Bell, John Roberts, John Bearcock.  Will proven before W. Smith, C.J.

15 Oct 1736/27 Nov 1736 Bertie Precinct NC: GEORGE HENDERSON will:  Legatees and devisees:  Thomas Moor, John Ray, Rachel Nelson, MARY GREGORY, Andrew Moor, Hugh Scott (land on Cashai River), Andrew Scott, George Scott (sons of Andrew Scott, merchant in Glasgow).
Exec: Hugh Scott (merchant in Boston, Andrew Moore
Wit: John Ray, George Strachan, Samuel Cook.  Will proven before W. Smith, C.J.

7 Dec 1736/Jan Court 1736 Perquimans Co NC: JOB PRATT will: Son John; wife not named.
Exec: brother Joshua Pratt, John Wilkins.  Friend: LUKE GREGORY.
Wit: Dan’l Hall, Joseph and Jeremiah Pratt.  CC James Craven

5 Sep 1739/Oct Court 1739 Chowan Co NC: THOMAS PENRICE will:  Brother, Executor and sole legatee Francis Penrice.
Wit: Josha Hobart, LUKE GREGORY, Mary Penrice.  CC: James Craven

23 Aug 1740/23 Feb 1742 Bertie Co NC: JOHN LUWERTON will:  Nephew: JOHN GREGORY.  Sister Mary Jones, Executrix.
Exec: sister Mary Jones, James Castellow, Thomas Osburn.
Wit: James Lockhart, John Ray, John Hilton. Proven before Gabriel Johnston.

5 Feb 1744/4 Aug 1742 Chowan Co NC: SAMUEL GREGORY will:  Sons Samuel, Luke (107 a. of land in Perquimans County), Thomas (“House & lot in Edenton that I now dwell in”).  Daughter Elisabeth Gregory.
Wife and Exec: Elisabeth
Wit: David Butler, Joseph Ming.  Will proven before Enoch Hall.

3 Feb 1746-47/July Court 1753 Pasquotank Co NC: MARGARET GREGORY will:  Sons Richard, James, John, Caleb.  Daughters Mary Umpheris (Humphries), Margaret Barber, Sarah Grandy.  Granddaughter Sarah Umphries (Humphries).
Exec: son James Gregory.
Wit: James Forbes, Elizabeth Forbes, Rebecca Harding.  CC: Thos. Taylor

4 Jun 1748/July Court 1753 Pasquotank Co NC:  WILLIAM GREGORY will:  Son John (600 a. of land on Cashie River, and 500 acres called “Goram’s neck”.  Daughters Mary and Barbra Gregory.  Wife Sarah
Exec: Joseph Anderson, Dr. William Calheart, John Gray, Sr., Thomas Whitemell, John Evergan.
Wit: Ann Anderson, Elise Scollay, Thomas Pollock.
Will p in Chowan Co before Matt Rowan. CC: Thomas Taylor

14 Dec 1748/19 Jan 1748 Pasquotank Co NC: TAMAR KEEL will:  Legatees: Susannah wife of Thomas Meads; Elisabeth, daughter of Thos. Meads, and William Davis, Executor.
Wit: JAS. GREGORY, William Wallis.  Proven before Gab. Johnston.

21 Feb 1750-51/Jul Court 1751 Pasquotank Co NC: THOMAS PENDLETON will:  Daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Temima Pendleton.  Son Robert Pendleton.
Wife and Exec: Sarah
Exec: Benjamin Palmer
Wit: WILL. GREGORY, John Hosea, Demsey Conner.  CC Thomas Taylor. 
Coat of arms on seal.

5 Dec 1750/Jul Court 1753 Pasquotank Co NC: SAMUEL SNODEN will:  Wife and Exec: Sarah.
Other legatee: Grace, daughter of George Snoden.
Exec: Robert Bailey
Wit: JAMES GREGORIE, Robert Bailey, Deborah Sutton.  CC: Thos. Taylor

13 Nov 1751/May Court 1752 Northampton Co NC: ARTHUR JORDAN will:  Sons: George (land where he now lives), Arthur, John and Thomas (land John now lives on), Henry (150 a. of land), Benjamin (plantation where I now live); Daughters: Elizabeth Fortune.
Wife and Exec: Sarah, son Benjamin Jordan.

24 Nov 1751/April Court 1752 Pasquotank Co NC: WILLIAM GREGORY will:  Sons Mark (100 a. of land on North River Swamp), Dempsey, Isaac.  Daughters Affiah (land where brother RICHARD GREGORY once lived, land joining JAMES GREGORY), Mary, Lovey (land adj Jacob Gregory).  Granddaughter Ann Gregory d/Willis Gregory and wife Elizabeth.
Wife and Executrix: Judith
Wit: John Riding, Joseph Jones, Thomas Riding.  CC: Thos. Taylor

1752 Northampton Co NC: ARTHUR JORDAN will: sons George, Arthur, John, Thomas, Henry, Benjamin; dau’s Elizabeth, Fortune.
Exec: wife Sarah, son Benjamin
Wit: CHARLES GREGORY, James Jordan, William Barcroft.

20 Mar 1752/Jan Court 1753 Pasquotank Co NC: THOMAS WOODLEY will:  Grandchildren William, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth and Peggy Taylor.  Daughters Mary Bright, Elizabeth Taylor.  Son William (lands and negroes)
Exec:  Thomas Taylor, WILLIAM GREGORY, son William Woodley
Wit: Jonathan Reding, James Prichard, Thomas Tweedy.  CC Thomas Taylor

1753 Chowan Co NC: WILLIAM GREGORY; only son John (600 a. on Cashie River purchased of Robert Hicks, 500 a. Goram’s Neck.  Dau’s Mary, Barbara.  Wife Sarah.

6 Apr 1753/Jul Court 1753 Pasquotank Co NC: WILLIAM TURNER will: Sons Ezekiel (land on Gumbridge Branch on Charles Overmans’s line), Joseph (land on Gumbridge Branch), William (two lotts lying next to Nixonton), John (my plantation).  Grandson James Turner (two lots next to son William’s).
Wife and Exec:  Kesiah
Wit: Isaac Parker, Saml. Overman, Rt. Wilson.
13 Apr 1753 Codicil: gives negro man to son William.
Wit: Ry. Wilson, Isaac Sweenie, JAMES GREGORIE.  CC: Thomas Taylor

21 Oct 1753/Jan Court 1754 Pasquotank Co NC: JUDATH GREGORY will:  Sons Isaac, Dempsey.  Daughters Mary, Loucy (LOVEY).  Friend Mary Loyd.
Brother and Exec:  Joseph Morgan
Wit: Wm. Burgess, Joseph Everigin, Samuel Scott.  CC: Thos. Taylor
Codicil: Isaac, Dempsey, Mary to brother Joseph Morgan to raise.
Joseph Morgan relinquished right of Exec, named her son MARK as Exec.

22 Jun 1754/Aug Court 1754 New Hanover Co NC: ISAAC BLACK will:  Brother John Black.  Sisters Elizabeth Woods, Jane Black.
Exec:  Joshua Toomer
Wit: WILLM. GREGORY, Jas. Campbell, Mark Gibbins.  CC Isaac Faries

20 May 1758/5 Aug 1758 Wilmington, New Hanover Co NC: RICHARD HARDY will:  wife Sarah
Exec: Daniel Dunbibin, uncle Francis Beitelle
Wit: JAMES GREGORY, Ao. Routledge, Zack Weeks.  No signature of probate officer.

22 Jun 1758/Dec Court 1758 Currituck Co NC: PETER POYNER will:  Sons Peter, Joel, Benjamin (plantation known by name of Beach Ridge), Nathan.  Daughters SOPHIA BARCO, Mary Mercer, Ester Salyer, Abia Pines, Kisiah Poyner (or Pines), Gemima Parker.  Wife Sophia.
Exec: son Nathan
Wit: William Bray, Joshua Ball, Reuben Ball.  CC: Wm. Mearns

7 Oct 1758/Dec Court 1758 Currituck Co NC: RICHARD GREGORY will:  Sons Griffith (plantation Griffith now lives on), Cornelius, Robert (Easter end of my plantation), William (dwelling plantation), Joseph (remainder of my land).  Daughters Judah Sawyer, Easter Sawyer, Bridget Sawyer, Ruth Glasgoe, Anne Gregory, Charity Gregory.  “Dividers” brother James Gregory, brothers-in-law Isaac and William Bright.
Exec: brother James Gregory, son Robert Gregory.
Wit: Richd. Stanley, Thomas Hutchings, Amea Hutchings.  CC: Wm. Mearns

25 Nov 1761 Chowan Co NC: MARY GREGORY will: to ch of bro James; b-in-laws Rev. Daniel Earl, Josiah Granbery & his wife Christian; niece Ann Gregory and nephews William, James, Thomas, John Gregory (the children of brother James Gregory).

14 Jun 1765/26 Sep 1766 New Hanover Co NC: JOHN MORTIMER will:  Wilmington.  Daughter Hannah Mortimer (lot in Wilmington on N. side of Market Street).  Nephew John Conaway.  Sister Mary Mortimer.
Wife and Executrix: Rebecca
Exec: Doctr Samuel Green and Cornelius Harnett.
Wit: Moses John De Rossett, Wm. Purviance, W. GREGORY. Proven before Wm.Tryon.
Execs qualified before Moses Jno. DeRossett.

1769 Currituck Co NC: SAMUEL GREGORY will: wife Sarah, Thomas, Samuel, Eliza.

1769 Chowan Co NC: BENJAMIN GREGORY will: sons John, James, Benjamin, Jenkins, Henry; dau’s Sarah, Ascension Brickell, Comfort Bough.

27 Sep 1773 Onslow Co NC:  JESSE WILLIAMS will:  Sons Lot (one negro and land on N.W. Branch of New River above Dr. Carruthers’ bridge at a place called Gerald’s neck), Jesy (plantation and one negro_, Hill (one negro and land on N.W. branch of New River adjoining MATTHEW GREGORY), Daughters Sarah, Esther, and Hannah Williams (negro to each).  Wife Anne (three negroes).
Exec: brothers Obed and Us Williams
Wit:  Moses Cox, MATTHEW GREGORY, Benjamin Williams. Proven before Jo. Martin

1779 Chowan Co NC: BENJAMIN GREGORY will: ch Benjamin, Thomas, Samuel, Sally.

26 Mar 1782/May Court 1784 Gates Co NC: JOHN GREGORY will:  brothers Thomas, James; sister Nancy Granberry.
Exec: brothers Thomas, William, James Gregory.
Test: Josiah Granberry (Hathaway’s Reg. Vol II, No. 1 p 49)

1790 Currituck Co NC: GRIFFITH GREGORY will: wife Rachel, Samuel, William.

1797 Currituck Co NC:  GRIFFITH GREGORY will:  Griffith, Gideon, Enoch.

1798 Currituck Co NC: JESSE GREGORY will: wife Mary, Isaac, Caleb, Thomas, Lemuel.

1800 Ssurry Co NC: THOMAS GREGORY will: wife Phoebe; ch Elizabeth, Susanna, James, Gabriel, Thomas.

30 Mar 1803 Gates Co NC: JAMES GREGORY (Division of Estate): Heirs Thomas Gregory, Polly Gregory wife of Joseph Dickerson), Josiah Gregory, Nancy Gregory wife of Charles Harvey, widow, Mary Gregory.

16 Apr 1825/Aug. Court 1825 Gates Co NC: RICHARD B. GREGORY will: to wife Jane A. Gregory; ch Richard J., Mary Ann, Frances Elizabeth, Francis D. Charlton of Suffolk VA land in Gloucester Co VA.
Execs: Dr. John B. Baker, Joseph Gordon (ref: Hathaway’s Reg. Vol 2, No. 1.


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