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SGT Ralph B. Lawson Collection. Posted by his son Jerry Lawson.

* Note: The above silhouette represents a U.S. Army horse-drawn section. The illustrations were originally published in the “The Field Artillery Journal” and created by Mr H.S. Parker, son of Lt. Colonel Edwin P. Parker, FA. (Field Artillery Journal, Jan/Feb 1938, page 78). Source and permission: United States Army Fires Bulletin, Fort Sill, Oklahoma


Left to right: SGT Ralph B. Lawson “C” Battery 74th Field Artillery Battalion, Fort Ord 1941 and SGT. Lawson, 1945. SGT Ralph B. Lawson resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2010

Click on the below link SGT Ralph B. Lawson from Ralph’s son Jerry

SGT Ralph B. Lawson from Ralph’s son Jerry


Fort Ord, California

Captain Lukas E. Hoska, Jr.

1st Lieutenant Ivan W. Weikel

2nd Lieutenant George B. Glover

2nd Lieutenant Robert T. Tuck

1st Sergeant F.E. Cato

Staff Sergeant M Cabral

Sergeant L. Chambers
Sergeant G.L. Doty
Sergeant R.B. Lawson
Sergeant W.T. Lee
Sergeant T.J. Mitchell
Sergeant R.M. Mitchell
Sergeant C.L. Pitman
Sergeant H.E. Simmons
Sergeant U. Smith

Corporal R.R. Carroll
Corporal W.V. Cossey
Corporal V.W. Franklin
Corporal D.H. Martin
Corporal J.O. Smith
Corporal C.A. Sweat
Corporal L.H. Wilson
Corporal R.L. Wilson
Corporal J.L. Whitsett

Private First Class L.E. Aday
Private First Class J.F. Adcock
Private First Class H.M. Albritton
Private First Class H. Atkins
Private First Class C.E. Clark
Private First Class W.N. Davis Jr.
Private First Class B.C. Erkes
Private First Class G.H. Fee
Private First Class W.H. Harrison
Private First Class L. Henry
Private First Class J.A. Manuel
Private First Class J.O. Martin
Private First Class L.M. Martin
Private First Class O.G. McAdams
Private First Class R.H. McGann
Private First Class W.R. McMillan
Private First Class H. Netterville
Private First Class J.R. Oder
Private First Class J.H. Oenning
Private First Class W.J. Oldham
Private First Class W.R. Oxner
Private First Class J.B. Phillips
Private First Class R.C. Pilgrim
Private First Class J.H. Pitman
Private First Class R.W. Sargent
Private First Class J.D. Stockton
Private First Class J.A. Strugala
Private First Class A. Tomas
Private First Class D.E. Townsend
Private First Class J.L. Walker
Private First Class F.E. Webb
Private First Class B.A. Work

Private W.J. Anderson
Private J.R. Arthur
Private F.E. Babcock
Private S.F. Beccaria
Private R.G. Blaine
Private F.W. Brown
Private M.D. Castle
Private M.L. Chenoweth
Private W.T. Clark
Private F. Coelho
Private A.L Dahl
Private R.C. Dalton
Private F.G. Danton
Private L.S. De Geer
Private L.H. Estes
Private S.S. Finney
Private F.K. Fuller
Private A.M Girard
Private D.S. Green
Private J.M. Gretton
Private J.G. Halugan
Private F.J. Heimer
Private J.W. Hovey
Private R.H. Jones
Private H.B. Larson
Private J.D. Lienhart
Private J.N.Lewis
Private E.D. Lunceford
Private J. Martin
Private J.W. Mordhorst
Private F.C. Morgan
Private D. Mountcastle
Private A. Olesen
Private V.L. Overbo
Private A.J. Pierazzi
Private D. Pierazzi
Private J.J. Platner
Private V.V. Rausch
Private A.J. Reenie
Private J.D. Rupert
Private K.E. Rudstrom
Private W. Sanderson
Private W.M. Sierra
Private F.J. Sisco
Private J.T. Stamps
Private E.T. Timken
Private W.L. Van Horne
Private G.R. Vogel
Private E. Wade
Private E.M. Wagy
Private S.W. Westphal
Private R.L. Young

I would like to thank Charles E. Martin, President & Historian of the 18th Artillery Group Association for all his help and his help in making contact with SGT Ralph B. Lawson’s son Jerry who is helping preserve the history of the 74th Field Artillery Battalion (HD) when his father was at Fort Ord, California. Ralph originally was with the 18th Field Artillery Regiment at Fort Sill when they were moved out to Camp Clayton, soon to be called Fort Ord where they became part of the 76th Field Artillery Regiment bringing it up to full strength before it was broken down to the 74th, 75th, and 76th Field Artillery Battalions in 1941. Sergeant Lawson has had a long history of serving with U.S. Army horse and mule units and we will try to cover this fascinating history also. I would like to thank Ralph’s son Jerry who without his help this project would have not been possible. Ralph B. Lawson is currently living in Hollister, MO.

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18th Artillery Group Association Homepage

Click on the below link: SGT Ralph B. Lawson

SGT Ralph B. Lawson

Click on the below link: SGT Ralph B. Lawson Military History

SGT Ralph B. Lawson History

Note: On the above page you will find the "C" Battery Picture Roster of the 74th Field Artillery Battalion where you can see close-ups of the pictures of the men.

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