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      When this website was developed, the earliest MCNEW Ancestor seemed to point to WILLIAM BROWN MCNEW, therefore, we have used him as a starting point in our Ancestral Tree.

      However, as results of most of my McNEW Research seems to start with the two brothers Zedekiah and Richard, and since these names (Zedekiah, Richard) are duplicated throughout the generations, it is difficult to identify which generation or which brother is the correct lineage. Therefore according to my records, starting with these two brothers the following system will hopefully get us to the right brother and the proper lineage.

      Richard's descendants will start with [R] and Zedekiah's will start with [Z] .

      Their first child will be numbered: [R1] or [Z1] the next generation will be according to their position in the family, i.e., the first child of Richard's first child is [R11]; the second child of Richard's second child is [R22]

      Zedekiah's first child would be [Z1]; the third child of Zedekiah's first child is [Z13].

      NOTE: As an example, my great grandfather, DL McNEW would be [Z141-] (the first child of Scott McNEW [Z14] who was the fourth child of John Brushcreek McNEW [Z1]. John was the first child of Zedekiah [Z].

      NOTE: Every third generation will be divided with a dash (-) i.e., [Z141-] and [Z1D1-].

      NOTE: The families with more than nine (9) children will start with the alphabet, i.e.,:        
              '10' will be represented by 'A';
              '11' = 'B',
              '12' = 'C', etc.
      (i.e., using John Brushcreek MCNEW (Z1): his ninth child, James MCNEW [Z19]; 10th child, Moses MCNEW [Z1A] and 12th child, Benjamin Tucker MCNEW is numbered [Z1C].

      Thanks to the STUDEBAKER FAMILY NATIONAL ASSOCIATION for teaching me this numbering system.

      If you have any suggestions, additions, or corrections, please email me!

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