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A weird string of happenings involving a new computer and a malfunctioning mail account bounced many messages over the last few months (and left a few in cyber limbo) until I discovered the problem the other day. I apologize to all who tried to contact me. I wondered why interest in my family history pages had dropped off. Please try the new address on the contact me link.

In April 2007 I added a page of notes on my great-great grandfather, Cornelius Lowe (1829-1895) of Virginia and Missouri. I also added two pages on the brief but near fatal Civil War experience of Oxly Johnson. One on his time with the 23rd Missouri Volunteer Infantry and the other with his long campaign for a pension. His voluminous pension papers also allowed me to update my sketch of his life.

From time to time I have updated several of the pages to reflect additional research, filling in some gaps and correcting some errors that managed to sneak in. If there’s a particular family line that interests you, check to see if there is anything new.

I’ve also uploaded databases to Rootsweb’s WorldConnect for several of the families. The largest, Aunt Polly’s Kin, combines data on the Bristow, Clarkson and Stephens families and their kin in Boone and Kenton Counties. Others concentrate on other Clarkson lines, the Stones and Rowes, the Lowes and Johnsons, and Oxleys and Johnsons. I’ve updated some of these and added one on Tom Coombs’ family. I hope to add more soon. Check back from time to time.

Family History Notes

Essays on some of my ancestors, together with supporting material.

19th-Century Letters and Diaries

Contemporary writings help us understand the world of our ancestors. I have transcribed three different sets of family letters and diaries from my Kentucky forebears, and provided explanatory notes and illustrations. They are filled with family news and major events, including the Civil War.

Early 20th-Century Postcards

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Why the Green Wolf Name?

Since I have no ancestors named Green nor any named Wolf, why did I choose the name? Like most people who become serious family historians, I’m fascinated with puzzles, and my web name, greenwolf, comes from a mystery that engaged me for some time.

James Bristow, Jr. (1770-1855) bought land in Bourbon County, Kentucky, described in the old metes and bounds system as being on the waters of Green Creek and Wolf Creek. The exact location of his property eluded me. Green Creek survives on modern maps, a stream meandering easterly from the Fayette County line past Clintonville to its junction with Strodes Creek after a course of about nine miles. However, Wolf Creek was lost in fog of history; neither modern maps nor inquiries among local residents yielded a location.

One summer day in 1998, quite by chance I wandered into a room on the first floor of the Old Capitol Museum in Frankfort. There I found Luke Munsell’s “Map of the State of Kentucky,” dating from 1818, which showed Wolf Creek to have been south of and parallel to Green Creek, north of Johnsons Fork; joining the latter just before it entered Strodes Creek. Unfortunately Munsell’s sketch does not match modern topography. A more recent “historical Map of Bourbon County, Kentucky” prepared in 1934 by Alice Rogers Clay Blanton, does show “James Bristow Sawmill” located on the south side of Green Creek, west of the Paris-Winchester Pike. Based on these clues, I’m pretty sure that Wolf Creek is one of the watercourses that passes by the crossroads of Austerlitz.

This year, I’m hoping to walk the course of Green Creek to find any trace of the mill. Whether anything survives after almost two centuries, who knows? It will be fun looking.



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