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Will of Henry Stone, 1829

Fayette County, Kentucky Wills K: 122-123.

Transcript by Darcey Slaughter

In the name of God Amen. I Henry Stone of Albemarle County & State of Virginia do make ordain and declare this instrument which is written now as my hand to be my last Will & Testaement revoking all others

Imprimis all my debts of which there are but one, none of magnitude, are to be and speedily paid and legacies hereafter are to be discharged as soon as circumstances will permit and in the manner directed.

Item to my dear beloved wife, Elizabeth Stone, lend all my land household and furniture, my stock of hogs cattle and sheep, wagon and four horses and gears, plantation utensils, three featherbeads and furniture, five chose negroes during her life or her widowhood, if she should marry again then the whole of the estate that I lone to my wife to go as I shall name hereafter or at her decease to go in like manner.

Item to my daughter Sally Cox four children, Nancy, Esabeth, Farwell, Virenda Cox forty dollars to be equally divided between them and paid to them as they come of age or to their guardian,

Item to my Son John Stone forty dollars and his heirs forever

I give and bequeath the balance of my estate to the balance of my children to wit: Beginning at Isaac Stone, Rachal Stone, Nancy Stone, Thomas Stone, Henry Stone, Marshall Stone, Elisabeth Gipson, Polley Stone, Frances Stone and James Stone, to be equally divided between them and there heirs forever more. In case any of my children should deceas without an heir the estate are to return to and be divided as above mentioned between the remaining children last named; if my wife should marry in that case I lend her one chois negro on her as long as she shall live, in case she shall chose a woman or girle at her deceas the negro and increas shall return and divided amoungst the last named children and there heirs forevermore

at my deces the balance of my estate that are not loned to my wife are to be sold on twelve month credit and the money arising therefrom to be equally divided between the before named children and their heres forever except there should have more than forty dollars childs part in that case there is to go to the first named children forty dollars each and no more at my wife deseas or marriage as the case for a division to sell on twelve months credit and divide in the abovementioned way until the whole of my estate is distributed amongst my children and there case any of them should deseas before they get any part of my estate and leaves a child or children in that case the desired children or child stands in distribution; my wish that my wife should should help her children as they may marry and leave her as I have done in my time and charge them with what she gives them thanks the property or things given is worth in my memorandum book kept for that purpose so that all may get there equal shear.

Lastly I constitute and appoint my truly beloved wife Elizabeth Stone and Thomas Stone Executrix and Executors of this my last will and testament in witness of all and each of the things herein contained I have put my hand and seal this 18 day July Eighteen hundred and twenty two.

Henry Stone

Signed sealed in the presents of us
James Dowell
William (his mark) Rippeto
John Crosthwaite

Commonwealth of Kentucky Fayette County to wit January Court 1830

This writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Henry Stone decd was produced in Open Court and the Signature of James Dowell as subscribing witness thereto was proved by the oath of Marshall Stone who also proved that said witness is not a resident Citizen of the State but resides in the State of Virginia and on the same day the said writing was further proved by the Oath of William Reppeto one of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded which is truly done in my office.


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