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Greenaway Genealogy Project

Hello there and welcome to the Greenaway genealogy page.

My name is Paul Greenaway and I created this web site to share my genealogy research with the other Greenaways of the world.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA is where I was born and continue to call home.  I began this project as an act of love to share the family history with my children.  I use a program called Family Tree Legends to keep track of my findings as I research the Greenaway family name.

I always look forward to hearing from other Greenaways out there so please feel free to drop me a note by clicking on the fisherman at the bottom of the page.

Please be aware that I have modified the information on the linked site below (the work-to-date link) so that living relatives information will be protected from those unscrupulous individuals that might use the site to steal identity information.  I strongly recommend that you follow the same practice if you decide to build a site of your own.  This page is always under construction so please stop back regularly for changes and updates.  Please also sign/view my guestbook if you feel so inclined.


Recent Updates

Click here to view my work-to-date on Greenaway Genealogy.  If you have visited the site before you will notice that there is now a Greenaway Coat of Arms here on the main page.  Clicking on the image will take you to the new Coat of Arms section where you will find downloadable .jpg versions of the Coat of Arms.  You can also visit a site created by Justine Orme of New Zealand that has information relative to the Greenaway name by clicking here.

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